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by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Tuesday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past 24 Hours

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Fan Blackmails Band
siN's metal news: This has to be one of metal's more humorous happenings in recent times. Apparently a fan has ran off with the XM Liquid Metal Banner and are holding it ransom in return for the CHIMAIRA / SOILWORK / AS I LAY DYING tour to hit Iowa in December. 

Read the evil ransom note below: "this comes from the person that stole the liquid metal banner from Six Feet Under at that cedar falls, IA show at the Reverb on Nov. 5. If you want to see your precious banner again then you will arrange for As I Lay Dying and Chimaira to play at the Reverb again when they come through in December. No cops or the banner gets it."- Click Here for the Full Story

Lemmy Goes Solo
Blabbermouth reports: MOTÖRHEAD's Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister recently spent time at Berlin's Monongo studios (owned by German rockers SKEW SISKIN) recording tracks for his first solo CD.

"We are working on [Lemmy's] solo album at the moment," SKEW SISKIN guitarist Jim Voxx revealed in an interview Sunday (November 9) with the Radio Fritz metal show "Stahlwerk". "The record will be out in 2004 or 2005 — it'll take probably some time [to get it done]. Late one evening, [Lemmy] was ringing at our door with a load of tapes in his arms and asked, 'How long will you be awake tonight.' "

The as-yet-untitled CD will contain cover tunes as well as new tracks. In addition to SKEW SISKIN, the album is expected to include a guest appearance by REVEREND HORTON HEAT, among others. .Click Here for the Full Story

"… if we moved in next door your lawn would die"

Peppers, System Team for Benefit Concert
Billboard reports: Red Hot Chili Peppers, System Of A Down and Mike Watt will play a Nov. 15 benefit concert in Los Angeles for music and cancer causes. 

The show will be held at the Palladium; tickets go on-sale Nov. 13 via Ticketmaster. The event will benefit the Silverlake Conservatory of Music and the Warschaw Center for Prostate Cancer Research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. -Click Here for the Full Story

Kid Rock and Crow Together Again 
Launch reports: Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow have no plans to end their creative association, which resulted in the hit duet "Picture." Crow cowrote and sings on "Run Off To L.A." on the new Kid Rock album, and she also recorded a duet for the album's first single, a remake of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love," that they decided not to use. 

Kid Rock told LAUNCH that he and Crow have a more extensive collaboration set for 2004. "Next year, we're gonna do a record together," Rock said. "We're just gonna have fun and do an EP with some rock stuff, with some country stuff, and, you know, then maybe go tour, and just really have fun with the music." 

Besides the duet version of "Feel Like Makin' Love," Kid Rock said his project with Crow might include a track called "Country Music Lost Its Soul"--a song about the current state of music in Nashville. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Is he a rocker? A rapper? A cowboy? Tune in next week to see what's next. 

More MP3 Deals
Reuters reports: In the scramble by online music services to broaden their distribution, one leading provider on Monday announced a tie-up with a broadband Internet service while its rival announced a deal with a major consumer electronics retailer. 

Broadband Internet provider Comcast Corp. on Monday said it would deliver the Rhapsody music service to its nearly 5 million high-speed Web customers via a co-branded Web site. 

Privately held MusicNow online music service and retailer Best Buy, meanwhile, launched the MusicNow Download Store on the Internet and at special kiosks at Best Buy stores. The service will be based on the Windows Media standard.  .-Click Here for the Full Story

"If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong. 

Joey Ramone Blvd. 
It only took 2 years to happen but now there is a Joey Ramone Place in New York City..

Blabbermouth reports: The corner of Second Street and the Bowery on New York's Lower East Side will be renamed Joey Ramone Place in a ceremony to take place Sunday, Nov. 30, featuring speakers and testimonials from the late performer's friends, family and fans, according to Hits Daily Double. The location is a half a block away from longtime band aide Arturo Vega's loft and famed punk club CBGB, where THE RAMONES launched their career. The lead singer for the "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame"-inducted group passed away in April 2001 after a long bout with lymphatic cancer. .Click Here for the Full Story 

On The Tube
Rockdirt reports: Rock acts on television this week include Stellastarr, who perform on Last Call with Carson Daly on Monday; Tommy Lee, who guest co-hosts on the Sharon Osbourne Show on Monday; Blink-182, Puddle of Mudd, and Kid Rock, who all appear on Tuesday's edition of MTV's Total Request Live; the Strokes, who perform on Late night with Conan O'Brien on Tuesday; Taking Back Sunday, who perform on Last Call on Tuesday; R.E.M. frontman Mcichael Stipe, who appears on Last Call on Tuesday; Good Charlotte, who performs on TRL on Wednesday; Fountains of Wayne, who perform on the Sharon Osbourne Show on Wednesday; Godsmack, who perform on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Thursday; P.O.D., who visit TRL on Thursday; and Andrew W.K., who performs on Late Night on Friday. .- Click Here for the Full Story

Stroking Vegas New Year
The Strokes have signed on for a New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas. The band will rock UNLV's Cox Pavilion.  Tickets are currently on sale at the UNLV website for $47.00 each. . Click Here for the Full Story 

Brings a new meaning to the phrase "stroke of midnight".. 

Duran Duran Still Have It. 
MTV's Joe D'Angelo caught Duran Duran comeback tour kickoff in Atlantic City; seems the Fab Five still have what it takes to please a crowd. Here is an excerpt from Joe's review: 

Despite their reunion tour's first show taking place at a hotel and casino, Duran Duran aren't ready for the time-warped Vegas circuit yet. 

