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Calvin Harris Injured In Serious Car Accident

(Radio.com) EDM star and Taylor Swift boyfriend Calvin Harris' was hospitalized after being involved in a serious car accident in Southern California on Friday night.

Police told The New York Daily News that at 11 p.m. Friday night, a teenage girl "crossed the divider and struck his SUV" outside of Los Angeles.

Harris was taken to a hospital in Burbank to be treated for injuries, which reportedly include a laceration to the face. One passenger in the teen driver's car was treated for a "non-life-threatening" broken pelvis after she was ejected from the moving car. TMZ obtained photos from the wreckage, illustrating just how serious the collision was. Read more here.

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Kanye West 1997 Demo Tape Unearthed And Posted Online

(Radio.com) A Soundcloud user named Trilly Madison has unearthed and posted a Kanye West demo tape allegedly containing 8 beat tracks, compiled in September 1997.

The 14-minute recording rolls back the clock to a time when West was best known for creating catchy soulful beats for well-established rappers--a time before Kanye himself was considered an emcee.

Fans can listen to online streams of the hissy cassette quality recordings featuring the tracks from the Unreleased KanYe West Demo Beat Tape [c. Sept. 97′] here.

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Madonna Defends Her Billboard Awards Prince Tribute

(Radio.com) Questlove isn't the only one speaking up to defend Madonna's Prince tribute at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night (May 22). Madge has a few words for those who were displeased with what's been described as a "campy" performance.

Madonna shared three Instagram posts defending how she paid homage to Prince. The first showed off classic Madonna attitude and came in the wee hours of Monday morning (May 23). "Deal with it!" she wrote.

The second post invited anyone else to join her by paying tribute to the late musician. "Anyone who wants to do a tribute to Prince is welcome to," she wrote. "Whatever your age Gender or skin Color. If you loved him and he inspired you then show it!!!! I love Prince 4 ever."

Lastly, Madonna posted a video that's more of a GIF, which depicts her jutting her hip out. "This is my 'I'm not your bitch don't hang your s- on me' Dance," she wrote accompanied by several purple heart and rain emojis. Read more and see her various posts here.

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Beyonce And Jay Z Reportedly Finish Their Joint Album

(Radio.com) If fans thought Beyonce and Jay Z were on the outs after she released Lemonade, his appearance throughout her Formation Tour has quieted that particular rumor storm.

Now, a new bit of information may have reignited the rumor mill around the couple. It looks as though they've finished working on their long-rumored joint album.

According to Page Six, the two have finished recording that project and will soon release it exclusively through Tidal. Rather than come out and discuss the events leading up to Beyonce's artistic exploration of infidelity, the couple chose to channel their emotions into music. Like Lemonade, it will be a surprise album and will be available "very soon." Read more here.

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Eminem Selling Limited Edition Bricks

(Radio.com) The Marshall Mathers LP is a pivotal album in Eminem's catalog. To celebrate the album's 16th anniversary the Detroit rapper is selling some cool limited edition collector's items.

Some of the things available for purchase are a cassette tape of the re-issued album with a new 3D printed cover and Marshall Mathers dog tags made from re-purposed wood by Brooklyn-based mill Good Wood. Perhaps the coolest items are bricks from the remains of Eminem's childhood home that was featured on the album's cover.

According to a press release, each of the 700 bricks come with a Certificate of Authenticity with Em's autograph and a display case. If you buy a brick, you will also receive a commemorative plaque. The quantities of the items are extremely limited. Read more here.

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The Game Lands TV Docuseries 'Streets of Compton'

(Radio.com) The Game often covers the life and happenings of people living in Compton, California in his raps. He's taking it a step further by starring in a new docuseries about his hometown.

The show, a three part series, is called Streets of Compton and The former G-Unit soldier will serve as tour guide. The show will dive into the history and legacy of the city. Many celebrities from the area were interviewed and will make appearances.

Some celebs making cameos are Lil Eazy E, DJ Yella, Arabian Prince, and Compton's mayor Aja Brown. The first two parts are set to air on June 9th and the final installment will air June 16th on A&E. Read more here.

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Lady Gaga Collaborating With Tame Impala?

(Radio.com) Lady Gaga is one of several big pop names reportedly working on a new album. At least that's what she hinted after wrapping the latest season of American Horror Story.

Now, a picture has emerged that shows Gaga with Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, and of course it's got the rumor mill buzzing. Producer Mark Ronson shared a picture of the two artists on his Instagram account Sunday (May 22) with the ambiguous caption "Illusion."

Whether that's referring to a new song's title, an album name, or perhaps their working together doesn't mean what we think remains to be seen. In a previous post just two hours earlier, Ronson shared a picture of Parker on drums with the word "Crash" serving as caption. Read more and see the posts here.

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Lil Wayne Slams Cash Money Records At 420 Rally

(Radio.com) Lil Wayne used his platform at the 420 Rally in Denver over the weekend to share his true feelings about Cash Money. In short, he told the crowd, "F- Cash Money." They responded by repeating the phrase with enthusiasm.

Lil Wayne has been in a lengthy battle with the label after he sued Birdman for $51 million, alleging that the label's co-founder misappropriated funds and didn't pay his artists what they're rightfully owed. Birdman retaliated by alleging conspiring to have Lil Wayne killed. The two appeared to put their beef aside back in January, but Birdman's latest track "Hate" suggests otherwise.

