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(BW&BK) Transform Online has issued a new interview with OBITUARY bassist Frank Watkins.

The following is an excerpt from the interview: Q: why did you guys decide to stay with Roadrunner? This is your last record for them, right? Fans' opinions of them are pretty split, between the death metal fallout of the mid-‘90s and the NICKLEBACK thing…

A: "Yeah, well, Roadrunner have always kinda been a "flavor of the month" label. When they signed us, death metal was huge. When NIRVANA hit it big, they signed bands like GRUNTRUCK. But you know, I've never had serious problems with them... although I do feel that they could've done more for us when we needed it. It seemed like whenever we were reaching a critical point, they'd sign another band and we'd fall by the wayside.[see full story for more] - Click here for the Full Story

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