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Top 5 stories for first half this week

Tommy Lee and Ludacris Reality Show
antiMusic reports: Remember a few months ago when Motley Crue sued Tommy Lee's manager--in part--because they believed said manager made Tommy look stupid by taking part in reality TV shows? It looks like whoever is advising Tommy now didn't get the memo as Lee is set to appear in a new reality show with rapper Ludacris. They aren't forming a band. They're building houses out of bamboo for the show that will air on the Discovery channel's new "green" offshoot.

Sleaxeroxx has the story: A new reality TV show will see Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee team up with rapper Ludacris to build homes out of sustainable construction bamboo. The TV show, 'Battleground Earth' will see the artists build small houses out of construction "kits".

As Jeffree Trudeau, President of Bamboo Technologies, the company behind the project says, "Our buildings range in size from a 120 sq ft tropical bungalow, like those assembled on Battleground Earth, to an over 3000 sq ft, fully insulated, 2 story Bamboo Mansion. The smaller kits assemble in a matter of days, and in the case of Tommy Lee and Ludacris, in a matter of hours, making them particularly attractive for disaster relief." - more on this story

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Chili Peppers On Hold
Rolling Stone reports: Anthony Kiedis is keeping busy without his Red Hot Chili Peppers "We're disbanded for the moment," he tells Rolling Stone. For more on the band's year-long break follow the link.

The California dad recently pulled together Bob Dylan, the Raconteurs and more bands for Pittsburgh's New American Music Festival, which takes place August 8 and 9. Kiedis dialed up RS to explain what exactly a festival curator does, where the RHCPs are at and whether he's putting any thought into the ever-evolving business end of the music biz.

How did you get the job?: Basically they came to me saying, "Do you want to curate a show?" And I've known people that have curated festivals before and I thought, "Hmm. Is it real? Do I really get to choose the music? Because if I do, I'm in." I was listening to a lot of very exciting music. I thought, "What a great opportunity for me to basically design a concert for myself, that I would want to go to." So I kept asking, "Do I really get to choose the music? Are there strings attached?" I didn't really want to get into something where I signed on and then suddenly they flipped the switch on me and it wasn't real. And they were incredibly gracious about allowing me to have the final say in choosing. - Go read the full interview

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DMX Scams Hospital and Poor People?
antiMusic reports: And the scumbag of the week award goes to: DMX. Idolator will tell you why: Police are now claiming that DMX, while suffering from pneumonia, checked into the Mayo Clinic in Scottsville, Ariz., under an alias in hopes of avoiding the bill. It's even being alleged that he told a fellow patient that his bill would eventually be paid by "someone in the projects."

According to Maricopa County Police, the rapper checked into The Mayo Clinic's emergency room under the name Troy Smith and was treated for pneumonia during an eight hour stay.

DMX, born Earl Simmons, is being investigated for theft of services for giving the hospital false information including name and address for billing purposes, although the amount of the bill is not known. - more on this story

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Miley Cyrus Stole Song?
PR reports: Recently Los Angeles based band Lustra was reviewing the emails on their myspace page and they noticed several emails that conveyed the same idea - their song - "Scotty Doesn't Know" - taken from their album Left For Dead sounded identical to "Rockstar" by Miley Cyrus -aka Hannah Montana.

The band listened to both tracks and realized the similarities themselves. "Scotty Doesn't Know" was recorded for the movie EUROTRIP, starring Matt Damon, which was released in 2004, and well in advance of Cyrus' "Rockstar", released in 2006. In another strange coincidence their producer out of Boston, was connected to the television hit series "Hannah Montana". The idea was now not so farfetched. The band also noticed something on the Billboard Magazine charts - "Scotty Doesn't Know" was at 75 while Ms. Cyrus was just starting to work her way up the charts - her song "Who Said" was at 92.

When confronted with the idea, the producer refused to return calls. Nick Cloutman, Lustra's guitarist, offered, "Although we are very flattered that Ms. Cyrus took this route, we would have preferred some credit." - more on this story

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Suge To Get A Rematch In The Boxing Ring?
TMZ reports: Suge Knight might get his rematch against the guy who knocked him out in one punch -- and it'll all go down in Las Vegas. If all goes to plan, the fight would go down on New Year's Eve and the winner would receive a cool million bucks.

TMZ has learned that several Las Vegas promoters -- including Jeff Beacher of Beacher's Madhouse -- have invited Suge Knight and the guy who knocked him out to face up in a bare-knuckled cage match.

