Day In Rock 2/11: OutKast Racists?- KKK-Dido- Borland Zombie- No Rap Beatles- QOTSA Breakup- Janet Cashing In- Slipknot May- AC/DC Reignite- SlayerFest- Aerosmith Sellout- Iron Maiden- AIC Reunion- Arrested Sevenfold- Nipplegate Suit Dropped- Metallica- Vines, Jet, BMRC Free- Lillywhite U2- Rare Radiohead- more
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Wednesday antiMUSIC.com's look at Today's Top Rock News Stories From Across the Web

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OutKast Racists?
Net Music Countdown reports: The Native American Cultural Center in San Francisco believe that Andre 3000's Grammy Awards performance was racist. 

Andre wore a green skirt sort of thing and dancers wearing bright green buckskin dresses and leggings danced while a bright green tipi billowed smoke. 

Apparently, this is insulting. The performance was called the "most disgusting set of racial stereotypes aimed at American Indians...ever seen." and the chair of the cultural center filed a formal complaint with the FCC. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Everyone finding everything offensive is rather offensive. 

Net Music Countdown reports: In an odd turn for the species known as white supremacists, instead of listening to lousy speed-punk, the awful British National Front have decided that two of Dido's songs, "White Flag" and "This Land Is Mine" share their ideas about what the world should be, and had stated as much on their web site. 

Wisely, Dido's reps had any mention of her removed from their site faster than you can say "racist idiot".- Click Here for the Full Story 

Borland Zombie
Blabbermouth reports: Ex-LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland has posted the following message on the web site of his now-defunct post-LIMP BIZKIT band EAT THE DAY: 

"I didn't think that I needed to say anything about this, but to be perfectly clear and to address many rumors I have heard, I have not, nor will I ever join the band EVANESCENCE. [NINE INCH NAILS bassist/guitarist/programmer] Danny Lohner and I worked with [EVANESCENCE singer] Amy Lee on the 'Underworld' soundtrack, talked about working with her sometime again in the future, and no plans of doing so as of right now. We are however in the first stages of doing some songs with Rob Zombie, and that looks like it's going to be good. So once again, I am not joining EVANESCENCE." - Click Here for the Full Story 

No Rap Beatles
As some predicted in the fan speak section in a Day In Rock posting about this last week, the remixer of the Beatles with Jay-Z has met with legal problems. MTV Reports: EMI Records, which controls the sound recordings for the Beatles, sent out cease-and-desist orders last week to Danger Mouse, the producer who created The Grey Album, and the few independent retail stores that were carrying the CD.- Click Here for the Full Story 

QOTSA Breakup?
BW&BK reports: PlayLouder.com reports on the possible demise of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE: 


Josh Homme has kicked Nick Oliveri out of Queens Of The Stone Age. 

Josh is fed up of Nick's partying, and has decided he doesn't want him in the band anymore. Also gone is occasional collaborator Mark Lanegan, also known for his acclaimed work with THE SCREAMING TREES, and his own band, The Mark Lanegan Band. 

As Oliveri wasn't present on the first album, and Lannegan is only a recent collaborator, Josh Homme has the rights to their name. All of the players are working on seperate projects right now. 

A source said 'it was their last tour in Australia that gave [Nick] the push, it was all out of control. But it's not hard to believe they are ready to split after 19 months of solid touring basically. That's rock and roll'." - Click Here for the Full Story 

We were unable to find any independent confirmation of this by press time.

Janet Cashing In?
NME reports: JANET JACKSON may be recording a song about her recent breast-revealing incident. 

The singer is currently finishing her latest album, 'Damita Jo' and producer Jimmy Jam said that the controversy surrounding last week's Super Bowl incident (February 1) - during which millions saw Justin Timberlake rip away part of Jackson's clothing to reveal her right breast - may provide the inspiration for a new track. 

