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Top 5 stories for second half this week

Guns N' Celeb Rehab
Blabbermouth reports: Former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler and Whitesnake vocalist David Coverdale's ex-wife Tawny Kitaen are among the celebrity patients undergoing detoxification and treatment at a center in the Los Angeles area on the second season of the hit reality series "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew". The series, consisting of eight one-hour episodes, is slated to premiere October 2008 on VH1.

Similar to the first cycle, the second season of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" will follow Jeff Conaway as he checks back into rehab after a series of back surgeries, setbacks and subsequent reliance on pain medications.

Joining him in rehab are Sean Stewart ("Sons of Hollywood"), Amber Smith (model/actress), Rodney King, Nikki McKibbon ("American Idol"), Adler and Kitaen. Gary Busey, who is 13 years sober from his cocaine addiction, will also be joining the cast to take the journey with the others and to share his experiences on the recovery process. - more on this story

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Metallica Now Magnetica?
Blabbermouth reports: Before the people that lack a sarcasm sensor starting taking that headline serious and believe that Metallica really changed their name to Magnetica , they didn't. But they may have posted the artwork to their forthcoming album online and that gave us the whole Magnetica idea.

Blabbermouth speculates that this just might be the artwork to their new album "Silence The Critics, Even The Ones That Praise Us" (not really the title), which is expected to street in September.

The mysterious artwork features two back to back magnets shooting out the M in Metallica's logo. It was posted on the Metallica website under the headline "???". Our guess is that it was sent in by a fan and they liked it enough to post it, but it could be the artwork (if they have $50 budget for such things). - Check it out here

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Nine Inch Nails TV Show Planned
Blabbermouth reports: Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor is working on a cable TV series based on his 2007 concept album, "Year Zero", according to a lengthy profile of Reznor in the Sunday edition of the New York Times.

The article does not go into much detail about the project, except to say that Reznor is working on it with producer Lawrence Bender, who is Quentin Tarantino's partner

The rest of the Times interview, which took place at Reznor's home "on the outskirts of Beverly Hills," touches on his abandonment of the major label system, his recent online album releases, and his own struggle to reinvent himself in the age of music downloading. - more on this story

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Don't Give Drugs To The Rockstar
telegraph.co.uk reports: A couple suspected of offering drugs to celebrities such as Amy Winehouse and Peaches Geldof have been charged with conspiracy to supply.

Scotland Yard said John Blagrove, 34, and his 22-year-old girlfriend Cara Burton, both of Queensbridge Road, east London, had been charged with conspiring to supply cocaine and a form of ecstasy.

The charges follow a police investigation in which officers seized a computer memory stick from the couple reportedly containing footage showing Miss Winehouse smoking a substance and Bob Geldof's 19-year-old daughter Peaches handing cash to a man. - Why hasn't Bob been charged with child abuse for naming his daughter Peaches? Find out what happened to Winehouse.

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Slash Working on Solo CD
Spinner reports: While media and fans keep speculating on a new singer for Velvet Revolver, Slash isn't waiting around, but rather, keeping busy with solo project.

"I'm working on it pretty aggressively right now while I have the time cause as soon as Velvet finds its singer, then it's going to be off the races with that," he tells Spinner. "I'm using this little period to be able to do as much on my solo record as possible. I'm not sure exactly when it will come out, but hopefully it will come out before the Velvet record."

"It'll be my first solo record," he" continues. All the other ones were just me putting other bands together and going out and just jamming. This will actually be a little bit more personal."
- more on this story

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Sister Hazel Week: Day 3
antiMusic reports: Sister Hazel will be releasing, "Before The Amplifiers, Live Acoustic," a new live acoustic album next week. The CD features the band's hits, fan favorites, and live concert staples. To celebrate the release we asked frontman Ken Block to tell us about his five favorite tracks from the CD. Here is Ken with today's song:

"Champagne High": I wrote this song about going the wedding of my ex-girlfriend and also about inviting exes to my own wedding.

