Now Britney's Bulimic

(hecklerspray.com) Britney Spears has a long road ahead of her finding solutions to all her innumerable problems, but a quick fix might just be to get some new friends, because someone is running around blabbing to everyone that Britney Spears is bulimic and bipolar.

According to one magazine, Britney Spears' rehab stint has been hit with one unexpected problem - the pills that Britney Spears is taking to combat her recently-diagnosed bipolar disorder won't stay down because Britney Spears is claimed to be such a habitual bulimic that she keeps vomiting them all up the second she swallows them. [Perhaps the "friend" misunderstood? Could be that Britney vomited upon hearing K Fed's "music" and hasn't stopped since. Tune in next week when Britney remarries Kevin, has triplets then a sex change operation. All without singing a note! - see full story for more on this current captivating BS story.] - Click here for the Full Story

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