Day in Pop Report for 04/28/2015

Ariana Grande Working On New Music?
(popmusiclife) Ariana Grande is teasing fans that new music may be on the way as she marks Tuesday's 1-year anniversary of the release of "Problem", the lead single from her second album, 2014's "My Everything."

"One year since #problem!!!! what a year it's been," writes Grande on Instagram. "I'll never be able to find the words to fully express my gratitude and appreciation to be able to do what I love and to have the greatest, sweetest, funnniest (but actually the funniest....... ever), kindest, most generous and genuine fans (loves) in the world by my side. y'all are dream babes and I love you. here's to more music and memories (I may or may not be in the studio working on it right now)."

"Problem" reached No. 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on many of the charts around the world. The single helped "My Everything" debut at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 with opening week sales of 169,000 on its way to selling more than 1 million copies in the States alone. Read more including Ariana's Instagram post here.

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Hootie And The Blowfish To Reunite On Letterman
(Radio.com) Darius Rucker's country career has been wildly successful, almost to the point that his prior stint as leader of Hootie and the Blowfish seems like an afterthought, a footnote.

Well, for at least one night, the Blowfish are swimming together again, as the group will reunite for an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman on April 30.

The group's appearance is part of the conclusion of Letterman's run on CBS, which will wrap-up on May 20. As for whether this means more for Hootie and the Blowfish, Rucker is optimistic. Read more here.

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Amy Winehouse's Family Upset Over 'Amy' Documentary
(Radio.com) Amy, the documentary on the late Amy Winehouse, has come under fire from the singer's family, just weeks before it is scheduled to debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

According to People, the family thinks the film "is both misleading and contains some basic untruths." "The narrative is formed by the testimony of a narrow sample of Amy's associates, many of whom had nothing to do with her in the last years of her life," the family told People. "Counter views expressed to the filmmakers did not make the final cut."

While it initially received the support of the Winehouse family, the relatives of the GRAMMY-winning singer now wish to "disassociate themselves from the forthcoming film," according to a statement. Among their issues with the film is that it paints Winehouse's father, Mitch Winehouse, as an absent father who was more concerned with her career than helping her with her struggles with addiction.

In an interview with the U.K.'s The Sun on Sunday, Mitch Winehouse, 64, said, "I felt sick when I watched it for the first time. Amy would be furious. This is not what she would have wanted." Read more here.

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Jay Z Defends Tidal In A Series Of Online Posts
(Radio.com) Jay Z rarely takes to Twitter to say anything, but with rumors swirling that Tidal is failing the rapper decided to go on a bit of a 140-character rant that would make Kanye West proud.

On Sunday night (April 26), Jay set the record straight on Tidal using the hashtag #TidalFacts, defending his new streaming service against the "smear campaign" he says has hit his business unfairly.

He started by dispelling the rumors that Tidal isn't doing well, tweeting, "my Tidal is doing just fine. We have over 770,000 subs. We have been in business less than one month. We are here for the long haul. Please give us a chance to grow & get better."
Jay then offered some comparison data: "The iTunes Store wasn't built in a day. It took Spotify 9 years to be successful. "There are many big companies that are spending millions on a smear campaign," he added. "We are not anti-anyone, we are pro-artist & fan. We made Tidal for fans. We have more than just music. We have video, exclusive concerts, tickets for events early, live sports! Tidal is where artists can give their fans more without the middlemen." Read more including some of his tweets here.

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Fun.'s Nate Ruess Reveals New Single
(popmusiclife) Fun. frontman Nate Ruess is premiering "AhHa", the latest single from his forthcoming debut solo album, "Grand Romantic." It's the second track issued - following "Nothing Without Love" - from the record, which is due June 16.

"Today's a super important day in the ever evolving world of my first solo album," posted Ruess on Monday. "I've decided to release a flesh eating monster in the form of a song today. The song is called 'AhHa' and I implore you to turn it up really loud.

