Day in Pop Report for 06/05/2015

Justin Bieber Guilty Of Assault And Reckless Driving
(Radio.com) While apparently reformed bad boy Justin Bieber continues to rehab his image, some of his past transgressions have caught up to haunt the controversial pop star.

According to The Daily Beast, Bieber has been found guilty of assault and reckless driving in a Canadian courtroom, but the consequences are less than dire: when all's said and done, the singer will only face a $750 fine.

The news came straight from the courtroom courtesy of reporter Joseph Brean, who documented the trail on his Twitter account. Brean reported that Bieber attended the trial by video link, "standing politely with his hands folded, wearing white dress shirt, in front of two dreary paintings."

The assault charge was discharged, while the count of reckless driving, which occurred on an ATV, is what warranted the fine. Read more here.

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One Direction Fan Receives Death Threats For Zayn Malik Photo
(Radio.com) For One Direction fans, getting a photo with the group members is the highest honor--but 26-year-old Lauren Richardson learned the hard way that it comes with consequences.

Back when 1D was still the original lineup, now ex-member Zayn Malik was seen holding hands with Richardson in a photo taken in Thailand that spread across the Internet that some believe kicked off the chain of events that caused Malik to finally walk away from the group.

While Malik's life has since slowly calmed down, his rumored sidepiece Richardson is still living in a kind of hell. 'It got so bad at one point. There were death threats and people saying I'm a homewrecker and 'I want to find you'," Richardson said in an interview with the Daily Star, perfectly timed with her debut on British reality show Love Island. 'There was a lot of hate behind everything. I was so scared. You think: 'Are they actually going to find me?' Read more here.

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Model Leaks Lana Del Ray New Single Details?
(Radio.com) It has only been a year since Lana Del Rey offered up Ultraviolence to the world, and though she is still on tour supporting that album (she will be at New York's Governors Ball fest this weekend), Del Rey recently announced that her next album, Honeymoon, would be released this year.

Now, it turns out that album's first single could be coming out this month. This all comes courtesy of a revealing Twitter post from model Jake Mast, in which he posted a couple a photos of himself with the singer, saying, "Lana del Rey music video titled "Music To Watch Boys To" coming out verry soon this month!! Check us out!"

The full tweet reads "Lana del Rey music video titled 'Music To Watch Boys To' coming out verry soon this month!! Check us out! #lanadelrey http://t.co/0xrvU8Vpo8- Jake Mast (@jake__mast) June 04, 2015" Read more here.

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Jim Ed Brown Is Battling Cancer Again
(Radio.com) Jim Ed Brown is battling with cancer again. Just months after he canceled a tour after being diagnosed with lung cancer, his daughter Kim revealed on Facebook Wednesday (June 3) that cancer has returned.

'This is a prayer request," she wrote on her father's Facebook page. "They worked before, so I am hopeful they will this time, too. Dad's cancer has returned (not in his lungs), and he is undergoing chemotherapy. We are hopeful for a positive outcome, but it's a combination of hope and prayers that will get him through this. We all thank you in advance."

The Grand Ole Opry member and 'Pop a Top" singer canceled several shows in September after he had been diagnosed. Then, he similarly told his fans on Facebook where he thanked his fans for their prayers and support. Read more here.

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Sam Smith Can Speak Again Following Surgery
(Radio.com) You may have little interest in the day-to-day lives of your favorite singers and celebrities, particularly when they become ill--because why should you? You have your own problems. Allergy season hit you hard this year. Pollen is the worst. Don't go outside ever.

So Sam Smith's declaration on Facebook that he can speak again may not be that intriguing at first glance, unless you like life to be sunshine and rainbows and for everyone to be in good spirits and health at all hours of the day. If that's the case, be happy!

Sam Smith's vocal cord hemorrhage has no longer rendered him sans that otherworldly tenor that U.S. audiences fell in love with in 2014. He's on his way to recovery after surgery, so much so that he's rescheduled tour dates in Australia that he originally canceled earlier this year when doctors ordered a stop to all touring, Billboard reports.

