Day In Rock 12/08: Seether Vs. Evanescence Fan- P.O.D. Banned By Christians- Courtney Loves Rehab- Weezer Begin New CD- Hatebreed Chimaira- The Strokes Do The Clash- Dream Theater World 04- Count the Break-Up- Andrew WK TV- Delayed Exodus- RX Cancel- Major Hendrix Tribute- Rock TV- New Alternative
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Monday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past Weekend

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Seether Vs. Evanescence Fan 
Digital Noise reports: Seether singer, Shaun Morgan, has responded to a fan who accused him of being the reason that guitarist Ben Moody left Evanescence. 

Morgan, who has been in a serious relationship with Evanescence singer Amy Lee for six months, fired back at the accusation saying: 

Wow! I didn't know I had so much power over Ben and his life and his career. If I'd known I would have done some things a little differently... Let me tell you, my friend, one day when you're a little older you might understand. Right now you need to 

A.)Blame Ben Moody's s***ty attitude, and subsequent leaving of Evanescence on somebody, namely me. (Feel free to look up any big words in the dictionary or ask your Mommy)

B.)Consider the fact that the guy really isn't the greatest guitar player in the world and that Evanescence might be better off with somebody else. (Oh my God, did I actually dare to write that about the great Ben Moody?)

C.)Grow the f*** up. The only person I have to care about in Evanescence is Amy, and I really couldn't care less about Ben Moody or any of the skanky hoes he bangs on the road. Get a life and try to understand that your hero is nowhere near as cool as you think he is...

Now, drink your milk, have your cookies and go to bed before Mommy gets angry...


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May I start by saying how thrilled we are to have you here. We are such fans of your music and all of your records. I'm not speaking of yours personally, but the whole genre of the rock and roll.

P.O.D. Banned By Christians 
Digital Noise reports: P.O.D. have found their latest self-titled album being shunned by 85% of Christian bookstores because the album cover has been deemed "occult".

This isn't the first time that the band has been banned from Christian stores. The band's album "The Fundamental Elements of Southtown" wasn't stocked on store shelves because the cover was too "controversial". The band eventually released a censored cover to appease the situation.

The artist behind the artwork, Daniel Martin Diaz, told Undercover News: "It's quite ironic that throughout my art career I have been censored by a reputable art publication and denied inclusion into art exhibitions because my work is too religious. Now my work is being censored by religious outlets, some folks need to enlighten themselves with art history".

Meanwhile, P.O.D. have called for a boycott of the stores who are not carrying their album. In a newsletter sent out to fans, the band says, "If you shop at a Christian store that carries PAYABLE ON DEATH, support them, otherwise stay far away... Sales in mainstream stores make a far bigger impact."
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"Were they sent to Hell? " -  "Worse. Wisconsin. For the entire span of human history." 

Courtney Loves Rehab
Chart Attack reports: A little time in rehab is better than a little time in jail. 

Courtney Love, who has been in entertainment headlines regularly over the last couple of months, has been in a drug and substance rehabilitation centre for the last two weeks, according to her lawyer. 

Ron Fischetti told MTV.com that Love had been staying at Wavelengths — a live-in center that has aided stars with drug and alcohol problems (including actor Robert Downey Jr.) — since November 21 and was doing "extremely well." 

In early October, Love was arrested for being "under the influence of a controlled substance" and hospitalized for overdosing just hours later. Her legal troubles were compounded when police released an arrest warrant for possession — Love had painkillers with her while she was rushed to hospital.

Her lawyer hopes that Courtney Love's time in the rehab facility will not only help the singer but also levy her sentence for drug charges..-Click Here for the Full Story

Weezer Begin New CD
Punkbands reports: On December 1st, Weezer officially began recording in the studio for their fifth album, under producer Rick Rubin. According to Karl's Korner this is "phase one" of the recording session, which can mean a number of different things. At this point there's no information as to where the band is recording, how long they will be recording, or anything else. However, it's most likely that this will be a more concentrated and steady session than Weezer has conducted since the recording of the green album.- Click Here for the Full Story 

They are thinking of calling the new disc the "off-white album". 

Hatebreed Team w/ Chimaira 
The PRP reports: Chimaira will be touring with Hatebreed late this year, dates are as follows:

December 26th Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory (Feat. Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball, Stretch Arm Strong)
December 27th Worcester, MA - The Palladium (Feat. Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball, Stretch Arm Strong)
December 28th Sayerville, NJ - Starland Ballroom (Feat. Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball, Stretch Arm Strong)
December 29th Washington, DC - 9:30 Club (Feat. Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball, Stretch Arm Strong)
December 30th Pittsburgh, PA - Club Laga (Feat. Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball, Stretch Arm Strong)
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Certainly, in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful.

The Strokes Cover The Clash
NME reports: THE STROKES rounded off their UK tour last night (December 6) in front of a star-studded audience.

