Day in Pop Report for 04/30/2015

Nicki Minaj's Murdered Crew Member Was Helping Woman
(Radio.com) According to a witness present the night De'Von "Day Day" Pickett, part of Nicki Minaj's road crew, was stabbed and killed, Pickett was attacked after helping a bartender to her car following an altercation at a Philadelphia bar.

CBS Philadelphia reports that Marcus Kincy, a singer-songwriter and producer who was, like Pickett and the also-injured Eric Parker, in town to prep for Minaj's European tour in the spring, told a court in a preliminary hearing that Pierce Boykin, who is charged with Pickett's murder, and his group became upset when Pickett saw to it that the woman who worked at Che Bar and Grill got to her car safely.

The argument eventually spilled outside, where Pickett and Parker were stabbed multiple times. Pickett was pronounced dead, while Parker survived but was in critical condition afterward. Read more here.

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Jay Z Plans Free Concert Of Rare Material
(Radio.com) Jay Z is doing everything he can to convince the public that Tidal is where it's at. He's called fans on the phone to thank them for signing up for the streaming service. He's taken to Twitter to rant about how Tidal isn't perfect, but it's trying to be the best service for both fans and artists. And now, he's playing a free show to promote Tidal.

According to Billboard, Jay will play a free show in New York City on May 13 that will feature rare B-sides, some that he hasn't performed live in decades or, in other cases ever. All in the name of Tidal.

But, there is a catch when it comes to attending this free show, you'll have to pay for Tidal. Fans are being asked to submit playlists of their favorite Jay B-sides to Twitter using the hashtag #TIDALXJAYZ to win tickets.

Those who don't win a chance to check Jay out in person, will be able to stream the concert live, where else? On Tidal. Read more here.

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Lil B Asks For Fans Help After Being Robbed
(Radio.com) The Based God has pronounced judgment on the staff of a hotel who he claims stole $10,000 from his room. Lil B, frustrated with the hotel staff's inability to help him file a claim, took to Instagram to raise awareness of the theft.

He posted a video he took of himself interrogating the clerk at the front desk of the hotel, who appears unresponsive. "My stuff is missing," he claims, asking, "What happened?"

Ever the industrious user of social media at its full capacity, he's hoping that his massive network of followers can help him crowd-source some justice. 'Who has Lil B money???!" he wrote. 'Protect Lil B! Collect and spread around to find truth the woman on video is the hotel manager who refuses to help she has info who stole lil b money!" See the post here.

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American Idol Alum Sings All Five Beyonce Albums in Just Four Minutes
(Radio.com) Todrick Hall is giving every member of the BeyHive a run for his or her money with his epic mash-up that has him doing all five of Beyonce's albums in just four minutes.

It's definitely no easy take, but this clip, which he named "4 Beyonce," takes lines from each one of her songs to make a ***flawless playlist of Queen Bey's greatest hits.

Hall, a Broadway actor and American Idol alum, somehow seamlessly blends tracks, moving back and forth between tracks like "XO" off her most recent self-titled record to "Sweet Dreams" off I Am�Sasha Fierce before going into "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" to "Upgrade U" to "Get Me Bodied." All of which is worth getting your freakum dress on.

Hall even manages a reference to Bey's prom ballad "Halo" before giving us a wave and a very sassy "Hey, Ms. Carter." Check it out here.

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Stephen Hawking Addresses Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction
(Radio.com) If you're still mourning the loss of Zayn Malik from One Direction, Stephen Hawking has a very high-minded way to cope. According to Buzzfeed, after a lecture at the Sydney Opera House in Australia Sunday night (April 26) via a holographic projection where he talked the mysteries of the universe and the future of our planet, Hawking was asked about the state of Zayn Malik.

Specifically, "What do you think is the cosmological effect of Zayn leaving One Direction and consequently breaking the hearts of millions of teenage girls across the world?"

"Finally, a question about something important," Hawking said, not missing a beat. Hawking then gave his take on how Directioners should cope with the untimely loss. 'My advice to any heartbroken young girl is to pay close attention to the study of theoretical physics because one day there may well be proof of multiple universes," he explained.

"It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that somewhere outside of our own universe lies another different universe and in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction." He didn't stop there, read more here.

