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Full Report for 08/21/2009

Ozzy To Debut New Guitarist
Blabbermouth reports: As Blabbermouth.Net first reported on August 3, Randall Amplifiers has now confirmed via its Facebook page that 28-year-old Greek guitarist Gus G. (FIREWIND) has been tapped to play with Ozzy Osbourne at the closing concert of this year's BlizzCon, which will take place August 21-22 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

In addition to his current axe-slinging duties with Firewind, Gus (real name: Kostas Karamitroudis) — who has an endorsement deal with Randall — has played in Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage, Arch Enemy and Dream Evil.

It is not presently clear who will sit behind the kit for Ozzy Osbourne's performance at BlizzCon, since his longtime drummer, Mike Bordin, is currently on the road in Europe with the reunited Faith No More. - What happened to Zakk?

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Was Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Drunk When He Fell Off Stage?
Rock Radio reports: Aerosmith have pulled a strike on singer Steven Tyler after he [reportedly] fell off the wagon and went back to heavy drinking, resulting in the fall off stage which led to the band's US tour being cancelled.

Sources close to the Boston band have revealed Tyler was "partying hard" before he lost his footing and wound up with a broken shoulder. Since then, his bandmates haven't heard directly from him, and are instead receiving daily email updates from his management – a separate entity from Aerosmith's management.

A band employee tells the Boston Herald: "Truthfully, he's a liability for the band. He's uninsurable because of all the accidents and cancelled dates." Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer are understood to have suspended work on their upcoming album after video and photos of Tyler appeared on the web, showing a gaunt, wasted figure buying alcohol in a liquor.

[Day in Rock note: We usually don't put much stock into unnamed sources, so you might keep that in mind when reading this story, but the Boston Herald isn't exactly The Sun and Rock Radio's reporting is quite a bit tamer than the Herald report. If what the sources told the Herald is true we hope Steven can get back on the wagon soon. You can read more of Rock Radio's report at the more link and they link the original Herald story as well]
- more on this story

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Chevelle Announce Tour
PR reports: Multi-platinum Epic Records recording artists Chevelle will begin a headlining tour in Nashville, TN on September 11th in support of their new album Sci-Fi Crimes (August 31st – Epic Records). Atlantic Records recording artists Halestorm will open all dates.

Prior to the launch of the tour, the band will have a busy day in their hometown of Chicago, IL on September 3rd. That afternoon, the band will take part in an induction ceremony at the Hard Rock Café. Following the conclusion of that event Chevelle will perform two special hometown shows at the Lasalle Power Company. At 4:30pm that day Chevelle will perform a 30-minute set for the first 350 fans who show up and purchase the new album. Later that evening Chevelle will perform a full set for Q101 listeners. Tune into Q101 to find out how to win tickets for that private show.

Chevelle's first single from their new album "Jars" is well on is way to becoming one of the band's biggest hits ever. The song is currently at #15 on the modern rock chart and #6 at Active Rock. The band has also just completed their video for the single, which will have two different endings. You can catch the debut of "Jars" Version 1 on MTV 2 and MTVU on August 25th, and "Jars" Version 2 on Yahoo.com on August 26th.
- more on this story

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Bon Jovi Set New Album Release
PR reports: 009 has turned into a landmark year like no other for legendary Island Records group Bon Jovi, and now the band is launching their new single, "We Weren't Born To Follow" an upbeat positive anthem which premiered on radio Tuesday, August 18th. "We Weren't Born To Follow" is the first single pick from the band's new studio album, The Circle, in stores November 10th.

"We Weren't Born To Follow" was written (and co-produced) by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, and was produced by John Shanks, who worked with Bon Jovi on their last two albums, Have A Nice Day (2005) which featured the Grammy winning single, "Who Says You Can't Go Home," and Lost Highway (2007), which debuted at #1 on the Soundscan Charts in the U.S. and around the world. The resulting "Lost Highway World Tour" – which famously started with 10 triumphant nights in New Jersey and came to a close with an historic free concert in New York City's Central Park and two sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden – was ranked as 2008's #1 top-selling tour around the world according to Billboard.

Bon Jovi has set the standard for more than two decades as one of the most successful rock bands in the world. Globally, the Grammy Award-winning band has sold more than 120 million albums and performed more than 2,600 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 34 million fans.

You can hear the first single over at Bonjovi.com - more on this story

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Beatles Yellow Submarine Remake- Unreleased U2 Tracks Coming- Tommy Lee Still Off Cruefest- Where the Wild Yeah Yeah Yeahs Are- God Dethrone Drummer- and more
antiMusic reports: Truly nothing is sacred in Hollywood and they will remake anything. Case in point today comes from Billboard: Robert Zemeckis is in negotiations to direct a remake of [The Beatles] "Yellow Submarine" for Disney. Like all Zemeckis productions, "Submarine" would be done in performance capture and would also be a digital 3D endeavor. more.

