Day In Rock 1/19: Rush Fans Attack- Car Crash W.K.- Nine Inch Borland Zombie- Deftones 5th- Aero/Trick Tour Confirmed- Oasis Boot Drummer- EvanescGodhead - Plus Stones- Lou Reed- George Harrison - Von Bondies- Switchfoot- Insane Rock Moments- A Perfect Volta- Danzig A Misfit Again?- Skrape more
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Monday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past Weekend

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Sex Pistol Reality TV
AP reports: As Johnny Rotten once snarled, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" 

To the dismay of aging punk fans, a British television company announced Monday that the former Sex Pistols singer and angry punk icon — now known by his real name, John Lydon — has agreed to appear in the reality show "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" 

"I'm gobsmacked," said Tony Wilson, a British journalist and music entrepreneur who knows Lydon. "I'm shocked, but I have faith ... I'm sure he's doing it for the right reasons." 

Other punk fans were appalled. 

"The announcement made me feel instantly old. ... If it has come to this for the prince of punk, then mediocrity really does get us all in the end," wrote Lee Randall in The Scotsman newspaper. 

In The Guardian, rock critic Charles Shaar Murray said "minds boggled" when rumors of Lydon's participation surfaced. "Whatever happened to punk rock, maaaaan?" 

"I'm a Celebrity," which begins its third latest run Jan. 26 on the commercial ITV network, strands C-list celebs in the Australian jungle, subjects them to a series of icky trials involving spiders and snakes and allows the public to vote them off the show one by one. 

The show has proved a hit in Britain, drawing up to 14 million viewers — nearly a quarter of the population. A U.S. version on ABC last year fared less well. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Rush Fans Attack
Blabbermouth reports: Phil Lewis of Florida's Naples Daily News is reporting that John Henderson, the reporter handling the newspaper's police beat New Year's Day, was roundly criticized via e-mail for taking the address of RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson's North Naples condominium from booking sheets and including it in the story about Lifeson's arrest following a bloody tussle during a New Year's Eve celebration at one of Naples' two Ritz-Carlton hotels. 

"You scumsucking pig," was the opening of one e-mail received by Henderson. 

"How dare you give out a rock star's address to the public. I hope you get punished for your stupidity you (expletive)." It was signed "An Irate RUSH Fan." A more measured complaint followed: "I would like to comment on the sheer lack of taste and absence of journalistic integrity on the part of John Henderson. In his article 'Alex Lifeson of RUSH Arrested in New Year's Eve Fracas,' Henderson revealed the celebrity musician's home address in Naples. 

"Doesn't he have any common sense about privacy violations? Did he forget what happened to John Lennon? I think the editor of Naples (Daily) News is equally as suspect for letting this be published, and I sincerely hope that Mr. Lifeson's lawyers teach you all a lesson you'll remember." We're certain Mr. Lifeson's lawyers have more pressing duties. In Florida, the name, age and address of people arrested are a matter of public record, meaning the law requires such information to be available to anyone who requests it. - Click Here for the Full Story 

This is the second time in a month that the Naples Daily News has come under fire. A mocking lampoon style article about a cancelled hip-hop festival brought outrage against the publication from some black advocate associations. One of the offensive lines in that report; "Yo, dis here be the fo'-one-one on the show y'all, from the home boy dat was pimpin' it." 

Car Crash W.K.
Blabbermouth reports: Andrew W.K. drove head-on into two parked cars while filming an episode of his new television series Friday (Jan. 16). The full-speed crash resulted in a three car pile-up. No one in or near the accident was injured, and Andrew W.K. himself is also unharmed. However, all three of the cars are completely totalled. Andrew recalls: "I don't know what happened — it was like a total psychological black out and I didn't even exist, and then next thing you know, BAM! I completely smashed up all these cars!" A police report was recorded and Andrew was sent on his way to continue filming the rest of the T.V. show. No criminal charges have been filed. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Gives a new meaning to crashing the party

Nine Inch Borland Zombie
I Ate Your Microphone reports: Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails fame, and Wes Borland, the ex-guitarist of limpbizkit who has more recently worked with Eat The Day, will both be making contributions to the forthcoming new album from Rob Zombie, which is expected to emerge in Winter 2004 through Geffen Records. Lohner, as well as producing the soundtrack for the upcoming movie "Hellboy", will also appear alongside ex-Helmet frontman Page Hamilton on the forthcoming soundtrack to the horror movie "Saw"; which was scored by Nine Inch Nails keyboard player Charlie Clouser.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Deftones Fifth
Digital-Noise reports: Deftones singer Chino Moreno and drummer Abe Cunningham co-hosted a two-hour long radio show, KWOD's "Sounds of Sac", this past Sunday. 

During the show, Chino made the annoucement that the band are heading into the studio this week to begin recording the band's fifth album. 

Moreno also said that the band's label, Maverick, is denying a third single from the band's latest album. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Aero-Trick Tour Confirmed
Rolling Stone reports: Aerosmith will support their upcoming blues album, Honkin' on Bobo, with a forty-date tour, scheduled to launch March 11th in Lubbock Texas. 

