Day In Rock 11/06: Kid Rock's XXX-Mas- Love: Not a Street-Drug Addict- Lit Goes It Alone- Radiohead On The Side- Bryan Adams' Royal Affair- Staind Throat- Hatebreed Goes Top 40- MTV Boss No Fan of Idol- RIAA Tactics Working- Dreams of Stabbing- Hunter Rum Diary- Cash Wins- Rock's Birthday
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Thursday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past Weekend

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Kid Rock's XXX-Mas
Chart Attack reports: Screeching guitars, thumping beats, barely dressed women and even an R-rated version of Frosty the Snowman. 

Only Kid Rock could put on a Christmas show like this. 

The Detroit-based rap-rocker taped a concert Tuesday night for a 90-minute holiday-themed television special. 

A Kid Rock Christmas, to air Dec. 14 on VH1, will include clips from Tuesday's show, an animated short that features Kid Rock doing his own version of The Twelve Days of Christmas and a video excerpts of him eating Christmas dinner with his family and friends. 

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, treated fans at the Emerald Theatre to several songs from his new album, which will be released next week. Among them was the first single, a cover of Bad Company's 1975 hit, Feel Like Makin' Love. 

Wearing a white sleeveless undershirt, black jeans and his signature black hat, Kid Rock early in the evening sang a verse that said it all: "I'm a long-haired, redneck, rock-n-roll son of Detroit.".-- Click Here for the Full Story

It's such a fine line between stupid and clever.

Love: Not a Street-Drug Addict
AP reports: Courtney Love has admitted to using heroin in the past, but says she doesn't have a problem now, despite being charged recently with drug possession. 

"I want to make one thing clear right now. I do not take narcotics," Love tells Us Weekly magazine for its Nov. 17 issue. "I have taken prescription pills, and I went to rehab once. I take Xanax that is prescribed to me, but practically everybody does that nowadays. But I do not take street narcotics." 

The 39-year-old actress and former Hole lead singer was arrested last month for allegedly breaking into the Los Angeles home of her ex-boyfriend, music producer Jim Barber. 

Hours later, Love overdosed on painkillers in front of Frances Bean, her 11-year-old daughter with late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.
..Click Here for the Full Story

Step One: We admitted we were… 

Lit Goes It Alone. 
VH1 reports: Last week, Lit launched their own download service, offering three new songs exclusively on their Web site (www.Litlounge.com) for 99 cents apiece.

"We almost feel like we're getting away with something because we just parted ways with RCA a few months ago and this is the first time we have new music and we haven't had anyone telling us what to do with it or when it's going to come out or how much it's going to cost," guitarist Jeremy Popoff said before a recent benefit performance at the House of Blues. "I have a feeling a lot of bands will be following suit."

"Everything's gone to hell in a handbasket and we kind of like to think that maybe this is the answer," singer A. Jay Popoff added. "But if not, we'll continue putting out records the way everyone else does."

Actually, Lit are still planning to release an album in the spring, after offering three or so more songs online between now and then. Of course, the Orange County rockers will closely monitor the number of downloads on their site and may alter that strategy.

"We may talk to you in six months going, 'We don't need a record company now,' " Jeremy said. "No one knows, but this is one of the possibilities and we're one of the first bands to try it on our own. Our RCA stuff is on iTunes, but we'll never see a dime from that because bands don't see a dime from record companies anyway."-Click Here for the Full Story

So when you're playing you feel like a preserved moose on stage?

Radiohead On The Side
RADIOHEAD guitarist JONNY GREENWOOD has spoken exclusively to NME.COM about his first solo album - and said that there's no way he'll ever leave the band for good to work on his own material. 

Despite being a 'solo' album, Jonny said that all the members of Radiohead were involved in some way or another. His brother and bandmate Colin also provides bass on one song.

Jonny said that although he enjoyed the experience, his heart will always remain with Radiohead. He added: "I think I'd only do it again if everyone else wanted to stop. The most important stuff we do is with the band and with Thom. I've got no illusions that it's clear to me that Radiohead's always going to be at least five times better because there's five of us. That's what I spend my time on really."- Click Here for the Full Story 

Bryan Adams Royal Affair
Chart Attack: When Bryan Adams has taken the stage to sing "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" over the years, was he singing to someone other than his long-term girlfriend? According to Danish actress Cecilie Thomsen, who broke up with Adams last year after a 12-year relationship, the answer is "yes." Thomsen has just told Danish magazine Billed Bladet that while Adams was dating her, he was also carrying on an affair with Princess Diana. 