TMZ later got a hold of the guy who fought Suge and learned: If someone wants to pay the guy who knocked out Suge Knight $1 mil to fight him for real in Vegas -- like TMZ reported -- he'll take it. - watch the video

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Fans Vs Radiohead
antiMusic reports: Somebody rained on DC Radiohead fans' parade and they are mad! Reuters has the story: British rock band Radiohead's rain-drenched show near Washington D.C. last weekend has triggered an Internet-driven firestorm, with message boards and the blogosphere lighting up amid fan frustration.

The area around the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Va., was hammered by monsoon-like conditions last Sunday, with an estimated four inches of rain and flooding forcing road closures and paralyzing traffic. Hundreds or thousands of fans -- depending on who is estimating -- were extremely late or unable to get into the show.

As such, many fans have taken to the Internet to vent their dissatisfaction, with neither the venue, the promoter nor the band being spared. One area blogger offers this headline: "Radiohead (at) Nissan: You Both Suck." - that's nothing, read more

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Metallica Fall CD Release Confirmed
BW&BK reports: A billboard for Billabong, located in Manhattan's Times Square, featuring Metallica, prominently displays September as the release date of the band's forthcoming as-yet-untitled album.

The ad is the only one of its kind, and comes on the heels of the Metallica Billabong shorts which were released a few months back.

[from yesterday's report] With a handful of U.S. and overseas festival and concert dates lined up this summer, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has revealed that the band will follow the September release of its new as-yet-untitled album with a tour.] - Some info their gig in LA this week and a photo of the ad.

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New Weezer Song Out
PR reports: Weezer is proud to announce the release of 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)' on iTunes. As the next song to be released from the highly-anticipated, soon-to-be released self-titled album, 'The Greatest Man' is another crunchy, guitar-heavy offering you'd come to expect from Rivers and Co.

The new self-titled album can now be pre-ordered on iTunes through Standard (12 songs) or Deluxe version (16 songs - Deluxe version also comes with an instant free track of the "Pork and Beans" single).

Both pre-order versions come with a special password to buy tickets before the public onsale for Weezer's U.S. tour. You must pre-order the album by June 23, 2008, 11:59 PM local to be eligible to receive these added features. Event markets and presale times will be announced in the coming weeks. - iTunes link

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Savage Infection for Def Leppard
birminghammail.net reports: Def Leppard bassist Rick 'Sav' Savage is not looking his best when I meet him the morning after the band's intimate performance at London's Carling Academy Islington.

There were just a few hundred invited guests and competition winners in attendance and Sav says: "It was like the club gigs we did before the debut album came out in 1980."

But Sav adds that he went on stage in some discomfort - and he's still suffering. "I've been a little under the weather with a kidney infection which leaves me weak," he reveals. "When we came off stage I told the others that I wouldn't want to do that kind of show every night for a living!" - more on this story

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Wedding Fall Out As Witchhunt Finds Pregnant Ashlee
Hecklerspray reports: Hooray for love and life! Ashlee Simpson has married Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and has a little celebrity hybrid leeching on her insides. They swapped declarations of love and commitment in front of close friends and family yesterday during a fairytale wedding ceremony (it was Alice in Wonderland themed) and Ashlee chose to reveal her pregnancy to everyone at the reception, OK! Magazine reported.

Barely a month has passed since Ashlee announced her engagement to Wentz. Barely a month has passed since the pregnancy rumours started. Back then Pete Wentz said this: There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood. This is all news to me. Oh yeah, hecklerspray knows how to hunt down a witch!

Poor old Pete Wentz; one minute you're a single guy in a world famous rock band with endless possibilities ahead of you, having your merry way with a myriad of mentally malnourished girls; the next you're stuck with just one of those girls, in a legally bound cage, for at least the next 18 years. [So does this mean the gay thing is true too?] - more on this story

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Disturbed Deny Being Posers
Metal Underground reports: Last week, Australia's Beat magazine ran an article on New Jersey's Dillinger Escape Plan, in which guitarist Ben Weinman said he'd once witnessed one of Disturbed's soundchecks and that they were "practicing where they were going to walk and when they were going to put their leg up on the monitor and pose. That was weird for us. There are times where I don't even know where I am."

Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan responded to Weinman's statements in an interview with MTV.com. "I never even remember meeting these guys, and I think we know anybody that's even in the room during our soundchecks, so that's shocking to me, because I would think that we would have met them if they were standing there during our soundcheck," Donegan said.

