Silly News: Pot Calls Kettle Black

(hecklerspray) Justin Timberlake ain't good for much. Sure, he can rip patches of clothing off soon-to-be fat black women, write the most annoying McDonalds catch phrase ever, and not date Britney Spears anymore, but really, what's that all add up to? Nada - it all adds up to nada. …So Justin Timberlake…hates Taylor Hicks. Apparently this boiling contempt has really been pent up, because Justin Timberlake opened his mouth just a little bit, and it all came spouting out. Here's a whole bunch of his derogatory remarks regarding Hicks: "…the guy who won-people think he looks so normal, and he's so sweet, and he's so earnest, but he can't carry a tune in a bucket."

Then he up and said: "If he has any skeletons whatsoever, if God forbid, he's gay, and all these people in Mississippi who voted for him are like, 'Oh, my God, I voted for a queer!'" [click the full story link sizzlechest] - Click here for the Full Story

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