Day in Pop Report for 06/01/2015

Iggy Azalea Cancels The Great Escape Tour
(Radio.com) After pushing back her The Great Escape tour of arenas from the spring to the fall, Iggy Azalea has now canceled the whole thing altogether. An email announcement was sent out to fans, Complex reports, though no real reasoning was given for the cancelation. Fans were assured that all money taken in from ticket sales would be refunded.

"The Iggy Azalea Great Escape Tour scheduled for this fall has been cancelled and refunds are available at point of purchase," the email reads. "There will be a new tour planned around Iggy's new record to be released in 2016 and we apologize for any inconvenience."

With the initial delay of the tour, the outing lost its planned opening pair of Nick Jonas and Tinashe. It is also unclear at this point whether this means that all Iggy Azalea tour dates will be canceled or just the ones on this large tour. Read more here.

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Joni Mitchell Reportedly Had A Brain Aneurysm
(Radio.com) Joni Mitchell may be on her way out of the hospital in the near future. According to sources speaking to Billboard, Mitchell suffered a brain aneurysm last March.

She had been found unresponsive in her Los Angeles home on March 31 and was transported to the hospital immediately. From there, reports conflicted as to the severity of the situation, including whether or not she had fallen into a coma--something her camp denied.

It was also speculated that Mitchell had suffered a stroke, which had made speech difficult. However, earlier this month, it was reported that Mitchell may be ready to leave the hospital soon. Read more here.

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Mariah Carey Slams 'American Idol'
(Radio.com) Mariah Carey told Australia's Kyle and Jackie O show (via Billboard) that her season as a judge on American Idol was "the worst experience of my life." According to People magazine, she made $18 million for her season on the show.

She was responding to their question of whether or not she would return to the show for the series finale. "Hell, no!" was the answer. "I'm not going to get into what it was, but let's just say I don't think they had any intentions for us to have a good experience doing that show. Pitting two females against each other wasn't cool," Carey said, without mentioning Nicki Minaj by name.

She continued: "It's so boring and so fake, I'm sorry. When I say it's fake, I mean, I have to make up things to say about everybody. Half the time, the performances are good, you'll just be like, 'It was good.'" Read more here.

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Garth Brooks Cancels Three Concerts Due To Stanley Cup
(Radio.com) Garth Brooks announced today that he and Trisha Yearwood are canceling three upcoming World Tour concerts in Tampa, Florida. The shows were set to take place June 5-6 at Amalie Arena.

According to a statement on Brook's website, the cancellation of all three shows happened "due to unexpected scheduling by the NHL and NBC on June 6 for the 2015 Stanley Cup Final."

The finals for the NHL's Stanley Cup are in full swing, and the Tampa Bay Lightning are scheduled to play the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday, June 6, at Amalie Arena.

According to the Brooks' statement, they looked into moving the June 6 shows a day later to Sunday. Ultimately, however, they realized the turnaround time between events would lead to "safety concerns," and because of this, "the choice [was] made to refund all shows and reschedule depending on finding a date that works for both the arena and the tour."

Read the complete statement from Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood here.

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Scott Stapp And His Wife Joining VH1's 'Couples Therapy'
(Radio.com) After a "psychotic break" that included threatening to assassinate President Obama and claiming his family was involved with ISIS, Creed's frontman Scott Stapp is getting his life back on track.

Most recently, that meant receiving "intensive therapy" for his bipolar disorder and substance abuse. Now Stapp will be focusing on repairing his relationship with his wife Jaclyn.

The pair will be sorting out their issues on the sixth season of VH1's reality series Couples Therapy. That consists of three weeks of therapy with Dr. Jenn Mann, People reports, during which Stapp and his wife will likely address the meltdown that led to Jaclyn having her husband institutionalized and filing for divorce.

The new season will premiere this fall. See who else will be on it here.

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Videos From U2's Club Show Go Online
(hennemusic) U2 played a free show for 500 fans at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday and videos from the show have been posted online. The rare club date landed in the middle of the group's 5-night residency at The Forum as part of their "Innocence + Experience" tour.