It's a weird thing to do either way, but they were interesting opportunities for a lot of "what if" thinking

Learn more about the new CD, preview some tracks and grab tour dates - here

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Coolio Busted in the Gansta Paradise
TMZ reports: Maybe those braids really are pulled too tight: Coolio was just collared in Hollywood for driving on a suspended license. Not gangsta, no paradise!

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the rapper (real name: Artis Leon Ivey, Jr. -- yes, we're serious) was pulled over in a 1996 Hummer for a minor traffic violation.

That's when the po-po discovered that there was a warrant for Coolio's suspended license. They took him into custody, and his bail has been set at $10,000. - more on this story

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More Music Biz Stupidity, Diddy Smash Up, Streaming Priest, Willie, Wynton, and Jay, BRMC Lose Member, As I Lay Dying Pull Out, Guys Has Lots of Buddies and more
antiMusic reports: We return with a quicker version of quicks. Quicker since they in the past featured a lot of links to songs and videos. No more, you see the asshats at ASCAP have a new business plan that includes trying to extort money from websites for including music LINKS provided by the record companies. They seem to think that a song or video playing on another site is a performance on our site. Pretty silly (actually retarded) and they are basically SCREWING their own artists with this stupidity because they are cheating these artists out of a valuable FREE promotional tool. We'll have more on this silly battle later but for other website publishers, they will be probably be coming after you soon with this stupidity! We did inform most of the labels we work with about this but NONE of them have come back to us with a clarification. So maybe they don't want our coverage either? We can oblige. Artist that don't want their promotional legs cut out from underneath them by a supposed "artist rights" organization, should sign with these guys instead of asshats. That wasn't quick, was it? Oh well, now let's get on with today's quicks:

A guy got passed-out wasted and plowed into a fleet of super-pricey whips in NYC the other night -- too bad for him, that $400,000 Maybach he hit belonged to Diddy. Diddy reportedly wasn't there, he was too busy standing next to some rapper's car. more

MTV.com's The Leak is currently streaming Judas Priest's upcoming concept album, Nostradamus. Go here

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club drummer Nick Jago has split with the band for a second time, just prior to the launch of a European tour. However, core members Robert Levon Been and Peter Hayes insist Jago is not "fired." more

Willie Nelson and Wynton Marasalis are confirmed to perform on The Tonight Show July 10th

As I Lay Dying have issued the following update: "Due to an unforeseen family emergency we regret to inform you that we have no choice but to cancel our performance this Friday June 13th at Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, KY. more

Guitar legend Buddy Guy has Eric Clapton, Robert Randolph, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks in his corner on "Skin Deep," his next Silvertone/Zomba album. more

Download Festival organizers have issued the following update: "Join us for our world-record attempt for the 'most people made up as KISS' — taking place at Download on Friday, where KISS will rock the Festival! Only you can help make it happen... We hope to be able to set a record for over 400 faces painted within three hours. more

Happy 98th Birthday, Howlin' Wolf. Gison tells you how this musical pioneer took the Blues from the Delta to the World. check it out here

Irmin Schmidt, founder member of the legendary German avant-garde rock group Can, and breakbeat pioneer, producer and Professor Of Popular Music, Kumo (aka Jono Podmore) release "Axolotl Eyes" July 22, 2008.

HARD Summer Festival is nearing and the already impressive line-up is growing. LA Riots, DJ Momjeans (Danny Masterson) and Squeak E. Clean (NASA) have been added to the bill featuring N*E*R*D, MSTRKRFT, Spank Rock, Kid Sister and other favorites from the hip-hop and electro worlds. The second event, from the folks who brought you HARD NYE with Justice and Peaches, will take place under the summer night sky Saturday, July 19 at the Shrine Expo Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

The remaking of EMI continued today (June 10) with the announcement that Lee Trink will step down as Capitol Music Group president at the end of June. - more on this story

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Coldplay Tour Delay
PR reports: Coldplay will launch their "Viva La Vida" North American tour a little later than expected with two sold-out shows at The Forum in Los Angeles on July 14th and 15th. Fans snapped up an impressive 30,000 tickets in under 45 minutes time for the Los Angeles dates this past Saturday. Tickets for the tour are scheduled to go on sale this weekend in San Jose, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and Boston. The complete tour itinerary is listed below with additional on sale dates to be announced.