"Since releasing 'Nothing Without Love' it's been interesting reading speculation on what the album sounds like," Ruess continues. "I wanted to release 'AhHa' next cause I'm pretty sure it keeps you guessing. It's 3 or 4 songs rolled into one, and in my mind, the perfect opening track for the whole album (the same way 'Some Nights' was written as the album opener).

"In fact, I always saw it as "Some Nights'" evil twin when I first started writing it a few years ago. I'd say more- but I'd rather save it for the album and let the song get you ready for it." Check out the new single here.

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Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom
(Radio.com) Justin Bieber just made an entire high school extremely happy when he crashed a prom on Saturday night. Students of Chatsworth High School may have expected an exciting night at their prom on Saturday, but they probably didn't expect a surprise appearance from one of the world's biggest pop stars.

That's what they got, though, when Justin Bieber appeared out of nowhere. He brought an entourage: the model Hailey Baldwin, her friend Gabby Westbrook and songwriter Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd.

The key to understanding Bieber's appearance at Chatsworth lies in one simple fact: Justin Bieber never went to prom. In 2012 Ellen DeGeneres set up a ceremony for his high school graduation on her show, but he never got the chance to propose to his high school crush and dance with all his classmates.

But Bieber doesn't take no for an answer, so he showed up at Chatsworth, where students went predictably nuts. Read more here.

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Mariah Carey Releases 'Infinity' Lyric Video
(popmusiclife) Mariah Carey has released a lyric video for "Infinity", her newly-released single featured on the upcoming new greatest hits compilation, "#1 To Infinity."

Due May 18, the project will feature all 18 of the singer's No. 1 hits on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart more than any solo artist in history. The No. 1 chart hits on "#1 To Infinity" range from 1990's "Vision Of Love" and "Love Takes Time" through to 2008's "Touch My Body."

The album arrives in sync with the launch of Carey's Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, which opens on May 6. Check out the new lyric video here.

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Brandon Flowers Releases 'Lonely Town' Video
(Radio.com) Brandon Flowers is nowhere to be seen in his new video for "Lonely Town," but that doesn't mean he isn't there watching you in the darkness. The throwback clip plays out like a horror movie set in the early '80s, complete with short, shorts, Walkmans and dancing in the kitchen.

Flowers told Radio.com the track is actually his take on The Police's "Every Breath You Take" where things are much creepy than you may have first thought.

"If you're not listening closely, it just feels like this breezy love song," Flowers says of The Desired Effect track. "But, if you wrote the lyrics down or listened to them a little more intently, it's actually pretty creepy."

On "Lonely Town" Flowers sings the rather harmless line, "When will you come home again?" but suggests that the listener take an extra few seconds to really think about the duality of that line.

"It sounds all nice, 'When will you come home again?,' but it's really scary," he says, laughing. "Someone saying, 'When will you come home again? Did you lock the door when it shut?' You know, those lines can mean a variety of things." Check out the video here.

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Miranda Lambert Talks Makeup-Less Photo For People
(Radio.com) Miranda Lambert admits posing for PEOPLE without makeup was frightening. In an interview with KFROG 95.1 and 92.9 (both CBS Radio stations) before her set at the Stagecoach Music Festival this past weekend, the "Little Red Wagon" singer talked about going sans makeup.

"That was a scary thing to do for sure," she said. "Honestly, I wish I did it when I was 21 and not 31. Now the plus is that I can wear no makeup because everybody has already seen it."

In the PEOPLE feature, Lambert said the picture depicts what she looks like at home. She says she wears little makeup outside of 'some tinted moisturizer and sunscreen and mascara. And lip gloss! It's kind of an addiction." Read more here.

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Nas May Be Releasing New Album This Summer
(Radio.com) It's been six years since we last heard from Nas in full-length form, via Life Is Good, but the rapper is plotting his comeback. Over the weekend while in Orlando, Nas dropped the news that his next album is on the way and will arrive as early as this summer.

"Right mothaf-' now, death to all snitches," he said, as one fan captured on video. "Watch every ns around you my ns 'cuz s is real out here. 2015, new album this summer."

