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Cattle Decapitation Preview Tour
PR reports: After 6 months of hibernating constructing new songs for their upcoming album, due late in the year via Metal Blade Records, Cattle Decapitation will schedule a weeks worth of dates to debut the new material in front of a live audience. These new songs will feature the most recent addition and talent of drummer David McGraw to the song writing process.

Vocalist Travis Ryan commented on the new material: "The guys have been writing like crazy, we're already 4 songs in! I've got lyrics to a couple and we'll be playing 'em at the upcoming shows! All I can say is this new stuff is completely insane. We have reached a new level of intensity that in my opinion completely annihilates anything we've ever done. That goes for the first 2 Cattle records as well! Just too damn intense for words... you gotta come check it out for yourself!" - dates

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Simone Returns to Epica
antiMusic reports: Simone Simons has rejoined her bandmates in Epica and the group has announced their first shows since her return. Simone had to take a leave of absence from the group in March after being diagnosed with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), also known as the hospital bacteria. Amanda Somerville was brought in to substitute for Simone.

Now it appears that Simone has recovered as the band posted the following update on their website: "Good news: Simonewill perform with EPICA again! First show will be this upcoming Thursday in Bibelot - Dordrecht (only 30 tickets left).

"The show in Tivoli - Utrecht (cap. 1000) on the next day is a very special one. As 'The Phantom Agony' has been released five years ago, this gig will contain all 'The Phantom Agony' songs. 800 tickets have been sold for this one already. See you all next weekend!!!" - more on this story

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Alejandro Escovedo Preview
PR reports: Alejandro Escovedo will release his ninth studio album, 'Real Animal,' online and in stores on June 24 via Manhattan/Back Porch Records. Produced by Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy), 'Real Animal' is a thrilling ride through Escovedo's genre-defying career as a punk rocker, an alt-country pioneer and an artist beloved by fans and critics alike.

'Real Animal,' Escovedo's follow up to 2006's acclaimed 'The Boxing Mirror,' features 13 original tracks that provide a kaleidoscopic history of his 30 years as a prolific and influential musician. The album is charged with fist-pumping guitar anthems like lead-off track "Always A Friend" and ode to Iggy Pop "Real As An Animal," balanced with the orchestral "Swallows Of San Juan" and dreamy pop of "Sensitive Boys." A limited vinyl edition, also available on release day, will include two bonus tracks, "In Love Again" and a cover of the Stooges' "I Got A Right."

Alejandro has poured the experiences of a tumultuous lifetime into this intensely autobiographical album. From his time as a member of early San Francisco punk band The Nuns, to living in the Hotel Chelsea during the Sid and Nancy era, to overcoming a near-death bout with hepatitis C in 2003, 'Real Animal' is an intensely dynamic and personal work dedicated to the music, events and characters that inspired him and ultimately helped him survive. - Listen to "Always A Friend"

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Kataklysm Taking The World By Storm
PR reports: Earlier this week, Kataklysm premiered the video for "Taking The World By Storm" on MySpace Metal. The gritty performance clip was shot and directed by MyGoodEye honcho David Brodsky, whose other work includes videos for Soilent Green, Pig Destroyer and a host of other noiseniks. The track is pulled from the group's upcoming ninth studio album, Prevail, which is set to be released May 27th via Nuclear Blast

Kataklysm vocalist Maurizio Iacono states: "It was a true pleasure to work with David on this video, his level of professionalism is outstanding and his vision is great. We had fun filming this video although we froze our ----ing balls off for 12 hours! David really captured the energy and apocalyptic feel of the track and the song is definitely one of my favorites on the album. Enjoy!"

Director David Brodsky had this to say: "Working with Kataklysm was an awesome experience… really, what am I going to say besides that? I mean… they're ----ing Kataklysm! But truly, in the middle of the biggest blizzard of 2008 in NY/NJ, Kataklysm showed up eager to the location in the ass-end of seedy Newark, NJ and truly nailed it. Twelve grueling hours in a cold, nasty, wreck of a building and not one complaint, only true professionalism. Some of the ---- they did had me cheering. Kataklysm is an awesome force to behold – they are the performer's band. They perform with an indefinable swagger and verve. They are all natural showmen… and to be able to spend some time capturing them was a great honor and a great pleasure...besides all that, I can't get that ----ing chorus out of my head!" - Watch the video

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Jacko Saves Neverland
Hecklerspray reports: You'll remember that earlier this year Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch faced foreclosure after Michael defaulted on the $24 million property loan. Although Michael Jackson managed to wiggle out of the foreclosure by refinancing it with a big investment group, it was only a temporary solution - instead of cancelling the foreclosure auction outright, it was only postponed until today.