But here's why you should care: it means you're very likely going to see Sam Smith live without any problems this summer. Read more here.

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Kelly Clarkson Cleans Up Rihanna's 'Better Have My Money'
(Radio.com) Kelly Clarkson knows how to pull off a cover song. Whether it is at karaoke dueting on "Love Shack" with a tiny fan, handling Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" in concert, or adding a bit of soul into Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," Clarkson manages to put what people like about her own recordings into the work of others.

Now, we have Clarkson popping into the Live Lounge at BBC Radio 1 to join the tradition of tackling a current pop smash with a live cover, and this time she's taking on Rihanna.

Clarkson chose Rihanna's "B-h Better Have My Money," which she delivers with a little more PG-13 flair. The song's titular curse word is changed to "y'all," while references that Rihanna makes to herself are subbed with "KC," and the whole club is "gettin' crazy" instead of being "f--n' wasted." Listen here.

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A$AP Rocky Not Making A Mixtape With Rod Stewart
(Radio.com) It was too good to be true--ASAP Rocky's collaborative album with Rod Stewart, Born To Be Pretty, isn't happening. We're still getting new music soon from the Harlem MC, though. Cozy Tapes Vol. 1 will be coming soon.

The confusion stems from an interview Rocky gave to Vulture, in which he described a new project."Me and Rod Stewart have a mixtape coming out," he said. "It's called Born to Be Pretty and it's definitely a panty-dropper. Droppin' this summer. You already know."

This tale was picked up by news outlets across the board, and by today the takes got so hot that Rocky had to jump on Twitter to cool them off: "THE ROD STEWART MIXTAPE WAS SAID AS A JOKE , AS FUNNY AND INTERESTING AS IT WOULD BE, UNFORTUNATELY, "BORN TO BE PRETTY" IS NOT REAL, LOL," he wrote. Read more here.

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Ellie Goulding Played Matchmaker For Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris
(Radio.com) Ellie Goulding is apparently quite the matchmaker. In an interview with The Sun, Goulding admits that she had a hand in setting up bestie Taylor Swift with her new beau Calvin Harris, who also happens to be Goulding's rumored ex. Apparently, those two ended on very good terms.

Realizing that they'd make a good match, Goulding encouraged them to set up a date. And we have to admit, her reasoning for why they'd hit it off is pretty spot-on.

"Calvin is a really great mate and he's so fantastic, and Taylor is such a cool person who I love," she said. "I thought, 'They're both really awesome and both really tall, they'll be brilliant together.'"

Perhaps, height is a key factor that other matchmakers should take into account. For the record, Taylor is 5'10", while Harris is 6'5″ and it does seem to be going quite well from the looks of their Billboard Music Awards smooch. Read more here.

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Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation Trailer Feature Led Zeppelin Classic
(Radio.com) Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation promises to be one of the biggest action films of the summer and with the film's second trailer they get one of the nearly impossible music gets with Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love."

The band is notoriously picky about their music being used in films and TV and is known to be one of the most expensive to license song-wise. The band have recently loosened up a bit on the issue, licensing songs to Silver Linings Playbook and Argo, along with Tom Cruise's 2013 sci-fi thriller Oblivion.

So maybe this is a new trend: Zeppelin in movie trailers. As long as it's not overused sometime down the line we'll take it. Oh, and the movie looks good, too. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is in theaters on July 31. Watch the trailer here.

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Kip Moore Starting A Skateboarding Charity
(Radio.com) Kip Moore has been a skateboarder for much of his life. When he's not spending his time off surfing, he can be found at skateparks, as his Instagram account can attest.

Which is why it was fitting when yesterday (June 3), Moore announced the official plans for his Comeback Kid Skatepark Project. The charity project will include construction of a series of skateparks to benefit communities and, as a release noted, "comeback kids." It will begin construction in Nashville and Boston, plus San Marcos, Texas, and Annapolis, Md.

