Music Makes Sluts
(hecklerspray) There's nothing we like more than a good scientific study, especially if it concludes that children will basically turn into sex-crazed nymphobeasts within seconds of hearing a vaguely sexy pop song.

That's more or less the point of a study published in Pediatrics magazine, which has linked underage sex with children listening to songs with lyrics about sex. And it's a fair point, too - who can't say they've been influenced by the lyrics of a pop song now and again? For example, would we have precociously tried to forcefully sex up a librarian in 1991 if it weren't for Color Me Badd? No, but you try telling that to the police. .[sure blame it on the music, hormones have nothing to do with itů see full story for more on this "study"] - Click here for the Full Story

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