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Top 5 stories for second half this week

Grammy Winner's Daughter Killed By Her Brother
AP reports: The 5-year-old daughter of Grammy-winning Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman was struck and killed Wednesday by a sport utility vehicle driven by her brother, authorities said.

The girl, Maria, was hit in the driveway of the family's home Wednesday afternoon by a Toyota Land Cruiser driven by her teenage brother, said Laura McPherson, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The brother, whose name and exact age weren't available, apparently did not see the girl, McPherson said. No charges are expected. - more on this story

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Metal Show Turns Violent
Blabbermouth reports: Miami metal band Black Tide played a free show last Thursday (May 15) at the Whisky A-Go Go in Hollywood, California to celebrate the release of James Frey's new book, "Bright Shiny Morning".

There were several scuffles with security during Black Tide's set and even more after a reading from James' book.

According to the New York Post's "Page Six", "literary types were horrified as the brawl spilled out to the sidewalk, where it took 20 cops to quell the violence. Three men were arrested." - more on this story

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Top Banned Album Art
antiMusic reports: Our friends over at Gibson have another interesting article up, this one deals with some of the most notorious banned album covers in rock history. What follows is their intro and a couple of our favorite selections: Banned record sleeves are a rock and roll tradition. Even heavyweights (especially?) like the Beatles and Stones are not immune to critical scrutiny. Some of these sleeves were withdrawn for not meeting some standard of decency, some for unlicensed images, and some just crossed a line of serious bad taste.

Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland Following up the iconic Axis: Bold As Love album cover would be no small feat. But Hendrix managed to top himself with this image. Though he originally requested to use a photo by Linda Eastman (the soon-to-be Mrs. McCartney) what he got was a harem of naked women just, well, hangin' out. The original U.K. release carried this beautiful gatefold but later issues including the domestic pressing got a blurred yellow and orange headshot of Jimi.

Blind Faith Blind Faith Iconic rock image or pornography? The self-titled 1969 record from this U.K. supergroup didn't even include the band's name yet it is instantly recognizable even today. The photo, by Clapton's former roommate Bob Seidermann is still at the center of controversy among rock historians. Seidermann claims that the model was used with the full consent of her parents while some claim the band kept the girl for more devious purposes. Whatever the case may be, the sleeve was withdrawn and replaced with, big surprise, a black and white shot of the band.

- There are more, see the above mentioned covers and also the others spotlighted in the Gibson special.

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Aerosmith Rehab Return
antiMusic reports: Here is a little more details report from what was posted earlier. No word yet if Tyler will appear in the next edition of Celebrity Rehab. Here is the Metal Underground Report: Steven Tyler, the charismatic 60-year-old frontman for longtime Boston rockers Aerosmith and father of actress Liv Tyler, has reportedly checked himself into Las Encinas Hospital's drug rehabilitation clinic in Pasadena, California, according to TMZ.com. At press time, a spokesperson for the band could not be reached for comment.

The treatment center is where noted addiction medicine specialist and radio talk-show host Dr. Drew Pinsky practices. It also served as the stage for Pinsky's "Celebrity Rehab" reality series.

While the report wasn't specific, Tyler, who once said, "Four rehabilitation centers for drug abuse later, I've been able to take a long, hard look at my behavior," is said to be receiving treatment for substance abuse. - more on this story

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Michelle Meldrum RIP
Sleazeroxx reports: On May 18, Michelle Meldrum, leader of the band Meldrum and former Phantom Blue guitarist, was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank in critical condition. She passed away late afternoon Wednesday, May 21, 2008 as a result of a cystic growth on her brain that had restricted oxygen and blood flow to her brain rendering her brain dead.

Meldrum had just completed writing and recording the bands soon to be released album with drummer Gene Hoglan, along with the new lineup Michele Madden (vocals) and Laura Christine (bass). The surviving band members plan to release the album later this year in tribute to their fallen band-mate.

Those who knew Michelle recognize that she lived every moment for the music, and was regarded as both an exceptional guitarist and a nurturer by her associates, friends, family and son. - more on this story

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Thousands Vie For Velvet Revolver Gig
Blabbermouth reports: Matt Sorum has had a busy couple of weeks between launching his boutique and paying tribute to bandmate Slash at a recent MusiCares benefit. But he also told The Pulse of Radio that the search for a new Velvet Revolver singer is moving forward.

