Day in Pop Report for 06/25/2015

Rick Ross Arrested For Alleged Kidnapping And Assault

(Radio.com) Rick Ross has been denied bail for charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery in Fayette County, GA. According to reports, Ross allegedly assaulted a man named Jonathan Zamudio with a handgun and forced him to remain in the guest house of Ross' mansion against his will.

In a statement to Billboard the Fayette County police said. "Subject did assault the victim, Jonathan Zamudio, (twice), with a handgun, specifically a Glock 17, 9mm, black in color, and in doing so caused two chipped teeth, jaw injury, neck injury, and multiple scratches and contusions. The victim lost the use of his jaw and is restricted to soft foods and liquid diet only as result of not being able to chew food."

The second assault with the handgun reportedly took place during the alleged kidnapping. Ross is accused of using "a handgun and physical touching to force, against his will, Jonathan Zamudio into the residence (guest house)ů where he was taken down a hallway, into a bedroom, and forced to remain." Read more here.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Moved to Hospice Care Says Family Member

(Radio.com) The health of Bobbi Kristina Brown has deteriorated to the point where she has been moved to hospice, according to a family member. Billboard reports that Pat Houston, Brown's aunt, said the daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston has been moved to hospice care as of Wednesday (June 24).

'Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, Bobbi Kristina Brown's condition has continued to deteriorate," Houston said in a statement on behalf of the family. "As of today, she has been moved into hospice care. We thank everyone for their support and prayers. She is in God's hands now."

The news comes days after certain outlets reported Brown was going home to die, something her father's representation denied outright. The 22-year-old Brown has been in a coma since Jan. 31, after she was found face down in a bathtub in her home outside Atlanta." Read more here.

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Keith Urban Making EDM-Country Album With Nile Rodgers

(Radio.com) Nile Rodgers recently announced music festival FOLD (Freak Out/Let's Dance) at Santa Clara Vineyards on Long Island, NY isn't the only high profile project the legendary Chic member is working on these days. On the recording side of things, Rodgers has let it be known that he is working with Keith Urban on EDM-inspired country music.

A report from Yahoo! details spending some time with Rodgers, where he seemed anxious to get back to work, and played the reporter a couple of rough tracks from his time with Urban, that are being described as an EDM-country hybrid. One song is even described as mixing Urban's banjo plucking with a pulsing club beat.

As for how Urban's fans might react to the new sound, Rodgers is optimistic, comparing him to David Bowie, who also received a backlash when working with Rodgers on Let's Dance. Read more here.

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Carrie Underwood Records Sunday Night Football Theme With Guests

(Radio.com) The NFL isn't letting a good thing go: NBC has tapped Carrie Underwood to be the voice of Sunday Night Football once more. The country singer, who's sang the theme song "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" since 2013 when she replaced Faith Hill, has already recorded this year's rendition with some of the league's best players.

That list includes Odell Beckham Jr. (New York Giants), Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers), Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys), Kam Chancellor (Seattle Seahawks), Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts), Clay Matthews (Green Bay Packers), DeMarco Murray (Philadelphia Eagles) and Patrick Peterson (Arizona Cardinals).

In tweets confirming the news by Underwood and Sunday Night Football, you can get a sneak peek of her attire: a sparkling mini dress and black heels. If you didn't know she recently gave birth to her son, Isaiah, you definitely wouldn't guess that by looking at the teaser. See the tweets here.

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Big Sean Releases Two New Videos: 'All Your Fault' and 'I Know'

(Radio.com) Big Sean isn't one to do things on the low-key. When he sings about his ex, there's no detail (or nicety) spared. When he dreamed up the video for said song, "I Don't FŚk With You," he recruited Kanye West, DJ Mustard and Big Boy.

So it's completely on brand that on Wednesday Big Sean released not one, but two new videos for his Dark Sky Paradise tracks with West and Jhene Aiko.

