Day In Rock 11/28: Eddie Van Halen Speaks!- Korn Tanks- Rolling $tones- The Mars Volta DVD- American Delusions- New Zombie CD- Opeth Troubles- Motley Farewell- Pantera Vs. Pantera Part …- Incubus Crow- Canadians Have Awards Too- Bill Ward's 9/11 Song- Starsailor To U.S.- Comical News
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Friday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past 24 Hours

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Eddie Van Halen Speaks!
Blabbermouth reports: Dwyer and Michaels of Iowa's Q106 Classic Hits called Eddie Van Halen at his home studio Wednesday morning (Nov. 26) and spoke to the reclusive guitarist for five minutes about his current activities, including the rumors that ex-VAN HALEN singer Sammy Hagar is in the process of rejoining the band. Although Eddie falls short of confirming the reports that a reunion with Sammy is imminent, he does reveal the fact that he's "got enough [new material written] for 10 records" and alludes to the fact that no announcement will be made regarding the group's future plans until all the details have been worked out first.- Click Here for the Full Story

Korn Tanks
KORN's "Take A Look In The Mirror" has sold 96,074 copies in the U.S. in its first, shortened week on the streets, landing at No. 19 on next week's The Billboard 200 chart, according to the figures released by Nielsen SoundScan.

"Take a Look in the Mirror", originally due in stores on Nov. 25, had its release date bumped up to Nov. 21 after the group learned that the set had been leaked to the Internet by an "unknown source," according to a press release.

The band decided to move up the release date in part because the quality of the version leaked to the Internet was sub par, according to the statement.

KORN's last album, "Untouchables", moved 434,000 copies back in June 2002, while their fourth full-length effort, "Issues", shifted 583,785 units in November 1999.. Click Here for the Full Story

"The power of the force has stopped you, you hosers!" 

Rolling $tones
NME reports: THE ROLLING STONES have achieved the second highest grossing tour of all time with their 2002-03 'LICKS' jaunt which saw the rockers play to over 3.4 million people and rake in $300 million.

The band were only beaten by their own record, which saw the 1994-95 'Voodoo Lounge' tour gross $320 million.

The Stones 'Licks' tour's 116 dates filled venues to 99% capacity according to Billboard. The tour celebrated the group's 40th anniversary and kicked off on September 3, 2002 in Boston before winding up on October 2, 2003 in Zurich.

Tour producer Michael Cohl said: "This tour is finished," though hinted that another one may take place in 2005, adding: "I'm always ready."
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The Mars Volta DVD
Punkbands report: The Mars Volta will more than likely release a live dvd, however they are unsure if they want it to only be Electric Ballroom or a combination of several shows. The Mars Volta has announced several new shows overseas, including new dates in Japan, as well as appearances on the Big Day Out Festival in New Zealand and Australia!.- Click Here for the Full Story 

American Delusions
Rockdirt.com reports: Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora guest stars as Eric Clapton of The Yardbirds singing 'For Your Love' on this weekend's episode of 'American Dreams'. The show airs Sunday (November 30) at 8 PM ET/PT.-Click Here for the Full Story

Hate to burst the bubble of the producers of this program but Eric Clapton quit the Yardbirds in March of 1965, soon after that song was recorded because he felt it was a sell-out. On the recording you will only hear him playing on the bridge.  In fact, Jeff Beck was hired on to replace him and the TV appearances (no record of an American Bandstand appearance) of the band playing the song have Beck on guitar. Also some reports (like the one above) have Sambora (as Clapton) singing the song, when Keith Relf actually sang it. No big deal, especially when you consider this is the same show that keeps referring to a Marine as a soldier(a big no no, try it the next time you run into a Marine).  – that's all for the "anal nitpick of the week". 

Zombie Working on New CD
From the webmaster of Rob Zombie's official site: Well, this comes as much of a surprise to me as it does to you. But Mr. Zombie has begun work on a follow up album to The Sinister Urge. I guess he just doesn't sleep. 