The 12-song set featured a mix of classic tracks and four tunes from the band's 1980 debut, "Boy." Tickets were distributed free by radio station KROQ; U2 were scheduled to perform at the station's "Almost Acoustic Christmas" last fall but had to cancel following Bono's bicycle accident in New York.

Among the celebrities spotted at the show, according to various media reports, were Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Smith, and more. Check out the videos and setlist here.

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Kip Moore Announces Sophomore Album 'Wild Ones'
(Radio.com) After some playful teasing on Twitter and Instagram, Kip Moore has made his big announcement: his much anticipated sophomore album, titled Wild Ones, will be released on Aug. 21.

The album includes current single "I'm To Blame," a song Moore previously told Radio.com was "essential" to be part of his album. 'It set the tone for what's coming."

Wild Ones also includes a song called "Comeback Kid," which Moore has said is the most special to him on the whole album: "I can't wait for people to hear that track and hear space in music."

'It's just a very passionate, intense record. There's a lot of seriousness behind this record," he told Radio.com. 'There's definitely some playfulness. It's changed a little bit, too. It was a lot more intense and it's changed a little bit." Read more including track details here.

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Muse Release 'Reapers' Lyric Video
(Radio.com) Muse is sticking close to the theme of the band's new album, Drones, with the lyric video for the song "Reapers." The raucous and rapid-fire track opens with some impressive guitar finger-tapping action from frontman/ax-slinger Matt Bellamy, going on to showcase a seemingly endless series of head-banging riffs throughout the tune. The band's musical prowess is on full display here, and should go a long way in exciting fans of their sonic dexterity side.

The clip finds Bellamy staring down the camera while aggressively emoting the lyrics, juxtaposed with the concept album's protagonist being ruthlessly pursued by drones in an apocalyptic landscape that looks much like a video game virtual reality.

The video's twist is that the drone is being controlled by a beautiful woman (we won't make any assumptions to it being analogous to Bellamy's highly-publicized breakup with actress Kate Hudson). Watch the clip here.

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Owl City And Aloe Blacc Release 'Verge' Video
(Radio.com) While July is usually a month of few album releases, one notable exception this year is the offering of the new Owl City album, titled Mobile Orchestra, which comes out on July 10.

And in support of his fifth career LP, Owl City, with help of guest vocalist Aloe Blacc, has released a video for the graduation anthem "Verge," which hopes to supplant Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" as the song to make parents cry while their babies go out into the world.

In the clip, Blacc dons a cap and gown, singing like a valedictorian while graduates prepare to toss their hats into the air. Juxtaposing these images are dance floor shots with Owl City's Adam Young, and clips of the students going off and achieving their dreams, reminding that the song isn't just applicable for one day out of the year, and could become an anthem for any moment of achievement, whether it is in drawing pictures, snapping photos, or solving math problems. Watch it here.

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Justin Bieber Serenades Newly Engaged Couple
(Radio.com) Just days after performing a rendition of the Boyz II Men classic "I'll Make Love to You" at the W Hotel in Los Angeles last week, Justin Bieber was again singing the tune, but to a much smaller audience.

While hangin' at The Grove in L.A., Bieber decided to serenade a newly engaged couple with the romantic track. And to make things better, he made the dude join in for the chorus, declaring his intent to express his physical adoration to his future bride.

The video of the event reveals a big finish for the improptu event, with Bieber commanding the couple to "makeout" in the end, with the pair happily obliging. Watch it here.

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Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment Release Free Album 'Surf'
(Radio.com) Continuing the trend of spontaneous releases, Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment released their new album Surf early Friday morning (May 29). Even better, it's free.

The Social Experiment is a Chicago band featuring Donnie Trumpet, Peter Cottontale, and Lido, who has worked with Chance and his SaveMoney crew.

