Day In Rock 5/07: Death at Bowie Show- Solo Creed- MTV MP3s- Nickeldork Remix- Spector Didn't Fire Gun?- Face To Face- QOTSA Recording- Hives-  Metallica- Jacko Flick- The Rembrandts- NIN- Filter Q & A- Spider Rock 2- Strokes Pissed in Nashville- New REM?- Darkness Mutt- The Vines- more
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Friday  antiMUSIC.com's look at Today's Top Rock News Stories From Across the Web

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Fatal Fall Before Bowie Show
Reuters reports: David Bowie on Thursday scrapped a concert in Miami after a local stagehand was killed in a fall before the performance began, the rock star's publicist said in a statement. 

Details of the accident at the James L. Knight Center, or of the stagehand's identity, were not disclosed, but the statement said police were investigating. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Manson To Play Jesus?
ArrowFM reports: B-horror movie director George A. Romero, who is responsible for such classics as Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, is trying to put together a new project called Diamond Dead. The story of a rock band that returns from the dead, the film will be composed by Rocky Horror Film Show composer Richard Hartley. And believe it or not, musicians such as David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne and Gwen Stefani are being considered for roles in the zombie flick. "The script is out to Marilyn for the role of Jesus Christ," casting director Andrew Gaty says.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: ArrowFM also has news on New Van Halen Songs On The Horizon, Alice Cooper Honored, Graham Nash Honored, Jimmy Page Pays Homage To B.B. King and more click here to check it out

Reuters reports: MTV Networks is expected to launch an online music service powered by MusicNet later this year, making it the latest big brand to enter an increasingly crowded market for online music, people familiar with the plan said on Thursday. 

MusicNet is a business-to-business company that charges its clients fees for offering them the technology, the infrastructure and its catalog of licensed music to develop digital music services. 

Its customers include Time Warner Inc's America Online and Virgin Group Ltd. [see full story for more] - Click Here for the Full Story 

The only hitch is you'll only get part of the song and the rest will be obscured by teenyboppers commenting on how 'hot' the artist is. Ok, not really. 

Nickeldork Remix
siN's metal news reports: Thanks to Nintendork.com, a witty writer, and a 'genius' with a mixer, the glory of NICKELBACK's success has been ultimately revealed. Read on: 

"It's probably no surprise that I don't enjoy "popular" or "Top 40" music. It's corporate, bland, overplayed, unoriginal, boring, bland, and boring, It's also dumb. But just because I don't enjoy it doesn't mean I don't listen to it. I mean, how can you not when radio and TV is infested with this crap. Lately, one of the bands that I love to hate is Nickelback, slowly climbing the ranks and placing themselves up at the top with Creed, Matchbox 20, and countless others as "worst bands in the history of music."" 

So I received tremendous joy when I found the following file over on the SA Forums. Some internet genius took Nickelback's first horrible "hit," and mixed it with Nickelback's newest awful "hit." By "mixed" I mean one s***ty song plays in the left speaker, and the other ear-bleeding excuse for rock plays in the right speaker. What a surprise, they are almost EXACTLY THE SAME. It's uncanny, sad, and hilarious at the same time. [see full story to read more and get a Nickledork remix mp3]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: siN's metal news also has news on Cannibal Corpse Status Report, Vader - Tour news and Metallica date, HateSphere, Children Of Bodom, Anatomy of a Ghost - Disbanded and more click here to check it out

Face To Face Goodbye
Pollstar reports: Southern California punk rockers face to face have announced the itinerary for their final round of shows. 

The Only Goodbye Tour will kick off August 13 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., and hit both coasts and plenty in between, including Canada, before wrapping September 19 in West Hollywood. 

The band announced it was breaking up last November after its stint on the Vans Warped Tour. Singer/guitarist Trever Keith stated at the time, "We've said what we had to say." 

Instead of calling it quits on the spot, though, the band has decided to stage one last hurrah for the fans. [see full story for more and Pollstar will also hook you up with dates]- Click Here for the Full Story 

QOTSA Recording
MTV reports: Josh Homme and the new lineup of Queens of the Stone Age bassist Alain Johannes, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen and drummer Joey Castillo plan to hit the studio at the end of the month to begin work on their next album.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Hives Prep New CD
MTV reports: Swedish garage-rockers the Hives are ready to swarm the States this summer with a tour and a new album. 

The band's third, as-yet-untitled LP its first in four years is due July 20, according to a spokesperson for Interscope Records, the band's U.S. label. [lots more, see full story link]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Solo Creed
MTV reports: Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti has entered a Florida studio with his new project, Alter Bridge, to begin work on their debut album, expected this fall. [Stapp's also working on a solo effort, see full story for more on that]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: MTV also has news on The G-Unit, Creed, Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Sean Paul, Shyne, Megadeth, Nas, American Idol, 50 Cent and more click here to check it out

No Bubblegum for Metallica
Chart Attack reports: The Sun spoke with Hetfield about his recovery and the band's rebirth last week. 

Are you happy with the reception the new album is getting? 

