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Meghan Trainor Pulls Photoshopped 'Me Too' Video

(Radio.com) Meghan Trainor fans may have been surprised to see that her brand new video for "Me Too" has been taken down, very shortly after being posted. It wasn't a technical glitch. Trainor took to Snapchat to explain to her fans that she had been photoshopped without permission and didn't approve of it.

"Hey guys, I took down the 'Me Too' video because they photoshopped the crap out of me," she said. "And I'm so sick of it and I'm over it, so I took it down until they fix it. My waist is not that teeny, I had a bomb waist that night, I don't know why they didn't like my waist, but I didn't approve that video and it went out for the world, so I'm embarrassed."

"I told them to fix it A$AP Rocky cuz I will be going to Times Square to play it for my fans, so I hope they fix it for me. And I am sorry about this. The video is still one of my favorite videos I've ever done, I'm very proud of it. I just am pissed off that they broke my ribs, you know?"

Trainor's removal of the video quickly was met with support from fans. See some of the tweets and more here.

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Twenty One Pilots Announce World Tour

(Radio.com) Twenty One Pilots will continues their promotion of their platinum album Blurryface with a newly announced EMØTIØNAL RØADSHØW world tour, kicking off September 30 in Mexico City, wrapping up April 8, 2017 in Perth, Australia.

Book-ended by international dates, the duo will return to the U.S. for an extensive series of shows starting January 17, 2017 in Providence, RI. Tickets for 2017 U.S. tour dates go on sale Friday, May 13 at 12:00pm local time via Live Nation.

Meanwhile, the Columbus, Ohio band's single "Ride" has spent 16 weeks on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, peaking at No. 1. See the Twenty One Pilots 2016 EMØTIØNAL RØADSHØW International Tour dates here.

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Sinead O'Connor Finds Arsenio Hall's Prince Lawsuit 'Hilarious'

(Radio.com) The beef between Sinead O'Connor and Arsenio Hall continues to build. In the latest development, the Irish singer fires back at Hall, who last week filed a $5 million libel suit against O'Connor for accusing the talk show host of supplying Prince with drugs.

In a May 6 Facebook post titled "Regarding Arse-inio Hall's Laughable Threats," O'Connor says she's entertained by the whole ordeal. "I'm more amused than I've ever dreamed a person could be and look forward very much to how hilarious it will be watching him trying to prove me wrong," she wrote.

"I'm also very happy to notice that the DEA have taken me seriously enough to be thoroughly questioning all of Prince's friends and aides from the last 30 years as to his KNOWN history of hard drug use and where he obtained his drugs. I do not like drugs killing musicians. " Read more here.

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Pink Becomes Mad Hatter For 'Just Like Fire' Video

(Radio.com) Pink has revealed a new video for "Just Like Fire," her contribution to the Alice: Through the Looking Glass soundtrack. The video takes viewers on a tour through Tim Burton's various Alice in Wonderland locales, with its star dressed as queens, lords, and eccentrics from the fantasy universe.

Funny enough, some comedy is added to the video by none other than Pink's husband, motocross legend and reality TV star, Carey Hart. Previously, Pink recorded a cover of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" for the film's promotional materials.

"Just Like Fire" is classic, ambitious pop-rock Pink and was produced by Max Martin, with whom she collaborated on "So What" and other hits. Watch Pink's latest fantasy excursion here.

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Kesha Covers Lady Gaga's 'Til It Happens To You'

(Radio.com) Kesha performed an emotional cover of Lady Gaga's "Til It Happens To You" on Saturday (May 7), at the Humane Society of the United States Gala in Los Angeles.

The evening honored songwriter Diane Warren as Humanitarian of the Year and Kesha was one of several artists, including Leona Lewis and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who performed Warren's hits.

"I want to dedicate this song to every man, woman, child and animal that has ever been abused," the singer said before performing the song. Warren, who co-wrote the song with Lady Gaga for the documentary "The Hungint Ground," accompanied Kesha on piano.

"I get letters and Gaga just told me, too, [that] there's not a day that goes by that people aren't stopping her and thanking her for the song," Warren said. Read more here.

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Selena Gomez Debuts 'Feel Me' Live In Las Vegas

(Radio.com) Friday marked the launch of Selena Gomez' Revival Tour in Las Vegas, and she came armed with some fresh material. During the show Gomez debuted "Feel Me," a mid-tempo dance track in the vein of "Hands to Myself" and "Good for You."

The lyrics explore dealing with a troubled relationship and seeking a new path. "No one loves you like I love you / I never cheated, never lied / I never put no one above you

"I gave you space and time / And now you're telling me you miss me / And I'm still on your mind / We were one in a million / Our love is hard to find." Watch Gomez perform "Feel Me" live in Las Vegas here.

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Drake Receives Message From 'Hotline Bling' Sample-Maker

(Radio.com) Drake met one his musical heroes. The incredibly catchy sample heard in Drake's smash hit "Hotline Bling," was lifted from Timmy Thomas' 1972 groovy track, "Why Can't We Live Together."