"It's coming along," he said. "People are sending stuff in. The first time we were looking for a singer it was a little tougher, 'cause people didn't really know what we were doing musically, I guess. So this time it's gotten out of control, especially with the Internet and things like that, we've got just thousands and thousands of people coming at us with, you know, auditions."

Velvet Revolver parted ways with vocalist Scott Weiland last month following a European tour. Weiland has now reunited with Stone Temple Pilots. - more on this story

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Rock Stars Ask For Some Stupid Crap
antiMusic reports: Rock Stars Ask For Some Stupid Crap. If you've ever seen a leaked tour rider, then you know this is true. But one band took that concept and had a bit of fun with promoters with a rider that is riddled with humorous requests and statements like mandating that fat roadies eat first so they can start their arduous 70 to 90 minute work day and also advising that they wouldn't take any Dio leftovers.

That's just part of the humor found in the Foo Fighters tour rider, which The Smoking Gun leaked last week. In the rider we learn that on most days Rolling Stone, Spin and People are strictly verboten because they want promoters to show that they have a brain and fantastic interests. They also demand 75 pounds of ice and advise that "if you have McDonalds, Best Buy and porno, then you gotta have ice." They even offer a handy recipe for making ice. As if that was enough, they tell promoters to feel free to shoplift some cool Ikea furniture for the dressing room.

According to TSG's intro, the Foo Fighters rider "was written by Gus Brandt, the band's 39-year-old tour manager. Noting that many riders can be 'long and boring,' Brandt told TSG that he injected humor into the document, since he has to make the rider 'interesting to the woman in Oklahoma City who has to go out and get the hummus.' Caterers say they love the rider, Brandt said, adding, 'that let's me know they are reading it.' And any extra good will resulting from the rider can only benefit the band, said Brandt, since there is 'no mystique' backstage, where drab locker rooms often 'smell like feet and balls.'" - Read the rider in full, it's a long read but worth the effort is you have a sense of humor

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Green Day Kick off Alter Ego Tour
NME reports: Green Day played their first official gig in nearly three years last night (May 19) as their not-so secret alter egos The Foxboro Hot Tubs made their live debut at Juanita's Cantina Ballroom in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Following two friends-only warm-up shows, Billie Joe Armstrong - who introduced himself as the "Reverend Strychnine Twitch" declared the show the "official kick-off" of the Foxboro Hot Tubs' tour.

Official or not, the band played a stirring set, playing all 13 of the Foxboro Hot Tubs garage rock inspired songs and several covers. Grab a Pabst Blue Ribbon and - read NME's blow by blow here

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Courtney Love Addresses Album Rumors
antiMusic reports: Courtney Love took to her Myspace blog this past weekend to address rumors surrounding her new album. One being that she "scrapped" what she had recorded, she dismisses that claim and says that she is simply re-recording the songs. The difference between the two concepts? Who knows, but she explains part of the reason is that some of the tracks leaked onto the web.

Since we believe in accurate quoting, we now offer you Courtney's blogging exactly as she typed it. So grab your Courtney to English dictionary and enjoy: how do i define rerecording things? a little more the way i feel them? its certainly no diss on Linda ( or billy) there wouldnt BE lift off without either of them- itll take at most til July rto have a finsished and completed album and it has not taken ME three years , aa i just posted i have been absouloutly at the mercy of the schedules of others and waiting 8 months for 5 days is just not something i can live with, at this rate itll NEVER come out so no":scrapping" is going on, simply a few retakes- especially since all those recordings were leaked to the net and i knew if we played some of those songs live that woudl happen- so rearrangemnt ona couple of things hav happened and on a couple oif things toally unmixed and unfisinihsed is what yoru hearing ( eg carcrach that IS a demo and not the song at all- that was a small idea thats now a huuuge idea you wouldnt recognise it)

dont assume you knwo any songs on this album some may sound somewhat familiar or even have the same titlkes and arrangements a few , a few are just precious diamonds i wouldnt touch but theres TONS of NEW ones wich you have nt a clue about i knwo cos i havent finsihed lyrics and im days away also am playiong with Roddy ( Bottum) and Stuart Fisher-= its all very good and should go by very fast the latest i can see thsi coming outr is i dont want to say- but oit will be turned in by mid july at latest. okay? - more on this story

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Sharon Osbourne Signs Up For Ironic Reality Show
antiMusic reports: You might turn to R. Kelly to watch your teenage daughter before you turn to Sharon Osbourne for lessons on etiquette, but that hasn't stopped VH1 from casting Osbourne in their latest installment of Celebretardity. How we miss "Behind The Music". Blabbermouth has the story:

Sharon Osbourne is taking on a new role as headmistress of VH1's "Rock of Love Girls: Charm School" premiering on VH1 in the fall 2008. Osbourne has been given the task of teaching some of the most notorious contestants from "Rock of Love with Bret Michaels" the art of becoming more lady-like. Whether you love them or love to hate them, there's no denying that these rough-around-the-edges women need a respectable mentor who knows what it takes to become a rockin' leading lady.