On BBC Radio 1 yesterday, Bono and The Edge revealed that U2 had been digging out rare and unreleased tracks for the upcoming deluxe re-issue of 1984's The Unforgettable Fire.more

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs leads the soundtrack to the film version of Where The Wild Things Are. The soundtrack, due out September 29, is attributed to Karen O and the Kids. more

God Dethroned has formally announced the departure of drummer Roel Sanders, who has left the group for the second time. Sanders has subsequently been replaced by Michiel van der Plicht.more

We assumed yesterday that Tommy Lee was coming back but it appears that assumption was wrong according to this Blabbermouth report: Motley Crue has tapped longtime friend and fan Frank Zummo (Street Drum Corps) to fill in for drummer Tommy Lee at three upcoming shows. Commented Zummo: "The first concert I ever saw was MÖTLEY CRÜE when I was a kid, and I've been a big fan ever since. It is a huge honor for to drum with one of the greatest rock bands, and filling in for Tommy will be one of the most amazing experiences of my life!" more

Brian Setzer released the first two singles, "Trouble Train" and "Lonely Avenue" via iTunes in advance of the release of the upcoming studio album 'Songs From Lonely Avenue', due out October 13th more

Gallows will join Flogging Molly for a portion of the group's upcoming Canadian tour. dates

Circle Of Dead Children has finally completed tracking for their next full-length, titled "Psalm of the Grand Destroyer." Although the music was recorded last November, according to the group, "various circumstances effectively sidelined the progression and release since then."more

Clear Channel Radio is bringing its popular "Stripped" on-demand music series to its iheartradio online and mobile channel.more

Mellowdrone is about to release their second LP titled "Angry Bear" and their first album with Coming Home Records. Its been a long three years since releasing their last album "Box" and eventually being dropped by Columbia. The follow up to their last album is due August 25th. You can stream the entire album more -

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Ace Comments On New KISS Album
Blabbermouth reports: Bob Suehs of Rock N Roll Experience conducted an interview with original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley on Thursday (August 20) where he comments on the new KISS single and his former band's Walmart deal. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you heard the new KISS single, "Modern Day Delilah" (audio stream available at the full story link)?

Ace Frehley: Actually, I did. I thought it was a good song. Paul's [Stanley, guitar, vocals] always been a really good writer and the only thing that I would say that the song didn't live up to was the fact that I believe they said that all the new songs were going to sound like stuff from the '70s, and I didn't get that. The new song sounded like it could be something off an album they did in the '80s. That's what I got, but I thought it was a good song.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think of KISS selling their new CD exclusively through Wal-Mart?

Ace Frehley: It seems that more and more groups are going with major chains, and I mean, I guess there's a plus to the fact that they'll give you a large advance, but the minus is the album is only available in that chain of stores. I guess there's pluses and minuses to everything. I mean, I entertained that idea, but, for me, I thought it was better that my album be available everywhere. - more on this story

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Hagar Says Ego Won't Be An Issue for Chickenfoot
antiMusic reports: Our friend Ross CAT from Bestofwny.com spoke with Sammy Hagar about all things Chickenfoot (Hagar's new band with Chad of RHCP, Joe Satriani and Sammy's old Van Halen bandmate Michael Anthony). Here are a couple of the exchanges from that chat:

Ross CAT - Now that the Chickenfoot tour is in full flight did you find the "Road Test" club rehearsal shows beneficial to both the band and the new songs? Sammy - I'm glad you asked that because it was one of the smartest things I've ever done as an artist in my career. If we would have just jumped into a bigger venue it really could have been difficult. The production of this show needed to be built from the ground up, from sound & lights to the performance of the songs. These smaller gigs afforded everyone involved the opportunity to see what this band is all about and were we wanted to take the songs in a live setting. We started playing just the album and a few encores which was about 75 minutes of material in the first few "Road Test" shows; at the end of those club dates we were clocking in at just under 2 hours with the same amount of material. Those shows really gave us the chance to get our feet under us allowing us to focus on jamming & stretching out the songs in the right places.

Ross CAT - You've obviously survived some tenacious times through your Van Halen years, tell us how this group of accomplished musicians manage the ego friendly environment that is apparent on stage. Sammy - I'm just hoping that's somewhere I never have to go again. When I joined Van Halen the ego thing wasn't an issue, they had just finished with that ---- with the previous singer. When I joined the band everyone was happy, it was the polar opposite of what they'd been dealing with. It really was a fantastic time in my life & career. For some reason after a decade of success and what I thought was a lifelong friendship someone's ego got in the way and it wasn't mine. You know Ross, things happen within a band just like any other relationship because your dealing with more then one personality. I really don't see that happening with Chickenfoot, the older you get you realize that you have to check your ego at the door if you want to be involved in a band of this caliber. For me to be able to play with MIKE again at this level and to be welcomed with open arms as a singer/songwriter by guys like Joe Satriani & Chad Smith is truly something I treasure at this stage of my career. - Read the full interview here (with photos)

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Hatebreed Set New Release
PR reports: Metal-hardcore juggernauts Hatebreed are set to release its new album, the ferocious, self-titled Hatebreed, on September 29th, 2009.