The band's second sold-out night at Alexandra Palace saw them cover The Clash's classic ‘Clampdown', as they had the previous night. The show also saw the band reprise their collaboration with Regina Spektor on new song ‘Post Modern Girls'. ..Click Here for the Full Story 

Dream Theater World 04 
KNAC.com reports: Dream Theater will be kicking off their 2004 World Tour in January. The European shows will be "An Evening With" (meaning no opening act), followed by a trek to Asia. Here are the confirmed dates at this time: 

01/16/04 Manchester, UK Apollo 
01/17/04 London, UK Hammersmith 
01/18/04 Rotterdam, NET Ahoy 
01/20/04 Copenhagen, DEN KB Halle 
01/21/04 Oslo, NOR Spectrum 
01/22/04 Stockholm, SWE Hovet 
01/24/04 Stuttgart-Böblingen, GER Sporthalle 
01/25/04 Brussel, BEL Forest National 
01/26/04 Frankfurt-Höchst, GER Jahrhunderthalle 
01/27/04 Köln, GER Palladium 
01/29/04 Paris, FRA Zenith 
01/30/04 Dortmund, GER Westfalenhalle 
01/31/04 Nürnberg-Fürth, GER Stadthalle 
02/02/04 Berlin, GER Tempodrom 
02/04/04 Winterthur (Zurich), SWI Eishalle Deutweg 
02/05/04 Milan, ITA Filaforum 
02/06/04 Bologna, ITA Palamalaguti 
02/07/04 Rome, ITA Palalottomatica 
02/10/04 Barcelona, SPA Pavello de la Vall d'Hebron 
02/11/04 Madrid, SPA Multiusos La Cubierta 
02/12/04 Oporto, POR Oporto Coliseum 
02/14/04 Istanbul, TUR CNR Halls
04/22/04 Nagoya, JAP Shimin Kainkan Chu Hall 
04/23/04 Osaka, JAP Koseinenkin Kaikan 
04/24/04 Osaka, JAP IMP Hall 
04/26/04 Tokyo, JAP Budokan Hall 
04/28/04 Seoul, KOR Olympic Hall
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Hey, I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class. Especially since I rule. 

Count the Break-Up
Aversion reports: Count the Stars laid the rumors that surround its recent breakup. 

On Friday (Dec. 5) as its members broke the silence that's surrounded the band since its breakup news. 

"The first thing I'd like to say is that we have not broke up because of Chris winning the lottery or Clarke getting married, neither of those things are true," the statement said. "We also did not get in a big fight. In fact, we're all still very close and we all intend to stay in touch with each other. We've simply decided that we've been doing this for along time and some of us weren't 100 percent into it anymore." 
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Andrew WK TV
Blabbermouth reports: ANDREW W.K. has been asked by MTV2 to host his own show. According to the singer, "Originally I had so many ideas and plans that I could barely think. I mean, my own TV show? I can do anything I want! WOW! At first I wanted to do something really planned out — something more in a studio where the focus was super singular, but then after thinking about it more, I realized that I just wanted to talk and hang out with people. I thought it would be much better if the show wasn't only about me, but about all the awesome people that are part of what we're doing and part of the world. You know? It's going to be a show where anybody can have the chance to be on, and we'll just do stuff. My main idea with that is to solve problems, or give advice and help. You know? All I'm really thinking is that I want it to be OUR thing, not just a show where you watch this one guy do everything, but a show where you can watch your friends and people do cool stuff and work on basic things. Someone can write in to us, and if choose them we'll go to their house and hang out and talk about their life and their family and school and problems and good stuff and bad stuff... whatever. We'll go to people's work and help them out on the job and see what they're doing and how they make it happen. You'll see! All I know is that it's going to be awesome... and it's up to you to make it really great! Together we will do this, and we will do it all the way!

"Anyway, we're not exactly sure when the show starts, but we're going to start filming it right away this December and January 2003-2004. We have a lot of stuff to film, so we'll be working on it for a while. It's right in the beginning, but it will race forward before we even know it. Just keep your eyes wide and bloodshot with a fresh water drop and look at the information that comes from where it counts!"-Click Here for the Full Story

Advise? That might be fun… "Ok to party hard you must…"  "Forget about that problem, you have to party!". 

Delayed Exodus 
Blabbermouth reports: The North American release date for EXODUS' much-anticipated new album, "Tempo Of The Damned", has been pushed back to March 9, 2004. The CD is still scheduled to be issued in Europe on February 2 (the two-year anniversary of late EXODUS frontman Paul Baloff's passing) through Nuclear Blast Records.

The complete track listing for "Tempo Of The Damned" is as follows:

01. Scar Spangled Banner
02. War Is My Shepherd
03. Blacklist
04. Shroud Of Urine
05. Forward March
06. Culling The Herd
07. Sealed With A Fist
08. Throwing Down
09. Impaler
10. Tempo Of The Damned
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RX Cancel 
RIFTrock reports: The RX Bandits have decided to drop off their tour with Something Corporate for "personal reasons." Currently, there are seven days left on the tour, in which local bands will fill in the Rx Bandits' opening spot. The band will begin touring again in April and May of 2004 after they have worked on material for a new album..-Click Here for the Full Story 

They never rent anything good either. They always choose the most intellectually devoid stuff on the rack.

