Day In Rock 3/23: Bizkit Bomb Threat- Van Halen Announce Tour- Who Docu-arrest- Lostprophets- Fountains of Broadway?- Springsteen & Fries?- Sleater-Kinney- Aretha Hospitalized- Lifeson Charged- Big Brother Incubus- Sum 41- Anti-War Rubin- President Anuld?- Weezer- Dark Tranquillity- Senses May Fail- more
by Keavin Wiggins
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Bizkit Bomb Threat
Blabbermouth reports: LIMP BIZKIT were forced to cancel a concert in Poland on Monday night (March 22) after a bomb threat was called in two hours before the band were to take the stage. According to Onet.pl, the police received an anonymous phone call at 8:00 p.m. claiming that there was a bomb in the Spodek Sports Hall in Katowice, where the concert was to take place. Over 4,500 people, who came from all over the country, were evacuated. In order to keep everybody calm, the organizers informed the crowd that one of the band members was very ill and could not play. Many unhappy fans stood outside the venue for hours while the police searched it and found nothing. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Van Halen Announce Tour
liveDaily reports: Van Halen, a group that has been virtually dormant since its 1998 world tour ended, has finally announced that it is gearing up for its return to the road. 

According to information posted at the band's official website, the group is making plans for a tour that will include stops in Detroit; East Rutherford, NJ; Greensboro, NC; Hershey, PA; Kansas City, MO; Las Vegas; Philadelphia; St. Louis; St. Paul, MN; Wilkes-Barre, PA; and Worcester, MA. 

While the band's site currently lists only cities, sans dates or venues, it appears that the tour will run from at least June through October, according to concert-promoter Clear Channel Entertainment's website. 

Listings on Clear Channel's site show that the group is due to perform at Hershey's HersheyPark Stadium on June 13, at Philadelphia's Wachovia Center on June 16, and at Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena on Oct. 10. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Who Docu-arrest
NME reports: THE WHO's PETE TOWNSHEND is to feature in a new documentary which will show the guitarist being questioned by police following his arrest for viewing child pornography. 

The footage shows Townshend being interviewed by police in London's Twickenham police station, and makes up the first in a three-part series - 'Police Protecting Children' - a film following the Child Protection Team for 18 months. 

Producer Bob Long said: "It's a big leveller... In a way I wish we hadn't filmed Townshend, because he takes away from the real pornographers." 

He added: "But he serves as a cautionary tale - don't be tempted to look at child porn because your life might be ruined." [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Lostprophets Wake Up
siN's metal news reports: Wales' finest, LOSTPROPHETS have changed the title of their next single from 'Make A Move' to 'Wake Up (Make A Move)', expect to see the video for the aforementioned tune hitting TV waves fairly soon.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Surround Sound MP3s
siN's metal news reports: The Fraunhofer Institute has found a way to reproduce surround sound in a way that works with small MP3 files. Using a small amount of additional information added to an MP3 encoding stream the technology catches information about where sounds are supposed to be coming from. [see full story for more details]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Fountains of Broadway?
Launch reports: Fountains of Wayne singer Adam Schlesinger is headed for Broadway. He's teaming up with lyricist David Javerbaum, a writer for John Stewart's The Daily Show, to compose songs for a new musical called Cry-Baby, due out in 2006. It will be based on the 1990 John Waters film of the same name, which starred Johnny Depp, Ricki Lake and Traci Lords.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Springsteen & Fries?
Reuters reports: Instead of fries, how about a little Beyonce or Bruce Springsteen to go with your Big Mac? 

In the latest blend of e-music with the food-and-beverage industry, Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp. is working out a deal to promote the upcoming launch of its download music service through fast-food chain McDonald's Corp., the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday. 

According to the newspaper, McDonald's is expected to commit about $30 million in advertising to the partnership in exchange for unspecified discounts to license some songs from Sony's new download service, Sony Connect. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Sleater-Kinney Tour
Billboard reports: Indie rock trio Sleater-Kinney has slated a short two-leg spring tour. 

The first leg, beginning April 21 in Towson, Md., will concentrate on the East Coast with Sub Pop act Thermals opening. The West Coast leg, beginning May 14 in Santa Cruz, Calif., will feature Quasi in the opening slot. 

"Why are the tours so brief?" the band wrote on its Web site (http://www.sleater-kinney.com). "Because we are writing songs and getting ready to record. More extensive U.S. and overseas tours will commence once the new album is out." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Houses of Blues
AP reports: House of Blues Entertainment Inc., which operates music clubs and concert venues nationwide, has completed a $110 million recapitalization that will allow it to open new clubs, the company said. 

