Day In Rock 11/14: Metallica Go Disney- Blink Do Something Different- Bullets, Knives, And Shady Booking Agents- Blair Down With Darkness- Sabbath Box- Twisted Murder- Switchfoot Keep Busy- Lost Bon Scott Recording- Mellencamp U- The Living End Roll On
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Friday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past 24 Hours

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Metallica Go Disney
Suing Napster is one thing, pots n pans for drums is another, cutting your hair off is ok, but doing a Disney cartoon????  Strange as it sounds it's true at least according to NME. Here is their report: METALLICA are to provide voiceovers for a new animated DISNEY series, scheduled for early next year.

Frontman James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich will supply the voices for a pair of teenage dragons in 'Dave The Barbarian'.

The metal giants, who were recently forced to postpone dates on their world tour due to injury, will appear in an episode lasting 11 minutes. It will be shown on the Disney Channel in the New Year according to Yahoo.- Click Here for the Full Story


Blink Do Something Different
As much as we bust on Blink, this is a pretty cool like idea and it's cool to see them give an unknown band some exposure.. 

NME reports: BLINK 182 are to release a feature documentary DVD 'RIDING IN VANS WITH BOYS' following the exploits of an unknown band thrown onto to their 46-date POP DISASTER TOUR.

Differing from standard on-the-road documentaries of a large rock tour, Blink's Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge developed the concept with Melee Entertainments' Jon Humphrey. The film will detail the ups and downs of San Diego's Kut U Up as they travel on the major US tour with Blink 182, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World . .Click Here for the Full Story

Bullets, Knives, And Shady Booking Agents
The latest Bulletboys concert has the makings of a made-for-tv movie. Here is a little bit of the tale from the band's official site. 

There's been a bad cut in the current BulletBoys tour with L.A. Guns. 

This happened on the bus that was transporting the band, along with Black N' Blue, to their show in Detroit. 

The bus driver, hired by tour bus company Coast to Coast, was responsible for endangering the lives of the band members (he actually stabbed Mark Rojas, the BulletBoys tour manager). 

The injuries sustained in the bus incident have forced the band to return home and for Mark to require medical intervention. 

All BulletBoys are fine, however, their tour manager has been hospitalized but should be OK. 

Their booking agent Artists Worldwide, who set up the tour, sent the band on a bus that broke down twice before they could reach their first show. The second bus brought in was the one involved in the incident. 

The band, traveling with Black N' Blue, were forced into cancelling[sic] shows in three cities before they called an end to this nightmare. 

Artists Worldwide's inability to make this tour go on as promised has left the band in a terrible predicament, and because of this, the BulletBoys will do another tour following the release of the new CD "Sophie" November 11, with a new and reputable booking agency. (That is, hoping Mark's injuries are healed.) 

Thank you to everyone for their continued support and we promise that we will be back to see you as soon as we can! 

On another note, Steve Riley, drummer for L.A. Guns asked the BulletBoys to find another guitar player because he did not like Kerri Kelli playing with BulletBoys any longer. Mr. Kelli, filling in for absent Traci Guns, has been doing double duties for both bands. Mr. Kelli had agreed, in the presence of the band and Marq's personal manager to do the whole tour. 

We will update you as soon as we figure out what is going on.-Click Here for the Full Story

Pretty crazy stuff but the saddest news here is for Mr. Tracii Guns. The poor guy now has two bands out there that carry his name, that he in fact founded, but he is no longer a member of (L.A. Guns and Guns N' Roses). There is good news for Guns, his new group with Nikki Sixx and a rotating cast of characters "Brides of Destruction" did finally land a new record deal, they just signed to Sanctuary Records. 

Blair Down With Darkness
Billboard reports: In between running Britain and shooting the breeze with President Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair still finds time for a spot of head-banging and air guitar. 

Blair has revealed himself as a fan of chart-toppers The Darkness, the British glam heavy metallers renowned for their big hair and skin-tight catsuits, according to British newspapers Friday. 

The Independent said Blair told schoolchildren that when he dips into the music collections of his teenage offspring he heads straight for Darkness CDs. 

As a long-haired university student in the 1970s he played guitar in a band called Ugly Rumors, and no doubt was a wearer of flared trousers, Cuban heels and cheesecloth shirts -- the de rigueur uniform of his generation. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Sabbath Box
Blabbermouth reports: Rhino Records have set a March 2, 2004 release date for the much-anticipated eight-disc BLACK SABBATH box set, "Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978)".

Retailing for $99.98, "Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978)" will feature remastered versions of the band's albums with Ozzy Osbourne behind the mike, as well as a live DVD with previously unseen footage. 

The original SABBATH lineup (along with executive producer Sharon Osbourne) supervised the box set, which will feature the classic albums "Black Sabbath", "Paranoid", "Master of Reality", "Vol. 4", "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", "Sabotage", "Technical Ecstasy" and "Never Say Die!"

The box will include the band's only non-LP studio recording, "Evil Woman", from 1970. The bonus DVD will feature classic performances of such SABBATH songs as "Iron Man" and "Paranoid", a live cover of Carl Perkins' "Blues Suede Shoes", and a rare promotional clip for the song "Black Sabbath". It will also feature original interviews from such SABBATH disciples as Rob Zombie, James Hetfield, Vince Neil, Krist Novoselic, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Dave Navarro, Billie Joe Armstrong, Slash, Beck, David Lee Roth and Henry Rollins.

