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Brad Paisley Collaborates With Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, Timbaland

(Radio.com) Brad Paisley just released his new collaboration with Demi Lovato, "Without a Fight," but that's not the only surprise feature on his upcoming album.

In a recent interview with radio show Taste of Country Nights, the singer revealed a few more A-list collaborations. "Mick Jagger has a song on there with me that's gonna flip you out," Paisley said.

Paisley adds that he and John Fogerty have been writing together as well as Timbaland. "I wanted the collaborations on this record to be collaborations that took me outside what you would typically think. But it's also very country," he stresses.

Not much is known about Paisley's forthcoming release, but he promises it will be available in the fall. "I'm very, very thrilled at this point with it. It's a very special album that I've done," he adds. "It's got several collaborations on it." Read more here.

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The Game Addresses G-Unit Reunion Rumors

(Radio.com) The Game left G-Unit in 2005 because of bad blood with 50 Cent, but thanks to his newest signee Pharaoh Jackson at Blood Money Entertainment rumors have been circulating that he's considering a reunion. Turns out, that's not the case.

HipHopDX caught up with The Game during his newest music video shoot and asked about the reunion. 'Yeah, I don't know where that came from, man, but I can't see that happening no time in the near future,"� The Game said. 'He doin' his thing man, I'm doin' my thing. Banks, Buck, Yayo, they all doin' they thing. Everybody just doin' they thing."

Lest you should think that there's any bad blood between The Game and the G-Unit crew, he added, "Positivity is all love these days. 2016, we tryna keep everybody alive out here." Read more here.

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Justin Timberlake Releases 'Can't Stop The Feeling' Video

(Radio.com) Justin Timberlake has released his "Can't Stop the Feeling!" video. Directed by Mark Romanek and filmed throughout local establishments in Los Angeles, including a laundromat, grocery store, diner, barbershop and Randy's Donuts, the nearly five-minute clip depicts people of all ages and walks of life showing off their best dance moves.

And yes, JT leads the pack, dancing while grocery shopping, at the diner and around L.A. Then, he leads the whole crew in a choreographed segment underneath a highway underpath. Fittingly, a few trolls even make the cut. "Cant's Stop the Feeling!" was written by longtime collaborator Max Martin and will be featured in the forthcoming animated film Trolls.

Trolls hits theaters later this year and Timberlake will play the lead character, Branch. He also contributed additional songs to the soundtrack, which is due out September 23. Watch the video here.

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Country Icon Guy Clark Dead At 74

(Gibson) Country icon Guy Clark died in Nashville on Tuesday morning (May 17), at age 74. The beloved singer-songwriter had been battling cancer for several years. Clark was a revered, influential figure whose work profoundly impacted many of country music's most important artists. Among those who recorded his songs were Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley, among many others.

Born in West Texas, Clark served in the Peace Corps before moving to Houston, where he became close friends with such fellow songwriters as Townes Van Zandt and Jerry Jeff Walker.

Relocating to Nashville in 1971, he soon established himself as a master craftsman of richly detailed, literary songs rife with character and emotion. He also acted as a mentor to such future country greats as Steve Earle and Vince Gill.

Through the years Clark released more than 20 albums, including the Grammy-nominated 1997 live LP Keepers and the Grammy-nominated 2006 album, Workbench Songs. His final record, My Favorite Picture of You, earned him a Grammy for Best Folk Album in 2014. Honors included induction into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Music Association.

For the most part, however, commercial success never came near to matching Clark's reputation among his peers. His sweeping legacy can be found in the monumental impact he and his songwriting had on the broader songwriting community. "For more than forty years, the Clark home was a gathering place for songwriters, folk singers, artists and misfits; many who sat at the feet of the master songwriter in his element, willing Guy's essence into their own pens," reads a statement on his Facebook page. "Throughout his long and extraordinary career, Guy Clark blazed a trail for original and groundbreaking artists and troubadours, including his good friends Rodney Crowell, Jim McGuire, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Joe Ely, Lyle Lovett, Verlon Thompson, Shawn Camp, and Vince Gill." Read more here.

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Dustin Diamond 1st Post-Jail Interview With Saved By The Bell Cast-Mate

(Extra) It was a powerful "Saved by the Bell" reunion as Dustin Diamond sat down with "Extra's" Mario Lopez for his first interview since being released from Ozaukee County Jail in Wisconsin. Dustin was found guilty of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon after a barroom brawl in 2014.

In the wide-ranging, exclusive interview, Dustin spoke in detail for the first time about the altercation that landed him behind bars, opens up about his sex tape, reveals the truth about his book, "Behind the Bell," and tells Mario what's next for him.

Dustin tells Mario he and fianc�e Amanda Schutz were out celebrating Christmas at the Grand Avenue Saloon in Port Washington, Wisconsin when a group of people confronted them asking for photos. Things soon went out of control.

"One of the girl's friends [Amanda] was talking to sucker-punched my fianc�e� she leaned back to me and her face was covered in blood." When a male got involved grabbing Amanda by the hair, Dustin needed to protect her and ended up getting tackled by a male, "I opened my pocket knife and said, 'Let my wife go immediately,' which worked."

Setting the record straight on allegations he actually stabbed 25-year-old Casey Smett, Diamond said, "I had my pocket knife like this... and the blade was right here and the guy came from around me and grabbed my throat, and so he nicked his arm on the tip of it -- it was a Band-Aid, the most expensive Band-Aid I've ever bought."

