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Full Report for 09/14/06
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Silverchair Week: Those Thieving Birds Part 1 / Strange Behaviour / Those Thieving Birds Part 2
antiMusic Exclusive reports: Silverchair has returned with a new studio album, "Young Modern." An album that helped them set a record for the most No. 1 albums by any band in their native Australia. (This one makes it their fifth, beating the old record they shared with Midnight Oil). 

The band is in the midst of a sold out tour Down Under (they'll be back Stateside in Nov) and we asked frontman Daniel Johns to pick some of his favorite tracks from the new album and tell us a little bit about them. Here he is with today's song "Those Thieving Birds Part 1 / Strange Behaviour / Those Thieving Birds Part 2."

I wrote this on a rainy day in Windsor, England, and never expected it to be so long. The construction of the song was not as 'considered' as it might sound. Musically it took about 2 or 3 days to write, and a lot of the lyrics were made up on the spot whilst recording demos of the song. The hard thing about this song was trying to include all the ideas and still make it appear simple. I think we achieved it.- Preview tracks from the CD, get tour dates and more here

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Terrorist Targets Britney and Madonna
antiMusic reports: Talk about getting a bad review! Remember the SNL skit the week after Ashlee Simpson got caught lipsyncing on the show? You remember, the one with the terrorist singling out the "lipsynching popstars" as a reason to hate the West? Seems it wasn't a joke after all as a terrorist has called for the two "whores" Britney Spears and Madonna to be beheaded for spreading "their satanic culture against Islam". Of course if they convert to Islam all will be forgiven. 

Muhammad Abdel-Al, the senior leader of the Palestinian terror group The Popular Resistance Committees took special aim at the pop stars in an interview featured in the new book 'Schmoozing with Terrorists: From Hollywood to the Holy Land Jihadists Reveal their Global Plans - to a Jew!' by Aaron Klein which reportedly asked Islamic extremists what would happen to the U.S. under Islamic Sharia law. And it's not good for MTV. 

"If I meet these whores I will have the honour - I repeat, I will have the honour - to be the first one to cut the heads off Madonna and Britney Spears if they will keep spreading their satanic culture against Islam," pronounced Abdel-Al. 

But he gives the two pop stars hope of saving their heads in the event that the US ever comes under Islamic Fascist rule, "If these two prostitutes keep doing what they are doing, we of course will punish them.- he's not done! He's just about to get medieval on their asses

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Axl Vs Security Guard
antiMusic reports: A Staff Pro security guard has filed a lawsuit against Axl Rose claiming that the Guns N' Roses frontman kicked him in the head during a concert. Axl must have kicked him hard because the lawsuit alleges that the kicking took place ten years before the actual concert. 

The guard, Gary Armijo, filed suit in the Los Angeles Superior Court on August 29 and claims that during a concert at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles in December of 1996, Axl "intentionally kicked [him] in the head proximately causing severe physical injuries." We were at the show in question (it was December of last year) and did not witness such a headkicking, but there was a spot where someone tossed a drink on stage and that set Axl off a little, so it may have happened then. 

Of course, Axl says this lawsuit and allegations are BS. At least his attorney does and says they have video to prove it. Howard Weitzman, Axl's attorney spoke with TMZ shortly after they ran a story about the lawsuit and said, "The allegations in this lawsuit are frivolous. There is video of this incident which contradicts the allegations against Axl. Axl vehemently denies he did anything wrong which will be proven via witnesses and the video. Unfortunately anyone can file a lawsuit whether it has merit or not. In my opinion this is a pathetic attempt to get money from Axl." - Read the lawsuit here (especially if you never knew Axl's birth name). 

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Fans Crash Zeppelin Ticket Site
antiMusic reports: Forget Van Halen, forget Springsteen, forget everyone. The hottest ticket in town is Led Zeppelin. The tickets are so hot that in one day 20 million people entered a lottery on a special website in hopes of winning the right to purchase a ticket. And that's the 20 million that could enter their info since the demand was so high that the site crashed. 

If you've been under a rock here are the basics: the show will take place at the 02 Arena in London on November 26th and only 14,500 fans will be lucky enough to score the tickets which are going for 125 pounds (roughly $255 or 185 Euros) each. 

