The Day in Rock 8/25: 22 Injured at Leeds Festival- 5K For a Day with Michael Jackson- Love No Brando- 1st MP3 Conviction- Sex Pistols Cancel- Fan Pulls a Tyson- Ozzy School- Korn's Porno Tour, RIAA Sued By Downloader

08-25-03 Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Monday– antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the Past Weekend

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22 Injured at Leeds Festival 

NME.com reports: "During the first few minutes of the System Of A Down performance at the Leeds Festival yesterday the front of stage barrier moved approximately half a metre. This resulted in a young girl trapping her foot. The performance of System Of A Down was halted for a few minutes to release the girl and re-pin the barrier, which at no time collapsed.

"The medical services have reported that 22 people were treated for minor injuries and the whole SOAD and Metallica performances continued with no further incident. Overall the medical services on site reported a 25% decrease in patients this year compared to the same time last year. Today's performances are fully scheduled and under way and we're looking forward to a great weekend of live music."

Shavo Odadjian Told NME: "Because there are a lot of kids they get so excited they can push metal. They pushed the barricade but once we found out we stopped the show. We asked everyone: 'If all 60,000 of you can take a step back' and everyone looked at us as if we were crazy."

"It's our responsibility," Odadjian added. "Even though it's my show, if kids are getting hurt you've got to stop. Once the energy starts coming from the fans and comes to us it creates a cycle of intense energy. Once that gets too much, you've got to stop it and create some peaceful energy."- Click Here for More of the interview and story

5K For a Day with Michael Jackson 
Gotta love Michael, he never fails to come up with unique ways to keep his name in the news. 

Much Music reports: Michael Jackson is reportedly opening his home to the public for one day only next month - for $5,000 (U.S.) a ticket. The Neverland grounds will be open to paying visitors - including his private amusement park, video arcade, zoo, and movie theatre. There is no indication whether or not Jackson himself will be there to greet his guests. One fifth of the ticket price will be given to charity.
.- Click Here for the Full Story

Love No Brando
Looks like NY Times Fever has spread to the UK. 

AP Reports: Attempting to quiet an international media buzz, Courtney Love (news)'s mother said the rock star widow is not Marlon Brando (news)'s granddaughter. 

Linda Carroll, 59, became the focus of attention last week when a story surfaced in a London newspaper that Brando was Love's grandfather by virtue of a brief liaison with Carroll's mother, novelist Paula Fox. 

The source of the information was said to be Carroll's memoir about her childhood, to be published in 2005 by Doubleday. 

"First of all, it's crazy, it's not true," she told the (Corvallis) Gazette-Times. "Second of all, my book doesn't say that." 

Carroll, a marriage and family therapist, said the memoir focuses strictly on her own life. Kristine Puopolo, Carroll's New York-based editor, confirmed the manuscript makes no claim of ties to Brando. 

Love, the widow of grunge-icon Kurt Cobain, has been quoted as saying she was "incredibly shocked" by the news, but Carroll said she hasn't spoken to her daughter about it.  - Click Here for more info

1st MP3 Conviction
VH1 reports: The first federal criminal prosecution of an online music pirate happened Thursday, when 21-year-old Mark Shumaker pleaded guilty to violating copyright laws.

The Orlando, Florida, resident entered his guilty plea before the Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, according to a spokesperson for the U.S. District Attorney's office. He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000 when sentenced on November 7.

"This plea shows that those who steal copyrighted music from artists and believe they are doing so anonymously on the Internet are sadly mistaken," read a statement from United States Attorney Paul McNulty. "We can find you, and we will prosecute you."

Shumaker was a principal of the Apocalypse Crew (APC), a "warez" group specializing in the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted works. The group would obtain pre-release copies of music from industry insiders and make them available to its members. From there, the song files would eventually wind up on public peer-to-peer services like Kazaa.

Shumaker was responsible for maintaining the APC's Internet Relay Chat, where members discussed the latest downloadables. He also uploaded many files for the group's shared use. - Click Here for the Full Story - lot more info

Sex Pistols Cancel 
Blabbermouth reports: According to Sex-Pistols.net, the Cleveland, Detroit and Denver shows on SEX PISTOLS' current reunion tour have been cancelled. No further information is available at this time.

Despite the cancellations, the tour will apparently still go ahead, with a show at The Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona on September 8 having just been added.
- Click Here for the Full Story

Fan Pulls a Tyson 
siN's metal news reports: A man was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm after a Reading festival goer had part of his ear bitten or cut off. The attack happened at Rivermead, behind the festival site, which is hosting late night dance parties after the main acts have finished. The man was taken to hospital to have his ear sewn back together. The 35 year old man arrested at the site was later released on police bail after the victim decided not to press charges. Click Here for Full Story

Ozzy School.
If a Backstreet Boy can do it in KY then why can't Ozzy in the UK? 

IcBirmingham reports: The Ozzy Osbourne Academy of Performing Arts could soon help youngsters forge a showbiz career if community leaders in Aston have their way.

The Wild Man of Rock, who was born in Lodge Road, Aston, and attended Birchfield Road School, is being invited to be patron of the new facility to encourage youngsters in music, drama, dance and media.

"He's a really good choice because he's from an underprivileged background yet he over-came his problems to be a success," said Doreen Bailey, chairman of South Aston Community Association which is spearheading the project.

"Some people have said he's not a good role model but he encourages those from deprived areas to know that anything is possible."

During the summer the association has been running a performing arts project which they would like to see developed into an academy based at their HQ in Aston's Upper Sutton Street.

"If Ozzy agrees we'll call it the Ozzy Osbourne Aston Academy of Performing Arts," Doreen said. "The project is helping young people from all over Birmingham."
- Click Here Full Story

Korn's Porno Tour
Blabbermouth reports: Jill Kelly Productions, Inc., a leading international provider of high-quality adult entertainment content for a wide range of media platforms, is sponsoring KORN's current tour. The merging of mainstream rock 'n' roll and adult entertainment is an example of "JKP's innovation and cross-over promotion strategy," according to an official press release. - Click Here for Full Story

RIAA Sued By Downloader

Cnet Reports: An anonymous California computer user went to court Thursday to challenge the recording industry's file-trading subpoenas, charging that they are unconstitutional and violate her right to privacy. 

The legal motion, filed in Washington, D.C., federal court by a "Jane Doe" Internet service subscriber, is the first from an individual whose personal information has been subpoenaed by the Recording Industry Association of America in recent months. 

The RIAA has used court orders to try to identify more than 1,000 computer users it alleges have been offering copyrighted songs on file-trading networks. It plans to use the information gained to file copyright lawsuits against the individuals. 

The motion was filed by a pair of Sacramento, Calif., attorneys who said the RIAA had gone too far in its effort to protect its online copyrights. 

The Jane Doe motion comes as the first individual legal response to the RIAA's effort to sue large numbers of file swappers. It follows similar legal challenges from several Internet service providers (ISPs) and colleges, including Pacific Bell Internet Services, an SBC Communications subsidiary.- Click Here for Full Story

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