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Full Report for 12/29/2008

Guns N' Roses Plan 2 Year World Tour- Bug Temple Pilot- Delaney Bramlett RIP- Teen Idols Return- Chevelle Working on New CD- Gwen Stacy Find Their Voice and more
antiMusic reports: We're back! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Not much happened over the break but we do have a few stories that made waves over the long weekend, followed by the continuation of our look back at the biggest stories of 2008.

Guns N' Roses guitarist Richard Fortus has told TheTelegraph.com that the band's world tour in support of "Chinese Democracy" should start late March and will likely last at least two years. more

Rock guitarist Delaney Bramlett, who collaborated with such artists as George Harrison and Eric Clapton, died in a Los Angeles hospital following gallbladder surgery. He was 69. more

Bug Music Publishing has signed Scott Weiland to a publishing agreement for his share of the Stone Temple Pilots catalog as well as songs from future solo projects.more

Singer and actress Eartha Kitt has died at the age 81 of colon cancer. Andrew Freedman, a close friend, confirmed the star, most famous for playing Catwoman in the '60s, passed away on Christmas in New York. more

The Teen Idols have returned after a five and a half year dormancy. The band has returned from retirement with plans to record new albums and start playing shows again. Phillip Hill and Keith Witt are returning at guitarist and lead vocalist.more

Tom Jones has a strange collaboration in mind - he would like to work with UK rapper Dizzee Rascal. The Welsh crooner says he was impressed by Dizzee's hit single Dance Wiv Me, which topped the singles charts earlier this year. more

Chevelle bassist Dean is getting ready to lay down bass for a rough draft of the band's new album. His full update goes off on some tangents (to say the least) but you can read it all here

Gwen Stacy has found a replacement for departed singer Bob Oakley. Now joining the band is Once Nothing guitar player Geoff Jenkins. The band had the following to say: "Our friend Geoff Jenkins will be taking over vocal duties for Gwen Stacy. He is coming to us from our very very good friends in Once Nothing. He had been playing guitar for them for about the last thow [??]years. Before that he was the front man of a band and has been looking for an opportunity to do vocals again. more

Agnostic Front will hit the road in late-January for a two-week tour with The Mongoloids. dates

Tributewarehouse.com is excited to announce its grand opening with the launch of the first online-wholesale store for Tribute albums, the one and only all-access pass for Tribute lovers to find recorded homage to all their musical favorites- from the ever-popular ROCK/METAL Tributes we carry covering everyone from Van Halen to Radiohead- to more pop-flavored Tribute selections including everything from Fiona Apple to Tina Turner. - more on this story

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Scientist Vs Mariah
antiMusic reports: We know she can't really sing but apparently her math skills aren't up to snuff either. NME has the report: Scientists have criticized Mariah Carey's mathematics skills, after she appropriated Albert Einstein's mass-energy equivalence formula for an album title.

The singer called her recent album 'E=MC2', but rather than reference the famous equation, she declared the tile stood for "emancipation equals Mariah Carey times two".

Mathematician Dr David Leslie told BBC News that "The 'two' in the equation means C squared, not MC multiplied by two," he explained.

[You can't expect someone who mistakes screaming with singing to understand Einstein. - read more]

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Can MTV Possible Suck More? Yes It Can!
antiMusic reports: New York Magazine has taken MTV to task for the latest announcement that onetime Music Television Network is accelerating its slide into the moronic television network by launching 16 new reality shows between now and the end of April. Someone over there must be smoking crack because you can't fix falling ratings by boosting the very programming which caused your ratings to nose dive! Here is a bit of the New York Magazine rant:

Does the world even have enough uninteresting non-celebrities to fill that many half hours? No! Which accounts for this morning's announcement of Daddy's Girls, which will follow Rev Run's daughters, Angela and Vanessa, as they move to Los Angeles to work on their sneaker line and pursue acting careers. But it gets (slightly) worse!

Daddy's Girls, along with several of the other announced shows, will be "aspirational, enterprising, and empowering," claims MTV: "These new series reflect Generation 'Why Not?' — living, working and playing on their own terms, 'adventure capitalists' if you will, pursuing a variety of thrill-seeking, 2.0, express-yourself enterprises," says MTV entertainment president Brian Graden, presumably while choking back vomit. - more on this story

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Overpriced Tickets Do Pay Off
AP reports: The concert business grossed just under $4 billion worldwide in 2008, the most ever for a year and up almost 13 percent over last year, according to Billboard magazine.

