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by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Wednesday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past Weekend

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ICP Inspired Suicide?
AP reports: A music store temporarily pulled the music and other items produced by the shock rap and metal group Insane Clown Posse following the suicide of a Casper teenager. 

The parents of the teenager don't blame Insane Clown Posse, but say the group's music did not help either. 

Jessica Bartlett at the FYE music store in Cheyenne said four customers complained after Insane Clown Posse items were pulled from the store temporarily. Merchandise included wallets, CDs, T-shirts and stickers. 

Howard and Mari Fochtman, of Casper, are the parents of the teen who committed suicide last month. 

They have expressed concern about what they regard as the group's deeply negative message. They worry that the lyrics encourage listeners to believe no one cares about them except other Insane Clown Posse followers. 

Fochtman said Insane Clown Posse did not kill his son. 

"I won't stand for somebody saying I said that," he said. "But it did not do him any good." 

Fochtman said he believes the rap duo's music and lyrics was a catalyst and other parents should be aware of the group. 

Ms. Fochtman said that while Insane Clown Posse comes across in photographs as clownish and non-threatening, its lyrics are foul and refer to murder and suicide and violence. 

Both parents said it's amazing that a 17-year-old can't watch R-rated movies but a 10- or 11-year-old can buy merchandise like that sold by Insane Clown Posse. 
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question: Hey Al, where's Tipper?
Al: I put her in a lock box. 

The Calling Sue Each Other. 
Billboard Reports:  The Calling bassist Billy Mohler and drummer Nate Wood are suing the group's frontman Alex Band and guitarist Aaron Kamin for fraud, mismanagement and breach of fiduciary duty.

The suit, filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court, also names the band's management, Spivak Entertainment, as a defendant. 

According to the suit, Mohler and Wood played on several tracks on the Calling's 2001 RCA debut, "Camino Palmero," which has sold 807,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan, and were part of the touring band. The musicians claim that when they asked for a full accounting of proceeds from the tour, Band, Kamin and the group's management offered them a share of less than a thousand dollars each. 

"Mohler and Wood brought the lawsuit to enforce their rights," according to a statement from the pair's lawyers. 

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Elliot Smith Tribute
Launch reports: Last night (Monday, November 4) at a memorial concert held at Los Angeles's Henry Fonda Theater, Beck, Beth Orton, and other esteemed artists and admirers paid tribute to late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, who committed suicide on October 21. Proceeds from the event went to the Elliott Smith  Foundation For Abused Children, about which Orton commented during her poignant acoustic performance, "This is a celebration of Elliott's life, and I'm doing this for what he's leaving behind, this organization. Perhaps he wasn't lucky enough to overcome what he suffered, but maybe by doing this, we can help others who have suffered." 
The highly emotional evening featured performances of Smith's many brilliant songs by various acts from the Silver Lake artist community, where Smith had been living when he died. Local powerpop band the 88--accompanied by guest vocalist Fritz Michaud, who had been recording new material with Smith at the time of Smith's death--performed an unreleased song from those sessions, "King's Crossing," along with two other Smith compositions, "Can't Make A Sound" and "Got A Foot In The Door." Lou Barlow of Sebadoh/Folk Implosion and John Doe of X offered acoustic renditions of "Division Day" and "Rose Parade," respectively, and Alaska and the Radar Bros. both covered "Speed Trials." The Radar Bros. also performed "Between The Bars," and were joined by Steve Hanft (director of the Elliott Smith documentary Strange Parallel) on guest vocals for "Say Yes." Hanft's Strange Parallel collaborator, Jason Mason, performed as well, covering "Waltz #2" and the Smith rarity "Pretty (Ugly Before)" with his two indie bands, Wiskey Biscuit and Future Pigeon. Mason admitted between songs, "I feel like I'm on acid right now because the mood is so heavy," adding, "For all of you who just knew Elliott for his music, yes, he was so talented--but the person was just incredible." 

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Oasis Cold Shoulder
Rockdirt.com reports: The Mirror reports locals in the sleepy village of Cookham Dean are desperate to keep out such an "unsavoury ilk" as Oasis star Liam Gallagher, who is buying a sprawling £1million mansion there with fiance Nicole Appleton. "Liam's reputation speaks for itself - he's a very unsavoury character and we don't want his ilk in here," an unnamed local remarked. "It sounds very snobby but we're proud of the people who live in the village - most are well-heeled and quiet - but Liam is a different proposition. There are a lot of leaders in their chosen field here and we bring up our children in a secure, safe environment. He's still a musician and the rock and roll style never really leaves you. We don't want this rock crowd round for late night shenanigans - it won't do the area any good and the house prices are expensive. We want to keep things that way."
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I was real friendly with a boy named Earl once - well, twice really. 