He has stated that in no way will the album conflict with the sequel to Corpses. Which by the way will start shooting right after Christmas. All I can get out of him about the musical direction is that it will be "Dark and Heavy". Sounds good to me. 

I will keep you posted as things progress. There are some other cool things happening around here, but I just can't tell you yet.
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Opeth Troubles
The following message was posted on OPETH's official website from mainman Mikael:

""It's seem to be a dark spell upon OPETH at this moment. First Chile and now Jordan. I'm in a terrible state myself right now but will try to explain to you our reasons for cancelling. 

Martin Lopez called me 10 minutes before I was supposed to get in the cab for the airport saying he couldn't go. He's suffered a stress related breakdown and said he simply couldn't do this. We've never cancelled a gig ever before due to the state of the band, so I knew he was serious when he said this. He has a doctors appointment and my guess is that he's suffering from panic or anxiety attacks. This is the reason why we decided to cancel this gig in Amman, Jordan. 

Yesterday our entire (all but one) crew dropped off due to the recent terrorist attacks. See, our crew is from the UK and were worried they'd be going into trouble. So at one point we had no crew, and the gig was in danger of being cancelled. After close talk with Mute recods we decided that we'll go anyways regardless if we had enough crew guys or not, and now this!! 

I want to stress out to all the fans that has travelled high and low to get to the venue in Amman that we are beyond sorry! I can't tell you how bad we feel about this. We sincerely hope that we'll get another chance to do a gig in Jordan soon, in fact we are trying to talk to Mute records about that possibility. All of us really looked forward to going to Amman, not only becuase of the gig but also because there was a day set out for us to do some serious sightseeing of your country.

These are dark times for OPETH and it seems like the circumstances got the best of us this time. We've done over 150 gigs this year I believe so in a way I'm not surprised. 

As I'm writing this I've just got informed about a death in the Akerfeldt family so my mind is not what it should be. I'm trying to keep it together here and explain to you, and apologize for all the problems we've caused. 

Anyways, we love you all and again, we're so sorry!! I'm gonna post something about Martin Lopez state as soon as I know myself." 
Best regards
.-Click Here for the Full Story

Motley Farewell in 05
From MotleyCrue.comWe've been following this one for our readers that are Crue heads. We've heard different stories this past week about tour plans for 2004 and pointed out that Nikki said 05 was the target date. Well the "dude" has made it official. From the official Motley website: Motley Crue reunion tour rumors have been posted all over the internet the last few days. The reports have the band touring anywhere from this December to sometime in 2004. With all of these inconsistencies, who knows for sure what's really going on? I spoke with Nikki this afternoon to see if we could get a better idea of what Motley Crue has planned for the near future.

According to Nikki, the MTV Icon special has been pushed back to February 2005. The movie, which is based on the band's autobiography, The Dirt, will be released in the first quarter of 2005 and will be supported with the band's farewell tour. The band and all associated management companies have been working for quite a while to make all of this happen. Nikki also hopes the band will be able to release one last studio album for the tour.
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"I think this situation absolutely requires that a really futile, stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!"

Pantera Vs. Pantera Part …
More verbal warfare in the Pantera family… Phil fired this round as reported by Blabbermouth (WARNING Phil likes to pepper his speech with a liberal use of the "F" word: Ex-PANTERA frontman Philip Anselmo has slammed his former bandmates for "not doing anything different" with their new band DAMAGEPLAN and has one again reiterated the fact that he has no desire of ever returning to his previous group.