Rumours of an affair between Adams and the late Diana have been circulating for years (the two did admit to being good friends), but the reports have usually been dismissed as tabloid gossip-mongering. Thomsen claims that Adams hooked up with Diana through Paul Burell, the Princess' butler, who recently released a controversial tell-all book which reveals many details of Diana's personal life. In the book, A Royal Duty, Burell claims that Diana had nine lovers and, although he doesn't name any names, he describes one of her suitors as "a leading musician." .-Click Here for the Full Story

This brings a whole new perspective to the "summer of 69". 

Staind Throat
Shoutweb reports: Staind have been forced to make some changes in their tour schedule due to throat polyps and severely swollen vocal cords of lead singer Aaron Lewis. The dates also feature Sevendust and Lo-Pro.

The rescheduled shows are tonight (Wednesday, November 5) and tomorrow's (Thursday, November 6) performances at the Wiltern in Los Angeles and Saturday's show at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento (November 8). The Los Angeles shows will be combined into one concert at a larger venue (Thursday, November 13 at the Palladium) where tickets for the Wiltern shows will be honored. The Sacramento show at the Memorial Auditorium has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 15.

Unfortunately, routing difficulties prevent the rescheduling of the band's performances in San Jose, CA (November 9), Boise, ID (November 12), Salt Lake City, UT (November 13), Fargo, ND (November 17) and Pittsburgh, PA (November 22).Click Here for the Full Story 

Hatebreed Goes Top 40
Blabbermouth reports: HATEBREED's "Rise Of Brutality" has shifted 32,515 copies in its first week of release to debut at position No. 30 on The Billboard 200 chart. 

The follow-up to last year's "Perseverance" was recorded at Planet Z studios in Massachusetts with producer Zeuss (SHADOWS FALL, SWORN ENEMY) and was mixed at Armoury Studios in Vancouver, B.C. with Mike Fraser (METALLICA, AC/DC).

"Perseverance" has sold nearly 220,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. HATEBREED's 1997 debut, "Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire", has shifted more than 150,000 units..- Click Here for the Full Story

MTV Boss No Fan of Idol
Reuters reports: A top MTV boss on Wednesday slammed Pop Idol-type TV talent shows for producing a string of manufactured stars who did nothing to salvage the beleaguered music industry. 

"These programs make good TV but from a musical point of view, they do not have any value," Brent Hansen, President and Chief Executive of MTV Networks Europe told Reuters. 

TV shows that propel total unknowns to instant stardom have been huge ratings winners on both sides of the Atlantic but Hansen is clearly not a fan. 

"I totally believe they have devalued us, taken us back to light entertainment and voyeurism" he said. "I think people will turn away from it. They are looking for more substance." Click Here for the Full Story 

Mr. Hansen is right but didn't his network "manufacture" a band of their own (Making the Band)? And please Mr. Hansen explain how "TRL", "Get Busy with Naomi Campbell", "Beach House 2003", "Becoming", "Big Urban Myth Show", "Cribs", "Daria", "Camp Jim", "Dismissed", "Fraternity Life", "Fantasy Music Tycoon", "Jackass", "Mardi Gras", "Movie Awards", "Movie House", "Rich Girls", "The Real World", "The Osbournes", "Road Rules", "Room Raiders", "Sorority Life", "Say What? Karaoke", "True Life", "Taildaters", "Surf Girls", "Undressed", "Wildboyz" and "Who's Got Game" have any value from a musical point of view? How are these monuments to intellectual stimulation and quality entertainment going to help the music industry pull itself out of its current decline? Does the secret answer lies within the compelling drama of "Sorority Life" and "Spring Break" or is it "Room Raiders" .  Or perhaps we have a case of  the old Toss Pot meets the Pot. 

RIAA Tactics Working
Reuters reports:  More than a million households deleted all the digital music files they had saved on their PCs in August -- a sign that the record industry's anti-piracy tactics are hitting home, said research company NPD Group on Wednesday. 