"Sharon Osbourne is undoubtedly one of the most successful women in the industry and truly an icon in the rock world. We knew she would immediately capture the imagination and attention of our cast and our audience," said Jeff Olde, EVP Programming & Development, VH1. "Not only is she a true master at the art of the business, but Sharon is a master at the art of being herself and we are thrilled to have her spearheading this show." - more on this story

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Deep Thoughts With Miley Cyrus
antiMusic reports: For her next tween product of mass consumption, Miley Cyrus is ditching her Hannah Montana alter-ego to provide you with her own deep pop thoughts! The Miley Cyrus opus "Breakout," is set to be released by Disney's Hollywood Records on July 22nd.

If you listen to Disney Radio, or it's unofficial offshoot Top 40 radio, you can't escape hearing the first single from this offering; a little diddy called "7 Things". The single, according to Billboard "was one of the most added at U.S. top 40 radio outlets last week, garnering 255 spins. It is also enjoying some airplay at adult top 40 stations." See that Vanity Fair thing paid off!

And what lyrical genius has attracted these adult fans? Talk of major issues like war, terror, what about the photog-stalkers that feed the Tabloid Media Zombies? No, it's all about the broken heart of a teenage girl. A few years back the philosopher Avril bestowed this wisdom upon us: "He was a boy / She was a girl / Can I make it anymore obvious? / He was a punk /. And she did ballet / What more can I say?" Say no more! But now Miley is going to give Avril a run for her money with the tale of an ex-boifriend that is unwilling to give her a "sincere apology." She tells the boi in the lyrics that "when you mean it, I'll believe it / If you text it, I'll delete it." A sure fire classic in the tradition of "Yummy, yummy, yummy. I got love in my tummy, and I feel like a-lovin you!" - Read the sarcasm free Billboard article if you "must" know more about this album

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Ringo Beheaded
TMZ reports: Vandals beheaded a Liverpool garden sculpture of Ringo Starr, knocking the bushy Fab Four down to three.

The Edward Scissorhands-esque plants took 18 painstaking months to grow, only to have Ringo's head chopped off last week.

The rest of Ringo's decapitated leafy body was brought into a nursery for repair and growth. Somewhere in England Heather Mills is buying a pair of shears. - Poor Ringo, he's the Rodney Dangerfield of rock n' roll. Check out the photo here

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Death Cab for Madonna and Diamond
antiMusic reports: Madonna who? Neil Diamond what? Fans opted to take away Diamond's No. 1 Billboard spot this week and hand it to Death Cab for Cutie. As for Madonna, the material girl's "Hard Candy" took a nose dive to No 8. Here is what Death Cab's label had to say about thier number one debut: "Narrow Stairs," the acclaimed new album from Atlantic recording group Death Cab for Cutie, has made a stunning debut atop this week's Billboard 200 the band's first-ever #1 record.

With sales of 143,586 this marks their greatest highest sales week in Death Cab's 10-year history. "NARROW STAIRS", follows 2005's Grammy-nominated, RIAA platinum-certified "PLANS."

Death Cab celebrated the remarkable success of "NARROW STAIRS" with an outdoor stage performance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! - more on this story

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David Wins Idol
antiMusic reports: Some guy named David won American Idol tonight. Apparently it was a bit of blow out. It was the older David that won, not the male Hannah Montana wannabe. An astounding 97.5 million votes were cast. (27.5 alone cast by the four 13 year-old girls?) However, those votes have never translated into more than a couple percent in record sales when the winner releases their debut. Recent winners have even been dropped after disappointing sales, but it makes for entertaining TV for millions.

Here are some of the highlights from the Billboard article about the results: Amid deafening applause, David Cook was crowned the seventh "American Idol" tonight (May 21) at Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre. The 25-year-old Blue Springs, Mo., native earned 56% of the record 97.5 million votes cast at last night's performance finale, defeating 17-year-old David Archuleta on the Fox TV series.