Chance, who recently hinted he was going to drop this album this week, says Surf is "the first Social Experiment project," not a proper Chance the Rapper record. So expect a lot of trumpet courtesy of the Social Experiment's Donnie Trumpet, with Chance playing more of a producer role on the release than anything else.

The 16-track record features guest spots from Raury, BJ the Chicago Kid, Busta Rhymes, Janelle Monae, Noname Gypsy, Francis Starlite of Francis and the Lights, Jamila Woods, Erykah Badu, J.Cole and Big Sean. Check out the album here.

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Beyonce May Be Removed From Jay Z's TIDAL
(Radio.com) Apparently Beyonce's record label didn't get the message about TIDAL being for all. According to Bloomberg, Sony, which owns the licensing rights to Bey's music, is looking for a large cash advance from TIDAL.

If the two cannot strike a deal it is quite possible that all of her music could be removed from the high-quality streaming service. Yes, the company that her husband Jay Z owns, and she holds stake in.

Bloomberg reports that TIDAL already struck similar deals with Universal and Warner, but after a failed investment with Sprint, they are finding themselves strapped for cash. Their cash problem, according to Bloomberg, could also have something to do with the 900,000 subscribers they claim they have, which probably only signed up for a trial run and did not sign up for a paid account. Read more here.

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Love & Theft Release Poignant 'Whiskey On My Breath' Video
(Radio.com) Love and Theft's new music video for "Whiskey on My Breath" is a poignant story of redemption. In the clip, Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson are shown performing the stripped-down track together on acoustic guitars. Soon, though, the focus turns to an older man lying on his couch with a pounding head and nearly empty bottle of whiskey in his hand.

As the country duo sing "there was a little, little bit left so I picked it up and I killed the rest," the man takes the final sip from the bottle before he gets a call from his daughter. He sets his phone down without answering it, but it's this call from his Baby Girl and finding a photo of her on his dresser that is enough to convince himself that he needs to clean up his act, if not for himself then for his daughter.

After a good stare at himself in the mirror, he changes his dull razor blade and begins to clean up his apartment, which includes half empty beer bottles and whiskey.

By the time his daughter arrives he is a new man. Watch it here.

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Bob Saget Confirmed To Be In 'Fuller House' Reunion
(Radio.com) The Olsen twins won't be rejoining the show, but Bob Saget and Lori Loughlin have now joined the original cast in signing on to make an appearance in the upcoming Fuller House reboot.

The news came in last week (May 28), with John Stamos tweeting the announcement about Saget late in the evening, Saget tweeting his pleased reply.

Loughlin's return was announced earlier in the day, when she appeared on Good Morning America. Don't expect Loughlin, Saget or Dave Coulier, who signed on earlier, to be in every episode, though.

'I'm very excited. It's going to be really great to be back with the whole cast…We are going to help Candace and Jodie and Andrea spin off the new show Fuller House, so we'll come back and do the first episode and maybe throughout the season we will pop up here and there," Loughlin told GMA. Read more here.

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Little Mix Releases 'Black Magic' Video
(Radio.com) On Friday morning (May 29) the world got a little more witch-y: teen pop sensations Little Mix shared the spooky video for their new song "Black Magic."

The clip revolves around the quartet's discovery of a magic book in the high school library. Spurned by a more popular girl, four seemingly shy girls are given a chance at school domination when the blue sparkly tome falls from the highest shelf.

The girls use the book's powers to wreak havoc on the school's delicate social stratifications: first they turn themselves into the queen bees they always were. Then they walk down the halls with blue fire sparks in hand, granting life-changing powers to students. A nerd becomes a sex symbol--his glasses disappear and previously uninterested girls fawn all over him.

Their powers culminate in the final scene, in which they turn a snooze-fest lecture into a raging dance party with the flick of wrist. Even the teacher gets into it. Watch it here.

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Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown Release 'You Changed Me' Video
(Radio.com) Do you want to know who changed Jamie Foxx from a dog to a monogamous man? Spoiler alert: it's Anika from Empire, known to her mama as Grace Gealey. Or so the video for "You Changed Me" would have you believe.