"What started off as a pipe dream of mine years ago has truly become a passion project," Moore said in a press release. "It came from me wanting to give kids in inner cities a safe outlet, where they can form the bonds I know can be made from having somewhere awesome to go and be a part of something they enjoy."

"Now when I sing it I think less about myself and more about the kids we are doing this for and how much I admire and respect them," he added. "We're starting with these four cities, but the plan is to keep growing this as far and wide as we can." Read more here.

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Britney Spears Reveals That She Paints Topless Listening To Mariah Carey
(Radio.com) Now that Britney Spears and Mariah Carey both have Vegas shows, do you think their paths have crossed? That was the question a pair of Australian radio DJs put to the pop singer in an interview Thursday (June 4), by asking the pop star if she'd seen Carey around town yet.

"I love Mariah Carey, still to this day," Spears explained. "I was painting in my room; I have an art room where I paint on the walls and all this stuff. I bought her greatest hits, her new [#1 to] Infinity record yesterday and I was just in there with my top off, painting and doing all this artsy-fartsy stuff. I love her, I love her voice."

Obviously the interviewer followed up by asking if she just walks around with her top off in the art room normally. "In my art room, that's my place," Spears laughed. Read more here.

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Stephen Colbert Recruits Jon Batiste To Be 'Late Show' Bandleader
(Radio.com) The relationship between David Letterman and Paul Shaffer as late night host and bandleader was one that lasted over many decades, which is why many have been awaiting the revelation of Stephen Colbert's Late Night bandleader with bated breath.

Well, wait no more: he's here and his name is Jon Batiste. Batiste was revealed as the bandleader for Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday (June 4). The show premieres on CBS on Sept. 8.

"His music makes the audience feel so good, we may have to install a 'Do Not Make Love' sign," Colbert said in a press statement. Added Batiste: 'I'm thrilled! This is a match made in heaven. Get ready for a love riot in late night." Read more here.

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Chris Brown Responds To High Flying Rumors
(Radio.com) The old saying goes, where there's smoke there's fire. But sometimes, maybe not. Representatives for Chris Brown disputed a story that was making a splash on gossip sites Wednesday (June 3), claiming that the singer disrespected a flight attendant on a private jet.

An anonymous source told Us Weekly that the singer 'blew smoke at a flight attendant and said, 'I paid $60,000 for this jet, so I own it and everyone inside.'"

Brown allegedly also insulted another flight attendant, saying, "I like to have the help be people I'd actually like to f-k.'"But Brown's representatives say this story is false, releasing a statement to Us which paints a very different picture of the interaction.

"Chris was smoking on the plane prior to takeoff as was a companion of his. The pilot explained it was a non-smoking flight so Chris immediately extinguished his cigarette," the statement read. "His companion did as well but in a manner which angered the pilot who then said he would not fly the plane until this person was removed."

The statement goes on to say that Brown asked his tour manager if they could replace the pilot. "In the end, his companion was removed and the plane departed," with the same original pilot.

The statement also makes clear there was only one flight attendant on board the flight, not two and "Chris was never rude to her." His reps also wanted to clarify that Brown did not actually pay for the plane "the music label paid."

Read the full statement from Brown's reps here.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reunites With Jerry Seinfeld In New Skit
(Radio.com) If you ever wanted to eavesdrop on a conversation between the cast of Seinfeld, here is your chance. For the season premiere of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld reunites with Julia Louis-Dreyfus to talk about, what else, Seinfeld. Specifically some of the things that we could have seen, but didn't. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

"I'm nervous." That's the first thing Louis-Dreyfus says as she gets into the Aston Martin that would be perfect for James Bond. Fitting, since Seinfeld says Louis-Dreyfus is the James Bond of comedy.

