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Full Report for 06/02/2008

Bangkok Five Week: Day 1 "We Love What Kills Us"
antiMusic reports: The Bangkok Five have been favorites of antiMusic since before they were even the Bangkok Five. Explosive but melodic, the band strikes the right mix and have been easily winning over fans since their debut album came out. We celebrate the release of the band's sophomore album, 'We Love What Kills Us,' by asking frontman Frost to give us the inside story on his five favorite tracks from the album.

Here is Frost with today's song "We Love What Kills Us": A lot of people think we are endorsing a destructive lifestyle in this song but we are not. It's a commentary on the life-destroying addictions we all seem to need for happiness and/or survival. Watching the Princess of Pop annihilate herself seems more important than the hundreds of thousands of lives we are ruining for an ineffective, disappearing commodity. Cocaine is one of the most successful products in the history of man. It's a 100 billion dollar a year industry. It eliminates pain and causes immediate pleasure, but ask Rick James about it. Oh wait, you can't. It killed him.

The album hits stores next week but you can grab a taste right now, plus get the latest on the band and more - right here

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Kurt Cobain's Ashes Stolen?
antiMusic reports: We're not sure how legit this story considering the sources (News of the World who sources Courtney Love) but in the off chance it's true here is part of what The Herald Sun had to report:

The ashes of legendary grunge musician Kurt Cobain have been stolen, according to his distraught widow Courtney Love. The Nirvana frontman's ashes were taken from Love's Los Angeles residence, she said. Cobain's ashes had been stored in a pink bear-shaped bag, along with a lock of his hair.

"They were all I had left of my husband," said the Hole singer. [Maybe she shouldn't have sold off the other stuff?] "I can't believe anyone would take Kurt's ashes from me. I find it disgusting and right now I'm suicidal. If I don't get them back I don't know what I'll do." - more on this story

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Pete Wentz = Bitch
antiMusic reports: Monday's suck, so let's have a little fun examining another reason why Pete Wentz is a bitch. Not only Ashlee's bitch, but MTV's bitch and apparently Perez Hilton's bitch as well. So yes, Wentz is one major bitch! Last week Idolator's Dan Gibson apparently upset Pete Wentz a little bit when Dan posted about Pete's new MTV show, which upset his posse. In the story, Gibson poked a little fun at Wentz, which is seems like a natural reaction, similar to a sneeze.

Gibson wrote in part, "As a follow-up to the already extensive coverage of Pete Wentz's music-saving MTV program, we can now reveal that the show has a name (albeit a terrible one, ''N MTV), a time slot, and a network-wide initiative behind it (at least for the summer)." and Gibson went on to have a little more fun at the expense of MTV's main bitch, a.k.a. Wentz.

So someone that apparently is one of Wentz's bitches, a,k.a, posse, reportedly posted a message on meelikey.com in response to Dan's story. Now Wentz already has pretty low credibility, but when someone he is associated with ends their comments with "ps. dan gibson = a bitch, perez hilton = amazing, pete wentz = my hero," we really have to shake our heads. Perez Hilton amazing? Is there any wonder that Wentz is considered the new Fred Durst by many? - Read Dan's response (it links to the original article)

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KISS Idol Coming?
BW&BK reports: NRK.no recently spoke with KISS' Gene Simmons where he discussed fans' biggest fear for some years now - that KISS are indeed planning to keep KISS running and touring after founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons decide to take off the make-up for good.

During a familiar rant by Simmons about how KISS could go on forever, NRK's journalist asked jokingly if the band would consider looking for replacements for Simmons and Stanley in a tv-show, on the model of American Idol. "We have already signed the contract, and it is going to go through in a couple of months" was Simmons' reply.

Co-founder Paul Stanley was not very happy to hear about his bandmate's statement regarding KISS' future. "These things are typical. Gene says something as if it was a fact, but there is no signed deal. The future has many possibilities. Will it happen next week? No! Am I opposed to the idea? Of course not" he retorted. - more on this story

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Howie Mandel Disturbed?, Angels and Airwaves DVD, Daughtry Still Sellin, Morrissey Plots New CD, Sweet Radio, Macca Live Video, Rock Star Supernova and more
antiMusic reports: Happy Monday, here are some quicks to get the week started off right for you: Angels and Airwaves have set a release date for their upcoming first DVD. The disc is titled Start the Machine and is due out June 17, 2008. more Speaking of AAA their debut finally went Gold.

Daughtry's self-titled debut record has now gone 4X Platinum. Journey's Greatest Hits, much like the wheel in the sky, keeps on turnin'... and is certified as 15X Platinum. See who else scored for their record companies here

Morrissey is planning a September release for his ninth studio album, "Years of Refusal." According to trusted fan site True to You, the album will be released by Polydor in the U.K. and an as-yet-undecided Universal label Stateside.

We already told you that Sweet has returned and kick off their tour this month. We just learned that the band will be on Mark & Brian Radio Show this coming Thursday morning, (June 5th). The show airs on L.A.'s only real rock station KLOS and in other markets, but if you live outside of those markets, you can catch it live online and also archived here. On Friday the 13th they are playing the first official gig of the reunion at The Canyon Club in Agoura, Ca. Grab the other dates, more are expected

Abbeyrd Beatles Page has exclusive video from Paul McCartney's performance at Liverpool b-day bash this past weekend. Check it out here

Rise To Addiction have been confirmed for this years Rock Nights Festival which is set to take place on 1-2 August in Zarasai, Lithuania. Rise To Addiction will perform on the 1st August. Other acts appearing at the festival include Paradise Lost and Volbeat.

