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Full Report for 08/24/2009

Blood Clot Lands Zakk Wylde In Emergency Room
antiMusic reports: Zakk Wylde is having a really bad summer. First he gets fired from Ozzy's band with the Ozzman announcing his axing publicly, apparently even before being man enough to tell Zakk in person (A Sharon move perhaps? At least it is consistent with how the Osbourne's treat band members). And then this week he had to visit an emergency room following a concert because of a blood clot.

Blabbermouth reports: Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne) was apparently taken to a local hospital emergency room following Black Label Society's August 19, 2009 concert in Missoula, Montana in order to receive treatment for a blood clot.

According to a posting on Zakk's official Twitter account, he was headed back to the hospital today to receive further medical attention for the same condition. No further details are currently available. - check out a photo of Zakk in the emergency room

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Pennywise Lose Their Singer
antiMusic reports: Pennywise have parted ways with frontman Jim Lindberg. The remaining members of Pennywise, Fletcher Dragge, Byron McMackin and Randy Bradbury, have issued the following statement regarding his departure:

"After 19 years with Pennywise, Jim Lindberg has decided to step down as lead singer. Pennywise has long stood behind the motto that you should always follow your heart and pursue what makes you happy, and we wish Jim the best of luck in his new ventures, whatever they may be. Pennywise has become a way of life for a lot of people, and has definitely become a way of life for us. As the three remaining members of Pennywise we feel that we are not done delivering our message to our fans.

"The band has always been about moving forward in life no matter what obstacles stand in front of you. We will begin our search for a new singer immediately. We will continue to tour the world and we are looking forward to writing new music. We've had a lot of good times and survived the hard times thanks to the undying support of our fans. We're looking forward to what the future may bring." - http://www.myspace.com/pennywise

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Slipknot Drummer Hospitalized
Blabbermouth reports: Slipknot was forced to cancel its headlining appearance Saturday night (August 22) at Seattle radio station KISW 99.9 FM's Pain in the Grass 2009 event in Auburn, Washington as drummer Joey Jordison had to be taken to the hospital for health reasons.

According to the band, Jordison is expected to make a full recovery and will sit behind the kit for Slipknot's performance Sunday night(August 23) in Kennewick, Washington. [Hum with such a quick recovery, fans in Auburn probably expect a little more details about this.]

Last year, Slipknot cancelled several European festival appearances as well as performances for MTV Europe and Virgin TV after Jordison broke his ankle and was advised to rest for four to six weeks. - more on this story

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Reality Hits Vh1 With Murder
antiMusic reports: Vh1's lowbrow reality shows are bad enough but when you have a contestant in a few of those shows accused of murder, it's time to go into damage control mode and that's what the troubled network is apparently doing according to this Boston Herald report:

With one of its stars the prime suspect in a gruesome murder, VH1 is scrambling to protect its image. But don't expect many changes to a brand built on sleaze.

The cable network pulled the plug on Megan Wants a Millionaire last week after one of the show's contestants, Ryan Alexander Jenkins, was named a suspect in the murder of his wife, former Playboy model Jasmine Fiore. Jenkins was rumored to be among the finalists on the Rock Of Love spinoff and a possible winner of the heart of star Megan Hauserman. - more on this story

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Pantera Frontman Opens Up and Blames Reporter for Dimebag Threat
Blabbermouth reports: On March 16, 2009, former Pantera and current Down singer Philip Anselmo spoke passionately and candidly about his music career and his history with and the dangers of drugs, particularly heroin, during an appearance at the Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. But he also opened up about his threat to Dimebag and Vinnie Paul, published shortly before Dimebag's murder when asked if he still distrusts the media. His response to that question is below:

Anselmo: "Absolutely. Absolutely. Because... Straight-up, man... Case in point: When Pantera was breaking up, I was a wounded animal. My will was defeated. I could be drug one way or another. I started another band, side band Superjoint Ritual that turned into this other thing when Pantera was hanging, and then this media thing. A war of words via black-and-white sentences. You sit there and you read it... Now, basically, what happened was I did this particular interview with this cat [referring to a Metal Hammer interview that was published in December 2004, just a few days before Pantera guitarist Dimebag was murdered. Ed.], and on the way out, we're walking off the bus, he's behind me, and he's like, 'Man, I hope this doesn't get out of hand between you and Dimebag and Vinnie.' He goes, 'Man, what would happen if they jumped you or something like that?' Got mad at me or jumped me a very hypothetical thing. The way I speak, you know... I said something to the effect of, 'I'd kill those boys; they can't fight me. I'd kill them boys.' You read that in black and white 'I'd kill those boys' and it is as literal as a mofo; it is literal. And they took it very literally. And the media ran with that, man all over the world, man. In different languages. And at that point, there's no more... There is a rift. So, yes, I don't trust the media at all unless I have to sit there and really think of a concrete answer. You can't wear your emotions on your sleeve around the media, and I do wear my emotions on my sleeve, big-time."