The two have some very Seinfeld-ian moments like while they're getting coffee and they realize that it's cold. Louis-Dreyfus asks them to heat them up and comes back to the table knowing that they're calling her an a-hole behind her back.

"That's the right way to call someone an a-hole," Seinfeld says, "behind their back." Or a great conversation they have about how Jerry is nice, well, as Louis-Dreyfus explains, "You can be nice."

"Hitler can be nice," Seinfeld says.

"You're nicer than Hitler," she says.

One story that doesn't prove how nice he is, is the time he went up to a five-months-pregnant Louis-Dreyfus and told her they should do a storyline where Elaine gets really fat. She started crying at the time, but she admits now it would have been a really funny storyline.

The two also talk about what the Housewives should really be called, marriage and Julia's favorite deodorant. Just like old times, nothing becomes as interesting as ever.

Watch the full episode of Jerry and Elaine getting coffee in a car here.

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Nick Jonas Reveals 'Finding Neverland' Song 'Believe'
(Radio.com) Nick Jonas is all grown up, but on his latest song he's got a little bit of Peter Pan syndrome. On his new song "Believe," which appears on the soundtrack for the Broadway show Finding Neverland, Jonas seems to be channeling The Beatles during their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. As if "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was as literal as you wish it was.

The twinkly track has Jonas moving away from his recent R&B style, to go a little more poppy, singing about why science can't explain everything. You just have to believe that a rocket could be going to Mars or that a little fairy is helping you fly with a little dust because as Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie once wrote, 'The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.'

The soundtrack features songs from the Broadway show starring Glee star Matthew Morrison, but done by well-known pop artists like Zendaya, Kiesza, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and John Legend. Read more here.

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Sara Bareilles Reveals Details For New Book 'Sounds Like Me'
(Radio.com) If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a GRAMMY-nominated artist, bumping elbows with music's elite, you're going to want to pick up a copy of Sara Bareilles' debut book.

The singer-songwriter, best known for 2013's "Brave," is set to release a collection of essays about life as a musician called Sounds Like Me--and now she's debuted the jacket art for it.

Bareilles describes everything from her first listen to Joni Mitchell's Blue album to performing alongside Carole King at the 2014 GRAMMYs, and the stories behind her most popular songs, all with wisdom and humor.

"I was greatly humbled by the process of writing of this book," Bareilles said in a statement. "It feels infinitely more vulnerable to speak about my life without the metaphor and mask of music or my singing voice. I tried to be candid. I tried to remember things in an unbiased way. I tried to be at least a little funny. I tried to be myself, as wholeheartedly as possible. Sounds Like Me is a collection of stories about my own self-discovery. Each essay is anchored by a song that helped me build a deeper understanding of who I am as an artist and person."

Bareilles teased the colorful cover on her Instagram account, along with the caption, "Hey I made a thing! It's a book! This is what it looks like. #soundslikeme." See it here.

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Ellie Goulding MAC Collection Announced
(Radio.com) For celebrities, there's no shortage of fame milestones--awards, wax figurines, big ticket real estate purchases--but one that's only reserved for a few is MAC collaborations.

The brand has ushered in pop stars since the beginning, and this year they've chosen Ellie Goulding.You'll finally be able to achieve Goulding's glow with her six-piece collection for the cosmetics brand. Judging by the first look, it's as low-key as she is. There are blush-colored lipsticks, a bronzer and blush duo, champagne lip gloss, faux eyelashes and a natural eyeshadow palette.

MAC teased the collection on Instagram today along with the caption, "Rise up, sing out and shine! Our upcoming collaboration with pop's most radiant singer-songwriter, @elliegoulding, makes its debut later this year!" Check it out here.

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U2 Invite Elvis Impersonator On Stage After Technical Difficulties
(Radio.com) A technical mix up turned into an opportunity for a laugh at a U2 show Wednesday night. When a piano was rendered useless while on stage, Bono was forced into some impromptu banter with the crowd, Rolling Stone reports.