Lil Wayne hasn't been able to release Tha Carter V because Birdman has reportedly been holding it up. The rapper has released other projects since his latest album's release date in 2014 came and went. He released ColleGrove with 2 Chainz and is said to have another mixtape with DJ Drama in the works. He's certainly staying busy, but who knows how these new words will go over at Cash Money headquarters. Most likely not well.

Check out the video, which obviously features explicit language, here.

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Nick Jonas Puts Out Call For Fan Ambassadors

(Radio.com) What should Nick Jonas' fans be called? These and other pressing questions will be answered by 10-15 member board of fan ambassadors as the pop star announced that he is recruiting fans for the post.

The board members will be "team leaders that I will meet with a few times a year so we can build this thing together," Jonas writes. "I can't wait to rally with my fans on everything I do. This is a movement."

No word yet on an exact selection process, but Nick promises more details are forthcoming and says he will hold the first meeting in NYC the week his new album Last Year Was Complicated is released (June 10th). Check out Nick's post here.

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YG Releases New Drake Collaboration 'Why You Always Hatin'

(Radio.com) YG has released his latest collaboration with Drake, "Why You Always Hatin.'" The track also features 20 year-old Oakland rapper, Kamaiyah and is available in iTunes.

The track first debuted on Drake's OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1. And as Hypetrack points out, it's only the second time the Compton rapper has teamed with Drake.

The two first collaborated on a song called "Who Do You Love?" for YG's 2013 album, My Krazy Life. According to YG, his forthcoming album, Still Krazy!, will hit stores in June. Check out the new track here.

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Justin Bieber Shares Sheep Photo In Awards Shows Post

(Radio.com) Justin Bieber shared a lengthy post that goes into why exactly he doesn't like awards shows and his online discourse including a photo that shows sheep grazing in a field.

"No disrespect to anybody at any of the shows or the people running it," he wrote. "Nothing but love for you guys and your support. But I don't feel good when I'm there nor after. I try to think of it as a celebration but can't help feeling like people are rating and grading my performance."

The caption accompanies a picture of an ancient castle with clouds lining the sky overhead and the sheep grazing in a field below. It's a calming picture to accompany Bieber's thoughts, which aren't angry but curious. According to what he's seen, the artists in attendance don't seem focused on accolades or accomplishments. They're worried about how much camera time they're getting or networking with someone important.

Bieber also didn't name names about which awards shows he was talking about, but following the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night (May 22), his timing does seem to suggest what he experienced didn't sit well with him. Bieber took awards for Top Male Artist and Top Social Media Artist (via Billboard). He put that last title to good use with his most recent post. "But these award shows seem so hollow," he wrote. "I get the premise is to award people for their accomplishments, but is it really?" Read more and check out both posts here.

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Drake and Future Perform At Floyd Mayweather's Daughter's Sweet 16

(Radio.com) Floyd Mayweather pulled out all the stops to celebrate his daughter Iyanna's 16th birthday party. The former professional boxer dropped over seven figures on the party, which included special performances from Drake and Future.

Iyanna's birthday party was held at the Mirage Grand Ballroom in Las Vegas on Saturday (May 21). Both rappers performed several songs. Drake performed "Energy" and "One Way" while Future performed "Trap N--" and "March Madness," among other hits (via Hip Hop DX). Justin Bieber even provided a video message for the teen.

As a birthday present, she received a sweet Mercedes ride. It might have served as a nice warm up for Drake and Future, who begin their Summer Sixteen Tour on July 20. See the photos here.

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Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Appear To Be Fine in Playful Photo

(Radio.com) Katy Perry wants the world to know that she and Orlando Bloom are just fine following that big Selena Gomez misunderstanding. Earlier this month, the Lord of the Rings actor was pictured in a club with Gomez, prompting tabloids to speculate he and Katy were finished.

Since clearing the incident up with Selena, Perry and Bloom headed to Cannes for some R&R, taking in some fine cinema and the sights of southern France.

Friend and jewelry designer Markus Molinari shared a video of the couple singing "Happy Birthday" among friends. Later this weekend, Perry posted a silly photo with Bloom, goofing around on some ancient-looking stairs. "We Cannes't," she wrote, going for the easy pun. Read more here.

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Vince Gill On His Love For Country Music

(Radio.com) Vince Gill will be touring through the end of the year in support of his latest album, Down to My Last Bad Habit, an album that runs the gamut from blues ("Make You Feel Real Good") to adult contemporary ("I Can't Do This") and, of course, country (notably on "Sad One Comin' On (A Song for George Jones)").

Gill has stretched all over the artistic map over the course of his career, but he's glad to still be regarded as a country artist. "I owe country music the majority of my success," Gill tells Radio.com. "I still want to be known as a country music singer, but the genre has changed over and over and over.

"The perception of what country music is, and the reality of it, are two different things. Everyone has the eras that they like, and are inspired by, I certainly do. I enjoyed the era that I liked the most even more than [I liked] the era of my success. There were a lot of neat records made in my era, but the ones that really shaped what I love and what I want to do are more from my past."

And who are the artists that shaped him? "I love Ray Price and Buck Owens, west coast stuff. Merle Haggard was always my absolute favorite artist of all time, and always will be. There's still a lot of young people who are inspired by that generation. It's less and less [than it used to be]. A young kid today that's a 25 year old artist [knows] maybe 15 years of history. You look back to the year 2000, and that's been his experience, it's what he learned [from]." But he's not a "Get off my lawn!" guy. He reasons, "Everyone does what they love and [country music] changes and it evolves, it's all good to me." Read more here.

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