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Today's Full Report and Breaking Stories for 01/23/2008

Chris Robley Week: The Love I Fake
antiMusic reports: With a CD called The Drunken Dance of Modern Man In Love, and a nickname of the Stephen King of Indie Pop, Chris Robley caught our attention. He kept our attention with his moody yet intriguing music. We asked Chris to pick some of his favorite songs from the CD and tell us about each. Here is Chris with today's song "The Love I Fake".

This song inspired a music journalist in San Francisco to start a whole iTunes mix for songs about prostitutes. I think The Love I Fake and Roxanne are the only ones in there so far. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the box. So why a song about a prostitute? Sometimes I'll just come up with these little mental problems in my head that need solving, and it could be anything that sets it off. It might have been a movie or a discussion or an undigested bit of mustard that made me go pondering. Start with the question, develop the answer.

Everyone at some low point in their life needs to feel empowered amidst the chaos, and how could a prostitute feel empowered given the daily horrors? And the answer I came up with was by possessing or cultivating a kind of superior air about her and by making fun of the dude in her head while it's all going down. Quiet condescension. So hopefully the listener starts off feeling sorry for the girl, but ends up feeling sorry for the pathetic guys she emasculates with her barbed tongue. (He went into a lot of detail so we're only printing the first part of each story in the Day in Rock - here is a link to the full story for today)

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GNR CD Really Done
antiMusic reports: According to Axl Rose's manager the new Guns N' Roses album "Chinese Democracy" was finished late last year and they are currently negotating for the release of the album.

We reported on the rumors that the album was done a couple weeks back but we never heard back from Geffen or the GNR camp with a confirmation or denial. The rumor is that the marking is holding up the release. In our attempts to follow up the story a new level of confusion was added as a rep we spoke with at Universal wasn't even sure if the band was still with Geffen as he believed that they were part of Universal's catelog label now.

UK magazine Classic Rock had better luck getting official word. They spoke with Axl's personal manager, Beta Lebeis, who said that the album "was finished before Christmas." Adding that "Everybody knows that." She also said that Axl is currently "in negotiations" to set the release. So it looks like we may just see "Chinese Democracy" this year.

While you wait check out Tony's new feature on the 'Use Your Illusion' albums, part of our special GNR Legends week (going on all this week... oh what timing!) - Read it here.

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Garth Vs The Web
Idolator reports: Garth Brooks is emblematic of another time in the record industry--a time when the Recording Industry Association of America's Diamond certification meant something, a time when people would happily plunk down $13.98 or more for his latest album, a time when being "about the music" meant "paying for the music," mannn. But it's the age of rampant cost-free downloading, and he's trying to figure out a way to keep the money flowing in. His solution? Pinning a bright badge to his cowboy hat and handing out tickets. E-tickets, that is!

Energized by this renewed sense of relevance, Brooks still remains wary of some aspects of 21st century music culture. He's not fond of iTunes, remaining loyal to the album format. And when the subject of illegal downloading comes up, watch out.

"As a society, all we want is more free music. But let's talk about me being on a soccer field, and hearing 'More Than a Memory' on somebody's phone. I go over there and say, 'Where'd you get that?' and they tell you: a file-sharing place. I call that place and they say, 'We can't do anything until you write us a letter.' Now how screwed up is that?" - more on this story

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Writers To Spare The Grammys
Reuters reports: The union for striking Hollywood screenwriters said on Tuesday it had decided to spare next month's Grammy Awards from picketing that could dampen the recording industry's highest honors.

The announcement by the Writers Guild of America marked a surprise reversal from the union's previous stance that it would likely picket the Grammy show, slated for a live telecast on February 10 from the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Writers Guild leaders said the decision, approved by the WGA's governing board, was "made on behalf of our brothers and sisters" in two unions that represent musical performers and had sought a strike "waiver" for the Grammys. - more on this story

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Shortlist Finalist Yawnlist
Idolator reports: The Shortlist Prize, the music award that, thanks to some inside tumult, had its list of potential nominees winnowed down by a guy from Snow Patrol and a non-Brandon Flowers member of the Killers, announced its 10-album finalist list today.

Which is, you know, Oscar day and all, meaning that its announcement would fall even more by the wayside than it might on a normal day. But that's OK, because this list--which were deduced to be the best among those albums "released in the US from January through November 2007 ... [that] had not been certified gold for domestic sales of 500,000 units"--will probably look familiar to anyone who was paying even the most cursory attention to the music press last month.