As the credits rolled, Cook, who was a bartender before auditioning for "Idol," sang "Time of My Life," which won the the show's songwriting competition. He cried as host Ryan Seacrest announced his victory, proclaiming, "I am absolutely at a loss for words right now." - Read more and check out Billboard's interviews with the finalists

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Hatebreed Team with Vinnie Paul
PR reports: Hatebreed have tapped the legendary Vinnie Paul (Pantera, HELLYEAH) to produce, document and record Hatebreed LIVE during their Dallas, TX show at the Palladium Ballroom on May 27th.

Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta comments: "We can't even begin to explain how excited we are to be recording our live album with Vinnie Paul! It's a great honor and privilege to be working with him on this. Vinnie knows his ---- and doesn't f**k around! He's the man to get us the massive live tones we need to make this a special release. This is not just a live CD, this is live in TEXAS, where everything is bigger and badder! We're also going to be shooting some video footage for a short bonus DVD that will be like a mini-movie about the who, the what, the how and the why behind this whole project, so stay tuned and we'll see you at the show! BE READY TO LOSE YOUR MIND AND YOUR VOICE!"

Vinnie Paul also commented, saying: "'I am extremely excited to be producing, recording and documenting Hatebreed for their LIVE CD from Dallas, Texas!!! After touring with them and being personal friends with them for years, I know first-hand what a brutal and energetic band they are and how die-hard their fans are. I plan on capturing that energy and brutality live and then some!!! I encourage all the Dallas metal heads to be a part of metal history and be at the Hatebreed/Type-O show May 27th....HELLYEAH!!!" - more on this story

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Rush Issue Statement About Founder's Death
antiMusic reports: It's a week late, but Rush frontman/bassist Geddy Lee and lead guitarist Alex Lifeson finally issued a statement about the passing of the group's original drummer John Rutsey, who reportedly died in his sleep from a heart attack caused by his lifelong battle with diabetes.

Our memories of the early years of Rush when John was in the band are very fond to us. Those years spent in our teens dreaming of one day doing what we continue to do decades later are special.

Although our paths diverged many years ago, we smile today, thinking back on those exciting times and remembering John's wonderful sense of humour and impeccable timing. He will be deeply missed by all he touched. Alex & Geddy - more on this story

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Boyband Mastermind Gets 25 Years in Prison
Hecklerspray reports: The world may go through some difficult changes in the next 25 years, but at least Lou Pearlman won't give us any more crappy boybands.

That's because Lou Pearlman has just been sentenced to 25 years in jail after being found guilty of conspiracy, money laundering and various other dodgy white-collar crap. Ironically, though, Lou Pearlman only got six months in jail for committing those crimes - the other 24.5 years were a punishment for inventing 'N Sync.

Oh, we're just kidding. Being the mastermind behind the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync didn't affect Lou Pearlman's sentence at all. He got given such a long sentence because he's fat and creepy-looking. And you're next, Santa! - more on this story

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Lit Brain Tumor Update
PR reports: Allen Shellenberger, 38 year-old drummer for Orange County rock band Lit, has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Lit made an initial announcement over their website on May 5th that a brain tumor had been discovered and the band was canceling their European tour dates with KISS. Biopsy results identified Shellenberger's cancer as malignant glioma.

According to the National Cancer Institute, malignant glioma affects approximately 10,000 Americans per year. It is the same type of cancer Senator Edward M. Kennedy is battling. Allen's symptoms prior to diagnosis were numbness and tingling in the left side of his body.

Shellenberger is under the care of world-renowned neurosurgeons Dr. Hunt and Dr. Black at the Cedars-Sinai Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute where he is pursuing radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Despite the news, Allen is in good spirits and committed to the fight. - more on this story

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Hey RCA, Keep Clive Away From David Cook
antiTorial reports: Dear RCA, Please keep Clive Davis away from David Cook. I've skipped American Idol this season, last season, the season before, season before that, etc, etc. Besides being sick of Paula "Hack" Abdul's absolute stupidity, I got sick of watching generic singers butcher songs by covering up the fact that they do not have a great voice by using the bogus vocal masturbation technique of over-singing everything. But I caught a clip of Wednesday night's show and was surprised by David Cook's jam with ZZ Top.

While as a rock singer he's good, but not absolutely outstanding. It was still good to see someone up there that can sing rock, play an instrument and has the potential to be a legitimate rockstar (remember this is based only on seeing him rock ZZ Top, he could be a poptart at heart). So RCA how about it? Why not allow David to prove his credibility and let him write his own songs? None of that bs Avril contribute two lines and call them a songwriter; let him do the entire album on his own and see what happens.

