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Full Report for 10/21/2008
The 88 Week: Day 2
antiMusic reports: Critically acclaimed rockers The 88 return to stores this week with their latest effort "Not Only... But Also." To celebrate the release we asked Keith Slettedahl to pick some of his favorite tracks from the album and tell us a little bit about each one. Here is Keith with today's song:

Sons And Daughters: On this record, a lot of our best ideas happened while trying to record other songs. That's how this one came about. We were messing around while the mics and sounds were being sorted, and the whole verse, pre-chorus chords and melodies just kind of happened. Later, at another studio (and under a little pressure to finish the song), we came up with the chorus idea and recorded the song without any lyrics.

As is often the case with our songs, I worry worry worry about finishing the lyrics, and then one day they all just pop out. "Sons And Daughters" happened like that. I think I had the "throw your babies in the water" part first, and that line sparked a kind of "Biblical" tone for the rest of the song. The meaning of the song changes for me all the time and I certainly wasn't trying to make any grand statement. One of my favorites on the record.

Preview songs from the album, learn more about it and the group and more right
- here!

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Guns N' Roses Leaker Goes To Court
E! reports: Welcome to the legal jungle. The California man charged with illegally leaking tracks of Guns N' Roses' near-mythical Chinese Democracy pleaded not guilty today in federal court.

Kevin Cogill, a 27-year-old blogger known as "Skwerl" who uploaded nine tracks from the forever-in-the-works LP on his Antiquiet in June, was busted Aug. 27.

Per an affidavit submitted by federal agents, Cogill copped to putting the offending tunes on his site, though he was mum on how he managed to score a copy of what is arguably the most anticipated, if not overhyped, rock record of the decade.
- more on this story

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Radiohead Gamble Paid Off Big Time
NME reports: Just over a year since the choose-what-you pay digital release of Radiohead's seventh album, 'In Rainbows', statistic unveiled over the weekend have revealed that the unconventional release of the record was an unmitigated success for the band.

At the recent 'You Are In Control' conference in Reykjavik, Iceland it was revealed that the album has sold over three million copies so far which includes downloads from Radiohead.com, physical CDs, a deluxe 2-CD/vinyl box set, as well as sales via iTunes and other digital retailers.

The record, which was the band's first to be made available on iTunes, made more money prior to its January 2008 physical release than its total take on 2003's 'Hail To the Thief'. - more on this story

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Does U2 Have Writers Block?
antiMusic reports: That headline question is what Music Radar asked when the published the following report: We love it when bands post sneaky in-the-studio videos. They often bare little resemblance to the finished product, but they feed imaginations.

While U2 might not be considered as internet-trailblazers, they've jumped on this particular bandwagon with enthusiasm.

While a previous video revealed Larry Mullen Jnr's drum parts for reported single Sexy Boots, the latest snippet shows only a painstakingly slow songwriting process. The Edge and producer Daniel Lanois silently stare at a blank piece of paper while Bono thinks about clicking something on a MacBook. - more on this story

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Stone Temple Puppets, Aerosmith Eye New Tour, Britney Hung?, Delayed AC/DC Zeal, Webber Eurovision, Spector Trial Pt II, Deluxe and Eno and more
antiMusic reports: Meat Puppets will be hitting the road this month to support 90s-era grunge superstars Stone Temple Pilots. The first date is Wednesday at Dodge Arena in Hidalgo, TX. more dates

Brad Whitford - who, along with Joe Perry, handles guitar duties in Aerosmith - told LiveDaily yesterday (October 20) that the group is on track to launch a spring 2009 tour. During a candid conversation backstage at a Waterbury, CT, stop on the Experience Hendrix Tour, Whitford said he was hopeful, but not counting on, Aerosmith to be ready to present concertgoers with new material when the band hits the road next spring. more

A second day of deliberations ended without a verdict Monday in Britney Spears' driving-without-a-license case. more

There's good news and bad news for AC/DC fans waiting for the legendary hard rock band to announce concert details in New Zealand. The good news is that singer Brian Johnson has confirmed the band will be coming to New Zealand. The bad news is, AC/DC probably won't be here until early 2010, a SonyBMG spokesperson told Stuff.co.nz.

Jury selection began Monday for the murder retrial of music producer Phil Spector, who is accused of killing actress Lana Clarkson at his mansion five years ago. more

David Byrne and Brian Eno have announced the details surrounding the physical release of their latest collaboration. Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, will hit stores on November 25th, while the deluxe version of the album (with four bonus tracks and a short film about the record) will be for sale exclusively on everythingthathappens.com. more

Musical impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber is to compose Britain's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest next year in a bid to improve the country's recent miserable record in the competition.more

Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter III" is handily the best-selling album of 2008 (will Axl have something to day about that?), but the rapper has plans to make it even bigger. The set will be re-released with all brand new songs, Wayne told MTV, although Universal says there are no details confirmed at deadline. more