****Editor's Note: Blabbermouth.Net contacted U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine after this article was first posted and they have confirmed that the interview in question that Anselmo is referring to in this story (see above) was actually done over the phone.**** - more on this story

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Jack White Opens Shop for Three Days Kicking Off With Live Dead Weather Show
PR reports: On Wednesday, August 26th, Third Man Records will be hosting the opening of the Third Man Records and Novelties West Pop-Up Shop in downtown Los Angeles. The store, which will only be open for three days, will feature exclusive goodies from all of Jack White's musical endeavors.

To kick things off, The Dead Weather will be performing at the shop's Wednesday opening, with a first come first served show at noon. One lucky fan will also be treated to the band's final "golden ticket".

Purchase a copy of Horehound on site and your name will be entered into a drawing to win a grand prize tour of Third Man Records in Nashville, TN. The drawing will go down August 28th at 8pm and entrants must be present to win - more on this story

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What's With Weezer's Raditude- Slash N' ZZ Top- Helix Reunite- KISSknot Jam- Ozzy's Zombie Band- Larry Knechtel RIP and more
antiMusic reports: Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo explains that the odd title of 'Raditude' for their forthcoming album came from his sometime collaborator, The Office's Rainn Wilson. "He has a super-rock persona," Cuomo said. "When it came time to find a title for the Weezer album, I asked him what he thought the ultimate album title would be and he said 'Raditude.'"more

Guitarist Slash (Velvet Revolver/ex-Guns N' Roses) and JOHN MAYER joined ZZ Top on Friday, August 21st at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, California to perform the classic songs 'LaGrange' and 'Tush'. Check out video footage here

Helix mainman Brian Vollmer informed fans: The Helix band is back together with the line-up that Helix fans of the '80's knew so well-Brent 'The Doctor' Doerner on lead guitar, Greg 'Fritz' Hinz on drums, Daryl Gray on bass, and myself on vocals. We'll be taking this show on the road in October throughout western Canada so look out. more

Here is a link to some video of Ace Frehley performing the KISS classic "Deuce" with Slipknot's Corey Taylor at the recent Ride for Dime. more

Ozzy Osbourne playing a 10-song set minus longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California as part of the closing ceremonies at BlizzCon. His backing band for the concert consisted of guitarist Gus G. (Firewind), drummer Tommy Clufetos (Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent), bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson (Rob Zombie) and keyboardist Adam Wakeman. more including video

Every Time I Die has revealed that former Dead and Divine drummer Ryan Leger is now playing drums for them. Leger auditioned for the group earlier this summer directly following the departure of Mike "Ratboy" Novak. more

Larry Knechtel, a Grammy award-winning keyboardist who accompanied big-name musicians such as Elvis Presley, Ray Charles and more, is dead at 69. more

Stars of Track and Field are releasing their album A Time For Lions next month, and to celebrate they're giving away the track "Racing Lights." get the free mp3 here.

Former Pain Control/Razorwire guitarist K has launched a new band called Extreme O.D. who have just released a new EP entitled This Is The End. more

Conceptual Massachusetts hardcore act Defeater have entered the studio to record a new six-song, double 7" EP dubbed Lost Ground. The songs, being tracked at Getaway Recording Studio for the next month, will focus on the "prophet" from the song "Prophet in Plain Clothes," which comes from their debut full-length, 2008's Travels more

Veil Of Maya will soon enter the studio to begin recording their next full-length for Sumerian Records. more

Outbreak has announced plans to release their upcoming album through Think Fast! Records, which is owned by band vocalist Ryan O'Connor (and distributed by Universal Music Group) .more -

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Behind The Music Returns But With Heavy Focus on Rap
PR reports: VH1 is relaunching its Emmy Award-nominated and critically acclaimed series "Behind The Music." [But with no rockers despite rock being the biggest selling genre of music in recent years... Poison doesn't really count as rock] The iconic series that helped put VH1 on the map will premiere on Thursday, September 10 at 10 PM* with "Behind The Music: Lil' Wayne."

