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Full Report for 07/27/06
Evans Blue Week: Painted
PR reports: Evans Blue new CD, "THE PURSUIT BEGINS WHEN THIS portrayal OF LIFE ENDS," came out this week. We asked the band to pick their five favorite tracks from the CD and tell us a little bit about each one. 

Today they tell us about Painted: This song is all about the culmination of 5 guys doing what they do best. The first song we've written that has ventured into the 9 minute mark. The first half is basically calling someone out on their intentions. It's saying; you really need to think about your actions and what kinds of consequences they will have on you and the ones who love you. There is an underlying love song that floats just beneath the surface of this obvious meaning. The second half is an instrumental that you can get lost in. I find it hypnotic and I think the listeners will love it when they experience it in its entirety
- Grab a preview of the CD, get tour dates and more here 

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Beyonce Faceplant
DiR reports: "Beyonce Knowles made a dramatic misstep when she fell face-first down a flight of stairs during a concert," according to AP. Hecklerspray took the story a bit further and provided an eyewitness statement, plus news that Sony was doing its best to clear video footage of the faceplant off of the web. 

Here is part of the Hecklerspray starting with the witness statement: "We saw that she was pumping her hair around and really into (it) with her trench coat and high heels and as she proceeded to come down the stairs, she tripped on her coat and it seems like she fell on her collarbone and face, sliding down about 12 stairs." 

There are conflicting reports as to whether the singer was hurt or not - one claim is that blood was seen. Other claims have it Beyonce was completely protected in the fall by her robot-like outer shell which she replaced her skin with at the age of six. Yet other reports depict Knowles saving herself by wrapping her 15' lizard tongue around a light-rig real quick. Personally we believe the latter.

Whatever happened, we may never know for sure. Unless you watch it. Better click play - looks like Sony's smiting the footage from off the web. - more on this story

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Warped Founder Vs Ozzfest
DiR reports: Kansas City had an interesting story about Ozzfest coming to town. They focused on Sharon's Free fest idea and went to Ozzfest's leading competitor for an opinion on that. Here is part of their article: [Ozzfest is] obviously a good deal for fans who get free tickets. But some within the concert industry see this unprecedented move as a good business decision by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne just to keep Ozzfest afloat.

"It allowed Ozzy Osbourne to get one more paycheck out of (Ozzfest), to be 100 percent honest," said Kevin Lyman, organizer of the Warped tour. "Sharon's a smart person, but basically that's what it is. It's a ploy, straight up.

"Ozzy's getting paid to do that show. She was struggling to put (together a bill) because she keeps charging more and more and selling less and less tickets. The attendance of that tour has been dropping for many years, and she keeps having to spend more on the talent to get people to the shows."- They continue with the Ozzy side of the argument, read that here.

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Fugazi Reunion?
DiR reports: Punkbands ran the following report: According to the Fugazi Wikipedia* entry: As of July 23, 2007 the members of Fugazi have finalized a deal for a one-off show at Fort Reno Park in Washington, DC to take place Monday, September 3, 2007. This show coincides with the release of Glen Friedman's book as well as the 20th anniversary of Fugazi's first show. *Keep in mind that Wikipedia isn't exactly known for being factual. 

[The venue website has nothing about this, but we did find an interesting article on DCist.com about another show on July 2nd at the venue which mentioned a reunion. But it would be hard to read into an article saying a reunion isn't likely to say that it is gonna happen on a specific date. We'll have to wait and see if it happens. 

Here was the DCist mention "We're probably never gonna get a full-blown Fugazi reunion at Fort Reno, but tonight is the closest you could ask for. Tonight's show includes Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina's band The Evens along with Joe Lally." - DCist

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Geldof Hits Biker
Contact Music reports: Sir Bob Geldof was involved in a collision with a biker in London last night while driving with his children.

The Live 8 founder told the Sun newspaper he was "very shaken", although no one in Sir Bob's car was injured.

The biker suffered bruises after the minor collision and Sir Bob reportedly rushed to help the man following the knock.

Sir Bob was pulling out a parking space when it happened with his daughters Pixie and Tiger Lily Hutchence.- more on this story

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Mondo Generator Drops Off Ozzfest
PR reports: Mondo Generator has been forced to drop off this year's Ozzfest due to matters beyond the band's control. A statement from band frontman Nick Oliveri reads as follows:

"It's very disappointing but Mondo Generator has been forced to cancel the remaining dates we have booked with Ozzfest and Circus Diablo. We tried everything in our power to make things work so that we could remain on tour, but unfortunately due to matters out of my control, it is impossible for us to continue touring at this time," says Oliveri."We're very sorry to all the fans that will not be able to see us on these remaining dates and promise that we will be back soon. We would like to thank Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, as well as the entire Ozzfest crew for giving us the chance to play Ozzfest 2007 .We'd also like to thank the fans that came out to show their support at the shows."- more on this story

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Sex Pistols Reissued
punkbands reports: Virgin Records will on Oct. 29 release a special 30th anniversary edition of The Sex Pistols' classic debut album, "Never Mind The Bollocks ... Here's the Sex Pistols." The set will be available on heavyweight vinyl with a 7" insert of "Submission" and a poster -- just as it was when it was originally released on Oct. 29, 1977.

