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Tupac's Ashes
Launch reports: The ashes of Tupac Shakur are to be taken to Africa by his mother, on the 10th anniversary of the rapper's death, where she will meet Nelson Mandela.

Afeni Shakur is planning to travel to Soweto in South Africa next month for a week-long visit. Along with her son's ashes, Afeni is taking Tupac's sister, Gloria Cox, and his daughter, Set Shakur, on the trip, which along with the Mandela meeting will also feature a tour of South African hospitals and orphanages.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Jerry and Friends
MTV reports: Kid Rock, Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger are among the superstars who duet with Jerry Lee Lewis on the rock and roll trailblazer's new album, Last Man Standing, due September 26. Others lending their voices to the classic songs include Jimmy Page ("Rock and Roll"), Bruce Springsteen… [too many stars to list… see full story]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Peta Warped
PR reports: Many of the biggest names on this summer's Warped Tour have teamed up with peta2-the largest youth animal rights organization in the world-to kick off a campaign against cruel and deadly experiments on primates. Joan Jett, Thursday, Rise Against, Underoath, and Motion City Soundtrack are among the 24 bands that have signed on to the "Save #99" campaign, peta2's primary focus at Warped this year. Crowds of people at each stop of the tour are lining up at peta2's booth in order to join their favorite bands by adding their names to the petition. And thousands more will join them by signing online at peta2.com.

Identified by the last two digits of a number tattooed across his chest, #99 is a monkey who was repeatedly dosed with substances, physically and psychologically tormented, and denied veterinary care at a Vienna, Va., laboratory owned by billion-dollar drug-testing company Covance. The story of #99 is repeated thousands of times every day at laboratories across the country. - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Quickies: Helmet- The Smashup- Divided By Zero- Pete Yorn- Vaeda Xbox
DiR reports: Warcon will be distributing the Saw 3 soundtrack with Helmet as the featured artist. The movie will be out Halloween 2006. * The Smashup have joined this fall's Gigantour. The tour is the brainchild of Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and will kick off in September. The Smashup join a bill that includes Megadeth, Lamb of God, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Overkill, Into Eternity, and Sanctity, with second stage artists to be announced shortly. * San Diego based Divided By Zero have been nominated for two San Diego Music Awards for their album, The Black Sea. The group was nominated in the "Best Hard Rock" and "Best Hard Rock Album" categories. * Pete Yorn's new single "For Us" from his upcoming album Nightcrawler was released on iTunes yesterday. The full CD is due in stores August 29th on Columbia/Red Ink. * To celebrate the release of their new album "State of Nature" (Aug. 22nd), Vaeda are giving away an XBox 360 on their Myspace profile (see full story link) 
- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Mars Viscera
PR reports: The Mars Volta cast that performed Amputechture will be modified for live dates that begin imminently, with drummer Jon Theodore replaced by Blake Fleming, formerly of Laddio Bolocko and Dazzling Killmen and actually the drummer who played on the very first Mars Volta demos. Pablo Hinojos-Gonzalez will expand his role, contributing both guitar and sound manipulation skills. Finally, while not a member of the touring Mars Volta band per se, Amputechture contributor John Frusciante, on the other hand, will be in close proximity, as his Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Mars Volta are scheduled to tour together through November 2006.

Amputechture will be released September 12, 2006 on GSL/Universal. But you can check out the song "Viscera Eyes" at the full story link because we love you so much. - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Xtina Still has Fans
PR reports: Yahoo! Music today launched the video premiere of Christina Aguilera's fans-only video for her latest single, "Ain't No Other Man." As part of the site's "Get Your Freak On" program, fans across the globe had the opportunity to submit a video clip of themselves grooving to the new song. To check out who made the cut and the hottest performances, please visit Yahoo! Music at the full story link. 

Today's premiere marks the fourth fans-only video to debut on Yahoo! Music as part of the "Get Your Freak On" series. Previous "Get Your Freak On" user-generated videos include songs for Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair," Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" and Lil' Jon's "Snap Yo Fingers." [did the Jessica vid have chickens swimming in the sea? Find out at the full story link] - Click Here for the Full Story 

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Brazil Preview
PR reports: Brazil's feverishly anticipated new album 'Philosophy of Velocity' might not be available until October 3rd, but you can hear the thunderous new single 'Crime and the Antique Solution' exclusively online at Myspace.com/brazil. The preorder is now exclusively available at Immortalrecords.com for only $9.99- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Aberdeen City / Electric Six Tour
PR reports: The Aberdeen City album, "The Freezing Atlantic" hit stores this week. To support the effort the band is heading out on the road next month with Electric Six. Check them at these dates: 

Sep 13 2006 - Temple Club, Lansing, MI
Sep 14 2006 - Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON
Sep 15 2006 - The Showplace Theatre, Buffalo, NY
[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Two Ton Boa Return
PR reports: Two Ton Boa issued a critically-acclaimed self-titled mini-album on the Kill Rock Stars label at the turn of this Century, then fell mysteriously silent for nearly six years. This September, the quartet led by songwriter, bassist and classically-trained vocalist Sherry Fraser will release its long-awaited debut full-length album Parasiticide on Kill Rock Stars.

Over the past six years, Two Ton Boa toured the country with acts like L7 and Blonde Redhead, and released a couple of compilation tracks and a seven-inch single. However, the band's rapt cult following of fans, artists and critics eagerly awaited new material. Finally, in early 2006, Fraser re-emerged from self-imposed exile and completed recording with the original line-up of bassist Brian Sparhawk (also of Fitz of Depression) and drummer Dan Rieser. Pianist/organist Scott Seckington (also of The Old Haunts) joined the band just prior to the new recording. Tour dates are currently being scheduled in October and November 2006.- Click Here for the Full Story 

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PR reports: UK SUBS - Warhead: 25th Anniversary Live at Marquee DVD in stores 10/10. This killer performance was filmed at the Marquee Club in London on October 24, 2002. This DVD contains 23 live tracks and an in-depth look at the bang through an exclusive interview. All the classic songs are here: "New York State Police", "Tomorrow's Girls", "Limo Life" and more. With well-delivered and unfaltering energy, the band will remind you of what true punk is.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Fairport Convention DVD
PR reports: Fairport Convention - 35th Anniversary Concert DVD in stores 10/10. This concert was filmed at The Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke, England on February 23, 2002. In addition to the 19-song set, it includes an exclusive interview with the band. Special guests include Anna Ryder (Vocals and Accordion on "The Crowd," "Move Love Is In America," "Madeleine") and Vikki Clayton. With thrilling live music and a close look at an extremely talented band, this DVD will make a great addition to your collection.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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Career Suicide? 
thedeadbolt.com reports: They knew it would be a tough year to comeback to a market that had treated them pretty badly in the last few years, but even The Dixie Chicks have to be a little surprised that their sales have been low enough to warrant the cancellation of over a dozen stops on their world tour. Well, the group and its people spin the cancellations a different way, painting it more as a reconfiguration of their tour, noting that all fourteen canceled concerts have been replaced by a show in another city. In other words, The Dixie Chicks are no longer going to a town that they had trouble selling tickets in, they're going to a different city. It's a "revised itinerary," not a series of canceled concerts. [They're still big in Canada and NYC so all is not lost - see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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The Next Britney
PR reports: Performers from across the globe will be strutting their stuff before the judges at the 10th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts on Saturday August 12th at 7:00PM at the Hollywood Palladium. This international meet is often cited as the official "World Talent Championships" where aspiring performers and entertainers vie for the gold in an Olympic like competition plus $50,000 in scholarships.[see full story for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

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