The first, for "All Your Fault," is a bleary-eyed night out at the club, during which Big Sean weaves through a double-vision crowd before joining Kanye as the on-stage entertainment.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the video for "I Know" gives a glimpse of how Big Sean and Aiko will age. The geriatric video, which takes place at a nursing home, follows the pair as they get ready for a special evening.

Just because they might be pushing 80, though, don't think that they have lost their will to party. Watch the videos here.

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Apple Music Makes Deal With Beggars Group

(Radio.com) Apple Music's decision to compensate artists, even during its three-month free trial, has paved the way for one of its most vocal holdouts to come to terms with the tech giant.

Beggars Group, which operates the large indie labels 4AD, Matador and XL Recordings, has signed on the dotted line with Apple, releasing a statement saying they can now go forward in working with Apple without reservations. (via Rolling Stone)

"Over the last few days we have had increasingly fruitful discussions with Apple," Beggars Group's Martin Mills said. "We are now delighted to say that we are happy to endorse the deal with Apple Music as it now stands, and look forward to being a big part of a very exciting future." Read more here.

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Gucci Mane Does Not Have A Prison Release Date Yet

(Radio.com) Rumors circulating that Gucci Mane would be released from prison on July 11 have been dispelled. The rapper, incarcerated since September of 2013 on weapons possession charges, had a statement released by his lawyer today that claims complete ignorance as to why the rumored release date emerged, claiming all speculation to be unfounded.

'We do not know where that rumor came from, so that's just Internet and social media fabrication," Mane's lawyer Drew Findling told MTV News. 'We have no idea where that release date came from because we're still in the midst of resolving things with the Bureau of Prisons. There was some confusion on their part, about his release date.

'I can't get into specifics, but we're in the midst of corresponding with the Bureau of Prisons," he said. 'I'm trying to iron out a specific release date for him, but that I can tell you that is not his release date. There's nothing formal about that. It's a product of social media." Read more here.

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Lorde Says She Has Been Writing New Songs

(Radio.com) When she's not eating Nutella on croissants, Lorde is busy working on new music, presumably for her followup to her 2013 breakout debut Pure Heroine.

Lorde's latest deluge of information came via her Tumblr page in the early morning hours of June 24, when she spontaneously answered a handful of questions from fans.

When one such fan reached out to say they missed her presence on Tumblr, the pop star replied with an update on the new music she's currently making."You are right and that makes me sad," Lorde responded to Tumblr user distuurbance on not being as active on the social media site."However, I'm sitting in the studio just now working on two different songs simultaneously cause sometimes it happens like that and you're so excited about two ideas you can't stick to one and you're flitting back and forth writing the different stories so, I promise good things are happening."

Another fan reached out to ask how it feels to know that her music has resonated with so many people, adding that the singer's performance at last year's Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta "changed me forever."

"I think about it pretty much every day, and honestly there is nothing more important to me in my life," Lorde responded. "The fact that people like the sŚ I make, and it changes them and makes them feel, it's the best thing ever, and also the scariest haha, like having a very beautiful, very delicate flower in your hands at all times. Also, I'm so glad you were at that show. It was one of my favorites from last summer." Read more here.

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Mark Ronson Releases 'I Can't Lose' Video

(Radio.com) Mark Ronson serves up his own uptown special in his latest video for "I Can't Lose" featuring Keyone Starr. The three-minute clip has Ronson and Starr touring downtown Chinatown in a classic ride covered in neon lights. But as they pull up to the club they will be performing at, it is quicky apparent that this isn't your average gig.

The two enter an underground gambling joint with a stage where they'll be performing. As bottles of liquor glow behind them, a game upstairs goes terribly wrong for one gambler. After wagering his watch and losing, the hidden cameras show a man ready to exert his revenge.

The gamblers run to get away and start to fight while having a dance off a la Michael Jackson's "Beat It." Meanwhile, an excruciating trumpet solo manages to break up the fight and explode some pricey bottles of alcohol behind the bar.

So what happens to that stash of cash while the gamblers are getting down on the dance floor? Well, let's just say that Ronson and Starr make out well for the night. Watch the clip here.