The self-proclaimed "best rapper alive" opens up about his childhood, his music, and his struggles, as he and the people who know him best describe his ascension from a poverty-stricken childhood in New Orleans to his reign as one of hip-hop's heavy hitters.

New episodes of the series will feature some of the best and brightest in the music industry today, including pop songstress Pink (September 17), self-proclaimed "King of R&B" Bobby Brown (September 24), [glam-pop star] Bret Michaels (October 1), the "King of the South" rapper T.I. (October 8) and hip-hop megastar 50 Cent on (October 13). - more on this story

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Gibson Takes Issue With Time's Greatest Guitarist List
Gibson reports: Any "Greatest Ever Guitarists" list is subjective in nature, of course, but occasionally one comes along that makes you scratch your head and wonder just which guitar-history books the list-maker has been reading. Such is the case with Time.com's recently-published "10 Greatest Electric-Guitar Players"

It's not so much Time's selections that are suspect although, incredibly, the eight guitarists we've profiled below did not make the list but rather it's the accompanying commentary. To describe British-born Eric Clapton as "King of the Tulsa Sound" is ludicrous (hey, Time.com, ever hear of J.J. Cale? Likewise, to apply the word "staccato" to Chuck Berry's style which is rhythmically jumpy, but is also loaded with slurs and is smooth as silk defies credulity. (Perhaps Time.com was confusing Berry with Devo.)

In any event, we submit that any one of the guitarists [on Gibson.com's list] warrants a spot higher than Yngwie Malmsteen or Johnny Ramone, each of whom made Time's list. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts on other electric guitar greats who should rank in the Top 10.

- See Gibson's list and chime in here (we gotta agree with most of their picks but they too missed Peter Green but include the man that had one of his biggest early hits with one of Peter's songs)

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Queen's Brian May Plays On New Meat Loaf Album
Billboard reports: Meat Loaf is staying relatively tight-lipped about his next album, which is expected in 2010, but he can't help gushing about what a great time he's having making it.

Credit for that, the singer says, goes to producer Rob Cavallo (Kid Rock, Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls), who's helming Meat Loaf's first release since 2006's "Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose.

Meat Loaf says he and Cavallo are "pretty much 50 percent" finished with the album, but he won't say whether it's another thematic work or a song collection. "You'll have to wait and see. I'm not giving away anything on this record." He did, however, confirm that Queen's Brian May, who also guested on "Bat III," contributed "a little 12-bar solo" for one of the songs. - more from Meat about the album

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Danko Jones Damned As They Release New CD
PR reports: Danko Jones have achieved hard rock hero status in Europe. The group's no-holds-barred performance style has made them beloved fixtures on the European festival circuit (Lowlands, Rock Im Park, Rock Am Ring, Wacken Open Air, Rock Werchter, Hultsfred, Leeds and Reading), which has helped the group achieve high chart positions (including a Top 10 position in the Swedish sales charts) and strong record sales across the continent.

The trio has gained recognition of like-minded music luminaries, with the Raconteurs covering their song "Samuel Sin," being handpicked by the legendary Motorhead to join them on tour and opening for The Rolling Stones in their hometown of Toronto.

Their new album "Never Too Loud" will be released Stateside on September 8th. On the touring front, after wrapping European festival shows in August, Danko Jones will begin dates with British punk icons The Damned on October 21 in Cleveland and conclude November 1 in Portland. "The opportunity to go on tour with The Damned is an honor for us," notes frontman Danko Jones. "We can't wait to hit the road with them." - more on this story

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Jimi Hendrix The Movie?
Nightwatcher reports: The Guardian UK is reporting that Jimi Hendrix is set to become the latest in a string of musicians to have a biopic made about their lives if his estate will only agree to it.

Previous attempts to make a film about the life of the legendary guitarist have failed to meet with the approval of Hendrix's estate. In 2006, the high court prevented director John Hillman and Dragonslayer Films from making their proposed Hendrix biopic, ruling that the company had no rights to Hendrix's music or likeness, while Hendrix's estate, run by his stepsister Janie Hendrix, also refused to license music to a proposed film starring Outkast's Andre 3000.

But Variety reports that Legendary Pictures is planning a feature film about the life of the man named the greatest guitarist in rock history by Rolling Stone. Legendary will develop the project first and then win approval from the estate, it says discussions so far have been "loose", with no firm rights deal put in place. - more on this story

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