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Full Report for 10/06/2008
Godhead Week: Day 1
antiMusic reports: Underground industrial metal heroes Godhead release their latest album "At The Edge Of The World," this week and to celebrate we asked frontman Jason C. Miller to pick his favorite five tracks and tell us a little about each one. But first he gives us this introduction:

" I don't like revealing TOO much about my songs, because I like people to interpret them their own way, but I think I can give you my overall inspiration without spoiling it for others…"

Now here is Jason with today's song: "Stay Back": A song about denial. Some people don't know a good thing when it slaps them in the face, and some people are so self-deprecating that they actually push others away, even if they are perfect together. Others feel that they are flawed and don't want to hurt anyone else, so they push others away before it gets too deep.

Preview songs from the album, learn more about it and the group and more right
- here!

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Cobain's Ashes: Stolen or Nuts?
Music Radar reports: A representative for Courtney Love has countered an Australian performance artist's claims that she is in possession of the remainder of Kurt Cobain's ashes, saying that the remains of the former Nirvana frontman were never actually taken.

The strange part - well, it's all strange -- is that this past June, Love went public with the news that her late husband's ashes were stolen from her Los Angeles home. Love was apparently storing them in a pink bear-shaped handbag in her closet, which she claimed a friend had swiped.

"I can't believe anyone would take Kurt's ashes from me," Love said at the time. "They were all I had left of my husband. Now it feels like I have lost him all over again." However, the theft was never confirmed. Most of Cobain's ashes had previously been scattered at a New York Buddhist temple and in Washington's Wishkah River. - Now it gets really freaky

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Did Planned X Rating Kill The Motley Crue Film?
Metal Underground reports: Writer/Director Larry Charles who has worked on such films and shows such as Borat, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld has spoken recently about the proposed Motley Crue movie and his feelings on the band themselves.

"The Motley Crue thing I was really into and I did a lot of work on it," Charles says. "I wrote a pass on the script and everything, but it was at MTV Films which then got swallowed by Paramount Vantage which then got swallowed by Paramount. All those people were gone that developed it and it got put to the side, so I don't know what's going to happen to it. Also my thing about that which was that I felt it had to be an NC-17 [equal to an X rating] movie, and I thought, 'Well that would be ballsy to do. When was the last time they had a mainstream NC-17 movie?' That'd be a good idea."

"I don't know if you've read the book, but it's really a great read," he continued. "Do you know Neil Strauss at all? He used to work for The New York Times as their pop critic, he wrote the book and he's a really good writer. It's so much better than they deserve, the book, because Motley Crüe is a crappy band but he wrote a really epic book about them. It's really fascinating. What's good about it is how hardcore it is. They've killed people, they've hurt people, they've crippled people, they've done all kinds of crazy things. You'd have to show that for real and I think there was a little bit of reticence about doing that ultimately. But for me, I would do it if it could be done the proper way. If it's going to be sanitized then they don't need me to do it. They could find somebody else to do that." - more metal news

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Van Hagar Recording Album
Reuters reports: After playing together live for the first time in February during a solo Sammy Hagar concert in Las Vegas, a new group featuring the ex-Van Halen vocalist, bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Joe Satriani and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith is making an album.

"We were very excited about that show," Satriani told Billboard.com. "We had never played together before, and when we walked off stage, we looked at each other like, 'Wow, there's a connection here. We should do something about it.' So last week we were together for five days and we recorded nine tracks.

"As soon as Sammy and myself finish touring our separate solo tours we'll reconvene in Northern California and finish the record," he continued.
- more on this story

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Fall Out Guests
FMQB reports: Fall Out Boy have announced the track listing for their upcoming record, Folie à Deux, and bassist/band spokes[model] Pete Wentz has also name dropped a few surprising artists who will appear on the disc.

Wentz told [The Fall Out Boy Network aka] MTV News that Rap superstar Lil Wayne makes a cameo on the record, while Pharrell Williams produced one of the new tracks.