Arcade Fire, Neon Bible
Burial, Untrue
Feist, The Reminder
Justice, &8224;
LCD Soundsystem, Sound Of Silver
- the rest here

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Winehouse Smoking Crack
BBC reports: A video of Amy Winehouse apparently smoking a crack pipe has been posted on The Sun's website.

In the video, the Back To Black singer claims she has taken "six valium" before lighting up and inhaling from the pipe.

Her record company, Universal, said: "We are deeply disappointed and upset by these latest revelations and are doing everything we can to offer Amy our full support in dealing with her problems." - more on this story

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Velvet Revolver Already Eyeing New CD
FMQB reports: It has not been that long since Velvet Revolver's Libertad was released in 2007, but Slash is already itching to get back in the studio and record album #3. The group plans to start working on their next effort in April, almost immediately after finishing their upcoming tour. There are already arrangements and ideas in place for new songs, but nothing is set in stone quite yet.

"I'm really jazzed about doing it. I've been working on new ideas, and we've had a couple times where the guys all got together and worked on some stuff," Slash told Billboard.com.

"I'm itching to see what this third record's gonna be, 'cause I think it's gonna be ----in' awesome, and I think we don't necessarily need to spend two years on the road like we did last time [for 2004's Contraband]... - more on this story

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Biohazard Reunite
PR reports: The original lineup of the highly influential New York-based group Biohazard, whose intense fusion of the aggression of hardcore, punk and thrash metal with the socio-critical commentary and authenticity of hip-hop earned the band extensive international acclaim will reunite for a series of performances in the summer of 2008 to commemorate the band's 20th anniversary.

Bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld, guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei, drummer Danny Schuler and guitarist Bobby Hambel have not performed together publicly since 1995, when Hambel left the group at the end of the touring cycle for Biohazard's third album and major-label debut, "State Of The World Address." - more from the band

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Clutch, CKY, Fireball Ministry Members Form The Company Band
PR reports: Clutch, CKY, Fireball Ministry and Puny Human Members Release EP In A Merger Known As The Company Band Official Release On MTV's TRL, Feb. 9th

The Company Band Founders: Neil Fallon, Clutch– Vocals * James A. Rota II, Fireball Ministry– Guitar and Vocals * Dave Bone - Guitars * Jason Diamond, Puny Human - Bass * Jess Margera, CKY – Drums * Produced by Andrew Alekel (Fu Manchu, Fireball Ministry) Grandmaster Recorders, Hollywood, CA

Their four-song debut EP, "Sign Here, Here, and here" is available now on iTunes, and teaser clips can be heard now at www.thecoband.com ; the full-length physical CD will be available on the site, February 9th when The Company Band performs on TRL during the Jackass 24-hour MTV takeover in Times Square, New York City. - http://www.thecoband.com

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Sirius Punk
antiMusic reports: Sirius Punk Channel will be rolling out a special next week focusing on the greatest punk songs of all time. Here is what they have to say about it.

All this week, The Punk Channel proudly presents the greatest punk songs of all time – brought you by the greatest punks of all-time! The Sex Pistols, The Misfits, The Dead Kennedys, The Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, Henry Rollins, NOFX, Dropkick Murphys and more – it's "The All-Stars of Punk"!

The absolute masters of the genre, on the mike, uncensored, and playing their hand-selected favorite punk anthems - a Punk Channel world exclusive! Beginning January 28th at 9 am ET. (running til 2/1) - http://www.sirius.com/punk

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Comicbook For My Valentine and Full Album Preview
PR reports: Much buzzed-about breaking band Bullet For My Valentine has commissioned celebrated indie comic book writer and illustrator Tom Manning to create a mini-comic book for every one of the 11 songs on the band's new album, "Scream Aim Fire," which will be released on January 29 (20/20/Jive/Zomba).