The tour is capped by a June 28th stop in Cleveland, Ohio, hometown for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cheap Trick has been tapped to open. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Click full story link for tour dates

Oasis Boot Drummer
NME.com reports: ALAN WHITE is out of OASIS - and the band say they've asked him to leave. 

A spokesperson for the band contacted NME.COM today, and confirmed White had left the band. 

She said:"Alan White has been asked to leave Oasis by the other band members. There are no plans to replace Alan. The band's scheduled recording sessions remain unaffected." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Join the Band
Digital-Noise reports: SPINESHANK have launched the search for a new lead singer to replace Jonny Santos, who left the group earlier in the month over "musical" differences. 

Interested parties can send packages (music, photo, bio) to: 

Scott Koenig 
King Artist Management 
N Kings Rd # 102 
West Hollywood, CA 90069 

Or you can e-mail the material to: Spineshanksinger@aol.com - Click Here for the Full Story 

Blabbermouth reports: In spite of a recent false report on several Internet sites (including BLABBERMOUTH.NET) that GODHEAD frontman Jason Miller had decided to break up the band, GODHEAD are still together and are planning a U.S. tour in support of their current release on Reality Entertainment, "Evolver". In addition, they are writing material with former EVANESCENCE guitarist Ben Moody, Jason and band guitarist Mike Miller just played an acoustic show in Los Angeles, their new video for the next single off "Evolver", "Far Too Long", is about to be released to MTV and Fuse, and they have songs on the upcoming "Galarian Rion" soundtrack. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Mr Moody sure gets around. 

Stones Beat The Boss
Billboard reports: Bruce Springsteen and his mighty E Street Band put up some huge numbers on the road in 2003. But Springsteen was not the top touring artist of 2003, despite numerous media claims to the contrary. 

But any way you look at it, the Rolling Stones grossed far more than Springsteen did last year. 

From start to finish, the Stones' Licks tour grossed $299,520,230 from 113 shows dating back to September 2002. We lumped the entire tour into 2003's Billboard Boxscore stats because we received them all at once from promoter Michael Cohl's office at the end of the tour. We do not estimate. 

For the year, Springsteen's reported grosses totaled $181.7 million worldwide. If you take away the $90 million or so the Stones did in fall 2002, the band still easily outpaced Springsteen. The Boss' tour grossed $221.5 million from 121 shows, so tour for tour, the Stones also topped Springsteen's by more than $70 million. 

There is no sin in being out-grossed by the Rolling Stones, particularly when they charged significantly more per ticket than Springsteen did. The Stones top the list every time they go out. They are the No. 1 touring act of all time. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Lou Reed Comes Alive
Ananova reports: Lou Reed is to release a live album featuring material spanning his long career. 

Animal Serenade was recorded at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles as part of last year's world tour, reports Soundgenerator.com. 

Songs range from Velvent Underground classics Heroin, All Tomorrow's Parties and Venus In Furs right up to extracts from 2003's widely acclaimed The Raven. 

Animal Serenade is due out on March 22.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Harrison Guitar Matter Settled
Ananova reports: The doctor accused of forcing George Harrison to autograph a guitar as the former Beatle lay dying has agreed to dispose of the guitar, lawyers have announced. 

Harrison's family had filed a $10m lawsuit against Dr Gilbert Lederman, who treated him at a hospital in New York. 

They claimed the doctor had coerced the failing Harrison to autograph his son's guitar and sign autographs for his two daughters. 

The settlement was reached after two days of talks between lawyers for Harrison's family and for the doctor, according to Sky news. 

Harrison, who died of cancer on November 29 2001, was treated for about three weeks at the Staten Island University Hospital in New York. 

Under terms of the settlement, the Harrison family will give Lederman's son a replacement guitar and drop the lawsuit. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Von Bondies Debut
(press release) reports: Pawn Shoppe Heart is the major label debut album from The Von Bondies, the Detroit-based quartet whose provocative persona, unerring instincts and alluring approach to the essentials of great modern music have elevated their status as one of today's most influential and innovative young bands after just one independent release. 

Twelve potent and persuasive original songs comprise their new Sire/Reprise Records debut release, produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads and Modern Lovers renown and convincingly underscoring their place among the cultural cognoscenti. The UK immediately embraced The Von Bondies where the notoriously finicky N.M.E. described them as "Representing the perfect thrift store-clad antidote to tearily solipsistic emo, boneheaded MTV mope-rock and sexless indie warbling… the band exhilaratingly recasts the last 40 years of American music into one immaculately chelsea-booted whole." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Earl Slick and Friends
Press Release reports: EARL SLICK is celebrating the New Year with his newly released album ZIG ZAG (out now on Sanctuary Records) and U.S. tour dates through February 7 as part of a global tour with David Bowie on "A Reality Tour." ZIG ZAG is the acclaimed guitarist's first album of new material in 12 years and features collaborations with vocalists Bowie, the Cure's Robert Smith, Def Leppard's Joe Elliott, Spacehog's Royston Langdon and Martha Davis, each of whom wrote their own melody and lyrics. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Switchfoot Gold
(Press Release) reports: San Diego rock group Switchfoot continue to make an impressive impact with their Columbia/Red Ink debut,The Beautiful Letdown. The album, which entered the Billboard Top 200 at #85 in its first week of release has now been certified Gold by the RIAA. The first single, "Meant To Live" has been in the top 5 on Billboard's Modern Rock & Alternative charts for over 5 weeks. "Meant To Live" has also crossed over to the Top 40 format with airplay on over 50 stations across the country including Z100 in New York. The video for the song was directed by Laurent Briet, who helmed the lens for Radiohead's "Like Spinning Plates" and can currently be seen on, MTV, MTV2 and Fuse. 