The "What Doesn't Kill You" tour headlined by Nonpoint and featuring 12 Stones kicked off last night (10/15) in Atlanta. In addition to breaking in new guitarist, Zach Broderick, Nonpoint treated fans to a set filled with songs long absent from the bands recent set lists as well as unleashing a cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" to begin the show. more

American hardcore legends Agnostic Front will be heading out on a North American tour next month in support of their latest album, "Warriors." dates

Atlantic sent us word that www.twilightthesoundtrack.com has been launched. Here is the 411: The brand new site not only features 2 full tracks from Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Paramore's "Decode" and The Black Ghosts' "Full Moon") but also information about exclusive Hot Topic listening events, which will take place at every single Hot Topic store across the country on Friday, October 24 at 7pm. Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released in stores and online Tuesday, November 4th

Skeletonwitch, are happy to announce the addition of bassist Evan Linger to the band. Linger, a long-time friend of the band entered the fold after the departure of Eric Harris. Evan has been out with The Witch since Oct. 2 when the pre-Danzig / Blackest of the Black dates kicked off.

The_Network has completed the recording process for their next album, titled "Bishop Kent Manning." more

Tesla will release in Europe their new Live DVD, "Comin' Atcha Live! 2008", on Frontiers Records on December 5th 2008. more

Isis recently unveiled plans to enter the studio to begin work on their forthcoming full length and follow up to 2006's In the Absence of Truth: "We could not be luckier than to have the one and only Evil Joe Barresi to be at the engineering helm." more

Pasadena Napalm Division, the new band featuring former Deadhorse members Greg Martin, Ronny Guyote and Scott Sevall along with D.R.I. frontman Kurt Brecht and bassist Pone played an unannounced "secret" show at Houston's meridian club on Saturday, October 4, 2008. Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be viewed here.

After years of silence, all five original members of Reveille will reunite for one show. The concert, dubbed "Reveille Reborn", will take place at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts on Friday, December 26. - more

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Ozzfest 09? Sure Says Sharon
Angryape reports: Ozzfest looks set to continue in 2009, as Sharon Osbourne let slip during an interview.

Speaking to MTV, Ozzy's wife revealed the news and when asked if the festival would be a free event as in 2007, she replied: "No, don't you know that there's a depression on? Are you mad?"

"We've given the real good fans a free show for one time, and now, it's back to business as usual." - more on this story

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Songs To Saw By
PR reports: "Hello…I want to play a game," those are the immortal words Saw's sadistic purveyor of self-imposed twisted justice Jigsaw utters to his victims as they come to. And if you hear those words you're soon to find yourself in a world of hurt. Back for the fifth installment of the Saw horror series this Halloween (in theaters October 24 to be exact), moviegoers will once again cringe in their seats as blood, guts and body parts are up for grabs.

And because every sick & twisted horror honcho needs an explosive soundtrack, Artists' Addiction Soundtracks has compiled a list of incendiary artists such as Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Testament, and Revolting Cocks among the 14 tracks for the volatile digital-only release.

What started out as a "little" indie horror movie back in 2004 has turned into a juggernaut go-for-the-throat franchise so gruesome you want to turn away, yet so compelling you just can't. And fittingly enough, the movie soundtracks have always been amicable counterparts assaulting the senses in a fashion that would make Jigsaw proud. Adding to the sonic assault to Saw V is Charlie Clouser (ex-Nine Inch Nails), no stranger to the Saw soundtracks, with his cuts "Trap Attacks" and "What It Takes," as well as Filter's remix version of "What's Next." Other killer songs include: Testament's "True Believer," Ministry's "Death and Destruction (Remix)," Prong's "The Banishment," Die Krupps' "The Dawning of Doom," Skinny Puppy's "ugLi" and The Revolting Cocks' "Wizard of Sextown."
- more on this story

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Chinese Democracy Promo Videos Invade the Web
Music Radar reports: Now that Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy is finally a reality (or it will be on November 23; frankly, we need to see it to believe it), we can look forward to the same kind of bizarre excess that attended the making of the album.

To wit: Today, no fewer than 16 promo clips, each with a 15-second running time, hit the web reminding us that the world will be something of a better place come 23 November. Or something like that.

Each Guns N' Roses clip blasts a different bit of music, supposedly from Chinese Democracy. There's Axl screaming on one clip, a scattershot of guitar noodling (Buckethead?) on another - you get the idea. - more on this story

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James Blunt's New Day Job
PR reports: James Blunt, Atlantic Records and Metro International today announced a global brand partnership that will see the acclaimed singer-songwriter guest edit the global edition of the Metro newspaper for a day.

Metro is published in 20 countries and more than 150 cities, with a worldwide readership of over 20,000,000. This will be the first time that the world's largest newspaper has had a famous artist at the helm of its global edition.

