Day In Rock 11/26: Jacko's Loveletters To Boy- Linkin Park Dates- Drowning Vocalist Pt. 2- More Pantera Vs. Pantera- KISS PPV & DVD- Plus Meat Loaf- Motley- Insider Secrets- - Metal Not Dead- Ringo To Track Santa- CNET Changes Their Tune- Aerosmith- Chimaira and more
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Wednesday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past 24 Hours

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Jacko's Loveletters To Boy
Too many Jacko reports out there to report on here but here is one from MuchMusic: The Michael Jackson child molestation investigation may be bolstered by love letters and poems seized by Santa Barbara police in last week's search of the Neverland Ranch, according to numerous media reports. The letters are allegedly "explicit" and "intimate" and are said to show a relationship between Jackson and his accuser that extended "over a long period". Reports also suggest that the boy was able to tell investigators the precise location of the letters inside Jackson's home. Jackson's defense team have reportedly suggested that they have taped and written statements from the boy and his mother saying that Jackson never acted inappropriately. - Click Here for the Full Story

"Bill & Gene are not my lovers, they're just some boys that say I am the one.. But we did have some fun…"  

Linkin Park Dates
Metal Underground reports: Official dates for Linkin Park's first tour dates in 2004 supporting their album METEORA have been set. Starting January 16th, 2004, Linkin Park will head out on a nationwide tour with P.O.D., Hoobastank, and Story of the Year. Tickets to some of the shows will go on sale starting next week. The tour begins January 16th and continues through March 5th. Here are confirmed tour dates and locations:

Jan 16 - Washington, DC
Jan 17 - Boston, MA
Jan 18 - New York, NY
Jan 20 - Philadelphia, PA
Jan 21 - Cleveland, OH
Jan 23 - Montreal, Canada
Jan 24 - Toronto, Canada
Jan 25 - Columbus, OH
Jan 27 - Detroit, MI
Jan 29 - Chicago, IL
Jan 30 - Madison, WI
Jan 31 - Minneapolis, MN

Additionally, the following cities are soon to have dates confirmed so look out for more info on Linkinpark.com coming soon! 

Colorado Springs, CO
Los Angeles, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
Vancouver, BC
Portland, OR
Tacoma, WA
San Jose, CA
San Diego, CA
Sacramento, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Oklahoma City, OK
Dallas, TX
San Antonio, TX
Houston, TX
Little Rock, AK
. Click Here for the Full Story

Happy Happy Joy Joy? That's what the kids at the mall said when they heard the news. 

Drowning Vocalist Pt. 2
A follow up to an earlier story. Blabbermouth reports: DROWNING POOL bassist Stevie Benton has accused SW1TCHED frontman Ben Schigel of "making s*** up" by claiming that he was asked to join Benton's band as the replacement for Jason "Gong" Jones, who has been unofficially working with the Dallas-based metallers for much of the past year.

In an interview with the Cleveland Scene published last week, Schigel said that he had been helping DROWNING POOL during the pre-production stage prior to the recording of their second album when the full-time gig was offered — and eventually turned down. 
"They were getting along a little better with the dude they had, and I was like 'I'm just gonna do my own thing,'" Schigel explained.

In a posting to DROWNING POOL's web site, Benton dismissed Schigel's account as false, stating, "Don't believe everything you read. If the dude was offered the gig, I'm pretty sure I would have known about it beforehand. A phone call from a friend who read the news on the net was the first I heard of it. People have started making s*** up now. That's okay though. These rumors are kinda fun. I promise you'll have real news soon." -Click Here for the Full Story

Wonder why they are being so close lipped about who their new singer is. Everyone knows it's Kelly Shaefer. 

More Pantera Vs. Pantera
Blabbermouth reports: Ex-PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul recently spoke to Revolver magazine about the circumstances that led to the group's demise two years after the release of their critically acclaimed "Reinventing The Steel" CD.

"With the last couple of PANTERA records, we kept getting more and more narrow-minded because of Phil," Vinnie said. "He didn't want to experiment or take any chances, and it was like being in a tube that was getting to be so small you couldn't even breathe. Personally, I think the dude was afraid of success. He wanted to be such an underground icon that the bigger PANTERA got, the more he didn't want to be involved.

