Sigur Ros Trout and Handball

(Day in Rock) Circle 6 Magazine just published an interesting interview with Sigur Ros' Georg Holm. Interviewer Jacob Taylor took the road less traveled with the questions and the topics range from catching trout with your teeth, blackjack and rock n roll, handball as well as the American perception of the band. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

C6M: Ok, I think a common misconception in the States is that all your albums up until now have been in Hopelandic when in fact the parentheses album was the first pure Hopelandic album, right?

GH: Yeah that's true.

C6M: So was there a point to that other than the fact that you enjoy watching the press squirm?

GH: It was a concept. I mean, it sort of just happened. It's a long story. Three years before we recorded that record we'd already written a lot of songs on the bracket record. And it was quite difficult for us to go into the studio and record songs that we'd written three years before and had been playing for three years almost constantly. And we'd been touring them everywhere. But we felt like we needed to get these songs out of our system. So we finished recording them and then we toured them again. Usually the last thing we do in the process of making a record is write the lyrics and do the vocals. When it came to that point we started thinking back on us touring these songs for a long time. You know, we were trying to come up with some meaning in the songs, and we thought they already had a meaning in a way without lyrics. I mean, people have been listening to the songs and they've all put their own meaning to the songs. So we almost felt that maybe we would just ruin it by adding our meaning into the songs. I guess it's sort of like when you read a book and then the movie is completely different from what you've imagined. A lot of times it will ruin the experience of the book for you, or you'll just say the book was much better. [click the full story link to read the entire interview]
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