Gealey plays the woman who smiles a lot and dances a little and finds Foxx endlessly endearing at his L.A. mansion during a house party. He's in love! That doesn't stop him from asking Chris Brown in the video intro if they should invite strippers to this party, though. Even love has its limits.

It's Director X at the helm so the hip-hop video tropes are available in abundance: letterbox shots for no apparent reason, saturated beauty light, sparse and spotless set design with an emphasis on black and white right down to the costumes, which are almost entirely those colors.

Meanwhile, Brown shows up for a little bit to be in love with a girl who looks like what would happen if you crossed Kim Kardashain with circa-1991 Mariah Carey and dressed her like circa-1994 Janet Jackson.

Since the video doesn't end in a walk down the aisle, it's unclear if the change sticks or not for these guys. If the ominous, overcast L.A. sky is any indication, it doesn't. Watch the video here.

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Drake Referenced At The National Spelling Bee
(Radio.com) How do judges at the National Spelling Bee relate to their young contestants? By referencing Drake, naturally. Last week (May 28), contestant Dev Jaiswal was asked to spell the word "bacchius," but needed it to be used in a sentence.

The sentence he was given by Jacques Bailly, the contest's official pronouncer, a middle age man with a very soothing voice happened to evoke Drizzy's name.

"Rumor has it that Drake's next mixtape contains a rap in which every verse begins and ends with a bacchius," he said. Jaiswal got a good chuckle out of it, but unfortunately, Drake wasn't enough of a clue to help the kid do the spelling. He still needed to know the definition of the word, which is "a foot of three syllables that in quantitative meter consists of one short syllable followed by two long ones, and that in accentual meter consists of one unstressed syllable followed by two stressed ones."

Drake was pretty flattered by the whole thing and even posted a clip of it, but did not confirm whether he does end his verses with a bacchius. Read more and watch the clip here.

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Singled Out: Rebecca Juliet's Damsel In Distress
Today 16-year-old singer-songwriter Rebecca Juliet tells us about her latest single "Damsel In Distress," from which she is donating the net proceeds to Girls Inc. of New York City. Here is the story:

I'm a huge advocate of making change through my music. I wrote my first single, "Angel on Our Shoulder," to convey the message that we all can- and ought to! -make a positive difference in the world, and in writing my second single, "Damsel in Distress," I wanted to continue that message.

"Damsel" focuses on the empowerment of women, something that I have been passionate about for a very long time. Particularly, the lyrics center on the difference between being polite and being patronizing, a distinction that is too often lost. As the lyrics say, "You can open the door,/…/But you need to know I'm not something to possess./ Please don't treat me like a damsel in distress." Basically, the thesis of the song is that chivalry and courtesy are great things, but a problem exists if a guy steps over the line into doing something for a girl because he thinks that she can't do it herself.

Obviously, this message of the empowerment of women is an amazingly important one, but I also wanted my video to be really fun. It was important to me to create something that got my message across without hitting people over the head with how serious the subject matter is. To achieve this goal, my creative team, headed by my amazing director Michael Sandoval, and I worked to create a highly satirical video to match the upbeat music. This video itself is hilarious, with scenes in green-screened boats and fighting ninjas.

Just as with "Angel on Our Shoulder," I wanted to find a charitable partner for "Damsel" so that I could effectuate real change through my art. I am absolutely thrilled to donate the profits from the downloading for the song to Girls Inc. of New York City, a wonderful charity that works to empower underprivileged girls ages 6-18 in NYC, where I live. This organization seeks to "inspir[e] girls to be strong, smart, and bold" through over 40 different classes in many subjects, ranging from STEM fields to pregnancy prevention and self-confidence.

To learn more about Girls Inc. of New York City, any of my other fantastic charitable partners, "Damsel in Distress," or "Angel on Our Shoulder," please visit rebeccajuliet.com and like me on Facebook (Rebecca Juliet).

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more right here!

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