"I did everything I could to get the guy squared away so he could have a good time. We had already agreed to take six months to a year off anyway, because we had been doing this for 12 goddamn years and we needed a break. But next thing I know, he's off doing DOWN with [PANTERA bassist] Rex [Brown] and talking s*** about us.

"Phil has no respect for anything and just perceives other people to be less than he is. After hearing him talking so much s***, I looked at [brother/PANTERA guitarist Dimebag Darrell] and went, 'You know what? I think this might be the end of this. We better start doing something, because the only thing we know how to do is play music." .- Click Here for the Full Story 

I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I'm going to take a stand. I'm going to defend it. Right or wrong, I'm going to defend it.

(press release) "You wanted the best you got the best…KISS Symphony, Alive IV in Concert! 

KISS, the legendary hard rock band that brought you the #1 music Pay Per View of 2000 and has sold more then 80 million albums, rocked the road this summer with sold-out venues on tour with Aerosmith and will "rock and roll" your house this December / January.  

This special concert presentation features KISS performing classics including "Rock And Roll All Nite," "Deuce," "Love Gun," and "Detroit Rock City" accompanied by the 60-member Melbourne Symphony Orchestra all sporting full KISS makeup.  Joining founding KISS members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss for the concert is new lead guitarist Tommy Thayer."-Click Here for the Full Story

We also have word that there is also a KISS Symphony Alive IV in Concert DVD that is going to be delivered to each customer that orders the PPV special. We'll update you closer to the launch date with all the details plus info on a contest where you can win a shopping spree with the band.  

Meat Loaf Recovering
Rock star Meat Loaf underwent heart surgery in a London hospital after being diagnosed with a condition that causes an irregular heartbeat, his record label said Tuesday. 

He had a catheter ablation — a procedure in which tissue is removed to restore a normal heartbeat — on Friday at the Wellington Hospital in St. John's Wood, London, and left on Saturday, his U.K. record label Mercury said. 

The 52-year-old star collapsed Nov. 17 as he performed at London's Wembley Arena and was taken to Northwick Park Hospital to recover from exhaustion due to a prolonged viral infection. Subsequent tests showed he had Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a condition which causes an irregular heartbeat and can lead to dizziness and fainting, his record label said..Click Here for the Full Story 

When Doctors asked how he was feeling, Meat Loaf responded, "Let me sleep on it, I'll give you an answer in the morning".  (ok that was really bad..) Get Well Soon Meat! 

Motley Justice
Because they are the self proclaimed "most notorious" band in rock n roll, we hear a lot about their "trials", tribulations, break-ups, reunions and all other things motley. BW&BK checks in with the latest Motley adventure: According to Nevada's Reno Gazette-Journal paper (www.rgj.com), MOTLEY CRUE's VINCE NEIL faces an April 22nd trial in Dayton Justice Court on a charge he grabbed a prostitute by the neck on July 10th and threw her against a wall.

Neil's attorney described the accuser as an opportunist but a prosecutor said there's evidence to support her claim.

The trial stems from an incident at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Mound House east of Carson City, where Neil visited after playing a July 9th concert at the Reno Hilton.

The misdemeanor battery complaint filed by the Lyon County District Attorney's Office on July 17th charges Neil used "force and violence" upon Andrea Terry, who also goes by the name TrixXxie Blue, "by grabbing her around the throat and throwing her against a wall."

Neil, 42, posted $1,000 bail after the charge was filed and has not been arrested or made an appearance in court on the charge. He's scheduled to enter a plea the day trial starts. The trial is scheduled for three days.

Reno lawyer Scott Freeman will represent Neil at trial. He described Terry as an opportunist.

"Celebrities are always targets for this type of behavior," Freeman said. "If there was ever was an opportunity where someone was being an opportunist, it certainly was this case," Freeman said. "It's always difficult when you're dealing with prostitutes and brothels and opportunists, who are trying to get something for nothing."

