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Another Hendrix Legal Challenge
PR reports: Experience Hendrix, L.L.C., has responded to a spate of recent press announcements indicating that Fuego Entertainment has acquired North American rights to over 200 live performance music tracks by Jimi Hendrix. Experience Hendrix is the company founded by the late James Allen Hendrix, the father and sole heir of Jimi Hendrix. Since 1995, Experience Hendrix has owned and administered all the music and related rights created by the legendary guitarist, singer and songwriter Jimi Hendrix.

Experience Hendrix is familiar with the material acquired by Fuego: it is a collection of inferior quality bootleg recordings of Jimi Hendrix previously marketed in the UK by the now defunct record company Purple Haze Records. During the past several years Experience Hendrix filed legal actions in the UK against Purple Haze and its affiliates, and won several UK court judgments which held that Purple Haze had no legal rights to release these recordings, and enjoined any further release of same. On May 24 of last year, the Court of Appeal in London upheld the 2006 decision of the English High Court rejecting the claims of Purple Haze's purported licensor John Hillman to ownership of interests in the music of Jimi Hendrix. 

It appears that Fuego Entertainment has purchased the discredited claims and inferior copies of Hendrix recordings from Hillman and/or Purple Haze and intends to resume their unauthorized distribution. Experience Hendrix serves notice that it will take all legal action necessary to remove this bootleg material from the market and recover damages against Fuego Entertainment and associated parties for infringement as authorized under applicable law

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Iron Maiden Live After Death Comes To DVD At Last
PR reports: Finally available on DVD for the first time, New Door Records/UMe are proud to announce the eagerly awaited release of the Double Disc DVD of "LIVE AFTER DEATH," the legendary recording of Maiden's four-night stand at Long Beach Arena, California, in 1984. In stores February 5th, 2008, the release will coincide with the start of the band's "Somewhere Back In Time World Tour," on which they will recreate many of the aspects of this original and spectacular show.

Disc one contains the recording of this full 90-minute concert. Originally filmed on 35mm, the footage comes alive on DVD resulting in a visually stunning film that far outstrips the usual live video of the '80s. The disc carries two sound options -- the original concert audio specially mixed into 5.1 Surround Sound by Kevin Shirley, Maiden's producer since 1999, plus the original stereo sound track by Martin Birch, the band's producer from 1981 to 1993. Originally released on video in 1985, this has been largely unavailable for the past 20 years.

Disc two has Part 2 of the 'History of Iron Maiden,' continuing on the Maiden story from "The Early Days" DVD, along with rare and unseen bonus footage in the form of BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN, ROCK IN RIO '85, and 'ELLO TEXAS, all in all giving a total running time of well over three hours.- more on this story

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Yellowcard Digital Live Album 
PR reports: Yellowcard will release a digital live album, entitled Live From Las Vegas At the Palms, exclusively though the iTunes Store beginning January 22nd, 2008. Recorded in October at Las Vegas' renowned Palms Casino Resort's intimate Pearl Concert Theater, where the farthest seating is just 120 feet from the stage, the album captures the Jacksonville, FL, quartet's fiery blend of rock, punk, and classical at its most explosive best. 

"We were honored to record Live From Las Vegas At the Palms for iTunes and we're really proud of the record," said frontman Ryan Key. 

Live From Las Vegas features five tracks from Yellowcard's current album Paper Walls including the lead-off single "Light Up the Sky." The live album also features Yellowcard's previous singles "Way Away," "Ocean Avenue," and "Only One," from the band's double-platinum 2003 Capitol Records' debut Ocean Avenue, as well as "Lights and Sounds" and "Rough Landing, Holly," from their 2006 gold album Lights and Sounds. 

Anyone who purchases Live From Las Vegas at the Palms in its first week of release (from January 22nd to January 28th) will also receive a code for Ticketmaster enabling the purchase of up to four tickets for the tour on January 30th before they go on sale to the public on February 2nd. - more on this story

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Corporate Band Sponsorships? 
antiMusic reports: The whoring of the music industry hits a new low. Your favorite band might soon be "brought to you by Viagra". Gigwise has thes story: EMI will allow its artists, who include Coldplay and Kylie Minogue, to be sponsored by corporate companies, according to reports. 

The proposals, which could see Coldplay's new album 'Prospekt' released with corporate branding, are expected to feature as part of an extensive shake-up of the company. 