New York based electro-rock outfit Heloise & The Savoir Faire will travel west for a June 12 show at the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. This is one stop on a west-coast swing including dates in Vancouver, Portland and San Francisco. Heloise & The Savoir Faire will perform material off their new album Trash, Rats and Microphones, released on April 29 via Simian Records

Rock Star Supernova, the band featuring Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, guitarist Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns N' Roses), vocalist Lukas Rossi and bassist Johnny Colt (Black Crowes, Train), reunited for a May 28 performance at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles at a benefit concert for the reforestation of Griffith Park more

Bleeding Through have set a late August release date for their upcoming new album, Declaration. The band has been working with producer Devin Townsend (also the mainmain in Strapping Young Lad) more

R&B star Usher has gone straight to the top spot in the UK album charts with his new record Here I Stand. more

Here is a neat way to stop copyright violation... by breaking the law! Anti-piracy technology outfit MediaDefender is accused of launching a denial of service attack against the perfectly legitimate Internet TV company Revision3 simply because the service uses BitTorrent technology to distribute its content. Denial of service attacks are illegal, and Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback says he's informed law enforcement officials of the matter in addition to potential additional legal action. more

Disturbed frontman David Draiman and comedian-turned-game-show-host Howie Mandel bear a, uh, disturbing resemblance. Are they're long-lost twins?
- Check out the evidence here and decide

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Emo Protest Response
NME reports: The Daily Mail issued a statement Saturday (May 31) responding to a planned protest by My Chemical Romance fans against the paper's coverage of emo. (NME's coverage of the protest.)

"The Daily Mail's coverage of the 'Emo' movement has been balanced, restrained and above all, in the public interest. Genuine concerns were raised at the inquest earlier this month on 13 year old emo follower Hannah Bond who had been self-harming and then tragically killed herself," they explained in the statement.

"In common with other newspapers we ran an accurate news story recording the Coroner's remarks and the parents' comments. We also published two other articles, one of which explained the background to the Hannah tragedy in calm and un-sensational language. - more on this story

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Korn Plan New Studio CD
Blabbermouth reports: Korn is scheduled to enter the studio in November with producer Ross Robinson, the man behind the group's self-titled 1994 debut and 1996's sophomore effort, "Life is Peachy", to begin recording its new album. An early 2009 release is expected.

A new 26-minute audio interview with Korn frontman Jonathan Davis in which he talks about the group's upcoming recording plans, his desire to eventually work with former Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch again, how he may never again share the stage with former Korn drummer David Silveria, the progress he's making on his first solo album and his upcoming collaboration with Clive Barker is available for download from Headbanger's Blog

Davis said during an online chat at Korn Korner, the band's official chat room, earlier in the month that former guitarist Welch is "not ready" to return to the band yet. - more on this story

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GNR Contender For Official Soccer Song
GNRDaily reports: The European Soccer Championships (UEFA Euro 2008) in Austria and Switzerland this summer could have GUNS N' ROSES song 'Paradise City' as the opening song before each game.

Go to the Swiss radio station DRS 3 to vote for 'Paradise City'. Click on 'Paradise City' in the upper right corner and then hit the "Abstimmen" button to vote.

'Paradise City' is currently number one on the list with 42% of the votes. vote here - More GNR News from GNRDaily

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Relient K Plans LP Length EP
PR reports: Relient K's The Bird and the Bee Sides, scheduled for July 1st release by Gotee Records, is by far the most ambitious EP of the band's career. In fact, with 26 songs (including 13 brand new ones) and a running time of 70 minutes, it may be one of the most ambitious EPs ever released, period.

Prior to street date, Relient K will launch an online scavenger hunt that will give fans a chance to download numerous b-sides that will not be included on the disc. The hunt begins June 16th at the band's MySpace site and will continue through June 30th.

Tapped as a co-headliner for the Vans Warped Tour '08, Relient K is eager to get back on the road. "This is the first time we've been out for the entire endeavor - it's going to be a blast," says Thiessen, who relishes the Warped tour's "hot, dirty summercamp awesomeness."

- more on this story

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Fiddy Planning Rap Idol TV Show
FMQB reports: MTV is pulling in a number of artists for new television shows to run in the summer and fall, including 50 Cent, Pete Wentz, T.I. and Diddy.

50 Cent's new, untitled project will be a reality show featuring 16 contestants as they compete to learn the skills that took 50 from the streets to corporate America.

The rapper will eliminate a contestant each week, with one winning a full scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate business program.
- You want a bigger laugh? Fiddy will reportedly be manufacturing a "rock" band. And now Fall Out Boy is not involved, Wentz's project is covered more in depth here

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Deep Purple Reunion
House of Rock reports: Ex-Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord will join his former bandmates onstage for this year's Sun Flower Jam. The charity show takes place at Porchester Halls in London on September 25.

Confirming that this is a one-off, Jon Lord tells his official web site, JonLord.org, that he is excited by the prospect of playing with Deep Purple for the first time in six years. "I am looking massively forward to playing some of those grand old Purple numbers again"

"I imagine they'll be playing some of the more recent stuff and I'll join for a few of the old favorites. The idea is not that they'll turn up without Don Airey at all. That would be terribly unfair to him after all this time" - more on this story

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