"That's funny. When we do a bigger production, there may be certain lighting cues for certain highlights of the show, but I wouldn't call it 'posing,' just a cue for our lighting guy, so he can add more drama to the set. If [Dillinger] sold some records, and were at the level we're at, maybe they'd see that, for bands like Kiss and Metallica, there are certain highlight points during a set that you want to focus on. If I'm going to go over to one spot and do a guitar solo, my lighting guy may need to know that, so he can focus in on that. - more on this story

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Bach Doesn't Want Velvet Revolver Gig
antiMusic reports: Australia's I'm With The Band recently conducted an interview with former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach where discussed Scott Weiland's snide comment that Velvet Revolver should hire Bach as their new singer. Here is part of what he had to say:

Bach: I think it's funny that when Scott Weiland left Velvet Revolver, the last thing he said was, "I think Sebastian Bach would be a good choice for you guys." I think that's because he's alluding to the fact that you can't get away from Guns N' Roses. They're like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. I'm sure he felt frustrated in trying to fill Axl's shoes. Axl texted me right away and asked if I was joining Velvet Revolver, and I said, "No, not that I know of." Axl has been so nice to me, I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize our friendship. I'm in the middle of all these huge rock icons who are calling me at the same time, and I'm sitting there thinking, "How does this f**king happen to me?" Axl said to me, "Dude, the way that you sing is rare." The way that Axl sings is rare too. There's not a lot of guys anymore that can sing in the range that we sing in.

I'm With The Band: Would Axl be unhappy if you were to sing for Velvet Revolver? Bach: I think it would be awkward. I opened for two GUNS 'N ROSES tours. Axl sang on my record and I sing on "Chinese Democracy". We're very close friends. For me to join a band and then sing all of his songs would be kinda weird. But "Angel Down" is what's in my heart and I can't wait to get out there and tour it. That's what I'll be doing for the foreseeable future. - more on this story

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Bonnaroo Will Be Televised
PR reports: Fuse, the national music television network, has signed a three-year agreement with the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, to become the exclusive television partner of the Festival, which takes place on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee, June 12-15.

The deal marks the first time in its seven-year history that Bonnaroo has ever aired on a national television network and will include live on-air programming and on-demand content, as well as extensive marketing and promotion. This year's Festival will feature performances by Pearl Jam, Metallica, Jack Johnson, Kanye West and Alison Krauss & Robert Plant, along with more than 100 other bands.

With more than six hours of programming, fans will get an insider's view into Bonnaroo like never before. "Fuse Live from Bonnaroo," will provide viewers with live primetime weekend coverage from the grounds of the 2008 Festival, including highlights of each day's performances taken from the main stage, artist interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes access. - more on this story

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Will Korn Reunite With Head? Jonathan Speaks Up
Metal Underground reports: Korn frontman Jonathan Davis was recently talking with fans on the groups official website chatroom, Korn Korner. He had this to say on former guitarist Brian "Head" Welch and drummer David Silvera:

"Head doesn't want to come back yet. I miss him sooooo f**kin' bad, but I don't think he is ready to be put back in the element he ran from. Drugs are everywere, and I think he's not ready to be around it yet. I think Fieldy can help him a lot because he's Christian too and sober and does fine.

Now David, I don't know what's gonna happen there. I just think he is done with music; it not his passion anymore. It sucks, but hey, he has to be happy, right?! We are very happy with [current Korn touring drummer] Ray Luzier. Every time I see him, he's got a drum magazine or a drumstick in his hands. It pumps me and Fieldy and Munk up. So maybe one day you will see Head up there with us, I hope." - more on this story

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Madonna's Official Scalper
antiMusic reports: There is a new scam afoot in the concert business. Remember that big 360 deal Madonna just made with Clear Chann... oops Live Nation? It appears that part of the deal includes an official ticket scalper according to this report from the Wall Street Journal:

"Madonna's coming concert tour is to feature what appears to be a first in the concert business: An official ticket reseller that will peddle seats at marked-up prices to fans who couldn't get them through normal channels," reports WSJ.

"In the U.S. and Canada, eBay Inc.'s StubHub will serve as the 'official fan-to-fan ticket marketplace.' In Europe, the role will be filled by Viagogo Ltd., a ticket reseller that also will sell 'VIP packages' -- higher-priced tickets that include amenities like backstage passes and meetings with performers."

What's the point of this? Live Nation won't sell all the tickets direct to fans so they can hold some to rip off fans for more money? The article doesn't say this, but a cynical mind might connect those dots. - more on this story

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Kenny Chesney A Hypocrite Over Award Vote
AP reports: Kenny Chesney may not have wanted online voters to decide one of country music's top awards, but he still asked his fans to click for him. Chesney criticized the process Sunday night after his supporters propelled him to a fourth straight entertainer of the year win at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Chesney's MySpace page still carried a large banner Monday urging fans to "bring it home for KC," with links to the academy's online page and messages from fans lower on the page.

[Before you try and claim that this was his PR people and record label] The page also included a May 1 posting urging fans to vote, with a video of Chesney saying that awards are important for history's sake. - more on this story

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