Day In Rock 5/21: Worst Songs Ever- Slipknot Protest- CD Price Hike- Metallica Movie Release- Reznor: Dylan & Zep Sellouts- P2P Jail-  SARS DVD- Coldplay, R.E.M., U2 Red Rocks- Bass Label Society- Beastie Boys- Kravitz Born Again- Cash Auction- Metal Church - Static-X- Premature dredg- 2cents- more
by Keavin Wiggins
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Worst Songs Ever
Scripps Howard News Service reports: [Because it was so much fun last time, and it was a slow news day, we have a new Worst Song Ever list! Mark Brown of the Scripps Howard News Service has offered his answer to Blender's recent Worst Songs Ever list. Except Mark's isn't geared to aging hippies like Blender's editors. Yeah Starship sucked, but who cares all these year later except those that loved them back when they were "the Airplane man". Mr. Brown has come up with a list that is a bit more up to date, and axes the predicable songs. The Top 20 of his 25 song list appears below, check out the full story for the full list and Mr. Brown's explanation about: "What makes a bad song? Why, Creed does, of course. Oops, beg your pardon - we're talking what, not who…" ] 

Inspired by Blender, here are 25 more songs that cry out to be on the list. 

1. "Brand New Key," Melanie: Possibly the least-appealing sexual innuendo in any song ever. 
2. "Freedom," Paul McCartney: Proof of his one-time claim that he can write a song in just five minutes.
3. "Jenny From the Block," J-Lo: The performer's contribution to the decline of Western civilization.
4. "How You Remind Me," Nickelback: "Never made it as a wise man." You don't say!
5. "I've Never Been to Me," Charlene: Save the cab fare, sister.
6. "In the End," Linkin Park: Sniveling self-pity as an art form.
7. "Billy Don't Be a Hero," Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods: Wrong on so many levels we can't begin to explain.
8. "The Night Chicago Died," Paper Lace: Besides this atrocity, these sadists also recorded "Billy Don't Be a Hero."
9. "Tie a Yellow Ribbon," Tony Orlando: How did this vapid song about a needy ex-con get turned into a tribute to our soldiers?
10. "You Decorated My Life," Kenny Rogers: Presumably with a trip to the 99 Cent Store.
11. "Say You Say Me," Lionel Richie: Say what? Reminder of why, at one point, '80s radio stations would play anything Richie recorded.
12. "Seasons in the Sun," Terry Jacks: We had joy, we had fun . . . but never when this song was playing.
13. "Barely Breathing," Duncan Sheik: So put all of us out of our misery, already.
14. "Sometimes When We Touch," Dan Hill: So overwrought it's bloodless.
15. "Man, I Feel Like a Woman," Shania Twain: Man, I feel like poking my eardrums out with an ice pick.
16. "Sk8r Boi," Avril Lavigne: Horrible tune that teaches your daughters the valuable lesson that men are worthwhile only if famous.
17. "Nookie," Limp Bizkit: So unsexy that Fred Durst must have written this as a work of fiction.
18. "Silly Love Songs," Wings: Even Paul McCartney won't play this atrocity anymore.
19. "American Pie," Madonna: Like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.
20. "Come on Eileen," Dexy's Midnight Runners: Friends don't let friends play this lurching roller-coaster of a song.
- Click Here for the Full Story 

But where is Belly Osbourne? Oh, it went away. 

Slipknot Protest
Blabbermouth reports: Chris Hamilton of Albany, NY's Capital News 9 is reporting that a woman named Susan Balfour wants to stop the "Aggressive Music Festival" planned at the Glens Falls Civic Center in July. The concert, which is scheduled to take place July 17-18, will feature performances from such acts as SLAYER, SLIPKNOT, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, CHIMAIRA, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, SHADOWS FALL, HATEBREED and LIFE OF AGONY. 

"People have no idea what these lyrics are. How powerful they are to young children," Balfour said. 

Balfour is going around the Glens Falls area and showing people the lyrics of some of the groups performing at the two-day concert. She is asking them to sign a petition that seeks to have the concert cancelled. 