NPD credited the ongoing anti-piracy campaign by the Recording Industry Association of America  (RIAA) and said publicity about the move led more consumers to delete musical files. 

In August 1.4 million households deleted all music files, whereas prior to August, deletions were at much lower levels, according to Port Washington, New York-based NPD. 

When it first began to track deletions in May 2003, NPD found 606,000 households deleted music files from their PCs. 

A related NPD survey of consumer perception, however, found that consumers' overall opinion of the recording industry is suffering due to the RIAA's move to sue hundreds of people alleged to have illegally shared music online..-Click Here for the Full Story 

What's alarming about this story is how in the hell does NPD know what people have on their computers and that they have deleted it? Polling?  "Sure I have illegal files on my PC, please come sue me". 

Dreams of Stabbing
Blabbermouth reports: THE DREAMING, the new project featuring former STABBING WESTWARD frontman Chris Hall and ex-STAR 69 members Johnny Haro (drums) and Warren Huart (guitar), have released a four-song EP via their web site, thedreamingonline.com.

The tracks featured on the EP are as follows:

01. Let It Burn 
02. Afraid
03. Bleed
04. Beautiful

As previously reported, THE DREAMING recently signed a management deal with Rob McDermott of Andy Gould Management (LINKIN PARK, ROB ZOMBIE).
. Click Here for the Full Story

Hunter Rum Diary 
Not rock related per se, but Hunter Thompson rocks and this is good news for his fans. 

AP reports: It was 1959. Fired for kicking in a candy machine at a small-town newspaper, Hunter S. Thompson fled to Puerto Rico, where his vagrant journalist lifestyle inspired his first novel, "The Rum Diary." 
Thompson's boozy year marked by cockfights, bowling alleys and pursuit of the governor's daughter is now being made into a movie, starring Johnny Depp, who first portrayed the legendary cult writer in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". 

"I didn't know Johnny Depp could act until he played me," said Thompson, 66, during a telephone interview from his home in Woody Creek, Colo. 

Puerto Rican native Benicio Del Toro makes his directing debut, and Nick Nolte and Josh Hartnett co-star. Shooting is scheduled to start in December. 
 Click Here for the Full Story

There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for  mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die. 

Cash Wins
AP reports: Johnny Cash won the Country Music Association's single of the year and video of the year awards Wednesday for his rendition of the rock song "Hurt." 

"It's amazing my father had such a life that he could expose himself and still never lose his dignity and his charm," said Cash's son John Carter Cash, who accepted the awards with Cash's daughter, Kathy Cash. 

The announcements drew a standing ovation at the CMA's 37th Annual Country Music Awards. 

Cash, who died Sept. 12 at age 71 of complications from diabetes, was nominated for four CMA awards this year.  Click Here for the Full Story

Rock's Birthday 
Billboard reports: Pegging the day Elvis Presley recorded a version of Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup's "That's All Right" -- July 5, 1954 -- at as the date "rock" and "roll" were married, Memphis will celebrate 2004 as the 50th anniversary. 

A year of events in the Tennessee city will mark the occasion that sparked a revolution from Sam Phillips' tiny Memphis Recording Service studio and his Sun Records label. 

Helping to spearhead the effort will be a group of "musical ambassadors" appointed by Memphis Mayor Willie W. Herenton. The group consists of Memphis native Justin Timberlake, blues legend B.B. King, soul great Isaac Hayes and former Presley sideman Scotty Moore. 

The celebration will kick off with "Countdown on Beale" on New Year's Eve, followed by the annual events surrounding Presley's Jan. 8 birthdate. Appropriately, the yearly late summer "Elvis Week" activities, set for Aug. 7-16, will be incorporated into the 50th anniversary theme. 

Along with events still in the planning stages, Memphis hopes to lead a "global moment in time" where radio stations around the world will be encouraged to play "That's All Right" simultaneously on July 5. 

A Web site (http://www.50yearsrocknroll.com/) has been created as an information center for the anniversary events. Click Here for the Full Story

This sounds great and all but what in the hell does Justin Timberlake know about Rock and Roll?  Oh, it's another PR opportunity to extend his 15 minutes… never mind. 

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