The first few dates of the North American tour have been rescheduled due to production delays. "We're very sorry, but we promise you a show worthy of your patience and understanding when we start in mid-July," said Coldplay. Tickets already purchased for these shows will be honored on the new dates. - more on this story

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Best Fake Bands
antiMusic reports: Gibson latest "list" installment features their favorite "fake" bands. Strangely, Diddy's "bands" didn't make the list. Here are a couple of the entries: The Monkees – The original fake band, the Monkees were the brainchild of rock impresario Don Kirshner. We all know and love their songs … and for very good reason.

The band employed top tier writers including Neil Diamond and a team of Brill Building all-stars. When the band decided they wanted to play their own instruments it was the beginning of the end, although the album Head is an undisputed psychsploitation classic. Steven Stills was even in the running to become one of the original Monkees. He was turned away because producers felt his receding hairline didn't bode well for a future made-for-TV teen idol.

Spinal Tap – Set your amp all the way to 11! Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls, and a literal army of drummers and keyboardists (some of whom have even been known to spontaneously combust mid-set!) are the high watermark of faux-bands. Tap had roots all the way back to the skiffle scene of late '50s Britain and dabbled in flower power before settling into heavy metal. - grab all the fake fun here

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Wishbone Ash Announce AshFest
PR reports: Wishbone Ash, the ground-breaking British band that pioneered the melodic twin-lead guitar style which influenced the likes of Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden, presents an opportunity for fans to enjoy four days of sun and fun with them at AshFest Florida 2008.

Join Andy Powell, Bob Skeat, Muddy Manninen and Joe Crabtree from Sept. 4 through 7 at the Sandpiper Club Med in St. Lucie, Florida. Relax at this all-inclusive resort and enjoy two private concerts with your favorite band. Organized by OceanConcerts, this very special AshFest is a unique way to bring together Wishbone Ash and their fans in a soothing atmosphere.

"AshFest provides a great opportunity for music fans to hang out with the band and meet like-minded music lovers," says guitarist/singer Andy Powell. "We held similar events on exotic cruises in previous years and they were a huge success. This year we decided to move to dry land and chose Club Med for its glamorous location, all inclusive hospitality and huge array of activities. We want families to be able to get the best of both both worlds - vacation and concert - to provide the experience of a lifetime." - more on this story

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104,000 People Journey To Wal*Mart For Music
ABC reports: Journey's new three disc CD/DVD package Revelation has sold more than 104,000 copies in its debut week according to Wal-Mart Stores, marking the band's biggest first week's sales since 1996's Trial By Fire. Released June 3, Revelation is being sold exclusively at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club in North America, Walmart.com and Samsclub.com, and Journey's official website, Journeymusic.com. Revelation's first week's sales marks a 1400% increase over the band's 2005's first week's sales of Generations.

"We are thrilled with the early success of Journey's 'Revelation' music project, and clearly our customer is excited about it too," said Jeff Maas, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Entertainment, Wal-Mart U.S. "We believe that if we continue to find innovative products, priced to showcase the value, our customers will show their excitement by purchasing the product. Journey has been great to work with and clearly this reflects a win for them and for our customer."

The first disc consists of 11 new songs, the second is filled with 11 re-recorded classics, and the third is a live, in-concert DVD. All of the music on Revelation was produced by Kevin Shirley (who previously worked with Journey on their Platinum-certified Trial By Fire album).
- more on this story

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Sigur Ros Time Warp Pisses Off Fans
antiMusic reports: What happens when tickets sellout before the time they were officially supposed to be put on sale? Idolator gets to the bottom of it: Ah, summertime in New York City—a time for trips to the beach, frying eggs on pavement, and special-event shows that everyone can complain about on blogs. Today's example of the latter features Icelandic massage musicians Sigur Ros and the Museum of Modern Art, who are coming together for a show (with free booze!) a week from tonight. Tickets were originally $18, but they sold out within minutes of being put on sale this morning—and now they're being offered for $250 a pop.