The Beautiful Letdown is Switchfoot's fastest selling record to date and jumped an incredible 51 spots last week to land at #57 on the Billboard Top 200 chart after almost a year of being released. Switchfoot has seen astonishing success both on the radio and within the media. In the past 6 months, Switchfoot have toured the country three times to sold-out crowds (a new spring tour will kick-off in early March), were featured in Rolling Stone, USA Today and have performed on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and NBC's Last Call With Carson Daly. The Beautiful Letdown was also awarded with the 2003 San Diego Music Award for Album of the Year and Best Pop Album of the Year. Switchfoot first received critical acclaim for their debut release The Legend of Chin, which was recognized with an ASCAP award for Best New Artist at the San Diego Music Awards in 1997. Jon Foreman, frontman and guitarist for the group, was awarded the "Les Paul Horizon Award" at the annual Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards in 2001.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Insane Rock Moments
siN's metal news reports: "100 most insane moments in rock" released last week by British music magazine Q. 

The list, chosen by magazine staff, is an enlightening record of rock 'n' roll's wacky and weird moments, ranging from the bat-biting of Ozzy Osbourne to Michael Jackson conducting a voodoo ritual to fatally curse his enemies, via Elvis Presley's predilection for mounds of jam and peanut butter sandwiches, and Freddie Mercury's offstage sexual thrills. 

The Top 10: 
1. Keith Moon-countless drug-fueled brawls, a food fight with police in Flint, Michigan and an impromptu fireworks display on a U.S. television show. 
2. Prince — proselytizes door-to-door for Jehovah's Witnesses 
3. Marilyn Manson — covers fan in meat 
4. Michael Jackson — puts curse on Steven Spielberg 
5. Elvis Presley — flies 879 miles (1415 kilometers) for peanut butter and bacon sandwiches 
6. MAYHEM — Norwegian band's bassist kills guitarist 
7. Courtney Love — lies down semi-naked in London street 
8. Marion "Suge" Knight — career of oft-jailed rap impresario 
9. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown — troubled marriage 
10. Freddie Mercury — QUEEN frontman's backstage antics 
- Click Here for the Full Story 

Does 9 really fit? At least in the Top 10? What about Ike and Tina Turner? Or John and Yoko baggism and bed-ins? Surely that's more insane. 

A Perfect Volta
siN's metal news reports: According to the band's official website, THE MARS VOLTA are now official confirmed to open the upcoming A PERFECT CIRCLE tour as previously reported. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Euro Legit MP3s
siN's metal news reports: Music download website NAPSTER, which recently relaunched as a legal service, is to extend into Europe. NAPSTER, which was relaunched by new owner software firm Roxio, has announced that the service is to be extended across the Atlantic. 

Leanne Sharman, the former head of sales and marketing at the now closed music download site MP3.com is to head NAPSTER's European operations. "We're delighted Leanne has joined us at this time, as we look to further developing the business outside the US," said Brad Duea, NAPSTER's worldwide head of business development. 

"Her background in European sales and marketing leaves her well placed as our person on the ground in Europe," he added. NAPSTER has yet to give a date for the launch of its services in Europe, but industry insiders are predicting that they will start in April. 

In other music sharing news, Apple is also expected to extend its own music download service iTUNES from the US to Europe.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Danzig A Misfit Again?
siN's metal news reports: THE MISFITS Jerry Only has commented that the bands upcoming '2004 Fiend Fest Tour' could possibly feature AFI, and Jerry and DANZIG have been in recent talks about a project they could work on together - some are saying a possible reunion.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Spector of Starsailor
RockDirt.com reports: Starsailor singer James Walsh spoke with Jim Farber of the New York Daily News about the band's work with Phil Spector, who now is facing murder charges after the shooting death of club hostess Lana Clarkson at his home last February. "It was surreal," Walsh said, recalling his reaction to the charge against Spector. "It never entered our heads that something like that could happen." But it had occurred to the band that working with Spector might not be the smoothest of rides. "We were a bit nervous that he hadn't worked in so long," Walsh said. "The music world had moved on." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Skraped Off
The PRP reports: Skrape have dropped off of the Life Of Agony/Flaw tour. At present the group are planning to shoot a video for the title track to their recently released new album, "Up The Dose". A replacement act for Skrape has yet to be announced. - Click Here for the Full Story