Terra Firma, EMI's new owners, believe the plans would help increase the label's revenue as it struggles to meet the growth of the digital marketplace.- more on this story

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Avril Not A Thief Just Unoriginal
Jam! reports: A pair of U.S. songwriters who accused Avril Lavigne of ripping off one of their tunes now say the songstress did nothing wrong. 

Last summer, Tommy Dunbar and James Gangwer alleged that Lavigne's boppy track "Girlfriend" sounded suspiciously like the Rubinoos 1979 single, "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." 

On Tuesday, Lavigne's record company Nettwerk issued a statement from Dunbar and Gangwer in which the two men said: "We are satisfied that any similarities between the two songs resulted from Avril and Luke's use of certain common and widely used lyrics."- more on this story

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Counting Crows Sets Release 
PR reports: On March 25, Counting Crows will release their fifth studio album (and their first in five years), Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, on Geffen/Interscope. 

Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings is just your average brilliant, unsparing rock & roll song cycle about the high life and the low life, about sin and whatever the hell follows. This is an album with two distinct yet deeply related halves: 

Saturday Nights -- the album's angry, electric, dissolute opening salvo -- was produced by Gil Norton (The Pixies, Foo Fighters.) The more acoustic and folk-influenced Sunday Mornings was produced by Brian Deck whose past credits include Modest Mouse and Iron & Wine.- more on this story

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Daughtry On Idol's Decline
Rockdirt reports: After telling Rolling Stone that he felt like 'American Idol' was "definitely lacking some credibility at this point" and that the show is "in a state of decline and if they don't do something about it, it's probably not gonna last too much longer," Chris Daughtry is in damage control. The 'American Idol' season five finalist wrote on his band's blog on Monday (January 14): 

It's so sad that when you're asked something and you answer honestly... you're made out to be the bad guy. Yes, I'm referring to the Rolling Stone post. The funny thing is, if you heard the whole conversation you would've heard all the good things I said about the show as well. Like for instance: How it's an amazing platform to launch a career... "If you take it seriously!!!" Let's not forget I was a struggling artist for 11 years that never got any respect or notoriety so know that I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity that Idol gave me. And that's where my comments came from. 

It all started when the interviewer (who was great by the way) asked me where the "Idol stigma everyone talks about" comes from. Ya know... the reason people never take anyone from the show serious in the real world and why people say "oh they came from AI, they're not real artists." So, I answered that I don't feel that enough "artists" try out for the show because of how many people they focus on that are obviously there for comedic and entertainment value. And when you focus enough on people that aren't serious about it then it's hard for the audience to take you as an artist serious.- read our follow up "Fun with Daughtry Idol Quotes"

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Munky Leaves Korn Tour
Metal Underground reports: KORN lead guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer has left the band's current European tour for both personal and family reasons. The group's frontman Jonathan Davis said in a statement, "We fully support Munky's need to be home right now and because we want to come through for all of our European fans, the tour will go on. It's what Munky wants us to do, too. We promise to give it our all every night!" 

Shaffer recently posted an update online about his current activities, including his Emotional Syphon Recordings label and KORN's current European tour. But Shaffer also hinted at his own future plans, writing, "Before I hit the road, I wanted to let everyone in on a little secret. I have a big surprise announcement coming very, very soon. It's something I'm extremely passionate about, and I have a feeling everyone is going to love it. Be sure to keep checking this page, because this announcement is going to be big..." 

Shaffer did not provide any further details about his "surprise announcement," although there is speculation that he'll record a solo album.- more on this story

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Ike Turner OD'd 
TMZ reports: Ike Turner died of an accidental cocaine overdose, the San Diego County Coroner revealed today. Turner died on December 12 at his rented San Marcos home.

Paul Parker, Chief Investigator at the Medical Examiner's Office, said, "We are listing that he abused cocaine, and that's what resulted in the cocaine toxicity." 

Ike's daughter Mia told the AP that her father's drug use was "an ongoing struggle." - more TMZ

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Blink Sues Drink
TMZ reports: Tatted up daddy Travis Barker is suing RockStar energy drink for unauthorized use of his name and image -- which they've now pulled from their site. 

The suit claims "in 2007, RockStar, without permission or authorization" from Barker, put a pic of the rocker on their web site without asking! The nerve!