"This is a piece called 'Disasterpiece' by SLIPKNOT. The first line is 'I want to slit your throat and f_ the wound.' And there are many others, this is just one example," Balfour said. 

Some area residents agreed with Balfour and have signed her petition, saying that young children shouldn't be attending this concert. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Metallica Movie Release
Blabbermouth reports: METALLICA's much-anticipated $4-million documentary "Some Kind of Monster" will be released in small theaters in New York and San Francisco on July 9, with plans to show the movie in other U.S. markets by the fall. [see full story for theatre list]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Reznor: Dylan & Zep Sellouts
Blabbermouth reports: Asked by a fan via the NIN.com web site how he feels about legendary artists such as BOB DYLAN and LED ZEPPELIN selling their songs for TV commercials, Reznor replied, "If an artist owns the controlling rights of their music, then it's their decision to do what they please. I wonder if DYLAN could understand the sinking, hollow feeling I had when I heard his music in that context. How much money does LED f***ing ZEPPELIN need? Do they realize (or care) that when you hear their track now, you visualize a s***ty car whizzing by? Do they understand the significance of what their music once held for people — or is it really all about how many units you can sell and commerce at any cost?" - Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: Blabbermouth also has news on GENE SIMMONS, THE AGONY SCENE Sign With ROADRUNNER RECORDS, Irate BLACK SABBATH Fans Launch Online Petition To Get Drummer BILL WARD Back, DEATH & TAXES, CAOS, HANOI ROCKS, DEADSY and more click here to check it out

Italian P2P Jail
tinfoil reports: Italian parliment passed legislation that would stick those found guilty of transfering copyrighted material online in jail for five years yesterday. 

The new law brings Italy's copyright laws, dated back to 1941, into the internet era by making the punishment for sharing almost as severe as proffiting from it. 

Those found guilty of the unauthorised distribution of copyright material now face a fine of between US$185 and $1240, a jail sentence of between six months and three years and the confiscation of their hardware and software. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

EMI CD Price Hike?
Chart Attack reports: A dispute between music label EMI and retailer HMV is hitting music fans and indie artists like Sum 41 and Oh Susanna in the pocketbook. 

Experts say the price increases -- between $2 and $10 -- for CDs by artists such as Nickelback, Janet Jackson, Norah Jones, Radiohead and Sarah McLachlan, are just the latest manifestation of the industry's woes. 

The increases, which took effect in early April, are due to a squabble over the wholesale price of EMI's CDs, and all the indie labels it distributes. [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Chart Attack reports: Ever wondered what Mick Jagger and Justin Timberlake talked about before their duet of Miss You/Cry Me A River during the Rolling Stones' closing set at SARS-stock last summer? 

Well, you can find out on June 29 when Toronto Rocks, a two-disc DVD documenting the multi-act concert at Downsview Park that drew close to a half-million people -- the largest ticket single day event in history -- is released. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: Chart Attack also has news on This week's Nielsen SoundScan charts, Clay Aiken tops U.S. Singles chart, Moby to work on Ian Curtis biopic, Sabbath reuniting for Ozzfest and more click here to check it out

Coldplay, R.E.M., U2 Red Rocks
Billboard reports: Coldplay, R.E.M., U2, Willie Nelson and Ben Harper are among the artists represented via live recordings on "Carved in Stone Vol. 2," recorded at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre outside Denver. The 10-track album will be available in the Denver area beginning June 4 and nationally on June 15. It follows the 2003 release of the first "Carved in Stone," which featured Phish, Widespread Panic and Indigo Girls. [see full story for more including track listing]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: Billboard also has news on Cam'ron Peers Through 'Purple Haze', Alicia Keys Signs Putnam Book Deal, Black Keys,Cash Memorabilia Headed To Auction, Bluesman 'Gatemouth' Moore Dies At 90 and more click here to check it out

