HHH Special: Children 18:3

(antiMusic) For this second installment in the Hensch's Hometown Heroes special, Mark discusses Christian pop punkers Children 18:3.

Children 18:3's Places I Don't Want to Go was one of those rare surprises reviewers like me receive. The plot is simple; one day I was going over my extracurricular activities (or lack there of) with my school counselor, and talk turned about my column here at antiMusic. Upon finding out that I'd review pretty much any demos sent my way, my counselor put me in contact with her relatives, the band Children18:3.

This energetic three-piece Christian pop punk act surprised me with their devotion to craft, their catchy songs, their feel-good vibes. I grew very tired with the bloated pop-rock/punk genre quite some time ago, so I was a tad leery of listening to children 18:3 as they could very well have simply been carbon clones of a zillion other bands.

Thankfully for me, as well as potential listeners, it is apparent after only a song or two that children 18:3 has got a few fresh ideas to them. [see the full story link for the full review and links to check it out]
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