However, Wentz also revealed that Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry has recorded something for the record too.
- read more and check out the tracklisting

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Is Jacko Looking To Beat Axl's Record?
NME reports: Black Eyed Peas singer will.i.am has warned Michael Jackson fans not to expect a new album any time soon.

The frontman has been working on Jacko's first LP since 2001 for over two years. But he gave no indication when the new record is likely to surface.

"Michael Jackson has a different pace and you can not put Michael Jackson in that category especially when a lot of those artists have been inspired by Michael Jackson. - more on this story

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Moby Goes Punk?, Kid Rock Digital, Pink Better Than Oasis, T.I. To Beat Metallica, Janet Skips More Shows, Allmans Honored, Punk Band Game and more
antiMusic reports: Popular electronica artist Moby has formed a new punk rock band with some kids he found on Craigslist. He has put together a new video documenting the evolution of this particular band who eventually kicked him out. watch it here

Kid Rock has ended his long holdout from making music available to digital music services by granting Rhapsody a four-month exclusive on his catalog. more We heard all 4 users of the service were very excited!

Janet Jackson has postponed three more shows because of an undisclosed illness. Her publicist said in an e-mail late Saturday that Jackson was postponing a Saturday show in Greensboro, N.C., one on Sunday in Atlanta and a third on Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. more

Pink has beaten Oasis in the battle to be Number One in the UK singles chart. The singer also knocked Kings Of Leon off the top spot with her new single 'So What' more

T.I.'s "Paper Trail" (Grand Hustle/Atlantic) is on course to debut at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 next week. The rapper's sixth studio set leads Nielsen SoundScan's Building chart, released today (Oct. 3). more

Natalie Cole has been release from hospital in New York, after being admitted to the facility on September 12. The singer, who revealed in July that she suffers from Hepatitis C, is now back at home in Los Angeles more

The Allman Brothers Band will receive the prestigious Legend Of Live award at the 2008 Billboard Touring Awards, set for Nov. 20 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. more If you ever get really bored and have absolutely nothing to do. Do a little research to find out just how many various music awards there are out there.

Against Me! and The Offspring are scheduled to be added to popular video game, Rock Band next week. Against Me! is contributing their single, "Stop!" while the Offspring will be adding "Gone Away," "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" and "Self Esteem." Who else is being added?

Digidesign has previewed Pro Tools 8 at the AES convention in San Francisco. As expected, this brings with it a redesigned user interface, more free effects and virtual instruments, fully integrated MIDI and score editors and enhanced editing features. all the details

Kreator has announced that they will be hitting North American shores in April next year and are bringing a host of big names with them. Joining them on the tour will be thrash metal legends Exodus as well as Belphegor, Warbringer and Epicurean. dates

Novembers Doom, have issued the following statement regarding dropping off the January tour with Rotting Christ and Epicurean: "A serious medical issue arose with a member of the band, making us unable to tour during that time." more

Kiss of death for live show. A Kuwaiti official says authorities abruptly ended a music concert by an Egyptian singer in this conservative Muslim country when a young female fan jumped on stage, hugged the male singer and gave him a kiss. more

The Hold Steady have rescheduled their UK tour. As previously reported, the band were due to kick off a series of dates on September 29 at Oxford Academy but had to cancel after guitarist Tad Kubler was diagnosed with pancreatitis.
- New dates are here

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Hinder Take It To The Limit With New CD and Tour
PR reports: Hinder will be releasing their much anticipated follow-up album to their breakthrough 3X platinum smash Extreme Behavior on Election Day, November 4. And will kick off a North American Tour on October 24th,

The new CD, Take It To The Limit, was produced by Extreme Behavior producer Brian Howes, and features the cutting edge first single "Use Me," which officially hit radio on July 15.

The single is already making waves at radio with most increased airplay at alternative and rock formats for two straight weeks. Q101 (Chicago), 89X (Detroit) and KXXR (Minneapolis) as well as The Edge (Dallas) and The Buzz (Houston) have all jumped on board the infectious single and has been met with an overwhelming listener reaction. - more on this story

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Lost Johnny Cash Track In New Documentary
PR reports: A never before released spoken word track was recently uncovered from the vault of Johnny Cash called 'I Am The Nation'. This recording will be released on the Johnny Cash America documentary DVD/CD released by Legacy Recordings on October 28th.

