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Full Report for 04/10/2009

Van Halen and Danzig Top Most Embarrassing List
antiMusic reports: Since it is a slow news day but also our 11th anniversary we figured we would have some fun and as luck would have it, our friends over at Gibson.com had just the article! Enjoy: Being a rock star may seem like the most glamorous job on earth, but it can also come with its own set of humiliations. For example, if one of us trips on the street or in our apartment, chances are thousands of people worldwide won't care enough to email it to their friends and colleagues, but the same can't be said for Beyoncé.

Gibson.com's Jonah Bayer compiled a half dozen of what we consider to be the most embarrassing on-stage moments that have circulated on the Internet over the past few years. Here are the top 2:

Eddie Van Halen: Who would have ever guessed that Van Halen's rendition of "Jump" in Greensboro, North Carolina, two years ago would be so controversial? Things start out fine, but as soon as Eddie Van Halen comes in with the legendary guitar line it's evident that something is horribly wrong. It's already been debated to death whether the problem is Eddie's axe or a keyboard malfunction, but the only thing people seem to be able to agree on is the fact that one of rock's greatest guitar players was embarrassed onstage in front of thousands of fans this fateful night. That said, can you imagine how relived Van Halen's son Wolfgang was to realize that he wasn't the one ruining the band's signature anthem?

Glenn Danzig : It must kind of suck to be Glenn Danzig sometimes. Sure, the guy has fronted legendary acts like the Misfits and Samhain — and he's accumulated an impressive output via his solo career — but in recent years, he's gotten more attention for some of the less flattering aspects of his persona. Five years ago, Danzig was knocked out by the singer of the band North Side Kings in Arizona and in November of 2007, he received another brutal blow to his body when he fell offstage during a rendition of "How The Gods Kill" in Baltimore, Md. He ended up injuring his shoulder, but still made it back on-stage to finish the set, which is more than we'd be able to say for ourselves had the same thing happened to us. - Find out who else made the list and watch the videos of these incidents!

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Korn Announce Tour
Blabbermouth reports: Korn has announced the details of a full U.S. spring tour that will begin later this month, after previously confirming a mid-May appearance at Columbus, Ohio's Rock On The Range festival.

The band's first trek in a year kicks off on April 25 in Tucson, Arizona, and will visit 23 cities before winding down on May 31 in Des Moines, Iowa. The road trip will encompass festivals, amphitheaters, and even a few shows in smaller venues like clubs.
Korn will begin work on its first new album since 2007 later in the year. The disc will be the band's first with touring drummer Ray Luzier as a full-time member.
- more on this story

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Idol Stalker Denied Bail
AP reports: An Australian woman charged with stalking "American Idol" contestant Diana DeGarmo over the Internet was refused bail Thursday by a judge who said she was likely to re-offend.

Tanya Maree Quattrocchi, 23, was convicted in 2007 of cyber-stalking and blackmailing DeGarmo and sentenced to serve 150 hours of community service.

She was arrested again in January on six new charges of cyber-stalking the singer, her mother and her roommate in the United States. - more on this story

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Avenged Sevenfold Begin Work On New Album
Metal Underground reports: Orange County, California based rockers Avenged Sevenfold has announced that they will commence work on a brand new studio album next year along with a world tour to support the release.

A message from guitarist Zacky Vengeance reads as follows: "After touring the world for pretty much two years straight, the stars aligned and have us finishing up in Southern California and Las Vegas. If I could offer one piece of inside info it would be that these shows are the ones to see. We will be celebrating a very successful run and 10 years of madness that all started in the great state of California (though our friends in Las Vegas know how to throw a party so we can't leave them out either).

"We are f*cking excited to be home and leave everything we have on the table before we get to work on a new kick-ass album. So I am personally inviting you to come out alongside our closest friends and family and leave the ear plugs at home as we throw down for these end-of-tour shows. Don't be the one left out." - more metal news

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Portugal. The Satanic Satanist
HER reports: Portugal. The Man, with atypical behavior the norm, recorded their soon-to-be-released fourth full-length album, The Satanic Satanist (out July 21 via the band's own Approaching AIRBallons imprint) in what was a very different way for them.