The privately held House of Blues said that investment firm Ares Management LLC will buy a $30 million stake in the company. Longtime investor JP Morgan Partners has also agreed to an unspecified additional investment. House of Blues was also able to secure a new bank line of credit from Banc of America Securities, the company said. 

The money will be used to expand the number of clubs domestically and internationally as well as pursue additional hotel ventures, according to company chief executive Greg Trojan. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Aretha Hospitalized
AP reports: Aretha Franklin has been hospitalized for an undisclosed ailment and is in stable condition, her publicist said Monday. 

The Queen of Soul, who lives in Detroit, was hospitalized Saturday, according to Gwendolyn Quinn, her New York City-based publicist. 

Quinn declined to say where the singer had been hospitalized. The publicist said she had no further information about Franklin's illness or how long she would be hospitalized. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Lifeson Charged
AP reports: [abridged]The lead guitarist for the rock band Rush, Alex Zivojinovich, whose stage name is Alex Lifeson, was charged Monday with two counts of battery, more than three months after a New Year's Eve scuffle with sheriff's deputies at a Naples hotel. 

The two charges he faces are each punishable by up to five years in prison if he is convicted. 

Zivojinovich's attorney declined to comment Monday. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Indie Rip-off
Rolling Stone reports: The two-week Beach City Tour, from Miami Beach to Rocky Point, Mexico, was supposed to begin in early March. All performers were promised plane fare, a tour bus, hotel rooms and a meal plan that included lasagna, baked mostaccioli, hamburgers and tacos. 

Ellee Ven, 28, was one of seven U.S. musicians who told Rolling Stone they paid a total of $10,500 to a Sun City, Arizona, company called 97 Radio to join the tour. But a few weeks before the first supposed show, 97 Radio stopped returning artists' calls. The tour never happened. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Euro Dylan
NME reports: BOB DYLAN will play Britain and Ireland this summer to kick off his European tour. 

The rock legend will start the jaunt at Cardiff's International Arena on June 18, before heading to the Newcastle Telewest Arena on June 22 and Glasgow SECC on June 23. 

Dylan will also play at Belfast's Stormont Castle on June 26 as part of the annual summer concert, and at Galway's Pearse Stadium on June 27. 

[see full story for dates]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Big Brother Incubus
MTV reports: Brandon Boyd was on an airplane last year when a talk show began playing on the TVs. Annoyed by his only programming option, the singer came up with a way to entertain himself. 

"I decided to start narrating for the people, which is a really great game if you're ever bored enough," he said. 

The game got Boyd thinking. "I realized a time will probably come when television will watch us if we're watching it," the singer surmised. "If that hasn't already happened, figuratively or literally. It sounded like some sort of pseudo-Big Brother nightmare, so I wrote it down." 

"Come one, come all, into '1984,' " the singer wrote, referring to George Orwell's classic novel in which the government (known as Big Brother) watches everyone. 

The line became the chorus to "Talk Show on Mute," which Incubus plan to release as the second single from A Crow Left of the Murder. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Sum 41 Infected Again
Chart Attack reports: So what's up with Sum 41? It seems like the Canadian pop-punkers have been laying low lately. But don't worry, the little goons aren't gone and forgotten they're just preparing to attack the public with another slice of punk rock mayhem. 

Fans are undoubtedly anticipating a follow-up record to 2002's mega-hit, Does This Look Infected?, and we can now tell you that material is definitely on the way. The band are in the process of recording their new album. They've recorded part of the record in Los Angeles and are completing it in Toronto right now. The album is still in its rough stages, so there is no release date as of yet. - Click Here for the Full Story 

The original article labeled them punk, not The Day in Rock.. for more and to learn about their contribution to the Rock Against Bush Cd click the full story link.

Anti-War Rubin
Net Music Countdown reports: Rick Rubin, one the most influential and famous producers of rock music in history, is putting together a compilation album of anti-war songs. Artists who've agreed to record tracks for the album include Audioslave, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, and the late Johnny Cash. The album will feature both covers and originals and will include contributions from artists he's recorded in the past and artists who will perform specifically for the album.- Click Here for the Full Story 

It may be a year late but guessing by that line-up it won't be a dollar short.

President Anuld?
Ananova reports: Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger's chances of one day becoming American President received a boost - with backing from the brother of John F Kennedy. 

Senator Edward Kennedy said he would support a change in the law which would allow immigrants who have lived in the US for 20 years to run for the White House. 

"I think you'd agree Arnold's able and he's smart and he's doing a good job out there," he said. 