Bass Label Society
MTV reports: Black Label Society have hired James Lomenzo to play bass during the band's Ozzfest shows. Lomenzo was one of several bassists who played on the band's most recent album, Hangover Music Vol. VI, which came out last month. [more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Beastie Boys KROQ
MTV reports: The Beastie Boys will headline influential Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM's 12th annual Weenie Roast, scheduled for June 12 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California. The Hives, the Strokes, Velvet Revolver, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New Found Glory, Hoobastank, Yellowcard, Bad Religion, Cypress Hill, Modest Mouse, Story of the Year and the Killers are also on the bill.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: MTV also has news on 50 Cent And Eminem, Alicia Keys, William Hung, Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, Strokes, Vans Warped Tour, Phish, Mark Olson, Candlemass and more click here to check it out

Reggae Stones
Reuters reports: Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has reissued the "Wingless Angels" reggae CD, which features drumming and chanting by a troupe of devout Rastafarians in Jamaica. 

The CD, which Richards produced with Rob Fraboni, was originally released by Island Records in 1997, under license from Richards' Mindless Records imprint. 

The new version, featuring the same track listing and artwork, is initially available only via his Web site (http://www.keithrichards.com). - Click Here for the Full Story 

Kravitz Born Again
AP reports: Two years after dropping out of the music scene, Lenny Kravitz says he has begun a new chapter in his life — a new album titled, "Baptism." 

"I feel like the last record closed a chapter, a big chapter in my life, and this is the beginning of another one," he told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "I feel reborn, I feel great. I feel like it's my first record again." [see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Cash Auction
AP reports: One piece at a time, Johnny Cash's guitars, banjos, handwritten lyrics, photographs, vintage black leather clothing, Grammy awards and other belongings will be auctioned this fall by Sotheby's. - Click Here for the Full Story 

The New Metal Church 
Electric Basement reports: Seattle area Metal icons METAL CHURCH have announced the title of their new album is The Weight of the World. They also have a fresh lineup consisting of long time members Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitars) and Mike Arrington (drums), as well as new vocalist Ronny Munroe, whose style has been described as "Rob Halford meets Dio", as well as Jay Reynolds (Malice) on guitar and Steve Unger on bass. 

Tracklisting: 1. Leave Them Behind (5:45) - 2. Weight Of The World (5:21) - 3. Hero's Soul (4:42) - 4. Madman's Overture (8:34) - 5. Sunless Sky (5:26) - 6. Cradle To Grave (5:54) - 7. Wings Of Tomorrow (6:16) - 8. Time Will Tell (5:08) - 9. Bomb To Drop (4:04) - 10. Blood Money (5:06) [see full story for tour dates] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Static-X Plan Tour
IAYM reports: Static-X plan to head out on a full U.S. tour in the summer, expected to kick off in late July and running through August.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Premature dredg
IAYM reports: dredg, who are currently working in a Seattle, Washington based studio on their next album alongside Terry Date, have posted the following on their official website: 

"-patience- supposedly there are demos of ours traversing the world wide web. though we are not against the free dowloading of music we would like to add a disclaimer concerning these demos. they are not a dredg record, they were completed hastily for rough draft purposes. please if you can, have patience and wait for our record which will represent our complete goal. thanks. cheers. dredg." 

The as-yet-untitled new album is expected out through Interscope later this year.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: IAYM also has news on Mellowdrone tour dates, Eighteen Visions, The Rise, Candlemass disband, Strata, VAST Acoustic set, tour dates, Dry Kill Logic, Static-X tour updates, Hondo Maclean and more click here to check it out

Napster UK
Xfm reports: The first of an approaching swathe of major commercial download services arrived in the UK today as Napster 2.0 - the legal version of the infamous file-sharing software that pioneered peer-to-peer music sharing - was launched by parent company Roxio.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Source: Xfm also has news on Razorlight Unveil New Album And Drummer, The Libertines Play Free London Gig, PJ Harvey, Chili Pepper To Release Six New Records, Moby and more click here to check it out

Winning Songs?
press release reports: $100,000 in cash and prizes will be shared by 50 winners in 16 categories. All musicians, bands, artists, and songwriters are invited to enter their songs. Since its inception in 2002, ISC especially takes pride in its judges and this year is no exception. ISC 2004 offers both aspiring and established songwriters the opportunity to have their songs heard by a prestigious panel of judges. 