But many fans that tried to enter the lottery on Wednesday found a crashed website. But there is still hope as organizers have issued the following statement: The message is to be patient. The website will be open until middy Monday for anyone wanting to register. It is not 'first come first served' and all successful applicants will be entered into the ballot for tickets to be drawn at random.- More about the reunion show

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Motley Crue Fired Tommy Lee?
antiMusic reports: Is Tommy Lee Motley Thru or not? His bandmates won't return his calls but he says he is still a member of the band. So did they fire him? The news that Lee was out of Motley Crue broke this week when the press got their hands on the amended lawsuit the band filed against former manager Carl Stubner, which said that Lee "recently informed [bassist Nikki] Sixx and [guitarist Mick] Mars, the shareholders of MCI [Motley Crue, Inc.], that he was resigning from the band and his resignation was accepted." 

Now Lee has reportedly issued a statement contradicting that. It reads, "I am a founding member of Motley Crue. Based on internal band issues aired publicly, my future with the band is uncertain. I have tried to meet with my bandmates repeatedly without success but have informed them that I'm not walking away from my band of 25 years. 

"It troubles me that the current legal issues which were filed by the corporations against my personal manager are separating us and causing more dysfunction. I hope we can work this out amongst ourselves."- more on this story

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Eminem Recording New CD
antiMusic reports: While 50 Cent is heading into a promised retirement after Kanye West outsells him this week, it looks like Eminem is coming out of his rumored retirement. And Eminem made the announcement during a Fiddy radio interview. How's that for upstaging? Of course, Half a Buck is now backtracking on his promise.

New York radio station Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez had quite the show on Wednesday as Fiddy trashed his record label and Eminem made a surprise call in to the station during the interview to announce he is working on a new CD.

"It feels good right now, the energy of the label. For a while, I didn't want to go back to the studio," Eminem said. "I went through some personal things. I'm coming out of those personal things." 

Meanwhile, Fiddy blames his record label for his inability to outsell Kanye West and broke his retirement pledge in the next breath.- read what he had to say

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Prince Vs YouTube
antiMusic reports: Prince just doesn't like people using his "art" on the Internet. In 1999 he sued the Swedish fansite Uptown for unauthorized use of his symbol and for making unauthorized references to some unreleased material. A few years ago he sued a fansite of another artist for linking to sites that carried his music and now he plans to go after YouTube for fans posting live clips of the Purple One's performances. And he's reportedly targeting eBay and torrent site Pirate Bay as well. 

The clips in question are reportedly of the bootleg variety which are captured without the a star's knowledge or approval. (plus they can't be fixed up like official video releases). "Prince believes strongly that as an artist the music rights must remain with the artist and thus copyrights should be protected across the board," reads a statement from the Prince camp. 

He apparently believes that YouTube can stop copyright infringement on their site but choose not to. The statement says that YouTube "are clearly able (to) filter porn and pedophile material but appear to choose not to filter out the unauthorized music and film content which is core to their business success".

If want to learn more about this case, this article is- informative

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Bobby Byrd RIP
Contact Music reports: James Brown's longtime sidekick Bobby Byrd has lost his battle against cancer. 

He was 73. The founder of Brown's backing band the Famous Flames, Byrd appeared on the Godfather of Soul's biggest hits, like Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine. 

He died at his home in Georgia on Wednesday (12Sep07)- more on this story

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The Red Chord Debut New Video
PR reports: Massachusetts grindcore powerhouses The Red Chord have completed work on their new video for "Dread Prevailed." The Red Chord brought in the prolific David Brodsky (GWAR, God Forbid, All That Remains) to direct. The video, which features a nightmarish car ride with the band, is available on the Metal Blade Records website [see link at the end of the article] 

The Red Chord is also in the midst of the Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary Tour which also features such Metal Blade artists as the legendary Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore, and The Absence. The tour has been a success so far with Sold Out shows in Houston, San Antonio and Phoenix so far!

Following the Metal Blade US tour, The Red Chord will travel to Europe to play with death metal sensations Job For A Cowboy and The Black Dahlia Murder in late November.- video link

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Gomez' Ian Ball Sets Solo CD Release Date and Tour Dates
PR reports: Ian Ball, one of the three singer/songwriters in the successful British rock band Gomez, will release his first solo album, Who Goes There, via his own Dispensary Records label on October 30. The 11 tracks on Who Goes There were co-produced by Ball and Will Golden (Gary Jules) at da Schtud in Los Angeles.