While no one has yet come up with a ticket plea as creative as that dude who was willing to trade expensive Champagne for an Arcade Fire ticket last year, that's made up for by the fury and bile emanating from Brooklyn Vegan's commenters who got locked out of the show and who were either utterly offended by the fact that BV put up a reminder post about the onsale this morning or utterly baffled by the MoMA site's information design and loose concept of time.

The tickets were supposed to go onsale at noon, but they apparently went up about five minutes earlier; the show is actually part of the exhibition "Take Your Time," so perhaps MoMA's Web site was given an off-kilter internal clock as part of the artist's overall statement. Some people were getting "sold out" messages before the show's official on-sale time, a bit of Internet sleight-of-hand that resulted in one commenter quipping, "i ordered 25 tickets, you can email me about them at sigurros@mademerich.com." - more on this story

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Alexisonfire's Dallas Green Releasing Acoustic Previews of City And Colour CD
PR reports: City And Colour (Dallas Green of Alexisonfire) will release two exclusive acoustic sessions this month featuring songs from Green's sophomore release and Vagrant debut, Bring Me Your Love (2/12/08).

"MySpace Transmissions" invited City and Colour into their studios earlier this year to record a solo acoustic set and exclusive interview. The performance will begin streaming worldwide on MYSPACE.COM/TRANSMISSIONS, today, June 10 and the audio portion will be sold exclusively through Amazon mp3 in the US and in the rest of the world through mymerchtable.com.

Beginning June 24 (June 17 in Canada) a special "iTunes Session" acoustic performance will be available on iTunes worldwide. The session features six tracks that Green recorded in Canada in April 2008. - more on this story

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The Veronicas In Wireless Stores
PR reports: As part of their tour with Natasha Bedingfield and Kate Voegele, The Veronicas are doing in-store signings and performances at Verizon Wireless stores across the country.

Lisa and Jess are eager to meet their fans, so check the schedule below to see if they will be in your city and be sure to go say hello.

Their electro-beat driven album, Hook Me Up, is now available on iTunes in the US

Monday, June 16
3:30-4:30 PM
Verizon Wireless
2220 W Oregon Ave.
- more

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Joshua Radin and Vanessa Carlton Tour
PR reports: Joshua Radin will return to the road this summer starting July 15, for a six-week headlining tour, with Vanessa Carlton as support, to preview new material from his anticipated forthcoming sophomore release on Columbia Records.

Radin's debut, "We Were Here," which came out in 2006 received a four-star review from Rolling Stone, who hailed the album as "understated, poignant and refreshingly frank." [don't hold that against him]

In February, Radin released an iTunes-only digital EP "Unclear Sky", which included a duet with songstress, Ingrid Michaelson as well as debuted in the top 10 at iTunes. - dates

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Guy That Sang for AC/DC for about Five Minutes Releasing New Album
Old School Metal reports: Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans will release his new album 'Judgement Day' in July. The album fills a 5-year gap since the release of 'Sinner' in 2003.

Evans recorded 'Judgement Day' in Brisbane with producer Mark Tinson. It will feature 10 tracks, including a cover of 'House of the Rising Sun'.

The first single will be 'We Don't Dance To Your Song'. A live video will be made for the single. Evans will release 'Judgement Day' on July 14 through MGM. - more on this story

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F**ked Up Plans
punknews.org reports: Toronto punks and music industry mischief makers F**ked Up recently announced the completion of their new album, entitled The Chemistry of Common Life, on their blog.

Though their post did not specify a label or a release date, guitarist 10,000 Marbles (Mike Haliechuk) stated in a recent interview with Don't Panic Magazine that the record will be released sometime in October on Matador Records.

The band also announced most of their summer tour plans. The band will spend the majority of the summer months in Europe though they did promise some yet-to-be-determined U.S West Coast dates. - dates be here

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Dear Life Added To The Acacia Strain Tour
Black and White reports: Hacienda Heights, CA hardcore quintet Dear Life has just announced that they will be joining The Acacia Strain's current tour starting this weekend.

Dear Life will be joining the tour in support of their highly anticipated debut album Framework that will be released on June 24 on Uprising Records.