Terry, 35, now lives in Florida. Asked to respond to Freeman's allegations, Terry referred a reporter's questions to Carson City lawyer Danielle Christenson, who declined to comment..-Click Here for the Full Story

 Maybe she tried to take a bite out of Vince's Big Mac? 

Insider Gives Out Secrets
AP reports: Entertainment lawyer Don Passman is happy to spill secrets on how to be smart and a famous musician at the same time, but he cautions it's a rocky road to the top. 

Passman has written "All You Need To Know About The Music Business," to help guide young bands dreaming of stardom through the tangled mess of the entertainment world. He said the biggest mistake musicians make is signing a long-term deal that they can't get out of if they have no success. 

He also said many young bands confuse "advance" with "paycheck," and are surprised when record labels reclaim the money they've loaned. 

"It is very difficult in today's world to make any money if you've only sold a gold album, because the artists are charged against their royalties for the cost of recording and the advances that they've gotten parts of video costs, independent promotion and so forth," he told The Associated Press. . Click Here for the Full Story 

I do have a test today. That wasn't bulls***. It's on European socialism. I mean, really, what's the point? I'm not European. I don't plan on being European. So who gives a crap if they're socialists? They could be fascist anarchists. It still wouldn't change the fact that I don't own a car.

Anthrax To Cover…Anthrax
Scott posted this "big news" on the official Anthrax site: Metallum Maximus Aeternus is coming.
What the hell is that you ask? Our black-metal side project? No, it's the record you've been asking us for for almost eleven years now. Because of you, our loyal listeners, we are going to re-record your favorites from Fistful Of Metal, Armed And Dangerous, Spreading The Disease, Among The Living, State Of Euphoria, and Persistence Of Time live in the studio.

Live in the studio? 
Yes, because with the amount of songs we want to record, we could never properly do it as a live concert. This will be a 100% live, balls out, in your face representation of how f***ing brutal this band is, was, and will always be. 

We're gonna film it too.
Here's the story; we've posted all the tracks from said albums and you'll vote and tell us which songs you want us to do. We really want to know what you boys and girls are feeling. I've never been a big fan of doing a live record (I think Live: The Island Years blows) but this idea has changed my mind about it. Just the five of us in a room ripping, it's going to be intense. It will be like when we first wrote these songs and started playing them for the first time. Except now the songs have evolved after years of playing them live to where I wish they were when we first recorded them. Like good whisky, they've aged wonderfully. And now you'll hear them with John Bush. The way I always imagined them in the first place.-Click Here for the Full Story

Metal Not Dead
siN's metal news reports: Heavy Metal Music is not dead; with artists like Superjoint Ritual charting on Billboard at #55, Sevendust at #32, From Autumn To Ashes at #74, and Dimmu Borgir at #163, along with the HEADBANGERS BALL Compilation CD at #37; the support of MTV is making a huge difference for rock music once again. This success is partially due to the recent relaunch of the MTV2 Headbangers Ball television show, which highlights the best new metal videos, interviews with hard rock artists, showcasing the new breed of metal talent. The new "Headbangers Ball" series is inspiring the next generation of headbanging fans. Hosted by Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, MTV2's "Headbangers Ball" can be seen every Saturday night at 10 pm EST and 7 pm PST.

"With some of the most loyal and diehard followers in all of music, the return of 'Headbangers Ball' once again gives hard rock and metal fans a place that is all their own," said Joe Armenia, VP of Music Marketing and Promotions for MTV & MTV2. "And with the show's new home on MTV2, we wanted to take it one step further by bringing some of the best metal bands seen on the show every week such as Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and Lamb Of God straight to the fans for an unforgettable live concert experience."..  Click Here for the full story

Ringo To Track Santa
AP reports: Santa Claus will be traveling to the beat of a different drum this Christmas — Ringo Starr's.  

The former Beatle will be the honorary Santa tracker as the North American Air Defense Command follows his progress Christmas Eve on a Web site and on a toll-free phone number for children. 

The Web site will feature some of Ringo's Christmas music. 

"Children will see amazing things. I'm privileged to be one of the Santa trackers," Ringo said in a statement released Monday by the command. 