Of course, that statement left more questions than it answered. First and foremost: how exactly will Nas release his album? Will he opt for a surprise release like Beyonce, D'Angelo, Drake and Skrillex, to name a few? Check out the video here.

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D'Angelo Announces Summer Tour Dates
(Radio.com) This summer, D'Angelo and The Vanguard are all set to hit the road across the United States. They'll be playing music from D'Angelo's 2014 album, Black Messiah, surprise released in December.

The Second Coming Tour will start off June 7 in Oakland, Calif., before continuing on a 14-city jaunt that includes Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia and more.

D'Angelo's Black Messiah, his first album in 15 years, took the world by storm, and for many fans this will be the first oportunity to see it performed live.

D'Angelo's band, The Vanguard, includes several talented musicians who've played with all manner of stars, including bassist Pino Palladino (The Who, Eric Clapton) and vocalist Kendra Foster (member of George Clinton's P-Funk). Check out the dates here.

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Randy Houser Reveals New Single 'We Went'
(Radio.com) Randy Houser is following the biggest album of his career, 2013's How Country Feels, and new single, "We Went," sounds like the Mississippi native knows it.

Booming and larger-than-life, "We Went" is all the swagger and charisma that fans would expect out of a star reaching for new heights. "I wanted to lead with 'We Went' as the first single from the new record because it was so different for me," Houser told Rolling Stone. "Rhythmically and lyrically it's more progressive than what I've ever done."

While Houser hasn't announced his next album, the singer will be playing large venues as part of Luke Bryan's imminent Kick the Dust Up Tour. If this song and last year's top five charting single, "Like a Cowboy," are any indicator, his days of playing as a support act may be numbered.

Check out Randy Houser's "We Went" here.

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Country Star Eric Paslay Got Married This Past Weekend
(Radio.com) Country music star Eric Paslay has officially tied the knot. The "She Don't Love You" singer wed his longtime girlfriend Natalie Harker on Sunday (April 26).

The couple married at Front Porch Farms in Charlotte, Tenn. According to PEOPLE, 200 guests attended and Harker wore a champagne Vera Wang dress while the country singer wore a custom suit.

"I thought it was so classic, it seemed right," Harker told PEOPLE. "This was one of the only dresses I saw that had that old-world elegance to it. I think it's just really, really beautiful." Read more here.

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Billy Corgan Teams Up With TNA Wrestling
(Radio.com) Billy Corgan has been kicking around the wrestling industry for quite some time now, having created his own organization Resistance Pro Wrestling. Now, however, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman is venturing even further into the sport.

He just joined TNA Wrestling as a senior producer of creative and talent development, where he'll be developing characters and writing storylines for the television show Impact Wrestling on Destination America.

While the move might seem left field to some, Corgan has actually been trying to break through the wrestling TV world for awhile. "I'm fully committed to using my 30 years of entertainment experience," Corgan said in a statement, "along with my deep-rooted passion for pro wrestling, to take on the thrilling challenge of creatively contributing to IMPACT WRESTLING, finding and developing new talent, and working eye-to-eye with the best-of-the-best. For as cultures currently evolve at great speed, so must pro wrestling meet and supersede such expectations to thrive." Read more here.

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John Stamos Calls Out Olsen Twins Over 'Fuller House' Reboot Claims
(Radio.com) As Full House gears up for its Netflix reunion run, Fuller House, two key names who appear to not be involved are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, AKA the Olsen twins.

While some fans might wonder how the show could exist without Michelle Tanner, whom to many was far and away the most noteworthy part of the original, the twins that played the character have been claiming that no one even contacted them with regards for appearing in the new series.

To this, John Stamos, who plays Uncle Jesse on the series, has a simple reply: "bt." In a tweet, Stamos says, "I call bt RT @JamShowbiz #JohnStamos apparently forgot to tell the #OlsenTwins about the #FullHouse reunion." Read more here.

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New 'Ted 2" NSFW Trailer Released
(Radio.com) Ted 2 is coming this summer, and it's bringing a handy for Tom Brady. Well, an attempted one anyway. In a new red-band (restricted) trailer for the movie (NSFW due to quite a bit of foul language and adult content), Ted, voiced by writer/director Seth McFarlane, and Johnny, played by Mark Wahlberg, are back together and getting pregnant.