Rather than wait until they arrived in the recording studio to think about new material, the band - Gourley, Zachary Scott Carothers/bass, Ryan Neighbors/keyboards, and the drummer for the album, Garrett Lunceford - gave pre-production a shot, writing and rehearsing new songs long before they pressed "record." And, if that wasn't enough, the band further stepped outside of their comfort zone of recording near home and working only with long-time friends by enlisting the production team of Paul Q. Kolderie, whose previous clients include both the Pixies and Radiohead, Adam Taylor (the Lemonheads, The Dresden Dolls) and Cornershop sitarist/keyboardist Anthony Saffery, and flying to their Boston Camp Town Studios to record.

"I was terrified," Gourley confesses with a laugh. "We've only worked with friends, you know? It's always been people we knew really well. And this time around, we were working with Paul, Anthony and Adam who have all been involved in very successful projects. So we wanted to do what they would have expected us to do rather than just throw something out there. And actually, it felt so much better doing it that way." - more on this story

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A Mocking of PETA's Pet Shop Boys Name Change Silliness
MusicRadar reports: With PETA's unsuccessful attempt to turn Pet Shop Boys into Rescue Shelter Boys to raise awareness of "cramped" and "filthy conditions" in pet shops, it got us thinking (careful!): which other animal-inspired band names are on the hit list?

We've put together 10 bands who could well be receiving a PETA letter – from Chickenfoot to Danger Mouse. Unfortunately, bands named Deerhunter, Pig Destroyer and Deadmau5 are beyond saving.

10. Chickenfoot: Batteries not included? Thank goodness. Should be: Free Range Chickenfoot

9. Reel Big Fish: Gold fish bowls are not an option… Should be: Reel Big Fish In A Suitably Large Tank With Adequate Room To Swim

8. Meat Puppets: A healthy alternative… Should be: Soya Meat Substitute Puppets - Read the rest of the list

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Red Hot Van Hagar Super Group Go On The Record
antiMusic reports: Our good friend Joe Bosso of MusicRadar recently sat down with the members of Chickenfoot to get low down on this much buzzed about new band. He put it all together into a cool new podcast you can download but here is a bit of his intro before we link you over to check it out: Hagar and Anthony are happy to have found new life after Van Halen, and Satriani has realized his lifelong dream of being in a "big time, vocal-oriented rock band." Formed last year after a series of jams at Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina, Chickenfoot have already made waves for their kooky name and Hagar's quotes in which he said the band could "rival Led Zeppelin." Whether Jimmy Page quakes in his bespoke boots after hearing Chickenfoot (the album's due 7 June in the US through Best Buy; and 5 June and 8 June in Germany and the UK, respectively, on earMUSIC), remains to be seen.

But one thing's for sure: Chickenfoot are a band down to the, uh, bone. Their 11-song CD, full of slamming cuts like Sexy Little Thing and My Kind Of Girl, along with arena anthems like Learning To Fall, bears no traces of the 'project-itis' that has marred other supergroup efforts.

"To call us a real band is the highest compliment you can give us," Satriani says. In the excusive MusicRadar podcast, Satriani, Hagar and Anthony recall their formation and recording sessions. Settle back, pour yourself something and revel in all that is Chickenfoot - here

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Bay City Rollers Death
BBC reports: The former manager of pop group the Bay City Rollers has died at his home in Edinburgh aged 70.

Tam Paton, who managed the band at the height of their fame in the 1970s, died on Wednesday after reportedly suffering a heart attack.