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Meek Mill Reveals 'Dreams Worth More Than Money' Release Date

(Radio.com) Mark your calendars: after promising a while ago that his new album Dreams Worth More Than Money would come out sometime in June, Meek Mill has shared a final release date along with album art and tracklist.

On Twitter, Mill announced that his album will come out on June 29, only five days from now, and followed it up with a larger press release. He also shared the 14-song tracklist, which includes major guest appearances from Drake, Nicki Minaj, Future, Chris Brown, Diddy, The Weeknd and none other than Swizz Beats.

Meek's announcement follows yesterday's release of Tyga's The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty after a similarly long delay. Where's SWISH at, though? See the track details here.

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'Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension' Trailer Released

(Radio.com) We've reached the last chapter in the Paranormal Activity saga and, based on the trailer, it aims to pull together all the loose ends of the previous films. That includes finally showing us the monster, Toby.

The first trailer for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension has been released, and it shows little girls Katie and Krisi are back, communicating across space and time and answering a lot of questions raised by the previous four films (and one spin-off) in the series.

"We couldn't go just teasing," producer Jason Blum told USA Today. "All the questions that everyone has asked from the past Paranormal Activity films: What does Toby look like? What's the backstory to the families? These questions have been teased out. Now they will be answered."

Some elements of the film will be the same as previous set-ups. This time it is the Fleeges who move into a house and discover a box of unsettling video tapes in their basement. But they also discover a video camera that lets them see the ghosts and paranormal entities in the air around them. Read more and watch the trailer here.

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Channing Tatum Acts Out 'Magic Mike' Scenes Written By Kids

(Radio.com) Channing Tatum can be funny, he can be serious and he can certainly dance. But, thanks to Jimmy Fallon, we now know he can act out any script you give him on the fly, even if it's written by a bunch of little kids.

Tuesday night (June 23) on the Tonight Show, Tatum stopped by to plug his upcoming movie Magic Mike XXL and also got a chance to act out scenes from the original as written by a bunch of elementary kids in a skit Fallon likes to call "Kid Theater."

Don't worry, these little kids did not actually see Magic Mike they just imagined what a movie called Magic Mike would be like and wrote their own scenes. And thankfully, none of them are anything to do with male exotic dancers or Ginuwine's "Pony."

They mostly had to do with magical Mikes who are sometimes magical alien warriors or magical birds who don't want to be magical birds. In one scene written by an 8-year-old named Steven from Dallas, Texas Channing was a Magic Mike who helped a kid named Josh fix his bike's flat tire.

"Oh no, my bike has a flat tire. How am I going to get to hockey practice on time? Oh I know! I know what I'll do! I'll call Magic Mike. Magic Mike! Magic Mike!" Fallon, as Josh, said.

"Yes I am Magic Mike. I'm like regular Mike except magic!" Tatum said before bursting out laughing about magic bike pumps which needed to be pumped. "Using my magic, I'm going to pump up your tireůIt's still pumping." Watch it here.

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Of Monsters and Men Talks New Album 'Beneath the Skin'

(Radio.com) While it's not all fun and games, Of Monsters & Men's first album My Head Is An Animal is led by some of the happiest and luckiest of happy-go-lucky singles. "Little Talks" and "Mountain Sound" came to typify the Icelandic indie folk act's presentation: Sunny, poppy, radio-friendly tunes with majestic horns, joyous melodies and the shouted "hey!" that bands of their ilk loved back in 2012 and 2013.

It's what makes the band's followup, the newly released Beneath the Skin, such a disarming record on first listen. There are no "Little Talks" on the record; no "Mountain Sound."

Instead, think of the quintet's sophomore release literally in terms of its title. Beneath the Skin suggests, perhaps, a record more than skin deep, one that submerges below the surface of what the band explored on previous records, a more personal affair, inward rather than outward.