The album was produced by Roger Camero (The Warriors, No Motiv) and was mixed and mastered by Paul Miner (New Found Glory, Thrice, Atreyu). - more on this story

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Martha and the Muffins Revisited
PR reports: After 25 years, the wait for the reissue of Martha and the Muffins ' Danseparc is over. Stockhausen collides with punk funk in an aural collage of rhythm and found sound as the second most fan requested Martha and the Muffins album gets officially reissued and digitally re-mastered 25 years after its 1983 vinyl debut.

The fourth album from the Muffins canon, the second of three production collaborations by the now legendary and critically acclaimed producer Daniel Lanois (U2, Peter Gabriel), Danseparc will be reissued by Cherry Red for the very first time on CD in the UK and Europe on Monday 4th August 2008.

The digitally remastered 25th Anniversary edition of Danseparc will be the first of two major releases from the Muffins this year. In November, the band will release their brand new studio album Delicate, mixed by David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Tool). - more on this story

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Alice Cooper's Killer Concept Album Details
Kayos reports: There are only a handful of rock artists that have proven to be as enduring and influential as Alice Cooper has over the years. Name just about any hard rock artist, and they've probably borrowed a thing or two from Alice. And on his latest studio recording, 'Along Came A Spider' (issued via SPV Records on July 29), Alice has returned with a concept album with a sinister streak.

'A dark and menacing album for dark and menacing times' is perhaps the most fitting description for Alice's 25th studio album overall, as a chilling conceptual thread runs through the songs, which are told through the voice of a serial killer named Spider - one that Alice describes as "an arachnophobic psychopath" (in the song "Catch Me If You Can"). Alice, the master storyteller, weaves a web of danger, intrigue and death that rivals his best work.

Co-produced by Danny Saber, Greg Hampton and Alice himself, 'Along Came A Spider' manages to marry both vintage and modern day Alice. As theatrical as ever, the album is a sonic combination of familiar Alice musical elements from albums as diverse as 'Billion Dollar Babies' and 'Brutal Planet,' with the storytelling of "Welcome To My Nightmare," capturing the historic dark side of Alice in peak form, an instantly recognizable presence that will be welcomed by his fans. - a lot more info and tour dates

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Marillion Somewhere on DVD
MVD reports: Marillion's Somewhere In London DVD will hit stores on 08/05. Marillion are one of the UK music scene's best kept secrets; purveyors of soulful, powerful, and often deeply-moving music, whose blistering live shows leave their audiences breathless. This concert film puts YOU in the crowd, filmed over the final 2 nights of Marillion's 'Somewhere Else' album tour at the London Forum in June 2007.

This special 2 DVD Extended Edition includes a feature-length concert film, plus an extra disc of the remaining songs played during the 2 nights at the Forum, plus a featurette of competition winners' visit to an exclusive tour rehearsal from Marillion's Racket Club studio.

Also included are 4 surround sound mixes of 'Somewhere Else' album tracks. Directed and edited by Tim Sidwell, the soundtrack is presented in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound, mixed by Michael Hunter
- what about bonus stuff? That 411 is here

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Fiddy Not Allowed To Sell Burnt Crib
TMZ reports: A judge has just told 50 Cent he can't sell, unload or otherwise get rid of what used to be his $2 million crib in Long Island -- not until they figure out what caused the fire.

The rapper has also been ordered to put any insurance money he gets from the toasted house in a trust account until his fight with ex-GF Shaniqua Tompkins is resolved.

When we caught up with her after the hearing, baby mama Tompkins maintained that the house was still hers, but didn't go so far as to blame Fiddy for the fire.
- Watch TMZ's video with Tompkins

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Eddy Grant Gonna Rock Down To Electric Ave on Tour and with new Hits CD
PR reports: Eddy Grant has entered into an exclusive licensing arrangement with Universal Music Enterprises for the distribution of that catalogue so fans may access those recordings as he returns to the stage. The Reparation World Tour reaches the U.S. August 1-28 and October 2-30. The first album to be issued under the deal is The Very Best Of Eddy Grant – The Road To Reparation (Mercury/UMe), released July 8, 2008.