Now Barker is asking for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. Drink that - more TMZ

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Lemmy Slams Label Bosses 
Wenn reports: Motorhead frontman Lemmy has hit out at record industry bosses for taking so long to adapt to the idea of selling music online. The Ace Of Spades rocker insists the music business deserves its current sales slump because executives have had years to figure out how to best promote music on the internet.

He tells Metal Edge magazine: "It's killing itself, isn't it? I mean, they (record companies) are too dumb to realise. I mean, it was f**king years ago that this started, and they just carried on doing what they were doing, blind to any advice, blind to any sort of evidence.

"They just kept on overcharging and kept on f**king people over, and now the chickens are coming home, you know? I think they're all gonna be out of business in 10 years."
- more entertainment stories from Wenn/PR-Inside

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Ours Returns with New CD and Manson Tour 
antiMusic reports: Big news! OURS' long awaited new studio album is finally coming out. Those not familiar with the band, they are headed by probably one of the most gifted vocalist in the music biz, Jimmy Gnecco. The band have also landed the support slot on Marilyn Manson's tour. A bit of a strange pairing but we have faith that Ours can pull it off. Here is the PR about the CD and tour: 

The New York-based band OURS has landed the coveted support slot opening shows on the upcoming Marilyn Manson tour beginning January 19 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Florida, and ending March 2 at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston, Texas.

One of the year's most highly-anticipated releases, the long-awaited third OURS studio album, "Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)," will be available on-line and in-stores on Tuesday, March 18. The first OURS album to be released on American Recordings/Columbia Records, "Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)" is produced by Grammy-winning Producer of the Year Rick Rubin (Linkin Park, System Of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and co-produced by OURS frontman Jimmy Gnecco. - more on this story

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Motley Beating Lawsuit
SleazeRoxx.com reports: Motley Crue's concert promoters have been hit with a lawsuit by a fan who claims he was assaulted while attending the band's 2006 gig in Illinois. Gerald Schneeman is suing promoter Live Nation for damages after he was allegedly beaten up by an unidentified member of Motley Crue during the rockers' concert at the Ford Amphitheater on November 22. 

The legal papers, which were filed in a U.S. court on Monday, state Schneeman was standing directly in front of the stage when he was allegedly struck in the head with a guitar by the Motley Crue member - who was not named in the suit. The musician is then said to have jumped down from the stage and knocked Schneeman to the ground, at which point security intervened and began assaulting the fan, before dragging him out of the venue. 

Schneeman claims he suffered bodily injuries, scarring and disfigurement, although full details of his injuries have not been released, reports website TBO.com.- more on this story

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Britney Has Multiple Personality Disorder?
antiMusic reports: We've more or less had an embargo on Britney stories for the past couple weeks as they have become more and more frivolous. However, we have to break that embargo for a very strange report from TMZ which claims that Britney suffers from the rather serious and rare mental illness known as multiple personality disorder. This may explain some of her more bizarre behavior, then again the pressure of living under the media microscope might be a more believable explanation. Here is the TMZ story: Sources are now painting a very disturbing picture of Britney Spears, or whoever she happens to be at any given moment.

We're told the whole British accent thing -- well, it's more than an accent. Britney has multiple personalities, including, as people in her life call it, "the British girl." We're told when Spears loses the British personality, she has absolutely no idea what she did during the time she assumed that personality.

Sources say Brit has a number of other identities, where she becomes "the weepy girl, the diva, the incoherent girl," and on and on. Sources say Britney had become the British girl the day she didn't show for her deposition and has no recollection of it. - See TMZ's video example of this. 

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Coldplay Assault
Contact Music reports: A savage new video featuring footage of COLDPLAY star CHRIS MARTIN attacking a paparazzo has hit the Internet. The mild-mannered singer is seen chasing down a photographer trying to get shots of his wife Gwyneth Paltrow as she left a New York hospital earlier this week (beg14Jan08). 

With an anorak hood covering his face, angry Martin repeats, "Have some respect," as he wrestles the photographer to the ground and snatches his camera. But the snapper's pal retaliates as Martin climbs into the back of an awaiting silver sports utility vehicle, and hisses, "You give it (camera) back to him or this door's getting broken." 

The British rock star sees sense and hands the camera back, calmly stating, "You've gotta have some respect." The footage has been posted on various U.S. news websites.- more on this story

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