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B-Sides Report for 09/05/2016

Video for AC/DC With Axl Rose Atlanta Show Goes Online

(hennemusic) Axl Rose and AC/DC brought the Rock Or Bust tour to the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA on September 1st and footage from the event has surfaced online.

Following shows in Greensboro, NC and Ft. Lauderdale, FL, the third stop of the band's rescheduled US tour dates from the spring saw the band perform their standard 24-song set of classics and tracks from the 2014 album.

The fall shows have seen the inclusion of AC/DC's 1975 classic, "Live Wire", marking its first performances in 34 years. "With Axl," says lone remaining founding member Angus Young, "we've been able to mix up quite a few songs with the older ones, and the fun part is when we get there on the stage, seeing it come to life in front of the audience."

"He's more in the Bon style - the rock & roll character," adds the guitarist. "And he's got his own folksy humor. He's pretty quick with a quip. Axl has different vocal ranges. You can hear him one way in a Bon song. Then he can flip and do Brian, the higher register." Check out the Atlanta footage here.

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Drake Surprises Fans With 'Child's Play' Short Film

(Radio.com) On Saturday night, with no warning, Drake released a new short film that serves as a music video for "Child's Play," which is a track from his latest album, Views.

The film starts out with Drake at a restaurant with a girlfriend (played by Tyra Banks) who gets angry at him for allegedly spending the prior night at the studio, instead of with her.

She then reveals that she went through his phone, and noticed that a woman had been texting with him, referring to him as "Aubrey" (his given name) instead of Drake. He then asks her, "What do you want to do?" She responds by smashing food into his face and pouring wine on him.

Then, of course, the songs starts and Drake starts rapping without even cleaning himself up. Drake then ends up at a strip club, managed by a creepy guy called "The Texas Hammer, Jr." Watch the video here.

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Journalist Suggests Banksy Is 3D From Massive Attack?

(Radio.com) A new rumor has surfaced up pertaining to mysterious graffiti artist Banksy's identity. Scottish journalist Craig Williams claims that Banksy is really a project helmed by trip hop group Massive Attack, and specifically that group's member Robert Del Naja aka 3D.

Along with performing as part of Massive Attack, 3D has been a graffti artist based out of Bristol, England, since 1980. The two are aware of each other at least. Banksy has cited 3D as a major influence, and 3D appears in the Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. But wait, there's more.

Williams has found strong evidence that whenever a new Banksy piece shows up it just so happens to be in the same city as a Massive Attack show. There are many examples of this coincidence, but in August 2008, three Banksy murals appeared in New Orleans as part of Hurricane Katrina's third anniversary. 3D worked on the soundtrack for a documentary about the hurricane, Trouble the Water, and was in the city that same week for its premiere.

Williams admits that the 3D-Banksy connection might involve more people. Read more here.

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Future Releases 'Wicked' Music Video

(Radio.com) Future premiered a new music video for "Wicked" on Friday (September 2). "Wicked" appears as an extra track the streaming version of Future's 2016 studio album EVOL.

There's a storm brewing in the background of "Wicked," which lends the video an ominous feeling thanks to the lightning's strobe light-like effect. Between the quick lighting and the fast-paced editing, it's hard to make out exactly what's going on at times, but that's the way Future wants it.

Images come fast and the eye takes in coffins, a group dancing and a girl showing off her floor twerking skills before the mind can even really process it. With this newest visual treatment, Future wants to create a mood rather than a narrative, and he does exactly that. Watch it here.

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Travis Scott Releases New Album 'Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight'

(Radio.com) On the same day Ty Dolla $ign revealed a new single "3 Wayz" featuring Travis Scott, Scott did one better and released his new album "Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight."

The album follows his 2015 studio debut Rodeo. With 14 tracks altogether, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight is largely Scott's work with only one feature listed. Young Thug appears on the track "pick up the phone."

The rapper premiered the album on Beats 1 Radio, where he shouted out Mike D for helping produce it and for being an all around badass who plays piano, does lighting and more. Listeners can purchase Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight on iTunes. Check out the full tracklist here.

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A Day To Remember Were Nervous About Blink-182 Tour

(Radio.com) A Day To Remember is on top of the world. The Ocala, Florida band is celebrating the release of their sixth album, Bad Vibrations, and the fact that it's their first time collaborating with Epitaph Records. And, for them, that celebration is justified: after their public battle with a former record label, the independent release of their last album, Common Courtesy and years of relentless touring, the band is on a rocket ride and holding on with a death grip.