But interestingly enough, the Canadian hitmaker wasn't familiar Thomas' work when the sample was originally presented to him by producers. The interesting bit of trivia was uncovered when Nardwuar Serviette, a Canadian radio host and incredibly well-prepared celebrity interviewer, presented Drake with an original copy of Thomas's song on vinyl. [Nardwuar is famous for uncovering little-known facts about artists and presenting them with gifts that spark fascinating stories.]

"Just to be completely honest, because I like to be completely honest--I discovered the sample after-the-fact," Drake told the interviewer. "So, I really fell in love with the song after I heard the beat. It was almost like a daunting task at that point to, like, even think of sampling this, but it's an incredible song and such a good gift because it's in my top twenty songs of all time."

The interviewer went one step further by presenting Drake with a recorded video message from the 71 year-old musician. Thomas rattled off a list of reasons he's grateful that Drake sampled his song, but most notably because of his importance in Canada. "I appreciate the fact that people love him so much--you have a whole country, in Canada, that loves him. He can't do any wrong. You got all those people that are now listening. I was number one in Canada in 1973, now it's number one in Canada with 'Hotline Bling.' So, I just want to say to him from the bottom of my heart, thanks a million." Read more here.

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Lauryn Hill Addresses Late, Short Concert In Atlanta

(Radio.com) Lauryn Hill left fans disappointed when she appeared two hours late to a Friday concert in Atlanta and performed for fewer than 40 minutes. The venue observes a strict 11 p.m. curfew, so the show was cut short and fans demanded an explanation from Hill on social media.

She responded to the confusion and frustration with a lengthy post explaining her artistic process and plans to "make it up" to those who were shortchanged.

"I don't show up late to shows because I don't care," she wrote. "And I have nothing but love and respect for my fans. The challenge is aligning my energy with the time, taking something that isn't easily classified or contained, and trying to make it available for others. I don't have an on/off switch." Read more here.

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Alicia Keys Talks New Album And Prince

(Radio.com) Alicia Keys dropped by the Rap Radar Podcast to discuss her new single "In Common," her upcoming album, and a lot more. The 15-time GRAMMY winner also opened up about Prince's untimely death, saying she still "can't believe it."

While its been over four years since Keys' released her last album Girl on Fire, the songwriting process for the new album came together quickly. "The music for this album came like raining down… it happened so fast," Keys said. She added, "We made like 20 songs in two weeks. Normally I don't really create that fast, I am a bit more meticulous and it takes a little bit more time, but it was just coming so fast."

The effort, which Keys hopes to release this summer, runs the musical gamut. "The album is definitely varied in a real fresh way," Keys explained. "It is very multi-dimensional and I feel like people really respond to that, not in a disjointed way, but in a really exciting way. There is a lot of New York on this record a lot of the original influences for me and it's also a lot of mash-ups in the sense of sonics and styles and energies… it feels really brand new and familiar at the same time."

Alicia Keys took some time to talk about Prince's untimely death, saying she still can't believe he is gone. She famously inducted him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and reflected on the experience. "I can remember that moment so clearly," she said. "I remember being so emotional about him and that he was being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [and that] was very important, very important for music, very important as a black musician, very important as a genre bending artist who is undefinable… it was really powerful and I'll never forget it." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Be's Golden Cup

Be mastered mind David Hawkins tells us the story behind the single "Golden Cup" which features Ken Stringfellow (Posies, R.E.M., Big Star) and comes from the Be's sophomore album "You". Here is the story:

"Golden Cup" is a conversation with the One; specifically with the Goddess. The symbol of the Goddess has always resonated with me; it seems natural. We were all born from mothers, after all. The song is of praise and gratitude to her for guiding me through the valleys in my life, and a spiritual desire to become one with her and understand her secrets. It's kind of mysterious; a song of thanks and for transcendence. Ken Stringfellow (Posies, R.E.M., Big Star) appears on the album, and when his voice comes in here on the chorus, it really adds to the transcendent quality of the song. I've always loved his voice, and it really shines here.

Songs have a life of their own, and their meaning is subjective and evolves with time, so they're kind of hard to pin down, but I think "Golden Cup" speaks both to a relationship with the Spirit and a personal relationship. It celebrates the Goddess, and also speaks to that aspect in ourselves. The guitar groove and first verse lyrics came at the same time: "You lift me up / I drink from your Golden Cup / you show me things I need to know." The Golden Cup is the Grail (another symbol I'm fascinated with), which is symbolic of renewal and spiritual nourishment. The Grail also relates to the health of the Land, which is certainly relevant now as well. Once those initial lyrics came, things flowed from there. The line "I'm thankful for so much, you turned all my lead to gold" is a reference to alchemy as a metaphor for the process of our Soul's growth; of transforming our base and shadow sides (lead) into the higher noble elements (gold) by facing them and understanding them.

For me, writing songs is like a cross between prayer and therapy; it's a way of working things out and expressing myself, but also a way to connect to the Spirit. It's sacred and personal and I do it for myself, but it's nice to see it resonating with others the way it is. It feels good to see people moved by a song in the same way I was moved when I wrote it. Music is powerful that way; it's a universal language. It connects us and heals us and brings us what
we need; both as writers and listeners. It's magic.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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