Britney Can't Dress

(hecklerspray.com) There isn't a January that goes by where we don't wish we were Mr Blackwell; he's basically Santa Claus, but instead of coming out once a year to deliver presents Mr Blackwell pops up every January to complain about the clothes that Britney Spears wears.

In honesty, Mr Blackwell doesn't complain as such when he's making his Worst-Dressed list - for 47 years he's fired out round after round of machine-gunning rhyming alliterative sentences that make readers say "Ooh, that bitch" and "Wow, is Mr Blackwell still alive?" in equal measure. The main focus of hatred on Mr Blackwell's 47th Worst-Dressed list is the same as in his 46th - Britney Spears, although this time she's brought Paris Hilton along for company. You want to hear what kind of catty, Sex And The City-style barbs the elderly Mr Blackwell has got ready for Britney and Paris? You'd better read on, then.[see full story for more] - Click here for the Full Story

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