Roadrunner Soup Kitchen

(Blabbermouth) Blistering.com recently conducted an interview with LIFE OF AGONY frontman Keith Caputo. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Blistering.com: So then you went and recorded a solo record, "Died Laughing", which is one of the most beautiful records that I've heard in my life. You have so many great songs on that record.

Keith: "What a gorgeous record and Roadrunner f***ed that up too."

Blistering.com: That's what my next question was going to be. It wasn't released here, what was that like as an artist?

Keith: "Oh, it destroyed me! It destroyed me. I thought I'd delivered Roadrunner the greatest record musically that they'd ever had in their entire glossary of bands. I gave them a record that they could not handle. It just goes to show you that their staff was not strong enough to really work this. After working with Epic Records and realizing how serious these people take their jobs and their titles, Roadrunner is a f***ing soup kitchen compared to Epic. It's f***ing ridiculous what they did to me. I moved to Europe for that f***ing label! I was still robbed and taken advantage of andů f***ing whatever." [see full story for more fun with Keith] - Click here for the Full Story

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