He oversaw the group for 11 years as they enjoyed huge success. In recent years he had been convicted on charges of drug dealing, dogged by allegations of sexual abuse and had been convicted of indecency. - more on this story

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Mariah Carey Car Crash- MusicTube Coming- Kanye Smells- Green Day Surprise- Depeche Mode Take Over Hollywood Blvd- Miley's Like Smart, You Know and more
antiMusic reports: It's been a rather slow week for music news (if you haven't noticed) but Quicks returns today with some short and sweet music news stories to help get your weekend started off right!

Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon have escaped a minor car accident in Los Angeles unscathed. The couple was being chauffeured around the city when the crash took place on Thursday afternoon. more

Universal Music Group and Google have finalized a deal to create a new music video service called Vevo, expected to launch before the end of the year. Under the agreement, Vevo will exist as a central repository of all UMG video content--including music videos, interviews, concert footage and so on--with YouTube providing the technology behind it.more

Kanye West is part of a deal that will see branded perfumes and colognes from Jay-Z, Rihanna, and West himself. Parlux Fragrances, Inc., announced Tuesday (April 7) that it has signed an agreement with Iconic Fragrances LLC, Jay-Z's own licensing company. See his other plan to separate his fans from their cash here. Speaking of Kanye.. he got a reality check from the folks that do it best! South Park. Did it work? read on

On Tuesday (4/7) afternoon, Bay Area Green Day fans learned the band would be playing a small club show that very night, in advance of next month's release of 21st Century Breakdown. At the concert, Green Day proceeded to not just debut some of the new material, but perform the record from start to finish in its entirety for the first time ever.more

Former Guns N' Roses and current Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash joined Fergie (a.k.a. Stacy Ann Ferguson) of the Black Eyed Peas on stage this past Sunday (April 5) at the NCAA Big Dance concert at the Riverfront in Detroit, Michigan for a performance of GN'R's "Sweet Child o' Mine" and Heart's "Barracuda", a frequent cover song in Fergie's repertoire. video here

Depeche Mode will shut down Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles for an outdoor nighttime performance to be broadcast on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, April 23.more

Ikey from The Mars Volta dropped us a line to let us know that his band "free moral agents" are gearing up for some heavy touring. Right now they have some west coast dates mapped out with more to come. We'll keep you posted but for now you can check out some songs and grab the announced dates here

Need a good laugh? Check out MTV viewers idea of the greatest albums ever made here. Craig David? Really? At least Rick Ashley or the Spice Girls weren't in the Top 10.

Dave Brubeck's son says the jazz pianist and composer is looking forward to returning to the road for some shows after being hospitalized for a viral infection.more

Rascal Flatts' new album "Unstoppable" looks like it'll live up to its name, as it's on course to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart next weekmore

Pete Kilpatrick Band's new 10 track LP entitled "Hope In Our Hearts" will be released on April 21st, 2009. The band are currently touring through many well-known ski as part of the IZStyle Winter Tour supporting such bands as Eve 6, Tea Leaf Green and The Wailers. dates and more

Miley's like smart, you know! "I almost feel like people think of me as dumb," said Cyrus, who recently created her own personal "Rumor Patrol" blog on MileyCyrus.com. "I'm like, I'm smarter than you think. You know, I understand what you're trying to do. It's all a mind game and what not… It's really important to me that people think of me as a real artist." Good luck with that. Maybe try making real art. Just saying. more

Rock legend Alice Cooper has announced a string of headlining tour dates across the United States of America this summer.more

In a shock move for the biz, French politicians have surprisingly rejected the proposed "Creation and Internet" law aimed at tackling illegal P2P file-sharing.more

Tracii Guns has another band and he tells fans " "I have been looking for the right guy to front this band and am very proud to announce that Scott Foster Harris (pictured) will be fronting the Tracii Guns League Of Gentlemen. Please have a listen to him sing at his MySpace page."