No Recession for Clear Channel
AP Reports: Clear Channel Communications Inc.'s earnings tripled in the third quarter, mostly due to the company's sale of shares in a major Spanish-language media company. 

The San Antonio-based radio and outdoor advertising giant said Tuesday it earned $636 million, or $1.03 per share, for the three months ended Sept. 30, compared to a profit of $212.5 million, or 34 cents, for the same period in 2002. 

The earnings included about $686 million in pre-tax gains, most of it relating to appreciation of Clear Channel's stake in Univision Communications Inc. and the subsequent sale of 8.25 million of those shares in September. 

Clear Channel acquired the Univision shares when Univision bought Hispanic Broadcasting Corp., in which Clear Channel owned a 26 percent stake. 

Without the one-time gains, Clear Channel's earnings would have been $236.8 million, or 38 cents per share. 
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It's not a question of enough, pal. It's a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn't lost or made, it's simply transferred from one perception to another. 

Bigger Day Out
Billboard reports:  Kings Of Leon, the Darkness, Muse, Felix Da Housecat, Thursday, Afrika Bambaataa, Poison The Well, the Sleepy Jackson, Audio Bullys, David Holmes and Lost Prophets are among the acts that have joined the bill for the Big Day Out tour of Australia and New Zealand. 

The event runs from Jan. 16 in Auckland to Feb. 1 in Perth. 

The new artists join a star-studded lineup of previously confirmed performers, including Metallica, the Strokes, the Flaming Lips, the Mars Volta, Dandy Warhols, Aphex Twin, Basement Jaxx, Black Eyed Peas, Peaches, Luke Vibert, Jet and the Datsuns. 
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Jane's Incident 
siN's metal news reports: JANES ADDICTION frontman Perry Farrell has been tagged as the perpetrator behind what is being labeled as a "bizarre flashmob incident in the middle of London" this past Saturday. Two hundred people joined in an impromptu karaoke session in the middle of Brixton in a random event that was apparently spearheaded by Farrel himself. The group quickly gathered..and then oddly dispersed.
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Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters... sell them to me! Sell me your children! 

Blabbermouth reports: Former METALLICA bassist Ron McGovney has placed for sale on eBay a number of METALLICA-related items from his personal collection. Among the items being auctioned off are the leather vest McGovney wore in the photo on the group's first flyer, METALLICA's "Power Metal" business card, and a first-generation copy of the "No Life 'Till Leather" demo, featuring a never-before-heard riff tape of James Hetfield and Ron playing guitar. For more information, visit the auction page at this location.  .
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Keep an eye out for that ultra-rare early Lars coffee can training set! 

Zack de la DVD
Digital-noise reports: Former Rage Against The Machine signer Zack de la Rocha has released a statement in regards to the upcoming live Rage Against The Machine album and DVD.

"I can think of no other moments in all of our 10 years as a band that captured the intensity and the intent of Rage Against The Machine," says de la Rocha. "These moments belong to our fans as much as they belong to history."

Rage Against The Machine will release the "Live At The Olympic Grand Auditorium" album on November 25th. Material for the album was taken from shows recorded on September 12th and 13th, 2000, which turned out to be the band's final shows.

The DVD, also the same title, is set to be released on December 9th...-Click Here for the Full Story 

We had a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline.

Rush to No. 1
BW&BK reports: Legendary prog rock trio Rush released their first-ever DVD, Rush In Rio, last week to a massive success. The two-disc DVD set debuted at #1 on the Canadian Soundscan Music DVD chart, with more than 5,500 units sold and debuted at #1 on the US Soundscan Music DVD chart with over 40,000 units sold. The release of the DVD coincides with a string of 25 screenings in movie theatres across the country and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to the DVD set, a three-disc CD set was also released and debuting at #41 on the Canadian SoundScan chart and at #33 on the US Soundscan.

Rush In Rio is a three-hour concert which captures the band in front of more than 60,000 people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the last night of their 2002 Vapor Trails World Tour.. Click Here for the Full Story

Slipknot Rarities 
The PRP reports: Slipknot's forthcoming DVD release of their "Welcome To Our Neighborhood" home video effort will feature some never before seen live and behind the scenes footage from the bands earlier days. The outing will be released through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam on November 18th. In the meantime some of the rare footage can be seen online here.
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In ancient times, hundreds of years before the dawn of history, an ancient race of people... the Druids. No one knows who they were or what they were doing... 

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