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Ben Stiller Teases Justin Bieber 'Zoolander 2' Cameo
(Radio.com) You were probably thinking that you're pretty stoked for the Zoolander sequel, but what it needed was a bit of Justin Bieber. If so (or even if not) you may be in luck.

While Ben Stiller hasn't made any official announcements, he did post a photo to Instagram of him, in character as Zoolander, facing off with Justin Bieber.

Earlier this week, Bieber hinted at the appearance, posting to his Facebook page, "Working on something big right now in Europe. To learn more follow me on Fahlo. He is so hot right now."

Then, after Stiller posted the photo, Bieber tweeted it. See it here.

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Chance the Rapper's New Album 'Surf' Coming in the Next Week?
(Radio.com) After a handful of recent feature appearances on tracks from Jeremih and Kehlani, Chance the Rapper is about to cap off a busy week with a new album, Surf.

Never one for following the rules of media announcements, Chance made the big reveal during a concert at Michigan State University last night, reportedly telling fans that Surf would hit within the next week, though an exact date has not been revealed.

The album will be his first since his breakthrough mixtape two years back, Acid Rap. Surf was first announced back in October. Students attending the concert at MSU broke the news to the world on Twitter with a flurry of excited tweets. Read more here.

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Nick Cannon Shows Support For Mariah Carey's New Album
(Radio.com) Mariah Carey's new song, "Infinity," may or may not be about Nick Cannon (judge for yourself with lyrics like, "Close the door/Lose the key/Leave my heart on the mat for me/I was your eternally/There's an end to infinity"), but that doesn't mean that Carey's soon-to-be ex-husband is holding any ill will.

In a post to Instagram, Cannon is promoting Carey's new greatest hits album, #1 to Infinity. "#1ToInfinity album in stores May 6th. #TheQueen #NoHate #HardestWorkingWomanIKnow," Cannon said in the post. (via Billboard)

The two have been married since 2008 and have a set of twin children together. Their separation began in 2014. #1 to Infinity follows last year's album of new material from Carey, Me. I Am Mariah� The Elusive Chanteuse. Read more here.

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Snoop Dogg's New Album Features Kendrick Lamar, Gwen Stefani, More
(Radio.com) While 13 is typically thought of as unlucky, Snoop Dogg brought on the singer of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," Pharrell Williams, on to his 13th album to hopefully avoid that jinx. And now, as the Bush tracklist is revealed, it seems that Williams is not alone in the special guest column.

While Williams produces all of Bush and Charlie Wilson pops up on the previously released single, "Peaches and Cream," other collaborators will include Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Gwen Stefani, Rick Ross, and T.I. To make matters even more interesting, Kendrick and Rosay pop up on the same track, titled "I'm Ya Dogg," which will conclude the album.

The whole thing will be available on May 12 via Columbia Records, and was revealed via tweet by the Doggfather. Look for the album to be available via stream at any moment Check out the tweet here.

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Adam Lambert Releases 'Ghost Town' Video
(popmusiclife) Adam Lambert has released the music video for the song "Ghost Town", which is the lead single from the former American Idol star's forthcoming album, "The Original High."

The clip was directed by Hype Williams, who has overseen videos for Jack White, Beyonce, Kanye West, Coldplay and others. Due June 16 in North America, "The Original High" was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden and Los Angeles.

His third solo release includes collaborations with Tove Lo and Lambert's Queen bandmate Brian May. "The Original High" is Lambert's first album for Warner Brothers Records following a split with his old label, RCA Records, whom he left in 2013. Watch the video here.

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Canaan Smith Releasing Debut Album 'Bronco' In June
(Radio.com) Canaan Smith is currently in the top 20 on country radio with his hit 'Love You Like That," from his debut self-titled EP. And for the unfamiliar, the time for him to step further into the spotlight has arrived, as Smith will release his first full-length album on June 23, titled Bronco.

Mercury Nashville will be releasing the full length, and it will include all five songs currently available on the EP. As for the title, Smith reveals the personal place it comes from.

"'Bronco' is a song I wrote in honor of my brother who I lost when I was young," Smith says. "Songs like this are important to me because though fads come and go, stories last forever. He was my hero and I wanted to put out something in memory of him. I think it symbolizes his wild spirit and I'm really proud of it." Read more here.