During a dinner with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker at Barker's restaurant Crossroads in Los Angeles earlier this year, ADTR was asked to play a few small shows with them. Those good vibes soon turned into a formal invitation to join the band, along with All Time Low, on the tour of a lifetime. But as frontman Jeremy McKinnon tells it, the decision to open for one of the biggest and best pop-punk bands of all time, was simply terrifying. Little did McKinnon and crew know they'd end up becoming great friends and hunting for Pokemon together.

Radio.com caught up with McKinnon during tour stop in Detroit just before playing a show at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI. Radio.com asked "When Blink asked you to play the tour, did you comprehend how massive it could be and what it might do for the band?" and McKinnons responded "No way. I personally was afraid when we booked the mini shows with them when they were doing their first shows with Matt at the Roxy and SOMA. I didn't really know how we were gonna go over. Blink is such an established legendary band... is their fanbase gonna react well to us? And sure enough we played those shows--and they were announced before we even announced--and it was like we were playing our own headlining show. Every single person in the room knew who we were and they were going crazy. We were completely blown away and assumed that the rest of this tour would be the same and so far it has." Read the full interview here.

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Mark 'Barney' Greenway Reflects On Napalm Death

(Metal Hammer) Mark 'Barney' Greenway has reflected on humanity and his career with Napalm Death. The vocalist, who has long been outspoken on politics, religion and social issues, says he's tried to live a "good and varied life" - and the majority of good times he's had have been during his tenure with the band.

Greenway revealed the following to FreqsTV: "Life isn't always easy for anybody. I've tried along the way to have a good and varied life. Variety is definitely the spice of life.

"If I can look back on my life and say I've done it and lived it - and by doing Napalm, I've done pretty much a large percentage of all the good stuff that I could do - then I can be pretty f***ing content.

"I'm only in my 40s and I've got lots of life left to live - hopefully a very varied and exciting existence." Read more here.

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Alicia Keys Releases New Song 'Back to Life'

(Radio.com) When Alicia Keys released her new single "In Common" in May, it seemed likely that fans would soon get wind of a new album from the artist. After all, it's been four years since she released Girl on Fire.

Friday (September 2) marked another new song from Keys, but it's not associated with any album she's currently working on. Keys shared "Back to Life," the song she wrote and contributed to the upcoming film Queen of Katwe, which follows a Ugandan chess prodigy.

It's a curious song that spans genres across its nearly five minute length. "Back to Life" begins in a more acoustic fashion with piano and Keys' stark voice reigning over the moving ballad before switching gears entirely.

Shortly after the two minute mark, "Back to Life" segues into an upbeat, EDM-driven song. "Back to life, back to life/ Nothing can break you/ I will survive/ Back to life," Keys sings on the chorus, feeling closer to Cher than Adele.

Keys said about the film, "Queen of Katwe moved me in every way." The film will hit theaters September 23. In the meantime, listen to Keys' new song here.

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Black Francis on Relationship With Ex-Pixies Kim Deal

(Radio.com) Pixies bassist and backup vocalist Kim Deal left the band in 2013, but her mark is left on their upcoming album Head Carrier. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Charles Thompson (aka Black Francis) clarified the emotional and bittersweet journey the band has taken since her departure.

Kim Deal's replacement, bassist Paz Lenchantin, even addresses Deal directly on "All I Think About Now," imploring, "Remember when we were happy?"

Asked whether he's still in touch with Deal, Thompson told the magazine that they still have each other's numbers. Nevertheless, the relationship is fraught with happy and unhappy memories.

"When you look back fondly in a poignant kind of way, you have a lot of ups and downs mixed together," he said. "I guess that's what it's about. It's about regret. It's about good memories. It's about bad memories."

But ultimately, Thompson says he understands the Pixie fatigue that led Kim to exit. Read more here.

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Beyonce And Jay Z Cheer On Serena Williams at U.S. Open

(Radio.com) Beyonce and Jay Z took a date night last week (Sept. 1) at the invite of tennis star Serena Williams. The duo watched their friend triumph over Vania King in the second round Women's Singles match of the U.S. Open, winning two straight sets.

Williams, who gave Beyonce a glowing introduction at the MTV VMAs and appeared in her Lemonade video, hosted the power couple in her own box. This wasn't the first date night this week for Beyonce and her husband.

Following her performance at the VMAs they enjoyed late night meal with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys and her husband at the trendy Manhattan restaurant Pasquale Jones. Read more here.

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