"Overall, it's been a pretty good year for touring," said Ray Waddell, who covers the industry for Billboard. "I'd never say it's recession-proof, but it's resilient."

In North America, the average box office gross was up 18 percent and the average attendance up 6.3 percent. - more on this story

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Free Coldplay
Music Radar reports: Coldplay are giving away a remix version of Viva La Vida via their official website. The remix is by Thin White Duke - producer/electronic artist Stuart Price - and is available for fans to download "until the Twelfth Night" (5 January 2009).

Price previously remixed Coldplay's 2006 single Talk. Price has also worked under the names Les Rythmes Digitales and Jacques Lu Cont.

Coldplay's original version of Viva La Vida was Number 1 in the UK on its released in May 2008 and was used by Apple in an iPod advert, but has since become embroiled in controversy. - more on this story

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McCartney Killers
Music Radar reports: They've scored a hit with new album Day & Age, but it could be more a case of Day & Aged if rumours that The Killers are set to work with Paul McCartney turn out to be true.

According to UK tabloid The Sun [so the report is probably full of...] , the former Beatle watched the band perform at London's Royal Albert Hall last month and then told Brandon Flowers and co that he'd love to record with them.

The paper quotes an unnamed "source close to McCartney" as saying: "Paul had a great time at the gig. He loves their music and their great attitude.
- more on this story

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John Lennon Resurrected For TV Ad
BBC reports: Former Beatle John Lennon is featuring in a charity's TV advertisement in the US, 28 years after his death.

The singer has been brought back to life using digital technology for the One Laptop Per Child initiative. The charity aims to deliver tough, solar-powered computers to the world's poorest children.

"Imagine every child, no matter where in the world they were, could access a universe of knowledge," Lennon is seen saying in the commercial. "They would have a chance to learn, to dream, to achieve anything they want. I tried to do it through my music, but now you can do it in a very different way."
- more on this story

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To End the Year we are looking back at some of the top stories of 2008

. 2008 News Rewind: Aug
Dave Matthews Band Death - 08 Rewind
TMZ reports: TMZ has learned LeRoi Moore, the sax player in the Dave Matthews Band, has died. He was 46.

Moore was seriously injured in an ATV accident June 30 outside Charlottesville. He had a punctured lung and broken ribs. Moore went back into the hospital last month due to complications.

Moore died in Los Angeles this afternoon, after taking a turn for the worse. We're also told the band will performed Tues night as scheduled at the Staples Center in L.A. - more on this story

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Hagar Slams Van Halen - 08 Rewind
Blabbermouth reports: Ex-Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar recently spoke to Ralph Sutton of the nationally syndicated rock radio show "The Tour Bus" about his former band's reunion with frontman David Lee Roth and their decision to replace bassist Michael Anthony with guitarist Eddie Van Halen's 17-year-old son Wolfgang.

"They just keep going, making more and more mistakes," Hagar said. "The reunion with Dave was the greatest thing they could have done, but why didn't they just keep Mike one more time?!

"They just can't do the right thing by the fans. I don't know why that band… There's just something quirky to where they… It's almost like they wanna just push 'em [the fans] as far as they can and see if they'll still come back." - more on this story

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Metallica in Muddy Mess Over Sound of New Music - 08 Rewind
antiMusic reports: Deja vu: Metallica releases new music and rampant complaints about the sound quality follow. Metallica are embroiled in a new controversy reminiscent of the infamous "St Anger" backlash over the sound of Lars' drums which many said sounded like he was banging on pots and pans not drums. Now the new Metallica single "The Day That Never Comes" is under fire for sounding like mud.

Blabbermouth has an extensive report on the issue, here are some highlights: Norwegian music industry magazine Faro Journalen downloaded one of the versions Universal Music released to the press via its digital promotional database. The magazine then sent the file to Lasse Svendsen, editor of Norway's hi-fi magazine Lyd & Bilde (Sound & Vision). Svendsen was shocked by what he heard.