Hetfield: Yeah. We're grateful people are embracing it as much as they can. It's a pretty intense record and these days, with bubblegum metal on the radio, it takes some intense music fans to get past the length of the songs and some of the production. It was more of a statement than anything as to what we were feeling. 

What kind of statement were you trying to make? 

Hetfield: When we're feeling healthy or happy we tend to play a little faster, so the songs got a lot faster. There was so much fun just creating riffs on the spot we couldn't leave anything out, so we kept adding and adding and the songs got somewhat long. 

[lots more to read, click the full story link]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Jacko Flick Shooting In Calgary
Chart Attack reports: Cameras are rolling on an unauthorized TV movie about pop icon Michael Jackson. 

Filming began in Calgary this week on the project, which is a co-production between city-based Nomadic Pictures and Los Angeles-based production company Blueprint Entertainment. 

Flex Alexander, from the sitcom One on One, stars as Jackson. Also in the cast are Eugene Clark, Peter Onorati, Amy Sloan and Krista Rae. Production runs until May 28. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: Chart Attack also has news on Janet Jackson bares her soul, Bobby Brown wife-beating trial a go, Black Eyed Peas, Hip, Lovett, Adams in Ott. Bluesfest and more click here to check it out

Friends Mixed Blessing For The Rembrandts
AP reports: Phil Solem didn't want to be known as a one-hit wonder, but it will be hard to think otherwise when the final episode of "Friends" airs Thursday and viewers hear him sing the show's theme song. 

Solem and his band, The Rembrandts, were approached by a "Friends" producer in 1994. They wrote 45 seconds of material with five other writers, intending to stay anonymous. 

"A radio guy in Nashville I don't know if I love him or hate him looped the 45 seconds into a three-minute song, and people were all over it," Solem, a native of Duluth, said from his home in Sherman Oaks, Calif. 

"Our record label said we had to finish the song and record it. There was no way to get out of it," said Solem, who has written reams of music in his 47 years. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Spector Didn't Fire Gun?
AP reports: An actress killed at music producer Phil Spector's home was shot with a gun inside her mouth and had gunshot residue on both hands, indicating she may have fired the weapon, according to a coroner's report given to The Associated Press. 

The forensic analysis involving the .38-caliber Colt revolver was prepared four days after the Feb. 3, 2003, death of Lana Clarkson at the suburban Alhambra home of Spector, who was immediately arrested but wasn't charged with murder until November. He is free on $1 million bail. 

"Analysis revealed several highly specific particles and many consistent particles of gunshot residue on both the right and left hand. ... Therefore, the decedent may have discharged a firearm or had (her) hands otherwise in an environment of gunshot residue," the report said. [see full story for lots more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

NIN Update
IAYM reports: Nine Inch Nails have relaunched their official website at www.nin.com, bringing with it an update on the recording process of their upcoming new album "Bleed Through". The record is tentatively due out in late 2004 through Nothing/Interscope. - Click Here for the Full Story

Filter Q & A
Official Filter reports: Legendary Jane's Addiction bassist Eric Avery, Failure mastermind Ken Andrews, and Filter's own Frank Cavanaugh recently answered a few questions about the album in progress... 

Q: What does the new Filter album sound like? 

K: It sounds really good. Rich's voice is in top form right now and he's really coming up with some great vocals. 
F: It's kind of like Radiohead meets Soundgarden. 

Q: How does it differ from previous albums? 

K: It's hard to say at this point because its not quite finished yet, but I would say it's leaning a bit on the heavier side of things. Lots of energy. 
E: I only heard a couple of songs, but his approach to the whole thing is much more like his first record in spirit. [see the full story for more - thanks to IAYM] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Spider-Rock 2
IAYM reports: A soundtrack disc for "Spider-Man 2" is currently in the works, and is set to feature Hoobastank, Lostprophets and Yellowcard amongst others when it sees a release on June 22nd through Columbia Records/Sony Music.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: IAYM also has news on Electric Wizard, Manic (ex-Bemus), The Blank Theory, Drive Like You Stole It, Twin Zero, Ghost Fight and more click here to check it out

Summerfest 04
NMC reports: Summerfest 2004 is Milwaukee, Wisconsin's huge 11-day music festival, featuring everything from alternative to zydeco on 12 different stages. The festival starts Thursday, June 24 and runs through Sunday July 4. This year, Australian band Jet is among the headliners. The chart-topping rock group will close the festivities when they take the stage at 10 p.m. on Independence Day. 

Some of the other artists slated to appear at Summerfest include The Roots, The Darkness, Morris Day and The Time, The Donnas, Indigo Girls, Liz Phair, Paul Oakenfield, Cheap Trick and Los Lobos. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Silly News: Strokes Pissed in Nashville
NME reports: The Strokes couldn't hold it last Sunday (5/2). During their concert at the River Stages in Nashville, Tennessee, frontman Julian Casablancas and guitarist Nick Valensi urinated into the Cumberland River. Prior to relieving himself, Casablancas told the audience, "I tried to take a leak during the ***** solo, but I didn't have the chance.'' The singer informed the crowd of what he and Valensi were going to do, and then the pair walked to the back of the stage while the other Strokes' members sat down for a smoke break. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: NMC also has news on Mario Winans, Japan Big On Lostprophets, No Doubt, Norah Jones dates, and more click here to check it out

New REM?
Ananova reports: REM say they have recorded more than an album's worth of new material and it could be released later this year. 