Spanning his solo career from 1979 to 2005--from his second album, Walking On Sunshine, to his latest, Reparation--the collection includes 11 classic tracks selected by Grant himself. Notable among them are his two biggest hits in the U.S. (the #2 pop "Electric Avenue" and Top 30 pop "Romancing The Stone") and three U.K. Top 10s ("Gimme Hope Jo'Anna," "Do You Feel My Love" and #1 "I Don't Wanna Dance). - more on this story

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Back Door Slam Digital EP
PR reports: Back Door Slam, the young "back to the future" blues-rock band from the Isle of Man, have been connecting with fans across America through 200 live shows, national television and radio appearances (Jimmy Kimmel Live, CBS Early Show, NPR's World Café), a Top 3 CD on Billboard's Blues chart and a full summer tour schedule. Starting today, a bundled EP, including a video and four exclusive bonus tracks that showcase the electrifying young band's sound live, are available on the iTunes Store (www.iTunes.com) for $3.99.

Captured during recent live performances, the four bonus songs are John Hiatt's "Ridin' with the King," Jimi Hendrix' "Red House," Robert Cray's blues classic "Back Door Slam," (from which the band took their name) and the Doors' "Been Down So Long." The video—of the song "It'll All Come Around"—was shot and edited by the band's record producer Dave Armstrong. Back Door Slam's Blix Street Records debut CD, ROLL AWAY, was released last summer.

The group is currently on a nationwide tour of the U.S., which includes upcoming appearances at the popular Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, the Jackson Hole Jazz & Heritage Festival, the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival and an encore appearance at the Austin City Limits Festival. - more on this story

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First Authorized Heart Book Coming Out Sometime This Month
PR reports: First Authorized Book on Female Rock Legend HEART Hits Stores in June, 08. This month, ECW Press is proud to announce the retail release of 'Heart: In the Studio'.

Written by biographer Jake Brown (and sometime antiMusic columnist), with exclusive interview contributions from Heart principles Ann and Nancy Wilson, fellow band members, as well as all of the group's producers, chronicling the behind-the-scenes story of the hit-making process which produced such classic-and-pop-rock staples as 'Magic Man,' 'Crazy On You', 'Barracuda', 'Straight On,' 'These Dreams, 'Alone', 'All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love to You)', and countless others over 3 decades and 30 million+ albums sold.

Heart is still beloved by rock fans worldwide, and this summer is co-headlining a tour with fellow classic-rock legend Journey, as well as working on material for a new studio album, due in 2009, in time with the band's rumored pending-induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. To learn more about this exciting title or place a review request, please visit - www.myspace.com/heartinthestudiobook

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Air Supply For Kids
PR reports: Even as he travels the globe on tour again this summer with Russell Hitchcock, the other half of his famed 80s hitmaking duo Air Supply, singer/songwriter Graham Russell is looking forward to the fall debut of "Petalbump," his exciting new children's musical that features six new songs, 30 cast members (all but two of whom are children), an incredible light show, a full orchestra and performers from the children's dance company Vibe.

The world premiere of "Petalbump" is scheduled to run for five shows October 27-31 at The Rose Wagner Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah. The 500-seat opera house is located at 138 W. Broadway. Russell envisions these performances as the first of many different productions of his show that will take place in various cities throughout the U.S.

Originally conceived as a ballet, Petalbump has been refashioned to also include elements of hip-hop, ballroom and other styles of dancing. Two of the participating dancers from Vibe recently won the national title for Under-14 Ballroom Dancing on ABC-TV's "Dancing With The Stars." Russell co-wrote some of the classically oriented music for the show with Jed Moss, longtime keyboardist with Air Supply who is also a concert pianist with the Utah Symphony and Ballet West.
- I'm all out of lines.. read more here

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Morgan Heritage Tour
PR reports: One of the most influential reggae bands of today, Morgan Heritage, have announced a concert tour in support of their 10th album, Mission In Progress. The tour will kick off on June 18th in Los Angeles, CA.