But, just in the nick of time, Michael Jackson has managed to avoid foreclosure for good and keep Neverland for himself by doing all sorts of complex financial maneuverings that don't really seem to be all that clever or safe, as the Los Angeles Times reports: Pop star Michael Jackson sidestepped a foreclosure auction of his Neverland Ranch after an investment company bought the loan on the troubled Los Olivos property, a spokeswoman said Sunday. The loan purchase by Colony Capital LLC was the latest deal to keep the 2,500-acre ranch from being sold off. In a statement released by a Jackson spokesman, who identified himself as B. Michael, the pop star said he was "pleased with recent developments involving Neverland" that would "allow me to focus on the future."

Thank god - now that Neverland is safe Michael Jackson can now finally start focusing on the future. That's important, because it's difficult to plan to spend far beyond your means, consistently fail to record any new material and entangle yourself in a string of ever more complicated financial woes when a house you haven't lived in for several years is up for sale. - more on this story

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Suge Refuses To Deal With Cops Over Assault
TMZ reports: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ after Suge Knight was knocked out at a club this weekend, he refused to deal with cops. As we first reported, Suge and his peeps beat up a guy at an L.A. club last night, but the victim landed a punch that caused Suge to go Knighty night.

We're told after Suge was taken into a nearby SUV, a woman got in the driver's seat, pulled forward and hit a car, then put it in reverse and hit another car. She was taken from the car by security, and someone else drove Suge away from the scene.

Suge was taken to a hospital, and LAPD officers arrived shortly thereafter, but Suge was uncooperative and refused to file a police report. - See the photos Suge doesn't want you to see

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Singer Killed in Bus Crash
AP reports: Joyce "Dottie" Rambo, an influential gospel singer and songwriter, died early Sunday when her tour bus ran off the highway and struck an embankment. She was 74.

Seven other people on the bus were injured in the wreck about two miles east of Mount Vernon on Interstate 44, the Missouri Highway Patrol said. They were hospitalized in Springfield with moderate to severe injuries, according to the patrol.

It was unclear whether the crash was related to the severe storms and tornadoes that hit the region on Saturday.
- more on this story

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Illness Sidelines Otep
antiMusic reports: Otep have been forced to postponed the remaining dates on their current tour due to frontwoman Otep Shamaya's throat polyps. She broke the news to fans with the following statement:

Most people know that the band and I give 2,000 percent of ourselves on stage and though the medical professionals have warned me to 'take it easy up there' or I risk serious damage to my throat, it is not something I am aware of while lost in the experience of spiritual intercourse. Truth be told, I know only two speeds - ALL or NOTHING.

Well, there's good news and tragic news. The tragic news is: due to the inflammation and reappearance of the throat polyps, we are forced to reschedule the remaining dates on this tour. The band and I are devastated by the news, but it's either reschedule now or risk losing the ability to sing altogether. I am so sorry but there is no other way. - more on this story

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Neil Young Spiderman, Leona Makes History, Testament In-store, Deicide Leak, Cult Of Luna Preview, Triumph Add Member, Opeth Boxset
antiMusic reports: Welcome to morning quicks, quite a round up a diverse artists for you today. We kick off with the new Spiderman: Iconic singer and songwriter Neil Young has had an honor bestowed upon him that is not received by many musicians -- his own spider. An East Carolina University biologist, Jason Bond, discovered a new species of trapdoor spider and opted to call the arachnid after his favorite musician, Canadian Neil Young, naming it Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi.more

British sensation Leona Lewis has reclaimed the Number One position on the Billboard Hot 100 with her worldwide smash hit single, "Bleeding Love" for a fourth, record-breaking week. Never before in the history of the pop song chart has a British-born female solo artist ever held the #1 spot on the singles chart with a debut charting single for 4 weeks.

Testament will be doing a signing of their brand new record, The Formation of Damnation, coming up on Sunday, May 18th at the Hot Topic of Lakewood Center Mall. The signing will begin at 3:00pm so get there early!!! Lakewood Center Mall is located at 317 Lakewood Center in Lakewood, California.