Speaking to AbsolutMetal about his current band SUPERJOINT RITUAL, Anselmo said, "I want  SUPERJOINT RITUAL to be every-f***in'-thing that people maybe missed in PANTERA. Because I knew that, you know, PANTERA, not to talk about 'um, because I'm not going to, but if it weren't f***in' for me, in that f***in' band...what I f***in'  taught those motherf***ers. You know, you'll see on their new s*** [DAMAGEPLAN], the singer [Patrick Lachman] is gonna come out and imitate me, the best he possibly can. He's gonna have to end up singing songs that I wrote when I was f***in'20 years old, and they're gonna sound like [guitarist] Diamond Darrell and [drummer] Vinnie Paul's killer sound, you know, they're not doing anything different. Whereas with SUPERJOINT, yeah, we're doing something f***in' different. I'm not saying it's never been done before, but what I'm saying is, is it's definitely a genre of music that changed my life forever. This is where I've wanted to be for so long, musically, you know, 'cause we've been writing SUPERJOINT s*** for oh god, since '93, and you know, long time coming, man. I mean to f***in' be with them, with this f***in' band for damn sure."-Click Here for the Full Story

"…and one time at band camp". 

Incubus Crow
This may be a repeat… sorry if that is the case..  The PRP reports: The tentative track listing has been announced for Incubus' forthcoming new album "A Crow Left Of The Murder", it is as follows:

01 - "Zedeveel"
02 - "Agoraphobia"
03 - "Pistola"
04 - "Priceless"
05 - "Leech"
06 - "Here In My Room"
07 - "Smile Lines"
08 - "Beware Criminal"
09 - "Sick, Sad World"
10 - "Southern Girl"
11 - "A Crow Left Of The Murder"
12 - "Megalomanic"
13 - "Talk Shows On Mute"
14 - "Made For TV Movie"

The album is planned to be released through Immortal/Epic on February 03rd and will be preceded by the first single "Megalomaniac", which will impact at radio on December 16th...  Click Here for the full story

Canadians Have Awards Too
We may have an over abundance of awards programs here in the U.S., seems everybody and their brother has an awards show. We even have the antis (but no one in their right mind wants to win one). In Canada they don't seem to over do it like us. Their best known awards program is the Juno Awards. But Canada has their own version of the People's Choice Awards too—The CASBY Awards, which took place on Wed. Chart Attack has the full report: Last night, two thousand lucky 102.1 The Edge listeners flocked to Toronto's Kool Haus for the 2003 CASBY (Canadian Artists Selected By You) Awards. An annual tradition at the new rock radio station, the CASBYs are a "by the fans, for the fans" event, part-award show and part-concert, all in one evening. 

The festivities began with brief but energetic performances by Gob and a fist-pumping Fefe Dobson. The Dears, Kazzer, The Salads and Pilate followed in that order, delivering short and sweet sets showcasing their best known songs. The Pursuit Of Happiness, winners of the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award, made a special performance featuring their hits "Hard To Laugh" and "I'm An Adult Now." Lead singer Moe Berg was seen sporting a dress shirt and tie, not unlike a certain wild child from Napanee. 

Toronto's own Billy Talent won big with two awards: Favourite New Artist and Favourite New Single for "Try Honesty." During their videotaped acceptance speech, the band members introduced themselves as "Stevo, Deryck, Brown Sound and Cone" as a tongue-in-cheek reference to Canadian peers Sum 41. 
Of course, the highlight of this year's CASBY Awards was Iggy Pop's much hyped performance with Sum 41. The lean, mean Detroit punk rocker tore it up with the four Ajax boys for their recent collaboration "Little Know It All," as well as an exuberant and surprisingly faithful version of "Lust For Life." 

The following is a recap of the 2003 CASBY winners: 
•  Favourite New Artist: Billy Talent 
•  Favourite New Single: "Try Honesty" – Billy Talent 
•  Favourite New Album: Sam Roberts – We Were Born In A Flame 
•  North By Northeast Favourite New Indie Release: The Salads – Fold A to B 
•  Lifetime Achievement Award – The Pursuit Of Happiness
.-Click Here for the Full Story 

"Well, uh, just because I don't know what it is, it doesn't mean I'm lying."