"Oh my God, this is unfortunately a classic example of how bad things get when studio technicians and musicians gets to play with expensive compressors and limiters," he said. "The file is a 313 kbps AAC sound file, which isn't necessarily that bad, but someone has chosen to maximize the volume with a compressor, so much so that the whole sound file just sounds like mud. The cymbals sound like broken glass, the drums like trees cracking, and the guitars — which are mixed equally loudly — sound like someone shoved a screwdriver into my ears." - more on this story

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More Naughty Miley Cyrus Photos Surface - 08 Rewind
antiMusic reports: The child soft porn keeps coming from Miley Cyrus. The person that reportedly hacked her cell phone has released a new batch of racy photos with more promised in the future.

According to 2Snaps.tv the hacker, TrainReq, " was smart and didn't leak all the Miley Cyrus pictures he stole from her e-mail at once. He knows how to build anticipation and suspense." The blogger was excited at the prospect of more child softporn pix of the Disney star, "I am guessing since these latest Miley candids feature new and improve positions, including a never before seen butt shot, that there are even more and better ones to come. Hopefully this becomes a regular two-week, Monday morning kind of thing"

Fox News reports: Someone needs to keep Miley Cyrus away from the cameras... at least the personal cameras anyway. The "Hannah Montana" sensation is embroiled in yet another photo scandal, with the latest photos showing the 15-year-old pulling up her shirt to reveal her stomach and white underpants. But that's not all: The latest round of racy pics also features Cyrus showing-off her lil' bod in an itsy-bitsy bikini. - more on this story

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Guns N' Sex Parties for Axl - 08 Rewind
antiMusic reports: Welcome to Axl's funhouse, he's got fun and sex games! Apparently there was a lot of hanky panky going on at Axl Rose's loft during Guns N' Roses' heyday. This according to a new biography of the group.

Page Six previewed the book and reports that the biography contains some rather lurid stories about Axl's "fun and game" where he reportedly "held debauched sex parties at his home — with all female visitors ordered to 'get naked or leave.'"

In "Watch You Bleed", Stephen Davis' new bio of the California rockers, Rose recalls, "There was a lot of indoor and outdoor sex . . . People would show up at all hours and we'd talk the girls into climbing into our loft, and somebody would hit the light and go, 'All right! . . . Get naked or leave!' This one girl, she [bleep]ed almost the whole band, friends of the band, and the band next door. Two days later, she comes back and goes, 'Axl, I'm having your child.'[the book sucked!!! too many errors to take seriously but this controvery probably helped sell a few copies to disappointed fans. ] - more on this story

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Velvet Revolver Pay Up Over Song Theft - 08 Rewind
antiMusic reports: According to Rolling Stone, Velvet Revolver has reportedly settled a song theft case brought U.K. musician Tony Newton. Newton claimed that Velvet Revolver lifted the riff and melody for "Dirty Little Thing" from his band Voodoo Six's track "Cyber Baby."

"I genuinely couldn't believe it, because it wasn't as if it was close… it was basically the same riff," says Newton in the Rolling Stone report. "Anyway, I called my publishers to check whether they knew anything — which, of course, they didn't — and then basically left it with them."

Good thing he did as he'll reportedly get a whopping 20 percent of all royalties from the "Contraband" album, not to mention the actual single dating back to 2004. As if that's not enough, he'll also be paid all future royalties for the use of the song. - more on this story

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My Chemical Romance On Hold - 08 Rewind
FMQB reports: After spending the past few years promoting their album The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance has decided to put the band on the backburner for a while and pursue other interests before writing a new album.

Singer Gerard Way has been working on his comic book series The Umbrella Academy, while brother Mikey Way has been penning his own comic book as well.

Guitarist Frank Iero is starting a new band called Leathermouth, guitarist Ray Toro is getting married and drummer Bob Bryar is spending his time off in Chicago. - more on this story

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Zeppelin Stars Working on New Music? - 08 Rewind
Blabbermouth reports: According to Fargo, North Dakota radio station 107.9 The Fox, drummer Jason Bonham revealed this past Friday morning (August 22) on a Detroit radio station that he is leaving Foreigner at the end of this month.

Since Jason filled the seat once occupied by his late father John Bonham at the Led Zeppelin show in London last December, does this raise the likelihood of a full-fledged Led Zeppelin reunion?

Jason, who was born in England and now lives in Florida, said, "I've been over [to England] a couple of times. I've been working with Jimmy [Page] and John Paul [Jones] and trying to do just do some new material and some writing. I don't know what it will be, but it will be something." - more on this story

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