Day In Rock 11/07: Gov Nugent?- GNR Book Live Show- Free MP3's For Students- Sony and BMG To Merge- New Korn- Linkin P.O.D.- RI Fire Tapes Released- Coldplay Throwaways-  Shrinking Majors- Ice-T Rocks Again- Dark Weekend- KISS Boardgame- Spiritual Cash- The Starting Line DVD 
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Friday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past Weekend

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Gov Nugent?
Rockdirt reports: Following the recent election of Jennifer Granholm as Michigan governor, radio station WOOD-AM in Grand Rapids asked its listeners who they'd like to see oppose her in four years. The survey is still going on, but Nugent has been named in about 90 percent of the responses every day, beating out others such as speaker of the Michigan House Rick Johnson and former Lieutenant Governor Dick Posthumus. The singer-guitarist issued this statement to Launch.com, "I've always taken my 'We The People' obligations to heart as an activist American for quality of life upgrade. I've got three years to think about it, but there is no doubt the status quo needs to be tipped on its bureaucratic ass. I'm definitely the guy for that job."-- Click Here for the Full Story

Seems some in Mich want the Nuge, one year ago this very same idea was floated on a Michigan radio station… wait it's the same radio station… hum their polls sure go on for a long time. Lemmy for President! 

GNR Book Live Show
Billboard reports: Guns N' Roses has been confirmed to headline the Rock in Rio-Lisbon Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 30, the second night of the five-day event. This is the first word of any live dates from the Axl Rose-led band since the plug was pulled on the band's disastrous Chinese Democracy tour last December with 13 dates remaining. That outing was marked by rioting in Vancouver and Philadelphia, when the band failed to take the stage.
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Free MP3's For Students
Reuters reports: In a move aimed at stemming wide-scale online piracy on college campuses, Penn State University on Thursday reached a deal to offer thousands of students free access to the Napster music service. 

Penn State President Graham Spanier said the school will offer students access to digital music and limited downloading from Napster's newly relaunched music service at no cost. 

Students can also buy permanent downloads that can be burned to CDs or transferred to portable devices for 99 cents each, he said. 

Napster, the song-swap pioneer that revolutionized online music and turned the music industry upside down, was bought last year by Roxio Inc. in a bankruptcy auction. 

A new legal version of the service was launched on Oct. 29, offering individual songs for 99 cents each, albums for $9.95 or unlimited monthly subscriptions for $9.95. 

"There will be no additional costs to students for this service," Spanier said, adding the program will be funded under a $160 information technology fee paid by students each semester that Penn State already had in place.  -Click Here for the Full Story

That's one way to recruit new students..  Come play ball for us and you'll get free Napster!  

Sony and BMG Merge 
AP reports: Bertelsmann AG and Sony Corp. announced a preliminary plan to merge their music businesses Thursday, setting the stage for a music company that would vie for world primacy with Universal Music Group. 

A merger of Sony Music Entertainment and Bertelsmann's BMG, if it comes to pass, would bring together the world's No. 2 and No. 5 music companies as the industry struggles with losses blamed on music piracy. 

The new company, to be called Sony BMG, would be equally owned by Sony and Bertelsmann and run by Andrew Lack, chairman and chief executive of Sony Music Entertainment. Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, the chairman and chief executive of BMG, would serve as chairman of the board. 
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..they will ruin rock 'n roll and strangle everything we love about it, and then it just becomes an industry of cool.

New Korn
Billboard reports: The track list for Korn's next album, "Take a Look in the Mirror," has been unveiled. The 13-track set, due Nov. 25 via Epic…Limited editions of "Take a Look in the Mirror" will be bundled with a bonus DVD, featuring 30 minutes of content such as "Korn Kut Up" (a mix of the group's music videos), an alternate video for "Right Now" directed by Nathan Cox, a live version of "Here To Stay" and a behind-the-scenes footage of Korn's 2002 Untouchables tour.

Here is the "Take a Look in the Mirror" track list: 

"Right Now"
"Break Some Off"
"Counting on Me"
"Here It Comes Again"
"Deep Inside"
"Did My Time"
"Everything I've Known"
"Play Me" (featuring Nas)
"Let's Do This Now"
"I'm Done Album"
"Ya'll Want a Single"
"When Will This End"

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Linkin P.O.D.
VH1 reports: The intro music for Linkin Park's winter tour probably won't be the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations," but maybe it should be, because the positive, nice-guy rockers are hooking up with the equally optimistic P.O.D. for about six weeks of North American  dates.

The tour will start in early January and end in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the end of February, P.O.D. frontman Sonny Sandoval said. Linkin Park will headline the shows, for which exact dates have not yet been confirmed.

"Their success is huge. You can't knock Linkin Park's sales," Sandoval said about playing second on the bill. "There's no pride here. They're gonna go out, so what better package for the fans than for us to go with them? And they're awesome dudes. It's important that you go out with a band you can get along with."
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You'll meet them all again on their long journey to the middle.

RI Fire Tapes Released
AP reports: Rescue workers arriving at February's deadly nightclub fire met a horrific scene, describing a "stampede" and "people on fire inside," tapes released Thursday show. 

"We have multiple people trapped. We're just dragging them out, one by one," one rescue worker says. 

"We've got a stampede," says another on the recordings, released by Attorney General Patrick Lynch after a judge ordered that they be made public. 

"We need multiple rescues," another says. 

The Feb. 20 fire at The Station nightclub in West Warwick killed 100 people and injured about 200 others as many concertgoers became trapped when they scrambled for the same exit. 

Rescue workers arrived three minutes after they received the alarm, a fire report released Thursday shows. In the initial minutes on scene, the workers called for more help as they realized the extent of the tragedy. 

"We are fully engulfed, fully engulfed building. We have people on fire inside," says one man. 