The film Johnny Cash's America is poignantly placed in the context of today's
political climate and this oration "I Am The Nation" reminds us what our country stands for at a time when Americans seem more divided than ever.

Johnny Cash's America examines how Johnny became the most authentic celebrity voice our country had. He embraced all of America's diversity without prejudice or partisanship and he had so much clout with the American people that every President in office during his lifetime courted Johnny Cash. Both the right and the left claimed him, although he remained non partisan. He was championed by teenage punks, their parents, and their grandparents. He was embraced by soldiers and anarchists, by conservatives and liberals, yuppies and rednecks. When times demanded change, he was not afraid to change with them. When times were good, he sang in celebration.
- http://www.johnnycash.com/

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Rev Santana
BBC reports: Award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana has said he wants to become a church minister when he retires from music.

Santana, 61, told Rolling Stone magazine he would eventually like to start a church in Maui, Hawaii.

But despite his continued musical success, Santana said he wanted to move on and explore his other skills. "I'm not sick of what I do, but I find that God gave me the gift of communication even without my guitar and with the ability to get people unstuck with certain sections of the Bible having to do with guilt, shame, judgment and fear," he said.
- more on this story

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Bon Jovi Go Plastic
antiMusic reports: Hair extensions: $369.00. Spandex: $119.95. Depends Rock Star Edition 8 Pack: $12.99. 80s plastic pop rock group immortalized in plastic: Priceless. That's right folks you can now help build Jon Bon Jovi's bank account by depleting your own! All with the handy, dandy Bon Jovi MasterCard Credit Card With WorldPoints Rewards!

Our friends at SleazeRoxx posted a news story about this card which looks rather like an advertisement but did contain a little news: If you apply now you can get a Bon Jovi long sleeve t-shirt (size S - XXL available) and a Bon Jovi mesh baseball hat after qualifying transaction(s). No details on what those purchases might be. But we did find that the APRs will range between 9.99% and 19.99%.

Also the issuing bank is Bank of America and strangely unlike regular BOA cards (at least here at anti) they have no cap on the balance transfer fees so you get to help the working class hero Jon Bon Jovi buy his next sports team that much faster! So toss out your Crapitol One card and get this one, it will go great next to your KISS Visa! So what are you waiting for? - You know you want it!

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Snow Patrol Whistlestop Tour
PR reports: Snow Patrol announce an incredible whistlestop two-day concert tour of four capital cities across the UK and Ireland to launch their brand new album 'A Hundred Million Suns', which is released on MONDAY OCTOBER 27th 2008 in The UK & TUESDAY OCTOBER 28th 2008 in The US

Starting in Dublin before moving on to Belfast, Edinburgh and London, the 'Take Back The Cities Tour' starts at lunchtime on Sunday October 26th at The Gate Theatre in DUBLIN. The band then move on to BELFAST for a show at The Empire that evening. Next day at lunchtime on Monday 27th October they play the Assembly Room in EDINBURGH before travelling to The Bloomsbury Theatre in LONDON for the final show there in the evening.

All the venues have been specially selected by the band and are small and intimate giving fans the chance to see the first live play of tracks from the new album in very special surroundings. Limited tickets for each show are available for Snow Patrol fans via the bands mailing list, and will be allocated to applicants via a lottery draw. Each lucky ticket holder will also get an exclusive free Live CD containing highlights of the show they attend, picking up an artworked CD on the night, which will contain details of how to download music the next day.
- more on this story

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Hall of Cream
Music Radar reports: To celebrate its 385th anniversary (yes, really – 385th), cymbal-maker Zildjian has announced details of The Zildjian Drummers Achievement Awards.

Honoured at the event – proudly sponsored by MusicRadar's sister magazine, Rhythm – will be drumming legend Ginger Baker.

Baker, who shot to fame in the '60s with Cream, will be joining the Zildjian hall of fame and performing live at the event, joined onstage by Cream sidekick Jack Bruce and African legend Tony Allen.
- more on this story

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