Day In Rock 11/20: Van Halen Returns?- Beatles, Blink Beaten by Pop-tart?- Incubus Crow- Cobain Journal Beefed Up- MP3 Jail, No Go- Wilco Recording- Stone Temple Delay- Music Sale Up- Another Nirvana Cover- Radiohead May Coachella- Evanescence Postponed- SJR is God?- more
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Thursday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past 24 Hours

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Thought for the day. They may remember a kind word for a short time, but they'll never forget an insult. 

Van Halen Returns? 
Blabbermouth had this blurb: Veteran artist manager Irving Azoff (EAGLES, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, SEAL, JEWEL, JOURNEY, et al) has signed VAN HALEN for management, according to Hits Daily Double, the companion web site of music industry tip sheet HITS. Azoff's longtime representation of Sammy Hagar leads to instant speculation about a possible reunion tour and Warner Bros. greatest-hits album. Is an album of new material also possible? Given that the Van Halens are still free agents for recording, might they opt for a self-release à la PEARL JAM?- Click Here for the Full Story

Put this one in the same category as the new Guns N' Roses CD, "believe it when you see it". 

Beatles, Blink Beaten by Pop-tart?
Rockdirt reports: Britney Spears' new album 'In The Zone' is set to sell a whopping 550k in its first week and may even hit 600k, according to early reports from national accounts. The figure is enough to easy beat Blink-182's self-titled effort, which is likely to sell over 300k for the week. The Beatles' 'Let It Be... Naked' could cross the 200k threshold before the week's over. Meanwhile, Michael Jackson's 'Number Ones' is on pace for almost 100k, but his legal troubles may impact that number in either direction.. Click Here for the Full Story

"whopping"? While selling 550,000 copies of a CD in a single week is quite an achievement, it must be pointed out that Spears' last album, "Britney", enjoyed first week sales of 746,000 units. The CD previous to that one 2000's "Oops! � I Did It Again," sold about 1.4 million the first week. But considering the current climate of the industry, Britney is doing pretty well. Looks like all those almost naked magazine covers helped keep her in the spotlight, but she seem to sell more in the school girl get-up than leaving less to the imagination. 

Incubus Crow
The PRP reports: Incubus have chosen "A Crow Left Of The Murder" as the title to their upcoming new album which will be released through Immortal/Epic on February 03rd. The track "Megalomaniac" has been chosen as the first single from the outing and will impact at radio in the coming weeks..-Click Here for the Full Story

Cobain Journal Beefed Up
Billboard reports: The paperback edition of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's "Journals" has been bolstered with 14 pages of new material, including an extended narrative about a semi-fictional serial killer.    

Riverhead released the volume Nov. 10, with a front cover reproduction of Cobain's red Mead notebook bearing his hand-written caveat, "if you read, you'll judge." 

"Frankly, we had this the first time around, but we chose not to include it, because it's disturbing and bizarre," Riverhead co-editorial director Julie Grau told Billboard.com of the serial killer-themed pages. "We checked, and there was a serial killer that shared some of the traits and biographic facts that he writes about. But it's hard to know if Kurt was inventing all of this but had pieces of facts he recalled." 

"I think the first time, we thought it would skew the appreciation of all the material that was in here," Grau continues. "Now that the hardcover has come out and the journals have been judged and read, we thought people could handle it." 

"Journals" now also features lyrics to an unrecorded song titled "Travelin' White Trash Couple," a cookie recipe and a previously unpublished list of Cobain's favorite albums, one of the artist's favorite topics for doodling in his notebooks. - Click Here for the Full Story 

"What have we here, laddie? Mysterious scribblings? A secret code? No! Poems, no less! Poems, everybody!"

MP3 Jail, No Go
Here is a follow up to a story last week. Looks like the file traders got off light, especially considering they were to expected to have the book thrown at them. 

Zeropaid reports: 19 year old Peter Tran and 20 year old Charles Kok Hau Ng were looking at five years each for their convictions in Australia's first criminal prosecution against those who facilitate the trading on music files over the Net. They were also facing massive fines as the music industry tried to pin the loss of 43 million US dollars specifically to their actions. 