The 39-year-old was sentenced to four months in jail, getting out after three for working as a janitor. He told Mario that it's not like what you see on TV. "It's pretty daunting, it's pretty scary going into that environment. I found that as long as you follow the rules and stay with the system, it works. You can get in and out unscathed." Read more here.

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Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Gets A Black Eye

(Radio.com) Tyler Hubbard recorded himself driving around while listening to Florida Georgia Line's "Sun Daze." In the video, which he shared on Instagram, he shows off a mean black eye, an injury he got from taking a "dirt nap" over the weekend.

Hubbard changes the song's lyrics from wearing flip-flops and shades to wearing his glasses with a black eye. Grinning ear to ear, Hubbard says, "I miss you, lover," before flashing his shiner to the camera.

Hubbard wrote in the video's caption, "The video my wife@hayley_hubbard gets when Im missing her and feeling back to my normal self after a little dirt nap this weekend on the motocross track. We all good and off to write a song today. She puts up with a lot of mess and I love her for it. Hurry home babe." Read more here.

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Kesha Seeking To Reopen Dr. Luke Lawsuit

(Radio.com) Back in October 2014, Kesha sued record producer Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald), claiming that Luke drugged and sexually assaulted her. Due to an adverse ruling in New York, Kesha's California legal battle was suspended.

Now, the singer's lawyer is hoping he can refile the case, giving Kesha another chance to prove her accusations in court. But it looks like an uphill battle.

California Judge Barbara Scheper has warned Kesha's attorney that rehashing arguments from the New York trial could be a waste of time. She indicated that new evidence or arguments would be critical to securing a different outcome this time. Read more here.

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Justin Bieber Apologizes To Fans In Argentina

(Radio.com) Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour is going global, but fans in Argentina won't be able to catch any stops in the South American nation. The itinerary omits Argentinian dates for "legal" reasons, but there's a bit more to the story.

There are warrants for his arrest in the country that stem from a 2013 incident when Bieber allegedly directed security guards to attack a photographer. Bieber has since ignored a court summons and could face one month to six years in prison if convicted of the crime.

And some people in the country will never forget the time that same year when fans tossed two Argentina flags onstage and Bieber wiped them across the floor using both his feet and a microphone stand.

Nevertheless, the "What Do U Mean?" hitmaker tweeted some thoughts to assuage his fans in Argentina. See the tweets here.

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Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas Reunite For 'Carpool Karaoke'

(Radio.com) Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have a 10 year history that dates back to their performances on the Disney Channel, and during the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke, CBS host James Corden got them to dish some vintage dirt when they weren't singing their hits.

During the segment, Nick recalled that Demi dated his brother, Joe. Demi replied that Nick dated "everyone." "It was Cyrus-Gomez-Cyrus-Gomez, and then I don't know what else happened," she divulged.

Those "purity rings" from back in the day also piqued Corden's curiosity. Regadrdless, Lovato and Jonas placed their child star days firmly in the past, and proved it with some stellar singing in Corden's car. During the skit, they performed Demi's "Heart Attack" and Nick's "Chains."

"Stone Cold" from Lovato's Confident album made a second appearance on Corden's show. During her last appearance she sang it for the late night funnyman in a stranger's dining room. In addition to providing tweet-worthy tidbits, the two pop stars demonstrated their genuine chemistry. Watch the clip here.

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Fetty Wap Pays Tribute To New York Giants' Victor Cruz

(Radio.com) Rap artists name dropping athletes is no new concept. Fetty Wap and Remy Boyz have taken the idea to another level though, titling their latest track after New York Giants' receiver Victor Cruz.

On the track, Fetty and his crew pay homage to the Cruz's endzone salsa moves on the chorus: "Do my dance like Victor Cruz." On Instagram, Fetty captioned the song by saying, "Sum for da bros with the systems boomin."

Fetty is currently working on his sophomore album. Last month, he released "My Environment," which pays tribute to his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. Check out the song here.

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Steve Wariner Honored By Grand Ole Opry

(Gibson) Country singer and guitar icon, Steve Wariner, was honored for his twenty years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry on May 14. Opry Vice President Pete Fisher presented Wariner with a plaque to commemorate the event during his show at the legendary establishment.

"Wow! I can't believe I've been an Opry member for 20 years," Wariner said of the honor. "It's still one of the greatest honors of my career. I remember my first time on the Opry in 1973 as a member of Dottie West's band back at the Ryman as if it was just yesterday.

"It seemed like an impossible dream back then that I would be asked to join�but it happened a few years later! Dreams can come true. Glad to call the Grand Ole Opry my home!"

Wariner is currently not on tour, but he does have a couple of gigs scheduled. On June 11 he'll be playing the City Winery in Nashville and on August 19 he'll be at Floore's Country Store in Helotes, TX. The show at the City Winery, which is part of CMA Music Festival, will be filmed. Read more here.

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Singled Out: Kristy Coote's Favourite Thing

Australian-based pop star Kristy Coote tells us about the inspiration behind her hit single "Favourite Thing" which is the newest single and the title track from her recently released new album. Here is the story:

My new single 'Favourite Thing' or 'Favorite Thing' as you would spell it in the States is a pretty straight forward concept. Your favourite thing!..... It could be your dog, your yummiest burger, your loved one, your favourite child (well maybe we shouldn't talk about that one...)

It's about anything and everything. Everything you want combined with feeling grateful for what I have. I loved recording this song in Nashville. It's so light, happy and easy listening. Takes you to a better place... Hope it does for you too!! xx

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the Kristy right here!

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