"Our first album was very carefree and innocent in a way," ├×├│rhallsson, who performs the male lead vocals and primarily acoustic guitar for the band, tells Radio.com. "We were all good friends but we were still kind of figuring each other out whilst making the album. I think we found common ground in the adventure and joy of creating something together and I think that shaped the album quite a lot.

"This time around we're in a different situation. We've been together for five years now and gone through a lot together, so I think we felt more comfortable going a bit more personal on this one. I think it's a really natural development from our first album, especially if you've ever seen us play live."

There's a mentality on My Head Is An Animal of exploration, like an urge to get out of one's chair and see the world. With Beneath the Skin, the band zeroed in on their homeland, where ├×├│rhallsson says they wrote most of the material. Of course, the personal aspect comes into play, too--from the brooding "Hunger," on which ├×├│rhallsson and co-lead singer Nanna Brynd├şs Hilmarsd├│ttir repeat, solemnly, "I'm drowning" over ebbing and flowing tides of instrumentation, to the lead single "Crystals." Hilmarsd├│ttir sings that she'll "forgive what is within/ Because I'm in this house/ I'm in this home/ All my time," suggesting a somber, lonely, homebody lifestyle.

"I think lyrically this album is a whole other story," ├×├│rhallsson says. "From our point of view we're being way more frank and forward on this one. There are still references to nature and stuff like that but we're using it differently now, it's more metaphorically speaking. Sonically we tried out a lot of new things, a lot of new instruments. It was also about thinking about the songs in a different way than before. We have a distinct dynamic in the group and it is very natural for us to do certain things like dramatic swells and build-ups."

Not that the new songs are the contrarians to the first album; after all, "Little Talks" is about a widow whose husband has passed away and the conversation between the "two" after the loss. But masking drearier lyrics with upbeat melodies, harmonies and instrumentation can make for a goldmine on radio. Read more here.

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Fetty Wap Reveals New Track 'Boomin'

(Radio.com) For those who just can't continue to listen to "Trap Queen" on repeat, Fetty Wap has a brand new song called "Boomin" he'd like you to start spinning. Starting with a little piano melody, Fetty Wap comes in to scream about his New Jersey hood loving him, starting from the bottom and all the money he's making now. Yeah, he's boomin with those uncut stone and a lot of Jersey pride.

As he explained in a tweet hours before the release of the new track, "My bro ask me to drop some trap sľt so I'm dropping something for my bro bday."

The rapper recently released two summer anthems--"Ride or Die" and "Sumn Quick"--which we imagine is Fetty's way of trying to solidify himself as the artist of the summer if not giving him a better chance of earning the song of the summer.

Check out "Boomin" here.

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One Direction Members Add Special Ingredients To New Fragrance

(Radio.com) The only thing that might be more exciting to One Direction fans than the release of the foursome's new fragrance Between Us is the commercial that has been released to promote it.

The clip features all four members (Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) adding their own special ingredient to the perfume. Styles ventures to the highest mountain, Payne to the deepest ocean and Tomlinson to outer space to find their respective ingredients to add to the scent.

But it is Horan's addition that clearly makes the One Direction perfume special: a single tear he extracts by ripping open an onion near his eye. The entirety of the clip plays pretty hilarious regardless of whether you are a Directioner or not, with Tomlinson likely getting the biggest laugh when he reveals that his outer space apricot is organic. Read more here.

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Beyonce And The Weeknd Lead Made In America Lineup

(Radio.com) Made in America revealed its lineup for 2015, taking place this September in Philadelphia, and Beyonce tops the bill along with the Weeknd. Not that it's surprising; Beyonce's husband Jay Z is of course the founder of the two-day fest, which deflates to just a Philadelphia set this year after expanding to Los Angeles last year as well.

Axwell & Ingrosso, J. Cole, Modest Mouse and Bassnectar are also among the performers, as are Death Cab for Cutie, hometown boy Meek Mill, Big Sean, Nick Jonas and more.

Tickets for Made in America go on sale Monday (June 29) at noon ET on the Made in America website. Made in America 2015 will be held Sept. 5-6 at Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Parkway. See the full lineup here.

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