Another says, there's "at least 100 inside." 

Screams and shouting can be heard in the background of the recordings. Many of the rescue workers do not identify themselves by name as they call in for more assistance. Standard police chatter and codes are used throughout the tapes. 

The transmissions' release was ordered Wednesday by Kent County Superior Court Judge Mark Pfeiffer. The order came in response to a lawsuit filed in March by The Providence Journal seeking more information about what happened at The Station. 

Attorneys for the newspaper and the state had spent months working on an agreement to release documents that would not interfere with a criminal investigation into the blaze, which also injured about 200 people. That agreement was approved Wednesday by the judge's ruling. .- Click Here for the Full Story

Coldplay Throwaways 
Coldplay singer Chris Martin told NME.com that during recent recording sessions for their next album, the band decided to scrap 42 songs that they had already written. Martin said, "I regard that as constructive destruction. But numbers are insignificant. You could say 'I've written 12 songs' and they're all rubbish, or you could say you've written one song and it could be 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. I'm glamorizing it, but we were just in Chicago and we scrapped a lot of songs."  Click Here for the Full Story 

That's too bad, there are a lot of bands whose original songs are probably not as good as Coldplay's throwaways.. They should have auctioned them off on eBay. Oh no, I've just given Gene Simmons a new idea.  

Shrinking Majors
Music Dish reports: With news of a Sony / BMG music business merger that would make the Big Five the Bigger Four, "intense and constructive" talks between Britain's EMI and Time Warner could lead to an Even Bigger Three. 

This would, of course, also mean the record labels, which call the shots in the US via their RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) would all be foreign owned. At the moment, Warner's 'membership' prevents that. 

The EMI Time Warner talks were said to be "intense and constructive" following several weeks of meetings between the two sides, says the FT, going on, "People who are familiar with the negotiations said a deal could be completed in the next two to three weeks. But they cautioned that several issues still needed to be resolved.-Click Here for the Full Story 

Bigger labels = more music?  Or Fewer labels = less music? 

Ice-T Rocks Again
Blabbermouth reports: BODY COUNT, the rock group led by rapper and actor Ice-T, have set "Murder For Hire" as the title for their first album in seven years, tentatively due in early 2004.

The band, whose previous drummer Beatmaster V died of leukemia and bassist Mooseman was killed in a drive-by shooting in South Central Los Angeles, have been inactive since the release of 1997's "Violent Demise: Last Days".

BODY COUNT were the focus of national media attention with their controversial song "Cop Killer", which was included on the group's self-titled debut in 1991.
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There goes the neighborhood. 

Dark Weekend 
siN's metal news reminds us: The SMNnews.com sponsored event Dwell in Darkness will kick off [today]! 

A culmination of 7 months of hard work, long days, countless phone calls, emails, and many months of promotions will all be wrapped up into 2 stages over the course of 2 days (November 7th-8th) down under the sun in Tempe, Arizona.

Over 48 bands...2 stages...2 days..featuring sponsors such as:

Red Bull
Metal Blade
RoadRunner Records

...this years Dwell in Darkness is set to rock. Featuing top name acts as:

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - 1st show since the summer w/ Erik AK
MACABRE - A special one off festival performance
VEHEMENCE - Their tentative last show of `03
MY RUIN - The band's last US show in `03
CRISIS - The return of Karyn Crisis and her band!! 

...and many, many more including WARMACHINE's 1st US Festival performance, REV.9's first West Coast performance, 40 GRiT, ACUMEN NATION etc.

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KISS Boardgame 
Only Gene $immons could think of all of these inventive ways to sell merch to his fans. Blabbermouth reports: A KISS monopoly game, dubbed "KISS-opoly", will be arriving just in time for the holidays. …"the game that lets you rock and roll all nite!" More information on how to order the set will be made available soon.   Click Here for the Full Story

In the game you are a rock star and you have to figure out ways to bilk your fans for all they are worth, while amassing a stable of groupies! 

Spiritual Cash 
Here is a tid-bit about a new book that hit stores on Tuesday,  "The Man Comes Around: The Spiritual Journey of Johnny Cash" 

(press release) Unlike any other book written by or about Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around explores the anchor from which all Cash's artistry comes--his faith. It includes interviews with Cash, as well as the people he's played [Kris Kristofferson, Bono, Bob Dylan] and prayed with [Billy Graham] over the years. 

With four nominations for the Country Music Awards and with the recent wave of tributes and features in major magazines such as, Time and Rolling Stone, now more than ever, Johnny Cash is on the minds of Americans of every age and generation.  

Written by Dave Urbanski, a Johnny Cash historian and respected music journalist and critic, The Man Comes Around: The Spiritual Journey of Johnny Cash explores with vivid, narrative detail the wild highs and lows that took place within this man's soul-from beginning to end. It's his unprecedented spiritual biography.

"The greatest of all story lines, the one that makes movies, songs, poems, and novels move us at our core, is the story of redemption. It is the story of taking broken down things and making them new again. As you read the chapters of this book, you will find a thread of redemption in the life of this man," says Jars of Clay lead singer Dan Haseltine, who writes the book's foreword.
. Click Here for the Full Story

The Starting Line DVD 
(press release) The Starting Line acoustic EP and DVD "Make Yourself At Home" - Now available for presale!

The new all-acoustic EP "Make Yourself At Home" from The Starting Line is now available for presale at the Drive-Thru Store. In addition, for only $6 you can get the extremely limited Starting Line DVD which features live acoustic footage of the songs Drama Summer, Make Yourself At Home, Playing Favorites, The Nightlife, and Best Of Me.

There are only 5,000 of these DVDs available so get them before they sell out!

And when you order either the cd or the dvd you will automatically entered to win a signed acoustic guitar from The Starting Line!

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