Renowned worldwide for their riveting live shows from the reggae circuit to the WARPed Tour, Morgan Heritage is sure to bring the power of their stage performance to the cities they plan to hit throughout both the United States and Canada. Their US tour comes on the heels of the group's massively successful tour of Africa, where they were welcomed by the President of Gambia and played to crowds of 40,000 people in Senegal. - more on this story

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Timmy Curran Surfing for Fans
PR reports: Three years ago, Timmy Curran was busy perfecting "The Flip" on his surfboard - A full rotation, upside-down flip he became famous for after landing it in two-foot surf at Rocky Point in Hawaii during the winter of 2005. Curran is considered by many a pioneer of surfing's "Aerial Revolution" of the 1990's.

Fast forward to 2008, Curran is still a professional surfer, although he has decided to take some time off from competing. Along with surfing, he's now doing what he's always dreamt of doing: becoming a musician...a touring musician who's hit the road with Foo Fighters, Switchfoot and Eisley over the course of the last year. Timmy Curran's debut album Word Of Mouth will be released July 22nd on Adeline Records.

Timmy is playing a handful of West Coast shows with The Beautiful Girls at the end of June and will then head out for an acoustic tour of Surf Shops around the country (See below). More dates to be announced soon. Stay tuned for the premiere of his debut video for the first single "Blue Eyes."
- more on this story

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Innerpartysystem Debut Coming in Sept
PR reports: Innerpartysystem was introduced to the world last fall 2007 with The Download EP, a six-song batch of self-recorded demos – including "Don't Stop" – that pointed the way to their self-titled debut, scheduled to arrive in stores on September 9th on Island Records.

The album release caps Innerpartysystem's non-stop summer tour grid, which began several weeks ago on fellow Island group ASHES dIVIDE's first tour ever, the band formed by lead guitarist, singer and songwriter Billy Howerdel (of A Perfect Circle). On June 23rd, IPS kicks off a dozen UK club and festival shows (with one side trip to Düsseldorf), their second visit across the pond. - more on this story

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Asia Featuring The Guy That Took The Place Of The Guy That Sang All The Hits USO Show
antiMusic reports: What's with this silliness of calling Jurassic rock bands by their name and adding "featuring" to it? Something to think about as you ponder this news about Asia featuring the guy that took the place of the guy that sang all the hits (John Wetton for those keeping score). We wouldn't have made an issue of this had they not tagged on that stupid "featuring". Here is the PR

Classic prog rock, hitmaking band ASIA Featuring John Payne will perform at the upcoming Concert for the Troops to celebrate Independence Day on July 4, 2008. The event will be held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena from 4-9PM and will be full of surprises, including military flyovers, and over 1500 uniformed men and women on the concert floor as Los Angeles celebrates those who serve our country. A spectacular fireworks show will follow the event. The concert will be recorded and will be shown overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. - more on this story

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Dutch Stadium Folkers Hospital Bombers Returning To US
PR reports: Hospital Bombers are an indie band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The three guys and one girl play Stadium Folk, as they like to call it. Their debut album was released by Excelsior Recordings in December 2007 and received rave reviews in the low countries.

The band are returning for their second US visit within a four month period, where they previously did a small tour prior to their performance at SXSW in Austin TX.

The Dutch will return to perform at NXNE in Toronto, Canada. Hospital Bombers will also play in New York City (June 10 - Lit Lounge), Cleveland, Boston (June 15) and again in New York City (June 17 - Piano's).
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Brimstone Debut Reissue
PR reports: Metal Mind Productions presents re-release of Brimstone's album "Carving a Crimson Career" (1998). This exclusive reissue in a new digipak edition will be available on 7th July 2008 in Europe and 2nd September 2008 in USA (via MVD). Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc, limited to 2000 numerated copies.

When it comes to traditional metal, not many bands dare to go beyond the boundaries of a given genre. But once in a while there emerges a group that tries to redefine the standards of metal and simply introduce something new. Brimstone did this with classic power metal, confronting it with harsh death metal vocals. The result? One of Sweden's most inspiring musical projects ever to invade the contemporary metal scene…

The content of their debut album was quite a surprise for many unaware listeners who expected a typical power metal offering. Brimstone came up with a thrilling combination of classic metal in the likes of Hammerfall and brutal death metal growls instead of the regular high-pitched vocals. This alone made "Carving a Crimson Career" a truly unique release, showing that not all have been said when it comes to classic metal.
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