Jam said: "I don't know whether it will or not. But I have a feeling it probably will, because kind of whatever's happening in her life tends to be what she writes about." - Click Here for the Full Story 

What will she call it? Nipple of Steel?

Slipknot May
RIFTrock reports: Slipknot has set the release date of their upcoming album for May 25th. The album has yet to be named, but one of the new songs, "Don't Get Close" is set to appear on the soundtrack of an upcoming videogame from game developers Activision.- Click Here for the Full Story 

AC/DC Reignite
Blabbermouth reports: AC/DC have started writing material for their next album, tentatively due before the end of the year. 

Fifa Riccobono, the chief executive of Albert Productions, AC/DC's Australian record label and international publisher, has confirmed to Undercover that songs have been written for the next record but the band are yet to start recording. 

One thing that AC/DC have no plans to release anytime soon is a "best of" collection, according to Fifa. "They guys aren't interested in a best of. They never have been," she said, as reported by Undercover. "They have had a wonderful philosophy. They don't like compilation albums and have always turned them down." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Blabbermouth reports: SLAYER are strongly rumored to be close to landing a slot on the main stage at this year's Ozzfest, informed sources have told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. As previously reported, OZZY OSBOURNE will once again be headlining the annual traveling festival while SLIPKNOT and HATEBREED are said to be "all but confirmed" to co-headline the festival's second stage. Other bands rumored to be in the running for a slot at this year's Ozzfest include JUDAS PRIEST, DAMAGEPLAN and SUPERJOINT RITUAL. An official announcement regarding the exact lineup for the festival is expected to be made during the coming weeks. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Aerosmith Sellout
Blabbermouth reports: James Clark of KLBK TV in Lubbock, Texas reports that fans of the rock band AEROSMITH stood in line overnight to get tickets for their Lubbock performance. But tickets are sold out. So if you didn't get yours ...well, "Dream On." 

Some Lubbockites stood in line for 15 hours in the freezing cold to get tickets only to find out that it was useless: The good tickets were gone even before they went on sale. 

The promoter held almost all the good tickets and the attitude by the promoter seems to be if you don't like it — you can just "Walk This Way." 

Trace Moore stood in line for 15 hours Friday night and Saturday morning. "It's not fair," he says. "I'm a huge AEROSMITH fan. I have been all my life."- Click Here for the Full Story 

Iron Maiden EP
siN's metal news reports: In recognition of their most successful tour and critically acclaimed No 1 international album, IRON MAIDEN thank their fans by releasing a very special CD on 29th March 2004. 'NO MORE LIES' the 7 minute epic from the 'Dance Of Death' album will open the specially formatted and unique Collectors EP CD. Packaged in a silver printed box with free Woven Jacquard IRON MAIDEN wristband and 12 page colour booklet the EP celebrates what has been a remarkable year since the band completed recording ‘Dance Of Death'. IRON MAIDEN hit the road in May 2003 and have subsequently played to 1.5 million people in 28 countries across 4 continents along the way. From headlining every major rock festival in Europe to selling out football stadium dates of their own, the band have continued to show they continue to be one of Britain's greatest rock exports. - Click Here for the Full Story 

All the 411 can be had by clicking on the full story link.

AIC Reunion
siN's metal news reports: JERRY CANTRELL, MIKE INEZ and SEAN KINNEY. For ALICE IN CHAINS fans, these names sound awfully familiar. Following the tragic death of lead singer LAYNE STALEY, Cantrell has admitted "The past couple of years have been rough, it was a lot to get used to, but I'm in a much different space now." 

Since moving from Seattle to Los Angeles eight months ago, he has written several new songs, recorded with numerous other high-profile rockers and played with some of his favorite musicians. He's also been in communication with former Chains bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney, and plans to jam with them later this month. 

"We don't have any expectations," he stressed. "We're gonna get in a room, have a little fun and see what goes down. Anything's possible." 