The judge today passed down a judgment far less severe.

Neither Tran nor Ng will spend any time in prison for their conviction for making 1800 tracks available on their site MPW3/WMA Land. The judged ruled that because of their age at the time and the fact they never profited from their actions, no jail time was warranted. 

He gave both Tran and Ng 18-month suspended sentences. Additionally, Tran was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine. Ng and a third participant, 21 year old Tommy Le were given 200 hours of community service.

The record industry was not happy with the results.

Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI) - the record industry watch dog that helped track down and arrest the three men - manager Michael Speck called the court's decision a slap on the wrist. As he told the Australian press:

"Australia had the opportunity to show the world how seriously it was taking this type of crime..."Instead, the court has allowed them to walk away after saying that they deserved to go to jail -- it's virtually an invitation for Internet pirates to set themselves up in Australia." 

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock felt that justice was properly meted out. As he told public radio "A conviction resulted and penalties have now been imposed so that would suggest to me that the law is working as intended." ..-Click Here for the Full Story

Wilco Recording
Aversion reports: Wilco has begun work on the follow-up to 2002's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. 

The act's entered an unnamed studio to begin production on its next full-length effort with producer Chris Shaw (Bob Dylan, Kittie), according to Billboard. The album, which is being recorded under the name W*lco Happens, is tentatively scheduled for a spring release. 

The band released its download-only Australian EP  to tide fans over until its next long-player. ..Click Here for the Full Story 

Stone Temple Delay
Launch reports: Velvet Revolver and former Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Scott Weiland had his arraignment postponed from Monday (November 17), to Wednesday (December 3). Weiland was scheduled to be arraigned on charges of driving under the influence of drugs. He was arrested on his birthday, October 27, after crashing his BMW into several parked cars and then attempting to flee the scene.- Click Here for the Full Story

Music Sale Up
And contradicting a report from yesterday, we have this news. 

Reuters reports:  U.S. album sales rose in the past week, boosted by the debut of three major hip hop releases, as the fast-consolidating music industry nears the end of another weak year on a strong note, data showed on Wednesday. 

CD sales have rebounded in the fourth quarter after suffering a protracted sales slump for much of the year. The last five out of six weeks have seen year-over-year sales increases, helped by a slew of new releases the labels typically save for the critical holiday shopping season. 

In the week ended Nov 16, industry tracker Nielsen Soundscan found that 15.0 million units were sold, up from 13.7 million a year earlier. 
. Click Here for the Full Story 

"I've been up / I've been down / I've been tossed up and turned around�"  

Another Nirvana Cover
Limp Bizkit isn't the only band covering Nirvana. 

RIFTrock reports: Fear Factory's upcoming album Archetype will feature a cover of Nirvana's School from the 1989 album Bleach. Archetype will be Fear Factory's first album in three years, and is planned to hit stores next April...-Click Here for the Full Story

But we still want to know when we'll get that cover of Nirvana's "Verse, Chorus, Verse" from Felt 5.. 

Radiohead May Coachella
Digital Noise reports: Radiohead are strongly rumoured to headline the Coachelle Festival next year in Indio, California.

Taking place on May 1st and 2nd 2004, the festival is the west coast's biggest festival, last year attracting The White Stripes, Queens Of The Stone Age, Beastie Boys, The Libertines and a reformed Iggy Pop and The Stooges.

Further details of the line-up have yet to be confirmed..  Click Here for the full story

Evanescence Postponed
RIFTrock reports: Evanescence have postponed the November/December U.S. tour for unknown reasons. The postponement could be related to guitarist Ben Moody leaving the band; although, as of right now that is only speculation. .-Click Here for the Full Story 

"The Boston gig has been cancelled� I wouldn't worry about it though, it's not a big college town." 

SJR is God?
siN's metal news reports: Phil Anselmo of SUPERJOINT RITUAL has updated with another colorful addition:

"Anselmo -- 11-13-03
It is hard to describe your feelings, your true feelings you see; black and white words put in some f***ed up sequence, that the original shape and meaning of what the hell was said is hammered out like sheet metal. You dig? It can be bent but not destroyed. Not by a regular man anyway....