Major Hendrix Tribute
Billboard reports: A Jimi Hendrix  tribute disc being spearheaded by the rock icon's half-sister Janie Hendrix will feature a previously unreleased Stevie Ray Vaughan medley, as well as newly recorded covers from Prince, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, Eric Clapton, Musiq and several others. 
Titled "Power of Soul," after Hendrix's song of the same name, the disc will benefit the United Negro College Fund. 

Due May 4 by Los Angeles-based Image Entertainment and in conjunction with Experience Hendrix, the album contains a 1983 live Vaughan medley of "Little Wing" and "Third Stone From the Sun," Musiq's cover of "Are You Experienced?," Eric Gales doing "Foxy Lady" and Prince's reimagination of "Red House" as "Purple House." 

There will also be tracks from Sting, Santana, John Lee Hooker, Earth, Wind & Fire, Chaka Kahn with Kid Rock guitarist Kenny Olson, Sounds of Blackness, George Duke, Cee-Lo and Robert Randolph and the Family Band. 

"Power of Soul" is certainly not the first Hendrix tribute. Aside from smaller, more independent celebrations, Warner Bros. in 1993 issued a high-profile Hendrix tribute, "Stone Free," with covers from Soundgarden, the Cure, Clapton, Buddy Guy, Seal and Belly. 

"A lot of the tribute albums that have come out have concentrated on Jimi's rock side. This is really more of the soul, R&B feel," Janie Hendrix told Billboard.com. She said it's a project she's envisioned all her life, noting that it was in R&B that Jimi really paid his dues. "He was in chitlin-circuit bands and playing with Diana Ross, the Isley Brothers, Little Richard, all them. So, I'm just trying to shed that light, too." -Click Here for the Full Story 

Rock TV
Rockdirt reports: Rock acts on television this week include Hoobastank, who perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday; Three Days Grace, who perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday; Maroon 5, who perform on the Sharon Osbourne Show on Wednesday; the Stills, who perform on Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday; No Doubt, who perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday; Alkaline Trio, who perform on the Late Show with David Letterman on Friday; Story of the Year, who perform on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Friday; and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, who perform on Last Call on Friday..-Click Here for the Full Story 

New Alternative
Billboard reports: Several commercial recording studios and engineer/producers have recently established their own record labels. 

With minimal investment, individuals or small companies can launch such a venture without serious risk of financial ruin. This is because of the low cost of high-quality recording equipment and media replication, which is supplemented by similarly inexpensive Web-based promotion and distribution. 

These new entities recall the much-admired labels of popular music's early history: the independent, small business driven more by passion than profit. 

These entrepreneurs share not only a passion for music but also the perception that the major-label industry serves neither its own interests nor those of its artists and customers. 

Bloated with luxuries and sky-high marketing expenses yet beholden to shareholder demands, the majors' problems extend beyond illegal file sharing and CD burning, these maverick studio owners assert. 

"With all the confusion surrounding major-label record companies, they're missing out on a lot of great music," says Steve Rosenthal, owner of New York studio the Magic Shop. 

"They need so much money to pay for their limos, lunches and lifestyles that the amount of records they need to sell in order to be successful is out of control," he adds. 

Rosenthal co-owns the Living Room, a Manhattan club on the Lower East Side, and he is a partner in Stanton Street Records. Stanton Street released "The Living Room Live in NYC, Vol. 1." The 2002 album featured a performance by Norah Jones. The second volume is planned for spring 2004. 

Stanton Street's latest release, the November arrival of Julia Darling's self-titled album, is an example of its focus. 

Major labels, Rosenthal asserts, "are obsessed with teenage music and MTV. It's not really working for them: The records they make for that market are being downloaded. They're supporting a kind of music that is not really supporting them. I'm putting out singer-songwriter records, because that's the kind of music I've always liked." . -Click Here for the Full Story 

We're talking about whether any independent contractors working on the uncompleted death star were innocent victims when the rebels destroyed it.

Mail Bag 
From Ron: Why are you calling the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers efforts to receive royalties for their compositions a tax? They are only trying to make a living and get paid for their efforts. I think it is highly unfair for you to classify this as a tax. 

Response: If you re-read that story, you will see what they are proposing is a tax, because it is a "blanket royalty fee" that will be passed on to ISP customers regardless of whether they downloaded Sum 41 or Advil songs. "SOCAN argues that everyone is downloading music, so all ISPs should pay a blanket royalty fee". What is really scary is this line, "extend the nation's copyright law beyond its borders by applying it to offshore Web sites that serve Canadians."  End result? Websites publishers will start barring access to their content from all Canadian ISP's. 


From Jay: Dude, I love the way you pick on Nikki Sixx, dude.  Hilarious captions, 
dude.  Dude.
Who writes your guys' captions on DayInRock?  funny sh*t.

mankato, mn

Response: What captions dude? Pick on Nikki dude? Dude, I died when I read that dude. Nikki is what rock n roll is all about dude. We would never pick on that dude, dude. That would be like uncool dude. Dude, be sure to check out Nikki's new book, new clothing line, new side band, new boxset, and new DVD. Sounds like Gene Simmons is his manager dude. 

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