It is an odd political match - Senator Kennedy is a Democrat and known as one of the more liberal members of the Senate, while Schwarzenegger is a Republican. 

But Schwarzenegger became a member of the extended Kennedy family when he married Maria Shriver, niece of JFK. 

Legislation has been introduced in America which would allow people like Schwarzenegger to run for the presidency. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Why is this posted in the Day in Rock? Because if this law passes forget Anuld, it would allow Lemmy to run!

Weezer Blue Tuesday
Day in Rock reports: Today is the day that Weezer fans have been waiting for. Today marks the re-release of Weezer's "Blue Album" with a bonus disc and new DVD "Video Capture Device" with "over a decades worth of Weezer history" for Geffen Records. 

We received a bit of info on these releases (review forthcoming on anti). Here is the 411

 Two-CD DELUXE EDITION of Weezer's 1994 debut album features disc of rare and previously unreleased tracks; VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE: TREASURES FROM THE VAULT 1991-2002 DVD collects all the band's videos plus never before seen live and studio performances. 

[click the full story link to check out a player for the DVD, behind the scenes footage, plus bonus multimedia for the "Blue Album" deluxe edition. Plus some other multimedia offerings from new releases this week including Godsmack, SOiL, Gary Jules, The Vines and more @ antiMUSIC's Mandatory Media section] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Stoner Heaven
Rockdirt reports: Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell tells Stuff magazine his guitarist Dave Navarro "is an angel from another dimension who has come here to help set the record straight." As for Porno for Pyros guitarist Peter DiStephano, Farrell said, "I used to chase ghosts with him in Malibu. I used a stuffed animal as a torch." He also gave his opinion on drug use? "I have a superstition that people who don't like marijuana are gonna go to the heaven that I don't want to go to. But don't tell them, because they may try and crash our heaven." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Dark Tranquillity Retro
Digital Noise reports: Dark Tranquillity have set June 15th as the release date for their album "Exposures: In Retrospect and Denial". 

The double-disc album will consist of 31 tracks, totalling almost 2 hours of outtakes, rarities and live material. The first CD includes rare and long out-of-print cuts from the debut 7" single, "A Moonclad Reflection" (1992), tracks from the ground breaking demo, "Trail Of Life Decayed" (1991), bonus tracks from the Japanese editions of their last three albums, and three previously unreleased tracks. The bonus disk is the audio from the Polish show (19 songs) that was featured on their recent "Live Damage" DVD. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Senses May Fail
Aversion reports: The rumors on the Internet that say Senses Fail signed to Vagrant aren't true, according to a statement released by Drive-Thru Records. 

While the band has yet to comment upon its label situation, Drive Thru issued an arugmentative statement saying it owned the rights to the band. 

"Bands can't just peace out and go to another record label, and labels can't just randomly decide they want to put out a signed band's new record," said the imprint's Stefanie Reines. "If that's how things worked, i'd be calling up Dreamworks and thanking them for Jimmy Eat World. If the Senses Fail album doesn't come out on Drive-Thru/Geffen, it will come out on Drive-Thru." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Blabbermouth reports: DIO will release "Sacred Heart", a live performance from the sold-out Philadelphia Spectrum on DVD format Tuesday, March 23, 2004 through Rhino Home Video. The performance, first released on VHS, features 60 minutes of DIO classics in all their live glory with Ronnie James Dio, Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain, Craig Goldy and Claude Schnell. 

Track listing:
01. Draco Ignis
02. King of Rock and Roll
03. Time to Burn
04. The Last in Line/Holy Diver
05. Heaven and Hell
06. Sacred Heart
07. Rock N Roll Children
08. Long Live Rock N Roll
09. Man on the Silver Mountain
10. Rock N Roll Children (Reprise)
11. Rainbow in the Dark
12. Hungry for Heaven

 [blabbermouth has more info]- Click Here for the Full Story 

This Day In...
BW&BK reports: ... 1976 (March 23), JUDAS PRIEST release their album, Sad Wings Of Destiny. 
... 2001 (March 23), DEATH/MONSTROSITY bassist Kelly Conlon joins VITAL REMAINS. 
... 2001 (March 23), SOILWORK keyboardist Carlos Del Olmo leaves the group. 
... 2001 (March 23), SPV Records and Osmose Productions ink a deal to bring the entire Osmose catalog to the U.S. 
... 2001 (March 23), Osmose ink deals with HOUWITSER, IMPIETY, DIVINE DECAY, ARKHOM INFAUSTUS and DOMAIN. 
- Click Here for the Full Story 

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