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Little Big Town's Phillip Sweet Played ACM Awards With Broken Hand
(Radio.com) Nothing could stop Little Big Town's Phillip Sweet from performing at the ACM Awards on April 19. Not even a broken hand. According to The Boot, Sweet broke a bone in his right hand when he was at home packing for the ACM Awards.

The singer and guitar player hit his hand on a wooden door and at the time didn't realize how bad the injury was. 'I've never had a broken bone in my whole life so I didn't know what it felt like," he said.

Sweet said he has to wear a brace on his broken hand while he's not performing but he says that he can still play the guitar in the meantime. Read more here.

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Taylor Swift, Lorde, HAIM And More In Ultimate Squad Selfie
(Radio.com) Most of us will never know what it is like to be in Taylor Swift's crew. We can look at pictures of her and her slightly less famous friends and imagine what they talk about, where they ride their tandem bicycles, what it is like to awkwardly hold Swift's foot, but the truth is that we only get these tiny glimpses, stray interviews and soundbites, and the occasional Instagram post.

So, let's revel in this one, let's make this one last. Below we have a picture, with Swift at her usual center. She sits on a bike surrounded by her talented and beautiful friends. We have Lorde, relegated to the ground as the group's youngest member. We have the HAIM sisters. We have actresses Halston Sage and Serayah. We have an ever growing team of young talents. The only thing missing is us.

But, as a bit of bright side to this gloomy story, be relieved to know that the Swift 1989 tour is about to kick off, with Haim in tow, to visit us all for live performances. Soon enough Swift will be able to take selfies with us screaming in the background. We can't wait. See the photo here.

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The Weeknd, Faith No More & Ellie Goulding Lead Bumbershoot 2015
(Radio.com) Last year, it seemed you couldn't have a music festival without Outkast at the top of the bill. In 2015, that slot seems to have been filled by The Weeknd, who adds to his growing list of festival headlining sets with the announcement that he'll be closing the opening night of Bumbershoot 2015, with Faith No More and Ellie Goulding handling the top spot for the fest's following days.

This year's edition of Bumbershoot is looking particularly strong, with an impressively diverse lineup that includes Zedd, Kacey Musgraves, Chance the Rapper, Flosstradamus, Lindsey Stirling, Brandon Flowers and Neko Case.

Bumbershoot 2015 is scheduled to happen in Seattle over Labor Day weekend (Sept. 5-7), and tickets are available now. See the complete lineup here.

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Alabama Shakes Release 'Sound & Color' Video
(Radio.com) Alabama Shakes aren't a flashy band, so it won't come as a surprise that they went with a very understated approach to the video for the title track from their recently released album Sound & Color.

Not to say the clip isn't visually stunning, because it absolutely is thanks in part to director Mario Hugo, best known for artwork that's been used by the likes of Rihanna, Lorde and fashion designers Phillip Lim and Cushnie et Ochs.

But instead of interpreting the song title to mean a barrage of sound and color, the band went in a more minimal direction. The video shows a man experiencing sound and color for the first time in a while, and with it a rush of memories. Set on a space station that's not far off from the look of a modern 2001: A Space Odyssey, the man awakes from his slumber to see the world in a new way.

The video cuts off abruptly, which might mean that there's a sequel to come, or that the band is just a fan of cliff hangers. They still have plenty of songs left from Sound & Color to create videos for, after all. Watch it here.

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Elton John's Stolen Heart-Shaped Glasses Recovered
(Radio.com) Last week, Elton John's iconic heart-shaped glasses were stolen from a Memphis museum. On Tuesday (April 28), WREG CBS in Memphis reports, they have been found.

The suspect is a 26-year-old Mississippi man named Matthew Colvin. Memphis police found him after lifting his fingerprint off a display case in the museum. Colvin confessed that he was the thief.

"On April 27, 2015, Colvin was contacted by phone and admitted to South Main Station investigators that he had stolen the eyeglasses and they were at a residence in Southaven, Mississippi," police told local reporters. Read more here.

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Rich Homie Quan Delivers New Mixtape
(Radio.com) First he made the claim. Then he made the promise. Now he's backed up his word with a stone cold reference. That's right, folks: Rich Homie Quan will never stop going in, and he's got a new mixtape to prove it.

If You Ever Think I Will Stop Goin' In Ask Royal Rich is his latest offering in a string of mixtapes that includes Still Going In and I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In.