Inez and Kinney performed on Cantrell's 1998 solo album, Boggy Depot, but haven't played with him since Alice disbanded. Cantrell was busy working on other solo material with other musicians, but that wasn't the only reason for the separation. 

"I was kinda waiting to see if the Alice thing would ever materialize again," he said. "But I really miss playing with those guys."- Click Here for the Full Story 

Yes, before you complain--there will never be a AIC reunion without Layne but the other members playing together again would be cool to see.

Arrested Sevenfold
siN's metal news reports: Talk on the town is that AVENGED SEVENFOLD have completely outdone themselves after having themselves arrested outside the London bar The Crobar, after their 1st show in support of the LOSTPROPHETS in the UK. No other information in regards to which members possibly walked away in cuffs, or the nature of the bands arrest has been made clear.- Click Here for the Full Story 

LA Island
Reuters reports: Universal Music Group, the world's biggest music company, said on Tuesday it named Antonio "L.A." Reid as chairman of its Island Def Jam Music Group division, effective Feb 12. 

Reid, a Grammy Award-winning producer, comes to Island Def Jam about four weeks after he resigned as president and chief executive officer of Bertelsmann AG's Arista Records. That label had losses of more than $100 million in the past two years despite a roster of hit artists like OutKast, Avril Lavigne and Dido. Hip-hop duo OutKast called him up on stage when it won the Grammy for album of the year on Sunday. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Nipplegate Suit Dropped
AP reports: Less than a week after filing a class-action lawsuit because of her outrage over Janet Jackson's Super Bowl stunt, Terri Carlin believes she's made her point. 

The Knoxville banker is withdrawing the suit filed last Wednesday in U.S. District Court against Jackson and Justin Timberlake, along with MTV, CBS and their parent company, Viacom. 

The lawsuit had sought billions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages. 

Carlin alleged that she and others who watched the show during the Super Bowl were injured by the performers' lewd actions when Timberlake tore off part of Jackson's costume, exposing her right breast. 

The notice of dismissal filed in federal court says Carlin wants to see if "remedial measures" announced by federal regulators and the companies involved succeed in preventing similar stunts. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Big Screen Metallica
Electric Basement reports: METALLICA's recent documentary "Some Kind of Monster" is being screened at several film festivals around the world. The documentary chronicles the bandmembers lives from the time they began work on their most recent album, St. Anger, to the first show of the 2003 tour, including personal scenes of the group in therapy, confronting former members Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted, and dealing with the demands of a newly clean and sober James Hetfield.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Vines, Jet, BMRC Free
Net Music Countdown reports: Several bands will be playing shows in London at the end of February for free, free, free! 

The shows will be recorded for the UK television program (or programme, if you're in London) "Carling Live New Kings Of Rock & Roll". 

The bands lined up to play the shows are Jet, The Vines, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Funeral For A Friend Snow Patrol, Amen, Longview, Keane, The Glitterati, and Delays. 

Ash, are rumored (or rumoured, if you're in London) to make an appearance, as well. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Full list of bands and dates can be attained with one little click of the mouse. (hint: try the link below)

Lillywhite U2
Ananova reports: Steve Lillywhite is to produce U2's next album - his first for the band in 20 years. 

Lillywhite has quit his job as joint managing director of Mercury UK to return to the studio. 

He told Billboard: "It's the first time I'll have gone in to actually start a record with them in 20 years. 

"I worked on The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and All That You Can't Leave Behind, but this will be the first time I've really set up the mikes and done everything for a long time." 

The as-yet-untitled U2 album is due out on Interscope/Island later this year. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Rare Radiohead
Ananova reports: Radiohead are to release a new EP of rarities, remixes and B-sides. 

The Com Lag EP is being released only in Japan but will be available in the UK on import. 

It's being released on March 29 to coincide with the band's upcoming tour of the Far East, reports XFM. 

The EP includes B-sides and remixes taken from all the singles taken from the album Hail To The Thief. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Ananova has a few more tidbits and a full tracklisting so click away at that full story link!