Each book will be three-to-five pages in length and all are inspired by the lyrics of the songs on the new release. The first three ("Scream Aim Fire," "Waking The Demon," "Hearts Burst Into Fire") will be available on January 29 in the PDF booklet of the iTunes deluxe version of the album. Ultimately, all 11 books will be available for viewing on a micro-site found at www.safthecomics.com. Fans can access a free PDF download of "Scream Aim Fire" now when they sign up for the band's mailing list at www.safthecomics.com/freedownload. In addition to the actual comic book for every song, 15-second animated trailers have been created for each comic and have just been posted on media partner websites. The first trailer for the CD's title track can be viewed now on the band's YouTube channel and MySpace profile.

Also Bullet For My Valentine are streaming their entire new album, Scream Aim Fire, in its entirety on Myspace. Scream Aim Fire will be in stores on January 29th.
- http://www.myspace.com/bulletformyvalentine

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Norma Jean Find Their New Drummer
antiMusic reports: Norma Jean found their new drummer: Chris Raines from Spitfire. The band made announcement on their Myspace page on Monday. Here is what they had to say:

As you guys know, we have been in the process of finding a new drummer. So the past couple of months or so we have been playing shows, and writing songs with one of our good, long time friends playing drums. Its been a great experience and we are so happy to officially welcome Chris Raines into the family. Hes an awesome dude, and you have heard him play if you listen to the band SPITFIRE. And if you havent heard them, you should check em out. they got some new songs up.

By the way, we have been working on new a new record. and its been going so well. we couldnt be happier with how its coming along. we are really stoked on it and cant wait to get it out to you guys. thanks for all your support. we love you!!!!!!!! - more on this story

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Release Date of Bodom
BW&BK reports: Finnish metallers CHILDREN OF BODOM have announced April 15th as the North American release date for their latest Spinefarm Records/Fontana International album Blooddrunk.

The tracklisting for their upcoming new album, Blooddrunk, which is as follows: 'Hellhounds On My Trail', 'Blooddrunk', 'LoBodomy', 'One Day You Will Cry', 'Smile Pretty For The Devil', 'Tie My Rope', 'Done With Everything, Die For Nothing', 'Banned From Heaven', 'Roadkill Morning'.

Spinefarm Records will issue Blooddrunk in Eurpe on April 7th and April 9th in Finland. There will also be a single, for the title track 'Blooddrunk', released on February 27th. - more info and tour dates

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Boss and Daughtry Added To Harley Anniversary Bash
PR reports: Harley-Davidson's 105th Anniversary Celebration in late August is shaping up as the music event of 2008 with today's announcement that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, along with Billboard 200's top-selling artist Daughtry, will headline separate concerts over the course of the four-day event in Milwaukee.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will perform a concert on Saturday evening, August 30, at a venue Harley-Davidson has dubbed Roadhouse at the Lakefront, located just north of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Daughtry, who burst onto the music scene in 2006 to become today's hottest-selling artist, will perform at the Summerfest grounds, also on Saturday evening, August 30.

Springsteen and Daughtry headline the entertainment line-up for Harley-Davidson's 105th Anniversary, with additional acts including Los Lonely Boys, Black Crowes, ZZ Top, Peter Frampton and Buddy Guy. These artists, along with Daughtry and others will perform during two days of entertainment and activities at the Summerfest grounds on Friday, August 29 and Saturday, August 30, 2008. - lot more info

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Black Crowes Sell Out
BW&BK reports: Tickets for the THE BLACK CROWES' special One Night Only shows in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta all sold out within minutes, with some of the venues reporting record sell-outs.

For the first time in their 18-year career, The Black Crowes are performing an album of theirs in its entirety. On a special run of these One Night Only shows beginning March 2 and wrapping March 20, fans will experience Warpaint - the group's first album of all new studio material in seven years - in its entirety onstage, after which the band will perform songs from their catalog and selected surprises.

Due out March 4, Warpaint will also be available on the same day as a limited edition vinyl package. The album is being released via the band's own newly formed label Silver Arrow Records through Megaforce/Sony Red BMG. - more on this story

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Yoko Pulls A Yoko on Film Director
Gigwise reports: Yoko Ono has reportedly blocked a film maker's request to use John Lennon's music on the soundtrack of a new movie about the couple.

The movie, entitled 'Mhari And The Lennons', tells the fictional story of the couple trip to Scotland in 1969 and their impact on the local community.

Screenwriter Derek Yeaman apparently wrote the script after discovering Lennon had become friends with a minister from the Free Church of Scotland. However, Ono turned down the request because the trip bought back "bad memories" for her. - more on this story

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