SUPERJOINT RITUAL is what's at hand, and I'll tell you the honest truth. We as a band can and will deliver 100 times over. There will be NO stopping us. We need a label that works at out pace in every facet imaginable. This ain't none of ours' first rodeo. It's tough to bulls*** us. You'll suffocate in your own fall from every grace possible. From what I see, my messages are being read through SJR, and to KNOW the music is to be enlightened to a new existence in the outward look of the scrutinized and misunderstood. We are those people as well. Do we have answers to our accusers? f***ing right! I would love to show you how it is to have to sew a pair of balls on someone to maybe make them man enough to face me. ALONE. Oh God I can smell the chicken s*** so strongly. Anyway, SJR is GOD.. THE BEST. And the product of the true fans and us alike. HAIL! 


-Click Here for the Full Story 

"It's like fire and ice, basically. I feel my role in the band is to be somewhere in the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water."

Jumping New CDs
(press release) Pete Yorn, Rami Jaffee (the Wallflowers) and Marc Dauer (Jukebox Junkies)--the founders of Trampoline Records--are proud to announce the label's first two signings, bringing them closer to their goal to bring good music to the world.

The first is the St. Louis band NADINE, whose STRANGE SEASONS is available now at independent record stores nationwide and on the label's website.  They've previously released four critically acclaimed albums on Undertow/Glitterhouse Records.

Produced by NADINE and Matt Pence at Echolab Studios in Denton, TX, STRANGE SEASONS is the band's most consistent, expansive record of the band's six-year career.  The album came together with an interesting twist.  As explained by keyboardist/guitarist Steve Rauner, "Most of what was used to make this record was manufactured before 1970."

Next up for Trampoline will be the November 21 release of THE HANG UPS' self-titled album.  It was produced by Brad Kern, who engineered Semisonic's hits "Closing Time" and "All About Chemistry."  Dan Wilson, lead singer of Semisonic, also added his production skills to a few songs on the album. This is the Minneapolis band's fourth after having released their two albums and one EP on Clean/Restless Records.  
.- For more information about Trampoline Records, please visit http://www.trampolinerecords.com.

Danny Blitz Benefit.
We have sad news about Danny Blitz, the L.A. rocker who turned heads last year with his song "If Ozzy Was My Dad (That Would Rock)," and was also taped for an episode of "Wild On" for E! Entertainment Television at an antiMUSIC sponsored show at the Cat Club earlier this year, has been diagnoses with a brain tumor. 

A friend of Danny's tells antiMUSIC, "Danny had a seizure a couple of weeks ago. They ran many tests and found a tumor on his brain. They did surgery to remove it last week, and found that it was malignant and were unable to remove it all. Danny is now paralyzed on the left side of his body. He will now be undergoing physical therapy, and will have to have chemo/radiation. 

"Through all of this, his spirits remain good...he is an inspiration."

Friends have organized a benefit concert to help raise fund for Danny. The show will take place this Saturday November 22nd at The Johnny Foxx Club in West Los Angeles and is being sponsored by Line 6, West LA Music, Grey Wolf Entertainment, and Warrior Entertainment. 

The event will run from 2:00pm until 1:00 AM, admission before 8:00 PM will be discounted from the regular $11 admission to just $5. This event is 21 & over. 

Live performances including: Sawtelles -Christie Baeuerle Band - Perk! - Colla Voce   Piper Downs - Ellie Mae's Buiscuts - Javelyn - Taxe - Super Cell - Ronny North - Honey Pot - Bridge of Sighs - Emily O'Neary Band - Tilly's - Everywhere - Pillow of Wrongness     Man Kind Is Obsolete - No Hit Wonder - Versailles - Chris & The Emotional Wrecks

3387 Motor Ave. West L.A.  
For Directions And Map Visit http://www.johnnyfoxxs.com

On behalf of everyone here at antiMUSIC we wish Danny a quick recovery. 

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