"Submission" was left off the original track listing when the album was mistakenly released a week earlier than planned, so at the band's insistence, the first 50,000 copies included a one-sided 7" featuring the song.

The Pistols will also reissue their four classic singles: "Anarchy in the U.K.," "God Save the Queen," "Pretty Vacant" and "Holidays in the Sun" throughout October on 7-inch vinyl.- more

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Mom Sues Label
CMJ reports: The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)—a San Francisco-based nonprofit group that advocates and lobbies for consumer's digital rights—has filed a suit against the Universal Music Publishing Group, alleging that a forced takedown of a mother's YouTube video was unlawful. 

Back in February, Stephanie Lenz posted a 29-second-long clip of her toddler dancing along to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" to share with her family and friends. The video remained on the site until a month ago, when YouTube took it down after UMPG claimed that it violated Federal Copyright Law.- more on this story

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Colbert Takes on Mellencamp
PR reports: John Mellencamp was in New York last week to attend workshop performances of The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, the musical play he's written with Stephen King. While in town, he accepted an invitation to be a guest on Comedy Central's Colbert Report. Mellencamp was informed by Colbert that his presence completed what he called his "Farm Aid Collectors Set," in light of the fact that Farm Aid's other co-founders, Willie Nelson and Neil Young, had appeared on the program previously. 

Mellencamp invited Colbert to help mc the upcoming Farm Aid 2007: A Homegrown Festival which, this year, takes place on September 9th on Randall's Island in New York City. The two kibitzed about Colbert's "farmer's tan," or lack thereof, and got into a heated discussion about the war in Iraq. Colbert asked, "As a member of heartlandia, you support the war in Iraq, don't you?" To which Mellencamp replied, "I didn't get the memo." 

The two discussed scripture ("an eye for an eye..." vs. "do unto others...") after which Mellencamp theorized that his host had "never been in a fight in [his] life" to which Colbert responded, "In the playground, I scratched a few eyes out." Upending his own desk, Colbert pushed Mellencamp and jabbed at him, assuming a pugilistic posture. Mellencamp proffered his fists at this provocation and menacingly proclaimed "I'm for peace but I'm not a pacifist." At this point, Colbert judiciously called for a commercial break. Following the break, hostilities had ceased as Colbert introduced his guest who performed a haunting, acoustic, solo version of "Our Country."- Click here to see Mellencamp and Colbert in action. No cougars were harmed during the taping.

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Battle Over Boston Singer's Estate
Boston Globe reports: Life's not getting any easier for the family of Brad Delp, the former BOSTON frontman who committed suicide in March. Waiting for next month's star-studded concert celebrating Delp's life and legacy, the rocker's ex-wife and children are fighting to hold onto the singer's estate. 

Micki Delp, who was married to the "More Than a Feeling" singer from 1980 to 1996, says she was stunned to learn that her ex left his Atkinson, N.H., house to a long-ago girlfriend named Patricia Komor. 

Currently, the house is occupied by Pamela Sullivan, who was Delp's fiancee at the time of his death. She and Micki Delp are now joining forces to fight Komor's claim.- more on this story

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Metal Kills, Not Bad Parents
BW&BK reports: [here is an interesting story that demonstrates the problems with academics and funding such crackpots] Most heavy metal songs are about murder and suicide, the Serbsky State Research Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry professor Fyodor Kondratyev opines. 

"Having researched 700 most popular heavy metal songs revealed that half of them is about murder, 7 percent is positive about suicide, and 35 percent preaches a variety of Satanist ideologies", Kondratyev said in his interview published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily on Monday. 

He shared with the journalists that according to the American National Education Association every year near 6,000 young Americans kill themselves under the influence of music like that.- More nonsense from this crackpot can be found here

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Great White Says "You Can't Blame A Song For The Fire"
BW&BK reports: It's been over four years since rock band GREAT WHITE performed the song 'Desert Moon' for an audience, but that could soon change. The 1980s hard rock band known for songs like 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy', 'Rock Me' and 'Save Your Love' is also known for a song interrupted February 20th, 2003, by a fire at The Station nightclub in West Warwick, R.I. The fire killed 100 people and injured about 200. 

Great White lead singer Jack Russell, 46, said the song hasn't been played since, but admits he has been toying with the idea of performing it again. He's just not ready yet. 

"I love the song and people love to hear it," said Russell, who escaped The Station unharmed but whose band has struggled with legal issues since the fire that also killed Ty Longley, the band's guitarist at the time. "You can't blame a song for the fire. If (the fire happened during) 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy' . . . then what? It wasn't the song's fault." [obviously Jack Russell didn't read the Russian study from the previous story]- more on this story

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Etta James Hospitalized
BBC reports: Blues legend Etta James is in a stable condition after suffering complications during abdominal surgery in Los Angeles, her manager has confirmed. 

The singer, 69, has been in hospital since the operation in mid-June. 

She was due to tour with BB King and Al Green this summer, but will not be able to make any dates before late August. 
- more on this story

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Interpol Drug Dealing Role
Gigwise reports: According to reports, Interpol's Carlos is about to star in a new movie. 

D (which stands for Dengler) is understood to have already shot some scenes for an upcoming movie in Chicago, in which he plays a drug dealer. 

Pitchfork reports that the movie, which has the working title, ‘My Friends To Me About You,' will also be directed by the Interpol bass player. - more on this story

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