You can keep Clive busy by letting him take that bland nerdy little kid into the studio and make the cheesy music he seems happy with. That's a win-win, Clive can launch his new Wisconsin Records with the little David with a cheddar filled album of music for 12-year-old girls and middle-aged house wives, and David Cook can try to make a legitimate rock album and you might have a winner that can actually go double-platinum. The Clive "let's make em' cheesy" formula doesn't work. Just ask the last "rocker" to grace the Idol stage. Clive couldn't wait to get Bo Bice into the studio and look what happened, we got the ironically titled "The Real Thing," ," an album of warmed-over Nickleback-lite trite. - more on this rant

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Kanye, Common and Other Rappers Sued for Being Unoriginal
NME reports: Kanye West and his record label have been sued by a late jazz musician's daughter for allegedly using samples of her father's music without proper approval.

Common, Method Man, Redman and their record companies were also named in the suit, which was filed by musician Joe Farrell's daughter Kathleen Firrantello in the US District Court in New York.

The lawsuit claims that the rappers used samples of Farrell's 1974 composition 'Upon This Rock' in three different songs - more on this story

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Best of Radiohead Coming in Five Editions
PR reports: Capitol/EMI announces the June 3 U.S. release of Radiohead: The Best Of. The band's first ever career retrospective, to be made available both physically and digitally, Radiohead: The Best Of brings together the singles, key album tracks and live favorites spanning the band's entire Parlophone Records and Capitol Records career.

Radiohead has sold in excess of 25 million records worldwide, has achieved platinum status in 17 countries and multi-platinum in nine, and has won two Grammy Awards. The band has also become one of the most iconic and critically acclaimed groups ever, with their seminal albums OK Computer and The Bends hailed as masterpieces and being consistently voted in Top 5 All Time Albums polls.

Radiohead: The Best Of will be available in the following formats and configurations: *1CD collection featuring 17 tracks *Special Edition 2CD, adding 13 tracks *4-piece vinyl set with 29 tracks *17-track & 30-track digital downloads *DVD featuring 21 classic promo videos - The various tracklistings, including our made up one of what should have been included

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Paramore Summer Tour
PR reports: Paramore has revealed details of their upcoming live schedule. The pop quartet will embark on "The Final RIOT! Paramore Summer Tour '08," beginning on July 28th at Reno, Nevada's Grand Sierra Theatre.

Accompanying Paramore on the road will be Jack's Mannequin, Fueled By Ramen's own Phantom Planet, and Paper Route. "The Final RIOT! Paramore Summer Tour '08" will travel North America through an August 30th finale at the Chevrolet Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut.

In addition to "The Final RIOT! Paramore Summer Tour '08," the Tennessee-based band will also appear at a number of upcoming summer festivals - more on this story

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Suge Puncher Wanted By Cops
TMZ reports: It's not just Suge Knight looking to find the guy who knocked him out last week, turns out the cops are after him too!

TMZ was in L.A. County Superior Court moments ago when the judge issued a bench warrant for Johnny Deathwish, er, Guy Who Doesn't Want His Name Out There, after he blew off his date with the judge over misdemeanor driving without a license charges.

Now, GWDWHNOT will have to face off with an even badder man than Suge -- Judge Michael T. Sauer -- the same guy who threw the book at Paris Hilton and tossed her in jail for 45 days. - more on this story

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Aerosmith Relapse Blamed On Girlfriend
NJ.com reports: Aerosmith reps aren't talking about frontman Steven Tyler's reported relapse and current rehab attempt, but his hometown paper says some are pointing fingers at the rocker's hard-partying, much-younger girlfriend, Erin Brady.
Tyler, who has been frank about his early rock'n'roll excesses, checked into La Encinas Hospital in Pasadena Wednesday, the hospital where celebrity addict specialist Drew Pinsky practices, TMZ.com reported.

Tyler, whose longtime wife Teresa left him for a handyman in 2005, started dating Brady soon after. The Boston Herald describes Brady as a "30-something rocker chick and former Clear Channel tour accountant" who "seemed to embrace the rock 'n' roll lifestyle with a vengeance." For example: At the Florida Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in December, she tangled with a tribal VIP's daughter after a night of partying with Tyler. (He reportedly dumped her after the incident, but they got back together.) - more on this story

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