Well actually, it's Ted and his girlfriend Tami-Lynn (played by Jessica Barth) who have decided to get pregnant, but after an attempt to solicit a donation from Brady fails, Johnny comes to the rescue by donating his swimmers.

In their fight to prove Ted is a real person, they enlist a pot-smoking lawyer played by Amanda Seyfried. Mila Kunis, who played Wahlberg's love interest in the first film, does not make a return appearance. Watch the trailer here.

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Chief Keef Releases 'Sosa Chamberlain' Video
(Radio.com) Chief Keef kicks off his new video, called "Sosa Chamberlain", by clarifying something that hardcore fans may have been wondering about: when did his crew Glory Boyz become Glo Gang?

As Keef clarifies, there's no real difference between the two: "You can call us either, I won't get mad," he notes. He also takes credit for people now saying "gang" instead of "squad," with the caveat that he still uses "squad" to refer to Fredo Santana's Savage Squad crew.

With semantics cleared up, we're treated to a brand new video for "Sosa Chamberlain." The song, which Keef produced himself, doesn't differ too far from his normal sound: mush-mouthed rhymes over a simple beat that you'll have trouble getting out of your head any time soon.

In the video we see clips of Keef and associates palling around with heavy firearms, chilling out in front of a roaring fireplace in a mansion. These shots are interspersed with clips of the basketball players Keef compares himself to, from Kobe to Chamberlain himself. Watch it here.

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Judge Rules On Taking Kid To Pink Concert
(Radio.com) Taking a child to a pop concert these days is a minefield. Not only do you have to worry about the volume of the music itself, there's also plenty of concerns to be had with inappropriate lyrics, on stage antics and a drunk crowd.

All of those hurdles is why a New Jersey parent thought that his ex-wife was parenting questionably when she took their 11-year-old daughter to a Pink concert, as NJ.com reports.

Pink, however, has been ruled an exception. After reviewing Pink's videos and songs, Superior Court Judge Lawrence Jones dismissed the father's complaint against his ex-wife saying the mother "in no way, shape or form exceeded the boundaries of reasonable parental judgment." Read more here.

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Heart's Ann Wilson Gets Married
(hennemusic) Heart singer Ann Wilson married Dean Wetter on Saturday in Topanga, California. People.com reports the ceremony took place in the backyard of Wilson's manager Carol Peters.

"A harmonious melody of devotion was felt on 4/25, as #AnnWilson and #DeanWetter were married in an intimate ceremony in front of family and friends," posted the band. "Congratulations to the Newlyweds! Love Rules!!!"

"Dean and I first met in the '80s and went on a date where we both got smashed and I tried to seduce him," said the singer. "Like the gentleman he is, he declined. Years passed, we got back in touch after we had both grown up, and Pow! It worked! Did it ever!" Read more here.

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Sesame Street Parody 'Avengers'
(Radio.com) Clearly the writers of Sesame Street enjoy a good parody; they also seem to have waaaaaay too much fun on the job. Observe their new Avengers parody, The Aveggies- Age of Bon Bon, which is packed with inside jokes galore, as well as references to the first Avengers film.

In a scene echoing the "Battle of New York" in the first installment, Iron Man--er, 'Onion Man'--is leading a flying chocolate-chip cookie through the streets of the city. The cookie is zapping everyone's healthy food as the bad guy (Bon Bon) declares, "Prepare to be dessert-ed!"

Hulk, a.k.a. Dr. Banner (here Dr. Brownie, played by the Cookie Monster) is supposed to "turn green, get big and eat giant chocolate ship." Which sounded like a good plan. Except that he had a hard time focusing.

It turns out, Captain Americauliflower's shield looks a bit like a cookie, and, well, the Cookie Monster is pretty easily distracted. So, yes, hijinks ensued. Did Bon Bon succeed in destroying all of the healthy vegetables? Watch the video to find out here.

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