The eighty-page booklet also features a group timeline, photos, reprints of all the album lyrics and two new historical essays by writers Chris Welch ("1970-1972: Lords of This World") and Brian Ives ("1973-1978: A Hard Road")..-Click Here for the Full Story

Twisted Murder
Yesterday really was weird day for news that could be made into TV movies. Check this one out from Blabbermouth: Bridget Harrison of The New York Post is reporting that a key witness to the hit-style murder of TWISTED SISTER singer Dee Snider's brother-in-law has disappeared - and cops fear he's been killed or gone into hiding because he knows too much. 

NYPD investigators began to suspect the worst after 32-year-old Justin Bressman's car turned up torched in Brooklyn and learned last month that his parents hadn't been able to find him for a month. 

Bressman, who lived in The Bronx, was last seen in mid-September, two weeks after police quizzed him about the death of Vincent Gargiulo - the younger brother of Snider's wife, who was shot in the face in August. 

Gargiulo, 34, whose sister Suzette has been married to the TWISTED SISTER frontman for 27 years, was found dead just before 7 a.m. at 30th Street and Broadway on Aug. 18, one block from a construction site where he worked. 

NYPD investigators tried to contact Bressman for further questioning about the murder in mid-October - and learned from his worried parents that he was missing..Click Here for the Full Story 

Switchfoot Keep Busy
B(promo email) Switchfoot are making some radio appearances as their single "Meant To Live" enters the Top Ten on the Commercial Alternative Charts this week.  They've been added to Q101 in Chicago, and are appearing on Jimmey Kimmel Live, on 11/24.  Here are the new show dates:

Dec 1  Detroit, Mi CIMX (89X) Radio Show @ Cobo Arena
Dec 3  Boston, Ma  WBCN Radio Show
Dec 4  Toronto, Ont        El Mocambo
Dec 5 Memphis, Tn WMFS Radio Show
Dec 6 West Palm Beach, Fl     WPBZ Radio Show @ Sound Advice Amphitheatre
Dec 7 Tampa, Fl           WSUN Radio Show @ Coachman Park
Dec 9  Denver, Co  KTCL Radio Show @ Denver Coliseum
Dec 15 Indianapolis, In     WRZX Radio Show

- Click Here for the Full Story

Lost Bon Scott Recordings
Blabbermouth reports: HADES guitarist Dan Lorenzo has contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET with the following update:

"A couple years ago I went to Scotland with my wife. I met a metalhead who was a huge fan of my old bands NON-FICTION and HADES. We stayed in touch via email. A few months ago he moved next to Bon Scott's sister. A few weeks ago she gave him these 4-track tapes of Bon singing/goofing around a few weeks before his death. He gave them to me. I've been recording in Crystal Studios with Mike Koenig from LOWBUZ. Mike and I spent most of last weekend manipulating some of Bon's singing into one of my songs. I had Mike Cristi from YEARS OF STATIC sing the first verse with myself way in the background. Bon's stuff fit perfectly into the 2nd verse. You can hear it on www.danlorenzo.net. The bass player from the AMISH OUTLAWS is constructing a site for me, he is putting the song on right away. It will also be on Garageband.com by this weekend. 
. Click Here for the Full Story 

Mellencamp U
A select group of Indiana University students got an unexpected guest lecturer on Tuesday in the form of Indiana native John Mellencamp. The singer/songwriter appeared at Professor Glenn Gass' long-running rock history course, which covers the roots of the genre up through the British invasion. Previous guests have included Neil Young, James Brown, Bo Diddley and Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen..-Click Here for the Full Story 

The Living End Roll On
Pollstar reports: Aussie rockers The Living End's name should read The Living Tour. These guys get out, and they get out a lot.

Although that's true for a good chunk of their career, the band was forced to take a year off when guitarist Chris Cheney was injured in a car crash in 2002.

They were at the height of their musical success, having wrapped international tours with AC/DC and Green Day, played the Big Day Out 2002, and were getting ready to work on album No. 3.

Although the break was unwelcome at first, the band soon realized that after several years on the road non-stop, they needed a break.

"We'd forgotten how to slow down or even how to enjoy what we'd accomplished," singer/bassist Scott Owen said. "Our batteries were empty and we didn't even know it."

So, they took the time off, regrouped, and now they're ready to hit the road again. 

They've got a mammoth Australian tour underway and it'll keep the boys busy through the end of the year.

The Living End also have a new album out. Modern ARTillery - which also lends its title to the tour's name - is the band's third offering and said to be their best to date. .  Click Here for the full story

Mail Bag
Since it was a rather slow news day, I thought it would be fun to delve into the mailbag and see what's up. 

From Mindy: ...as a hearing impaired person I found your snide stupid little joke under the Phil Collins losing his hearing peice to be very offensive. (In yesterday's Day In Rock report).

Response: Bashed husbands yesterday, deaf people today. I was a little hard on the bashed husbands yesterday, and they have enough problems already and I should pick on them. But I do apologize for that "snide stupid little joke" at the expense of Phil Collins, it was in poor taste. Hopefully he gets better and his hearing returns to normal. But I have an honest question for you--please don't take this the wrong way but as a hearing impaired person how did it happen that you were reading music news? I really am curious. 

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