James will assume his duties on 17th November at the Metro Rome office where he will collaborate with Sakari Pitkänen, Global Editor-in-Chief. Alongside editing the paper and commenting on news affecting readers around the world, James will be involved in a feature on Médecins Sans Frontières, an international medical humanitarian organization James supports and which Metro Newspapers have worked closely with for a number of years.
- more on this story

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Punk Rock Karaoke
PR reports: Step up to the stage, grab the mic and hang on tight to experience life in a beloved punk rock band with Punk Rock Karaoke! Featuring an all-star line-up of punk veterans, Punk Rock Karaoke--guitarist and emcee Eric Melvin (Nofx), guitarist Greg Hetson (Bad Religion/Circle Jerks/Red Kross) drummer Derek O'brien (Social Distortion/Adolescents/DI) and bassist Steve Soto (Adolescents/Agent Orange/22 Jacks)--will release their first-ever double-disc CD/DVD set October 28 via MVD Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Punk Rock Karaoke fans will be able to join the band live at three west coast shows: Sunday, November 2 at The Roxy in Los Angeles, Monday, November 3 at Blue Lamp in Sacramento and Wednesday, November 5 at Thee Parkside in San Francisco.

"Punk Rock Karaoke is really an ultimate experience for the fans-they get to come up and perform some of the best songs ever written with our band," explains Hetson. "It's cool for us too since we get to be in the Sex Pistols, Black Flag and The Descendents: bands we didn't get to be in every night." - more on this story

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Eminem Memoir Hits Stores
Billboard reports: Before Eminem moves forward musically, he first is taking a step back with a memoir out today (Oct. 21) that shares quite a few revelations about a man whose autobiographical lyrics have tantalized fans for years.

In "The Way I Am," the man born Marshall Bruce Mathers III takes readers into his painful childhood and adolescence and inside the studio and beyond as the former Detroit factory floor sweeper and short-order cook enters the rap game and becomes a worldwide hip-hop sensation.

The book is 200-plus pages worth of text, behind-the-scenes photographs and reproductions of Eminem's original lyric sheets -- hotel stationery and other scraps of paper he used to scratch out partial verses of the songs that would make him famous. - more on the book and Em's musical return

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Jeff Beck Live Album On The Way
Kayos reports: Eagle Records will release on November 25 a sensational live album from Jeff Beck: Performing This Week Live At Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. A new Jeff Beck release is always an event and these concerts in particular are eagerly awaited by his fans.

Jeff Beck is a true rock legend. From his time with The Yardbirds in the '60s, through The Jeff Beck Group and his solo career, his unique guitar style and constant desire to explore new musical sounds have won him the admiration of peers, critics and fans alike.

This sterling '07 live gig at the famed British jazz club Ronnie Scott's in London features the legendary guitarist in a 16-song career-spanning set that incorporates Rock, Jazz, Ballads, Beatles, Blues, Boogie and Bolero.
- more on this story

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The Sword Take A Stab At Headlining Shows and Dates With Metallica and Lamb of God
PR reports: The Sword have just announced U.S. headlining dates in support of its critically-acclaimed new album Gods of the Earth.

The band will headline a slew of off-dates while on tour supporting Metallica, who hand-picked the celebrated Austin, TX quartet on its upcoming North American tour, set to launch October 21 in Glendale, AZ.

In addition to headlining off-dates during the Metallica tour, The Sword will team up with Lamb of God for a string of shows this December. - more on this story

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Lindsey Buckingham Interview Preview Pt I
antiMusic reports: When you manage to snag an interview with an artist who's most popular album has sold as many copies as The Beatles biggest selling album in the U.S., and overall has sold more albums than such icons as Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, Prince, Queen and even Eminem and Britney Spears, you can't just run the interview. It calls for something special. So this week we are forgoing Singled Out! so we can preview Morley's interview with Lindsey Buckingham. Lindsey has released a wealth of music over the years as both a solo artist and as one of key songwriters and voices of Fleetwood Mac. He just released his latest effort, Gift of Screws, and Morley managed to get him on the phone to discuss the effort as well as other interesting topics. So each day this week we will be teasing you with one question and answer from the interview before we post the full thing on Friday! Today Morley asks Lindsey about the title to his new album:

antiMusic: Gift of Screws. Where does the title come from and why did you decide to use this as the title track?

Lindsey: Well, it's not as rude as it sounds. It's actually from an Emily Dickenson poem. And I was just leafing through a notebook of her poems one day and I came across that and I had to read it a few times really to get…and .I hope I got it right…what she meant. But the way I took it was that you have to turn the screws of the press yourself to get the oil from the flower petals, to get the fragrance out. In other words, you can't just sit there and watch the flower grow and expect to come up with something from that. If you want to have something happen from the gifts that are around you, you've got to apply your own vision first of all and then your own love and your own effort. So anyway, that was kind of something I bought in to.

If you still haven't picked up Gift of Screws and need further convincing, would a 5 Star review sway you? While we wait for the next installment in the interview you can check out what Kevin Wierzbicki had to say about the album - right here!

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