Living up to his word, Rich Homie Quan comes through once again with a massive free 20-track free mixtape. It's his first release since last year's triumphant Rich Gang: Tha Tour Pt. 1 with Birdman and Young Thug. It's hosted by DJ Fresh, and production comes from longtime Quan collaborators like Only 1 Scoota, London on Da Track, K.E. on the Track, DJ Spinz, Nitti Beatz and more.

Quan, as usual, strikes a persuasive balance between singing and rapping--stream the project in its entirety here.

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Jason Derulo's New Album Will Feature Keith Urban, Meghan Trainor
(Radio.com) The tracklist to Jason Derulo's Everything Is 4 is here, and it may turn some heads. No, it's not because of the inclusion of Stevie Wonder, who's a mildly surprising but understandable get. Not even Jennifer Lopez, or Meghan Trainor, or Matoma, and certainly not K. Michelle.

One must head back to the song "Broke," on which Wonder features. He's not the only one on the track besides Derulo, either: also appearing is country star Keith Urban.

Not that this is Derulo's first foray into country in some way; the R&B singer appeared on a remix of Florida Georgia Line's "This Is How We Roll" last year.

Lopez, meanwhile, will hook up with Matoma on "Try Me," Trainor on "Painkiller" and K. Michelle with "Love Like That." Pop songwriter Julia Michaels will also take a turn on "Trade Hearts." Read more including the tracklist here.

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Drake and The Strokes Lead Landmark Music Festival Lineup
(Radio.com) Drake's not done headlining music festivals in 2015. The rapper is part of the lineup of the first Landmark Music Festival, held this September in Washington, D.C.

He'll be joined by The Strokes and alt-J as headliners of the fest, taking place in West Potomac Park near the Washington Monument. CHVRCHES, Ben Howard, Nate Ruess, Wale and The War on Drugs are also among the performers slated to play the two-day festival.

Landmark will help support the Trust for the National Mall's Landmark Campaign, raising funds for and promoting the Mall. Two-day passes are available now starting today, April 29, for $150. Kids under 10 get in free with an adult pass purchased. Additionally, Yahoo Screen's Live Nation Channel will broadcast the event for free online. See the full lineup here.

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Paramore Announce Next Parahoy! Cruise
(Radio.com) Paramore are clearly a glutton for punishment. Or, judging from the video above, they actually had so much fun last year that they're dying to hit the high seas once again for Parahoy! 2016.

The band, along with a few thousand friends, will embark on a four-day trip back to paradise aboard the Norwegian Pearl sailing from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico, on March 5-9.

This year's cruise will include performances from an array of special guests, chosen by Paramore, to be announced in the coming months via the official cruise website. Other events will include Q&A sessions, theme nights and 'Paraoke." Read more here.

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Hawkeye Try Shows His Ed Sheeran Like Powers On Jimmy Fallon
(Radio.com) What is the stoic Avenger Hawkeye thinking about? On Tuesday night (April 28) on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, we got a taste of his inner monologue. Apparently, it's set to the sounds of Ed Sheeran.

Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner sat down behind the piano with a martini to make it clear, he may not have super powers like that of Thor of he's got some other skills he'd like you to know about. Singing and playing the piano certainly being one of them.

Set to the sounds of Sheeran's song "Thinking Out Loud," Renner did just that, singing, 'Listen I've got powers too, and they're pretty sweet. I promise I can do so much more than just archery."

Some of those talents, and he's pretty serious about them include a pretty epic scarf and beret collection, which he shows off in a photo. He also plays trombone in a ska band and has got to second base with one of his Tinder dates and can open a pickle jar as good as anyone else. Not to mention that he gets free guacamole anytime he goes to Chipotle. Watch it here.

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The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach Geeks Out On American Pickers
(Radio.com) As an artist who's been championing another era of rock, The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach knows a lot about vintage instruments--which is why he's a perfect fit to appear on American Pickers, a History Channel TV show about relics from the past.

Auerbach will be kicking off the latest season of the show, which premieres next Wednesday, May 6. The object of his affection? A Chet Akins Gretsch guitar, and specifically a model nicknamed "Rudy," which he checks out in a video posted at Rolling Stone.

"The Chet Atkins model is probably the most desirable Gretsch," said Auerbach as he tested it out. Auerbach realizes that not all vintage guitars are meant to be played, but this one is definitely an exception. Read more here.

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