Ozzfest Inc?

(Blabbermouth) In his only interview for Swedish media in support of IRON MAIDEN's new album, "A Matter of Life and Death", vocalist Bruce Dickinson talked candidly to Close-Up magazine about last year's Ozzfest and the infamous egg incident.

"It was my usual love/hate relationship with corporate America," says Dickinson. "Ozzfest is a corporate rock event at which they sell the front 10-12 rows to corporate seats and not to kids. Most of the bands pay a lot of money to be on the Ozzfest, they get paid next to nothing. The whole way it's being portrayed as being some kind of altruistic holiday for all the bands is absolute nonsense, it's complete bulls***. Most of the bands are there because they paid to be there. That's the way it's run. We went out and we were like, 'Okay, why aren't there any people down the front?' Well, because it's restricted seating and because they don't have tickets. 'What?!' That's f***ed, so we said so. I said so every night. Some fat c*** with greasy hair sat eating his hamburger with 50 seats empty all around him. Where are all the kids? They're held behind the barrier and they can't get any closer, because that's the way the venue is run. That sucks." [he has some choice words about $haron Osbourne, you can read those at the full story link] - Click here for the Full Story

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