Thinking quickly, he spied an Elvis impersonator in the crowd and invited him on stage. "What's Elvis doing in the crowd?" he asked "Dude, I have everything by you. Everything." Bono pretends to be awed by the presence of a celebrity, bowing down in front of the impersonator. "This is unbelievable," he says. "Always wanted to meet you, dude. Love your early work."

The Edge tries to cut in with a new song, but Bono signals for him to hold off briefly. He asks the impersonator to sing the Elvis classic "Can't Help Falling In Love," which he does to rapturous applause.

U2′ will continue their Innocence + Experience Tour in Denver on Saturday, before finishing up their American dates on July 31 at Madison Square Garden. Check out video of the Elvis appearance here.

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Diplo Explains Harsh Words For Zedd's True Colors
(Radio.com) "Diplo likes to talk," offers the superstar producer's publicist, as both an encouragement and a warning. To the guy known to his friends simply as Wes, it's a well-known caveat. Diplo's infamous mouth has a knack for causing trouble, usually by way of some scathingly honest yet politically incorrect tweet.

From the online firestorm he created after the joke about Taylor Swift's body to an equally harsh and concise review of Zedd's latest album True Colors (two words: poop emoji), Diplo's outsized personality has made him nearly as famous as his music.

But with a strong contender for this year's song of the summer with Major Lazer's "Lean On," it's thankfully the music that's doing most of the talking now. Boasting a breezy, summer-ready melody, the collaboration with vocalist MØ and DJ Snake has exploded around the world. The song has already gone platinum in Australia, New Zealand and Sweden, is currently rising into the top 30 of Billboard's Hot 100 and most impressively, has racked up more than 109 million YouTube views in little over two months.

Having built Major Lazer's brand and character to the point that it's been turned into an animated series, Diplo is further embedding his fingerprints on the pop culture landscape, not to mention his DJ super-group Jack Ü with Skrillex that have already scored a hit with the Justin Bieber-assisted 'Where Are Ü Now."

Chatting with the producer just as Major Lazer's latest full-length, Peace is the Mission, is released, Diplo is as chatty as advertised, opening up about working with Justin Bieber and Ellie Goulding, Major Lazer's next album and why he was so hard on Zedd's album.

Radio.com: You gave Zedd's latest album, True Colors, a pretty harsh assessment on Twitter.

Diplo: I'm actually not enemies with Zedd by any means. I just think that he came from such a cool place, and now he's been pegged as a money-maker for a major label to do EDM, which to me isn't even a genre. But they've pegged him for that, they've marketed him, even the fake relationship with Selena Gomez, all the things to sell records took away from the music. He's an amazing producer and good songwriter. I just feel likeI was hoping he'd come out of the scene and do something. He had some pop records and I think he was learning how to make great songs through that. So to just kind of like not care and make an album that's just stereotypethere's nothing really there for anybody. He's got a really loud space right now in this culture, there are a lot of people paying attention to him, he can do this awesome music, and to just come out with something so flat and expected and easy for peopleWhen Skrillex and I came out with the Jack Ü album, we came out with the weirdest s-t we could think of. We're not about to put out the same songs we did over and over again. You only live once, you know what I'm saying?

Read the full interview here.

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'Empire' Creator Tweets Diana Ross About Season 2
(Radio.com) Diana Ross took one great step into the digital age Wednesday by joining Twitter, and adding to the diva's renaissance in pop culture is Empire creator Lee Daniels, who revealed he's pitching the legendary singer for season two of his hit show.

TMZ found Daniels and asked him a simple question on the minds of many Empire fans: what guests would he like to see on the show when it returns for its second season this fall?

Daniels told TMZ: "I want Diana Ross. I'm obsessed with Diana Ross." Understandably so, certainly. He's not the only one: as of this posting, Miss Ross already has nearly 17,000 followers on Twitter, ready to hear her set her daily intentions, dish out future song titles and just say hey. Read more here.

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