The band have been recording the follow-up to 2001's Reveal at Compass Point in the Bahamas, reports XFM.co.uk. 

"We are about finished with the work here and will be heading across the water to Miami for the final phase of recording and mixing," a statement from the band reads. [see full story for more] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Darkness Mutt
Ananova reports: The Darkness have recruited veteran rock producer Robert 'Mutt' Lange for the follow-up to Permission to Land. 

Lange's credits include AC/DC's Highway To Hell and For Those About To Rock We Salute You, as well as albums for Bryan Adams, Def Leppard and Foreigner. 

More recently, he's also worked with everyone from Britney Spears to the Backstreet Boys, reports XFM.co.uk. [see full story to see what Avril thinks about The Darkness] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: Ananova also has news on Stevie Wonder, Beatles contract sells, Lenny Kravitz, Cold Feet, Britney Spears, Sir Paul and more click here to check it out

Cradle of Lennon
The PRP reports: Lennon will soon be hitting the U.K. to record guest vocals for a song from Cradle Of Filth's upcoming new album "Nymphetamine", which is expected out through Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam on August 24th. The as-yet unannounced track is expected to serve as the first single from the aforementioned effort. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: The PRP also has news on Converge, Queens Of The Stone Age, Beloved, The Bled and Classic Case tour, Alexisonfire, The Bowels Of Judas and more click here to check it out

Arch Enemy Sorry With No Reason
siN's metal news reports: Here's from the official ARCH ENEMY site, Archenemy.net: 

"As previously reported ARCH ENEMY have dropped off the current MACHINE HEAD US tour. To the fans that were expecting to see ARCH ENEMY perform at these shows, the band offers their deepest apologies. To all the people involved in putting the tour together, the band regrets that they couldn't make it work out. To MACHINE HEAD and the other performing bands, ARCH ENEMY would like to apologise and wish them a successful tour."- Click Here for the Full Story 

Vond Reissue
press release reports: Candlelight Records confirms May 18 as the US release date for the rare and controversial recording from Norway's Vond. Selvmord, from the artist more popularly known as Mortiis, is a record that has been unavailable for most US fans of the Norwegian musician and finds reintroduction to US audiences as the artist continues work on his next full-length recording, expected later this year. 

Issued to limited release in 1997 (under the guise of Slipp Sorgen Los), Selvmord is a four-song, 50 minute ambient adventure that showcased for the first time the industrial-tinged side of the darkwave/ambient musician. "It's like entering a tunnel, a cave with only sadness and darkness," notes Amazon.com. "Some of Mortiis' best work." Its album artwork sparked immediate controversy on the album's initial European release - with several territories banning the album. The album later found two album covers so that fans in Germany and other countries could experience the album.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Susperia Set Release
press release reports: Candlelight Records confirms June 29 as the US release date for the new album from Norway's Susperia. Titled Unlimited, it is the third full-length album from the growing melodic metal band. - Click Here for the Full Story 

The Vines Pod
Day in Rock reports: The Vines now have their very own iPod commercial. Check out the full story link to view the commercial (in Apple QuickTime). - Click Here for the Full Story 

Summer of Metal Listening Party Recap
The listening party went great on Wednesday. Thanks to our L.A. area readers that made it out. A good time was had by all and we got to check out some new music from Roadrunner. I got there a little late so I missed part of the listening party. I did catch some new stuff from Killswitch Engage (excellent, really looking forward to that CD) and some new Slipknot. I think some people are gonna be surprised with the new Slipknot CD. We know the maggots will love it, and for the record I'm not a Slipknot fan, but I was duly impressed with what I heard, especially the guitar parts. We'll reserve the final verdict for the review of the CD, but it got my interest going. 

Jugulur brought the rock to kick off the live portion of the party and brought it big! How do you top Jugulur's thermo-nuclear metal? How about a set from original Anthrax throat Neil Turbin. I said it in the recap for the show but I'll say it here again, Neil blew me away. Classic heavy heavy metal style with a voice of pure balls and power. Definitely, check out the full story link for a few photos from the show, Neil's set list PLUS links to the band's involved with the party AND info on upcoming "Summer of Metal" listening parties that are happenin' across the U.S. this summer! (the May dates are up right now) We'll keep you posted about the next listening party we co-sponsor with Happenin Harry in L.A. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Friday Media
antiMUSIC reports: Need new music to start the weekend off? We just added a ton of new offerings to the Mandatory Media section including an "unofficial" video for "Who Let The Dogs Out" (don't watch if you are easily offended!), plus the controversial new video from Otep, and a ton of new videos, eCards and streams from Lo-Pro, The Killers, Von Bondies, Bumblebeez 81, Damien Rice, The Vines, Shinedown, Ben Kweller, Simple Kid, Jem and lots more! So if you need your multimedia fix, click the full story link. - Click Here for the Full Story 





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