After more than 18 years apart, the original Fab Five's enthusiasm to be back together seemed to match that of their hyper thirtysomething fans packed into the Borgata Hotel and Casino. Taking the stage looking as dapper as the day they left it (though their over-the-top fashion sense has quieted since the years when they wore New Romantic frilly pirate shirts and more makeup than their girlfriends), the bandmembers exhibited a relaxed poise as they traded smiles and tore through the tunes that made them the poster boys of early-'80s pop and the music-video revolution..
.-Click Here for the Full Story 

In Stores
CDUniverse's list of new releases for this week: 

3 Doors Down : Another 700 Miles
Dream Theatre - Train Of Thought
Kid Rock - Kid Rock
Matchbox Twenty Ep
Pearl Jam - Lost Dogs
The Essential Bruce Springsteen
Stone Temple Pilots - Thank You
Click Here 

Descendants At Last
Aversion reports: -After seven years on the back burner, The Descendents are making it up to fans with an EP and a full-length next year. 

The band's EP, 'Merican is due out Jan. 7. It features four new songs. The full-length will hit stores in March. Both will be issued by Fat Wreck Chords instead of the band's Owned and Operated Recordings. Click Here for the Full Story

Hip, Hip, Hooray! 

siN's metal news reports: The new FANTôMAS album Delirium Cordia has been delayed until January of 2004 due to packaging issues.
 Click Here for the Full Story

Drive-Thru EP's
(Press release)Two new Eps from Drive-Thru artists Steel Train and Hidden In Plain View are out today! 

1969 from Steel Train features many of the bands favorite covers from 1969
including "I Want You Back" from The Jackson 5, currently available for download from www.ArtistDirect.com.

Hidden In Plain Views debut EP has a download featured on mp3.com as they
are currently on tour with The Early November, Count The Stars, and Copeland. 

Both of these releases are available now at the Drive-thru Records store or at your local record shop.
. Click Here for the Full Story

Texas Terri Bombs Enuff Z'nuff 
It's a rather strange pairing but punk icon Texas Terri has formed a new group called Texas Terri bomb and has brought former Enuff Z'nuff guitarist Derek Frigo and drummer Vik Fox on board.  Terri of course provides the vocals and bassist T-Ray Love rounds out the new band. 

The band will be playing this Wednesday night Nov. 12 at the Dragonfly in Hollywood. 

Texas Terri also has a new CD coming out soon; this one is called "Your Lips My Ass". 

Gotta love Terri! - Here's hoping for her sake Derek and Vik show up for the gig. 

Motley Reunion 
BW&BK reports: VINCE NEIL called in to Eddie Trunk's syndicated radio show on Friday night (November 8), after canceling a club show on Long Island, and gave an update as to when or if a MOTLEY CRUE reunion will ever take place, as well as his side of the fight with POISON in Champaign, IL. 

Trunk writes on his official site, "According to Vince, a Motley reunion is far from a done deal. He simply stated that he was unsure if he would ever do it because he simply doesn't like the other guys and is having too much fun with his solo band. He said he and Nikki are getting along better, but there would still be much work to do to make it happen. 

He also mentioned that he did not punch Bret Michaels as has been rumored, but did punch Bobby Dahl during the Poison tour. He added that he loves Bret and, since Poison doesn't really get along, he doubts Bret had a problem with it!
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Interviewer: So Vince, will you ever do a Motley Reunion?

Vince: I don't know dude, did you order a pizza?

Interviewer: What's stopping you from doing it?

Vince: Dude, Nikki like won't get a food rider on our contracts, how can I tour without a buffet backstage?

Interview: But the venues are a lot smaller than the ones you played in the past. Most wouldn't have food service. 

Vince: Dude, no food, no Vince! 

Interviewer: Is there any truth to this Nikki?

Nikki: Dude. I died, dude! 

Interviewer: What about Tommy. I heard he is starting a lingerie line. 

Vince: Yeah, he raided our closets for our costumes from the 80's and he's selling it as  lingerie. 

Interviewer: Any last words?

Vince: Yeah dude, tell that bastard Axl Rose I'm coming for his ass dude! Oh, yeah, where is that f**king pizza? 

Nikki: Dude. I died, dude! 

Mail Bag

From Micheal M: Yo K, a couple years ago you guys had a best of thing and called the Step Kings the best band. I bought the CD and kicked major ass. What ever happened to them? Are they still together? 

Answer: Wow that really is going back. We did name The Step Kings "Let's Get It On" album of the year in 2000.  Unfortunately, around that same time they were released from their deal with Roadrunner, which is too bad because they were a lot better than most of the bands on that label. That aside, the band did put out a CD last year called "3 the Hard Way".  But I'm sad to report that the band did break up last year as well. They did however reunite for a couple shows back in August but there is no word if a full blown reunion is in the making.  Very sad, an exceptional band that wasn't promoted properly and didn't get the exposure they deserved.   - For those who want to know what you missed the band's mp3.com page is still up.

From Sandy: I don't understand half of the things you write about in the day in rock. I understand after some of the stories, some of the stuff is jokes but some of the other stuff makes no since wgatever it has nothing to do with the storys. What's up with that? 

Answer: There is no squabbling so violent as that between people who accepted an idea yesterday and those who will accept the same idea tomorrow. 

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