Categories for 2004: AAA/Roots/Americana, Dance/Electronica, Jazz, R&B/Hip-Hop, Blues, Folk/Singer-Songwriter, Lyrics Only, Rock, *Children's Music, Gospel/Christian, *Performance, Teen, Country, *Instrumental, Pop/Top 40, World - *New for 2004 

Enter your songs now. Visit songwritingcompetition.com for updates, an entry form and more information.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Slipknot IMX'd
press release reports: Slipknot will be the guest with Juliya on a special metal edition of IMX promoting their Roadrunner release "The Subliminal Verses" 

Friday, May 21st 
6:00PM EST

 All member of Slipknot will be on the show!
Corey #8 - Vocals | Mick #7 - Guitar | Sid #0 - Turntables | Shawn #6 - Custom Percussion | Paul #2 - Bass | Joey #1 - Drums | Chris #3 - Custom Percussion | James #4 - Guitar | Craig #5 - Samples/Media- Click Here for the Full Story 

System of a Down Mixing Things Up 
antiMUSIC reports: System of a Down are hard at work, holed up in their North Hollywood rehearsal space since January, working on material for the follow up to their five-million-selling "Toxicity" album. 

A release date has not yet been set for the release but the band hasn't been shy about filling in fans on the details. The group issued a press release letting fans in on how things are progressing and getting them ready for the more complex musicianship and the more experimental nature of the new songs. 

"We've all been stretching and growing as musicians," said guitarist Daron Malakian. "The musicianship on the new songs is more complex, more intricate and technical. We're all so excited about being in this band and about getting into the studio to start recording the new album. There are a lot of things we want to try once we're in the studio, we'll be doing a lot of experimenting with these new songs." [more] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Van Halen Double Hits
antiMUSIC reports: Van Halen has indeed returned. The band has announced details for their forthcoming "The Very Best of Van Halen" compilation. The CD has yet to get a solid release date, but we can tell you that it will be a two-disc release that will feature three new songs (with Sammy Hagar on lead vocals). 

Roth fans won't be disappointed, as the album will feature past hits spanning the groups career as well as the three new tracks, "It's About Time," "Learning to See" and "Up for Breakfast". 

The CD will also feature three live tracks, "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love," "Jump" and "Panama". This disc is set to hit stores sometime this summer. [see full story for track listing]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Rap It Up
[It's Friday, time for Chuck DiMaria to give us his 2 cents. This week Chuck ponders the question, has rap turned into today's glam? Read on for 1 cent and click the full story link to get Chuck's full 2 cents on this subject] 

I was talking to Rick James once and he told me the difference between white artists and black artists. 

He said, "Do you know what the black artists want?" I said no, what? 

He said, "Black artists want respect. That's what all the gold is, that's what all those people following them around is. That's respect. They've never had it and they want it." 

Then he asked me if I knew what the white artists wanted. I told him no, I didn't. 

He said, "Women and drugs." 

Now, I know what you're thinking -- What the hell were you doing talking to Rick James? I was getting an education. 

Rick had a point. He was right, in the most general of terms, as to what the mindset of a black artist was compared to a white artist. The black artists were using music, specifically rap, as social commentary, as a way to lift themselves up from the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. 

The white guys were just scanning the huddled masses, looking for strippers. 

However, that was a while ago, and it looks like things have juxtaposed. (Or at least the black guys are looking for strippers, too.) 

I was watching MTV the other day (Something I normally don't do, but it was a slow news day.), and was shocked by what I saw. I was pretty sure I was watching the Cherry Pie video. I mean, chicks were all over the place; on the ground, spinning around a brass pole, ripping their clothes off, getting doused with water… 

All in all, not a bad video. 

However, it was a rap video, not a Warrant retrospective. And the next video was pretty much the same. And so was the next one. And the next… 

And we've just come full circle. 

[That's 1 cent, you have to click the full story link to get Chuck's full 2 cents!] - Click Here for the Full Story 





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