Death metal legends Deicide have made their entire brand new album, Till Death Do Us Part, available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The album was released in the UK/Europe on April 28th, but for those of you in the US who can't bear to wait any longer, you can listen to the album in its entirety until the US release date on May 13th here

Swedish art-rockers Cult Of Luna have revealed a brand new song on the band's MySpace page. The track, titled "Eternal Kingdom", comes off the band's upcoming album of the same name. Listen to the exclusive track now

Reactivated Canadian rockers Triumph have tapped Dave Dunlop from frontman Rik Emmett's Strung-Out Troubadours project to play second guitar for Triumph's forthcoming shows, including next month's Sweden Rock Festival. more

An Opeth three-CD box set called "The Candlelight Years", featuring the the band's first three albums, will be released in Japan on June 23. more

After the release of its first album, "Tales of the Magician", through Soundholic, in Japan, and the recent deal with the German label Dockyard 1 for a worldwide release, Magician signed a contract with Die Hard Records, which will release the album in Brazil. The Brazilian release is scheduled to the end of June. Meanwhile the fans can listen samples of the album on - MySpace

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F**king Madonna
Gigwise reports: The BBC reportedly received complaints following Madonna's performance at Radio 1's One Big Weekend on Saturday (May 10th). The singer swore twice during her short show, which was broadcast live on BBC television and radio.

Addressing the audience, Madonna told fans that they were "going to have to start ----ing it up out there 'cos I need to feel some love."

She later said: "I'm going to do an old song. But not too old. ---- the present. Let's live in the past." - more on this story

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Metallica Masters of Vinyl
antiMusic reports: Metallica is just full of news this week. The latest is the announcement that their vinyl reissue series continues next month the release of Masters of Puppets. Plus it looks like their special preview site launched and then went down. Here is what they had to say about the MOP release:

As promised, June will see the re-release of Master Of Puppets on vinyl . . . the retro summer continues! Following on the heels of Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning, we dusted off the masters and MOP will come out in the same formats - a single disc at 33 rpm and a deluxe two disc version on 180 gram vinyl spinning at 45 rpm. Look for Master on vinyl to hit the Metallica.com Store and your friendly local record shop on June 17th, 2008 in North America and damn close to that date in the rest of the world. You know the drill . . . we'll keep you posted here! And for those still following along, yes, Justice is up next . . . probably some time in August.

Blabbermouth reports: The "beta" version of Metallica's new web site, MissionMetallica.com, has officially launched, showcasing the kind of "making-of-the-album" features usually found these days on a DVD accompanying a CD release. [UPDATE: The "beta" site has since been shut down, but the trailer and the teaser clip that were posted on the site have been released via YouTube and can be viewed - here

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As I Lay Dying Sideband Debut
Blabbermouth reports: Austrian Death Machine, the side project of As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis, will release its debut album, "Total Brutal", later in the year via Metal Blade Records.

Commented Lambesis: "Ahhnold is the embodiment of everything brutal and stereotypically metal, so he is the perfect front man for each of these songs that I wrote in less than an hour. If you think that shows any sort of disrespect or makes me less a fan than you are, then I'd like to hear the entire CD you wrote in tribute to the governator.

"Plus, let's be honest, it came out a lot better than a lot of bands who are totally serious and practice all the time. Everything I put into my other band (AS I LAY DYING) is heartfelt and full of passion. This, on the other hand, is an outlet of pure testosterone and stupidity. I hope you're ready... chances are you already know the words to every chorus, so sing along!" - tracklisting and all the guests

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Pestilence Singer Leaking New Band's Debut on Myspace
PR reports: Hail Of Bullets debut album '...Of Frost and War' will receive a full streaming on the bands site at MySpace to celebrate the release this week. The band is also getting front page features on the MySpace music-sites in the Benelux, Sweden and Germany! Check it out if you live in those countries!

Hail of Bullets consists of former Pestilence and current Asphyx-singer Martin van Drunen, ex-Houwitser bass player Theo van Eekelen, Gorefest-drummer Ed Warby and both Thanatos-guitarists Paul Baayens (also in Asphyx) and Stephan Gebédi. Hails of Bullets will appeal to fans of old school death metal like Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, and Death.

"When you think there's no hope left for brutal music, where every band sounds the same, Hail Of Bullets comes along and just level everything with the ground. Pretenders - move over!" - Silenoz/Dimmu Borgir - check out the stream here

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. Cursed - III: Architects of Troubled Sleep
III confronts a variety of cultural failings with rage, sadness, regret, and even defeated acceptance. It is a testament to the band's talent that such a gamut of emotions comes across clearly in such a short album length while still being entertaining too. - Read the full Cursed - III: Architects of Troubled Sleep review

. Crosby Loggins and the Light - We All Go Home
Not since father and son rockers John and Julian Lennon has there been two musicians who not only look but also sound alike. But like the Lennons this is the case with Kenny Loggins and his son Crosby. - Read the full Crosby Loggins and the Light - We All Go Home review

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