Bill Ward's 9/11 Song
Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has, through two solo albums, proven himself to be much more of a talent than anyone would have expected. His voice is ripe with emotion. His songs are full of the unexpected like those of Roger Waters. His production acumen is astonishingly wide in scope. On the eve of the release of his long-awaited third solo album Beyond Aston, Bill has again courted the unexpected, releasing a single song called "Straws" in a limited, signed edition of 1,200 copies. It can be downloaded for free as well at Ward's website. Bill considers it a gift to a hurting nation and it is, quite simply, a masterpiece despite its 3:10 duration. 

"It just came out," says Bill. "I don't know quite what happened. A lot of it was because of what was going on after 9/11. I wanted to say something, so I wrote 'Straws.'… 

Although the song is about 9/11, Ward neither considers it a protest song or a rah-rah flag-waver. 

"It's about a terrorist attack in the United States," says Ward. "Or, it could be a retaliatory strike from a country that the United States preempted on. It's about trying to save a child. And inside that — the trying to save a child — it talks about, you know, where are the defenses? I hope that they arrive. In other words, can we trust the government, that they are going to defend the country properly? So I guess there's a lot of political significance in there as well. But it's about feeling completely helpless. And at the end of the song, there's a line that says, ‘Let's pretend that we're dancing as in yesterday, when it was stars that filled the sky.' And not shell bursts, basically. I didn't put shell bursts, but I did put ‘when it was stars that filled the sky.' Let's say our last goodbyes, so to speak."
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Starsailor To U.S. 
Someone was just asking about this group, here is some news for you. 

Billboard reports: British rock act Starsailor has set a North American tour for next year, in support of its sophomore album "Silence Is Easy." 

The set, which debuted in September at No. 2 in the band's native U.K., is due for U.S. release on Jan. 27 via Capitol. 

The tour will kick off Jan. 15 in Detroit and hit 16 North American markets. 
The album features two tracks produced by legendary wall-of-sound innovator Phil Spector, his first production work in 23 years. The band became acquainted with the legally embattled Spector after his daughter attended a Starsailor show at Los Angeles' Troubadour, prior to the fatal shooting that led to his arrest. 

"Silence Is Easy" is the follow-up to the group's 2002 debut, "Love Is Here," which has sold 141,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. 

Here are Starsailor's tour dates: 
Jan. 15: Detroit (St. Andrews Hall) 
Jan. 17: Toronto (Guvernment) 
Jan. 18: Montreal (Cabaret Music Hall) 
Jan. 20: Boston (Paradise) 
Jan. 22: New York (Irving Plaza) 
Jan. 23: Philadelphia (Theater of the Living Arts) 
Jan. 24: Washington, D.C. (9:30 Club) 
Jan. 28: Chicago (Metro) 
Jan. 29: Minneapolis (Fine Line Music Cafe) 
Jan. 31: Boulder, Colo. (Fox Theater) 
Feb. 3: Vancouver (Commodore Ballroom) 
Feb. 4: Seattle (Crocodile Cafe) 
Feb. 5: Portland, Ore. (Berbati's Pan) 
Feb. 7: San Francisco (Slim's) 
Feb. 11: Los Angeles (El Rey Theater) 
Feb. 12: San Diego (Epicenter) 
..-Click Here for the Full Story 

Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?

Dishwalla live
…this just in antiMUSIC's November artist of the month Dishwalla will be playing Sat night at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills California. They are playing in support of their new live CD "Greetings…From The Flow State", which hit stores on August 12th. 

Dishwalla hits the stage at 9:00 PM

28912 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
 (818) 879-5016
(Off the "Kanan" exit on the 101 Fwy)

They put on one hell of a show... read Linda's review of their last LA show in the Artist of the Month special

Comical News
The best way to end the week is with a funny story and this one comes courtesy of Aversion.com:  British Sea Power's bassist sprained a wrist when he fell out of a tree gathering branches for the band's show. 

Adding insult to Hamilton's injury, the fall was caused when, in true three-stooges style, the  branch on which he was perched was sawn off by one of his band mates. The injury forced the band to cancel its Monday (Nov. 24) show.Click Here for the Full Story 

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