NORAD, based at Peterson Air Force Base, is responsible for the air defense of North America. Tracking Santa has been a tradition at NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command, for more than 45 years. .-Click Here for the Full Story 

CNET Changes Their Tune
siN's metal news reports: The following message was sent from CNET.com, who recently purchased Mp3.com: In response to the overwhelming feedback CNET received from the MP3.com artist community following this news, CNET's Download.com is answering your call to build a free music upload/download destination for independent artists.

Launching in early 2004, this new site will give independent musicians free hosting for their songs and related material, as well as valuable exposure to Download.com's tens of millions of unique monthly visitors. Download.com plans to do for musicians what it did for software developers when it launched nearly 10 years ago: give independent artists an affordable way to build a market for their work.

We'd like to let you know when our new site will be available for you to begin uploading your songs and building your fan base. Please visit: http://music.download.com and sign up to receive e-mail updates about this new service. In the meantime, we recommend that you make backup copies of your songs and other content before the MP3.com web site goes offline on December 2, 2003. Once we've launched our new service, we'd love to have the opportunity to host your music and welcome you to the Download.com community.-Click Here for the Full Story 

Screws just fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.

Aerosmith Super Bowl
AEROSMITH will make their second Super Bowl appearance in four years just before kickoff at Super Bowl XXXVIII (38) on February 1 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, according to Launch Radio Networks. The band haven't yet decided what songs they'll play, but at least one will likely come from their upcoming "Honkin' On Bobo" blues-oriented album that should be out in the spring.

AEROSMITH last did the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXV (35) on January 28, 2001, in Tampa, Florida. They sang "Jaded" and "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", after which they were joined by BRITNEY SPEARS, *NSYNC, MARY J. BLIGE, and NELLY for "Walk This Way"..-Click Here for the Full Story 

(press release) Diesel is pleased to announce the launch of its Diesel-U-Music program for 2004. Now in its 2nd year in the US, Diesel-U-Music represents a powerful and  
innovative new approach to artist development that involves scouting, spotlighting and supporting emerging talent with extensive marketing resources and audience building initiatives. It's goal is to supplement the small and sometimes non-existent marketing budgets of small, independent labels, as well as enabling artists who lack the support of record labels to realize their potential by providing well-deserved exposure to music that exists under the radar of mainstream radio and MTV.

Talent Selection and Promotion
The Diesel-U-music program relies on an eclectic board of music industry insiders -- including artists, artist managers, booking agents, journalists, record label personnel and independent marketing and promotions who participate in selecting program nominees and advising Diesel on marketing strategies. The Diesel U-music Board will begin by nominating qualifying talent in three categories of music -- Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic music. There will be three rounds of nominations between October 2003 and March 2004, with each round of nominees being publicly announced and promoted for a period of two months. 

The Awards Ceremony and National Tour
Throughout the nomination process, Diesel consumers and music fans will have the chance to champion their favorite artists on the Diesel-U-Music website -- thereby helping the board select three artists or bands (one from each genre category) who will be named Diesel U-Music winners for 2004. The three winners will be honored at the annual Diesel-U-Music Awards in New York City in June, where they will perform before embarking on the Diesel-U-Music Summer Tour, a tour which will hit at least 10 markets.

Chimaira USA
(press release) The metal world is a safe place right now. That's because Cleveland's six-headed metal beast known as CHIMAIRA is in Europe, as part of the Road Rage tour with its labelmates, Ill Nino and Spineshank. But once the band returns to domestic soil and hits the road for a month of headlining dates, batten down those hatches as tight as you can, because "Pure Hatred" will be spewed. And no one - and we do mean no one at all- will be safe.

Starting November 18, CHIMAIRA will bulldoze its way across the unsuspecting United States, with melodic Euro Metaller Soilwork, whom Chimaira toured with this summer, in tow for the entire tour. Blackmetalhardcore act Bleeding Through jumps on November 20 and stays for the entire tour. As I Lay Dying joins the tour on November 23, and sticks around for the duration.  All we can say about this tour is to expect the people in the pits to be knee deep in plasma! An updated list of dates and venues will be made available shortly.

This release was dated 11/07 but it was sent to us today. 

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