Chris Blackwell, the man who discovered Bob Marley, founded Island Records and nurtured U2 was named the most influential UK-based music industry executive of the last 50 years' at the Music Week awards in London last night (April 8).more

Unique new label Year Zero Recordings launches this Easter Monday (April 13) with a special launch event. The label was founded by NME's Mark Beaumont with the sole intention of releasing just one song by London inde band Prego. more

Sathanas founder Paul Tucker has announced that he is reforming the blasphemous, '90s old-school death-thrash metal trio Bathym. Paul will continue his duties on guitar and vocals, while original members Eric Watson and Bill Smiley fill the bass and drum positions, respectively. more

Former Korn guitarist turned solo artist Brian 'Head' Welch has announced a 'tune-up' show on May 16, 2009. - details

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Nothingface Giving Away Free Music and Stuff
Metal Underground reports: Nothingface has announced the start of "New Music Tuesdays" on their official Nothingface MySpace page. Here's what the band had to say about it:

Check out the Official Nothingface MySpace page every week on "New Music Tuesday"!! We will be posting old demos for free download, new pictures, old pictures, updated news, new video, old video, and anything else that we can give to you guys! We'll keep it up until we run out of stuff, or until the new record is done.

This week, its a free download of the demo version of Blue Skin from the Violence record, plus some new studio footage from the last writing sessions! Check out the 'FREE STUFF' section of our MySpace page for the FREE downloads! Enjoy.
- go here

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Queen Musical Video Game
Blabbermouth reports: The critically acclaimed and longest-running musical at London's prestigious Dominion Theatre, "We Will Rock You" — based on the music of Queen — has partnered with Activision Publishing, Inc.'s Guitar Hero World Tour to offer patrons the ultimate night of rock.

Before and after select performances of the hit musical, which embarks on its first U.K. tour this month, people will be able to rock with Guitar Hero World Tour to three of Queen's hit tracks, "C-Lebrity", "Fat Bottom Girls" and "We Are The Champions", as well as the entire 86-song on-disc set list, with prizes awarded to the best virtual performers.

The game will also be featured at regional "We Will Rock You" preview and launch events, where members of the cast can mingle with press and VIPs. - more on this story

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Day in the Crazy Life of a Guitar Tech (Chimaira Music As A Weapon Tour Blog)
antiMusic reports: Chimaira are currently out on the road on the Music As A Weapon Tour. The band wants to keep antiMusic readers up to date on all the happenings on the tour and will be checking in with a tour diary. Today we have a very special and fun entry from guitar tech extraordinaire Greg "Grizz" Middleton. You gotta read this one! Here is Greg:

It is 17 days into this tour [Music As A Weapon] and the party ball has begun to roll. The snowball effect is alive and well. Every aspect of every day is getting more and more intense. The parties are getting bigger, the nights are going longer, and the karaoke machine is turned all the way up!!! A few days ago was the first appearance of the karaoke party. It was put on by the nice people in the production busses. Tons of music, food, and Natural Light???? All it took was me commenting on the fact that the last time I drank Natural Light, I was shotgunning them at the age of 16 behind the wall that wraps around flax pond. Moments later 2 cases lay dead on the ground with very clear markings of a shotgun party. The next issue was that they invited 40 people to a binge drinking party with no where to go to the bathroom. The only option was a dimmly lit hill in the distance. It would have been a very nice spot to quietly take a squat if not for the fact that 95% of the party were carrying flashlights. Everytime someone went up the hill they were kindly escorted by heckling, laser pointers, and when the moment was right, they would be fully illuminate for the pleasure of the crowd. The party did however come to an abrupt halt when one of the members of the band "Bury your Dead" decided to cannonball through the laptop that was supplying the beats.

I have been challenging a lot of people to $1 bets lately and my odds of losing have been fairly high. So far I have losts bets on: How long Jim Lamarca would shower for? What song Metallica would play first during their Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction? Whether Metallica would change out of their suits to perform? Whether Adam D would be gone from the party for more than 10 minutes (that was a $10 bet which I ultimately only paid him $4 due to a lack of currency)??? I really need to start making better bets. - the fun is just starting, read the rest!

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