Who Goes There began as an impromptu jam in the spring of 2007 and was completed over several sessions in Los Angeles. Ball edited the tracks himself on his laptop while on tour with Gomez in July. Two weeks of laboring constantly over his recordings on the road resulted in Ball returning home with a finished album -- a beguiling bit of Laurel Canyon Americana delivered with Ball's sly grin radiating from every syllable. From the laconic Wurlitzer groove of opening track "Sweet Sweet Sleep" to the lush harmonies of the drug ballad "The Elephant Pharmacy" to the epic compositional puzzle of the title track, Who Goes There is a woozy trek through Ian Ball's enigma.- more including tour dates

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QOTSA Holiday Special
PR reports: Interscope sent over this interesting tidbit about QOTSA and a holiday special. Here it tis: If you are Anthony Bourdain, the punk-rock-loving world-renowned chef and star of the hit Travel Channel show No Reservations, sometimes you find yourself in Berlin boozing with Queens of the Stone Age. As the cocktails flow, the conversation morphs from the Ramones to kitsch, and before you know it you're talking about super-cheesy Christmas variety-show specials in the Bing Crosby-hosts-David Bowie tradition. The result? Last week QOTSA played "Silver Bells" (renamed "Turkey Bells") for a holiday-themed episode of No Reservations. "We just got a call saying, 'Hey, we have a weird idea,'" frontman Josh Homme told us. "So when people come to us with that sort of a statement we are all ears."

Here's the plot: While Bourdain cooks a traditional holiday feast at his Connecticut home, the Queens are rocking tracks including "Sick, Sick, Sick," "3's & 7's" and "Make It Wit Chu" at an ungodly volume in the basement rec room. When the band emerges, they're sporting appalling Christmas sweaters. "QVC graciously sent us the worst sweaters of all time," Homme explains. "I think someone Googled the word 'horrible' and that's how we found them." Bourdain, ever the arbiter of good taste, hasn't recovered: "Those Christmas sweaters were just the most terrifying things I've ever seen in my life. Beyond Sandra Lee on some really awful hallucinogen."- the fun is just starting

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We Are Not For Sale
antiMusic reports: (If you wish to skip this editorial note, click here to go to the rest of today's report but we encourage you to read it). Before we continue to part 2 of today's Day in Rock report we felt the need to address an important issue to us here at antiMusic. There are a small number of publications, labels and PR firms out there that engage in a practice of trading advertising dollars for editorial coverage. The publications are pretty easy to spot as they are covered with record company ads and curiously also carry glowing reviews for the same CDs. We were approached today by a PR company we have worked with for a while that asked us point blank to SELL them coverage and that by doing so it would get us in good with the label. To say that email created some anger is an understatement. We contacted the label these artists were on, since we have been working with them for years and reiterated what we told the PR company. WE DO NOT SELL COVERAGE!!! The label was as shocked as us and they were also contacted by half a dozen other editors that have a conscience that also couldn't believe they were sent such an email. 

I felt it was important to address this with you, our readers, and state clearly that in the nine and half years we have been online we have never once engaged in this. In fact, we stopped working with a couple of labels that engage in this practice and you will not see any coverage for the artists we were approached about today (in fact, we also cancelled an interview with an artist we have been trying to interview for over a year because the same PR firm was working his latest project.*). No need to name names, as the label and band's had no idea this was being done in their name (but if we see some ads for them cropping up in the coming weeks on some sites we may have to let the cat out of the bag so you will know who is for sale and who isn't.) We do very little direct advertising here as we are too busy developing articles to concentrate on being salesmen or women. And yes, we do lose money almost every month because that is our focus and that is fine. If faced with the choice of selling out or shutting down, we will shutdown in good conscience.

Music critics get a lot of criticism themselves, which is totally understandable given the subjective nature of the medium and most honest critics wouldn't have it any other way. But I have to reiterate that we here at antiMusic got into this out of a love for music. Plain and as simple as that. So be assured that when you read a review or editorial on antiMusic you are getting the writer's honest opinion. Our editorial policy has always been that we let the writers have the freedom to write what they are inspired to write (with only politics being frowned on). Our review policy is simple. We get over a hundred CDs submitted to us each month and our writers then select the ones they wish to review. It really is as simple as that and that's why you will find some major releases right next to a unsigned band (and won't find some bigger releases reviewed here).

Also the stories in the Day in Rock are included because we feel they will be of interest to you, our readers, and we do try to mix it up to offer as broad of coverage as possible in all areas. We have always had an open policy with coverage, when readers ask us to cover certain artists we do. As long as we are online that will never change and as long as I am the editor you will never once see any article on antiMusic that was paid for. It may not seem important to you, but it is at the utmost importance to us. With the record biz being tainted enough in other areas you do not need to be exposed to bogus reviews that were purchased with the aim to trick you into buying a CD with your hard earned money. This not only hurts the fans, but the bands and all legitimate artists as well. We may not see another ten years online because we resist this practice but we'll happily go into bankruptcy with our integrity intact. - Keavin Wiggins / Editor antiMusic Network- *

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