AP reports: Wyatt Wasicek was so outraged by the recording industry's legal assault on users of free music-downloading sites that he decided to ride to the rescue. He created a program called AnonX that masks the Internet address of people who use file-sharing programs such as Kazaa. 

Available for $5.95 per month, AnonX sets up a virtual private network, or VPN, between a user's computer and the company's computers. The AnonX computers act as proxies, and actually do the Web surfing for the subscriber. 

In theory, no one outside of AnonX can see the subscriber's Internet address — including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which has forced Internet service providers to turn over subscriber information as part of its campaign to sue hundreds of individual song downloaders, including children. 

Wasicek, 29, promises not to divulge his 7,000 users' Internet addresses, and believes he can't be forced to do so. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Nothingface Split
I Ate Your Microphone reports: Nothingface have officially broken up. A statement from the band regarding the split reads as follows: 

"We regret to inform that after 10 years and 4 albums we, as a band, will no longer continue as NOTHINGFACE. We cannot begin to thank all our friends, family and most importantly our fans for their continued support through out the years. It was a great 10-year run and we thank you all for the great memories! We could only hope that we gave you as much as you gave us. 
Bill, Tom, Matt and Tommy"- Click Here for the Full Story 

Ratt Spatt II
BW&BK reports: Drummer Bobby Blotzer contacted BW&BK in response to yesterday's news that all legal proceedings surrounding RATT had finally ceased. Here is what Blotzer had to say: 

"This is where the W.B.S / Stephen Pearcy litigation sits currently in reality. 

The RATT litigation has been over for some time. The litigation which is pending is an adversarial proceeding in Pearcy's bankruptcy case. The judge in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court denied WBS, Inc.'s motion for summary judgment, which sought a dispositve ruling that the judgment for trademark infringement which WBS obtained against Pearcy in the underlying state court litigation was not dischargeable, and simply determined that there were issues which required a trial. The case will be set for trial in mid-March, 2004." 

BW&BK will continue to keep you posted as events unfold. - Click Here for the Full Story 

That's clears it up.

Anti-Idol Recap
Special: antiGUY here with the Anti-Idol recap for those that missed Tuesday's American Idol, or those that saw it and want to hear me rant or disagree with me. Since Simon is way too easy on the contestants I take it upon myself to offer up my take on how they did. (You can send hate mail, but I don't read it.) 

The Good:

 • Diana DeGarmo- Small girl, big voice. Not the best in a worldly context but better than most in this competition. 
• Fantasia Barrino- Normally I would say that one Macy Gray is one too many but Fantasia is actually a lot better than Macy. A little over the top personality wise, but an improvement over most of today's R&B stars. But she has to do something about her teeth. 
• Marque Lynche- The guy has a good natural voice and doesn't go for the vocal masturbation of modern R&B by packing in 20 notes where one would do, but the song was all wrong for him. Would have much rather seen how he could pull off a song by Marvin, Percy, Otis or even Van Morrison. 

The Bad: 

• Matthew Metzger- Picked a song that matched his voice BUT only half delivered, didn't take it to the next level. Sort of like sex without a climax. Far too bland to become a star, even in today's crap music market. 
• Katie Webber- Took a big gamble on doing a jazz number. If it was 1920 it might have worked but fell flat. She's has a good strong voice BUT has to find a proper medium that fits it and her personality. 

The Ugly:

 • Erskine Walcott- A black Barry Manilow. That's not fair; Barry at least has a strong voice. 
• Ashley Thomas- A third rate rendition of Patsy Cline, totally lacked the emotion of Patsy's version. This was a lackluster fastfood rendition, in other words perfect for American Idol. 
• Jennifer Hudson- She killed John Lennon all over again. Utterly dreadful. 

I still think the football guy has the edge. But then again this is a popularity contest, so talent doesn't really matter. That's my take on Tuesday's show, for what little it is worth!