The album will be available on CD, digital download, vinyl and special edition with a bonus 65-minute DVD. Hatebreed's follow up to 2006's Supremacy will be released on E1 Music in North America and Roadrunner Records in all other territories.

Frontman Jamey Jasta comments, "This is our fifth studio album and it's a monster! We've survived some pretty rough times and the music shows it. There was no reason to change the recipe that our fans know and love but we added a few brutal new ingredients and we're more than amped on the results. Violence is a given!" - more on this story

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Early Ludo Efforts No Longer Out of Print
PR reports: Before LUDO became a household name by selling over 100,000 copies of their Island Records debut album, You're Awful, I Love You, the band had built a strong following in the Midwest by peddling their self-released records out of the back of their van. Blowing through thousands of these albums, Ludo thought they would never see the light of day again… until today. Ludo is proud to announce that the band's out-of-print 2003 self-titled debut and 2005 rock opera follow-up, Broken Bride, will be available again on September 29th via the band's own label, Redbird Records & Touring.

"Our fan base has grown quite a bit in the last year," says Ludo's Tim Convy (Moog synthesizer, keyboards, vocals). "As a result, we have plenty of new fans who are only familiar with You're Awful, I Love You. We wanted to put out our first two albums to a wider audience, to sort of bring them up to speed before we release our new album next year."

Ludo's self-titled album gives fans a glimpse into their humble beginnings, where the four-piece began to hone their quirky sensibilities and ability to write peppy and infectious rock hooks. Before Ludo recorded the breakthrough single "Love Me Dead," which was a Top 10 Modern Rock single, and "Go-Getter Greg" (both off You're Awful…), the group had sold over 10,000 copies of their self-released, self-titled disc. With songs like "Hum Along" and "Good Will Hunting By Myself" it's easy to see why their fan base became so rabid and demanded more Ludo! The re-issue includes a slew of bonus material, including the never-before released track "Elektra's Complex," a fast-paced tongue-in-cheek tune that's been a live favorite for years and a never-released 10-song bonus disc recorded live at Ludo's first birthday show at the legendary Mississippi Nights in St. Louis in 2004. - more on this story

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Full Blown Chaos Are Up To The Challenge
Fresno Media reports: Although the past year and a half has been an especially rough time for New York hardcore veterans, Full Blown Chaos, vocalist Ray Mazzola wants fans to know that the band is stronger than ever, and has plans to release a new album in 2010, tentatively called Villains.

"Between being stifled by personal loses and major deaths in all of our families, it was hard to stay on the road and keep focused on the big picture," explains Mazzola. "Music has a way though, to heal and revitalize the soul through creativity and inspiration. Writing this record has been just that."

Full Blown Chaos is currently finishing up the writing process for the new album, and will head into the studio for preproduction within the next couple of weeks. Formally a four-piece band, Full Blown Chaos has added a second guitarist for the upcoming release, and plan to take full advantage of the new opportunities that the fresh line-up has to offer. - more on this story

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Singled Out: City of Fire (Burton Bell of Fear Factory)
antiMusic reports: Forget Justin Timberlake. Burton C Bell is going to bring sexy back with his new band City of Fire! You know Burton as the singer from Fear Factory but City Of Fire gives you the chance to hear him in a new light. Today he tells us about "Coitus Interuptus" from City of Fire's debut album. Here is Burton with the story:

My goal lyrically and vocally was to bring "sexy" back to heavy groove Rock and Roll. RARELY does one hear a male vocalist these days singing to a woman, about how he wants her naked and on her knees in a sultry voice. Not since the days of the real men of rock in the late 60's and 70's. So hard to get satisfaction these days, from a woman who knows what she is doing. Being away from my woman for so long was making me crazy from abstinence.

We approached this song carefully, really thinking of each part, and how the vocal delivery should be expressed. Being that the grooves that were written for this song already had this raunchy vibe, I had to deliver to goods. Sho [guitarist Terry 'Sho' Murray] and I were demo-ing each song in his studio, before entering the recording session at The Factory. There was one take I performed at his place, that was so cool, it could not be duplicated, so we just used that one in the song. It was the "LED ZEP/NAZARETH" style voice singing 'ALL I WANT IS YOUR BODY..." LONG LIVE THE SEX.

You can order a copy of the album right here and you can learn more about the album and band - here!

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