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Full Report for 02/17/2009

Guns N' Roses Video Game
Metal Underground reports: Rock Band 2 featured a single track off the mythical Chinese Democracy album from Guns N' Roses and since the record's release, rumors swirled the entire album would hit Rock Band, rumors an MTV Games spokesperson confirmed today.

Not only can you purchase a physical copy of the long-delayed Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy at your local Best Buy, but this spring, Chinese Democracy is coming to Rock Band as a full album of downloadable content.

Rumors inched closer to reality this morning, when Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose told Billboard Chinese Democracy was coming to Rock Band on February 28. An MTV Games spokesperson told us Rose was speaking the truth, but clarified Chinese Democracy wouldn't arrive in playable form until sometime this spring. - more on this story

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Metallica Box Set
SleazeRoxx reports: Metallica have announced that they will release a career-spanning digital box set this spring. The veteran rockers will release 'The Complete Metallica' as a digital download exclusively via US iTunes on March 31.

The set includes all nine of the band's studio albums: 1983's 'Kill 'Em All', 1984's 'Ride the Lightning', 1986's 'Master of Puppets', 1988's '...And Justice for All', 1991's 'Metallica', 1996's 'Load', 1997's 'ReLoad', 2003's 'St. Anger', and 2008's 'Death Magnetic'.

It also includes their double album of covers, a live album and a handful of tracks the band contributed to film soundtracks. - more on this story

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Chris Brown Sorry and Saddened
Reuters reports: R&B star Chris Brown, who was arrested last weekend on suspicion of attacking a woman widely believed to be the pop star Rihanna, said on Sunday he was "sorry and saddened" about the incident, and was seeking counseling.

The 19-year-old performer of such U.S. chart-toppers as "Run It!" and "Forever" has been in hiding since the alleged fracas with his girlfriend in a rented Lamborghini.

He hired a public relations company that specializes in crisis management to issue a five-sentence statement in which he also said many media and blog reports have been wrong. - more on this story

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Lily Allen Threatens Paper Over Kids Should Try Drugs Quote
Angry Ape reports: Lily Allen is considering taking legal action against the News Of The World newspaper, as she claims their story on her controversial drug comments was incorrect.

The paper published an article that quoted an interview the singer had done with Dutch magazine Revu, which appeared to suggest Lily condoned kids taking drugs.

Allen was quoted as saying "Parents should say [to their kids], 'Drugs might seem fun, but they do funny things to your brain. Some people react to it good, some don't. Try it and see what you think'." - more on this story

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Suge Injured in Fight- NIN and Jane's Addiction Tour- Britney Breakdown Inspired New 50 Cent CD- Pirate Bay Trial- Lil Wayne Sued- Morrissey Retirement and more
antiMusic reports: Rap music mogul Marion "Suge" Knight was treated in the hospital for facial injuries after being injured in a fight at a local hotel, Scottsdale police said on Monday. more

Nine Inch Nails will tour later this year with the reunited Jane's Addiction, NIN frontman Trent Reznor says. Although he stopped short of saying the band was going on something more than a hiatus, Reznor confirmed these will be the last NIN shows for some time. more

According to UK press reports, 50 Cent's latest album 'Before I Self Destruct' was bizarrely inspired by the public breakdown of Britney Spears, Fiddy has explained. Or did he?more

Lil' Wayne is reportedly being sued for $1.3 million, as it's claimed he cancelled a New York concert three times. The 'Lollipop' hitmaker was due to perform in Rochester, New York originally on October 26 2008, which was pulled. Two subsequent rearranged dates - the last one being January 21 2009 - also didn't go ahead as planned. more

Morrissey has suggested that he might retire after five more years in the music business. The former Smiths frontman said that the chances of him carrying on as a singer for much longer after his 55th birthday were "slim". more

Four men involved with file-sharing Web site the Pirate Bay went on trial in Stockholm Monday (Feb. 16) accused of breaking Swedish copyright law, by enabling users to download copyrighted material including music, films and games.more

Actor and guitarist "Little" Steven Van Zandt's rock 'n' roll empire is expanding yet again with a new record label, Lost Cathedral. The first project from the imprint, which will focus on hard rock, is Crown of Thorns' "Faith," due May 14.more

This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb who may want to consider adding "metaphorically speaking" to their merch - have sparked another incident after a pilot spotted the band's sticker. The sticker caused the evacuation of a Memphis, Tennessee airport terminal.more

Peter Gabriel has rejected an offer to perform at the Academy Awards next week after the veteran British rocker learned he would have just a minute to sing his Oscar-nominated tune from Disney's "WALL-E".more

The 2009 line-up for Rock on the Range will be highlighted by performances from Slipknot, Alice In Chains, Avenged Sevenfold and Korn.more

Despite rampant speculation to the contrary, Live Nation has not signed a multi-rights or long term deal with Janet Jackson, according to a company spokesperson. more Stock holders can now relax.

British pop singer M.I.A., who performed at the Grammy Awards last Sunday despite experiencing labor contractions, has given birth to a baby boy, she said on her MySpace page. more

A group of Sirius XM Radio Inc creditors will seek to remove chief executive Mel Karmazin if the company chooses a bankruptcy filing over a deal with an investor that would let it stay solvent, the Wall Street Journal said.more

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are currently teaming up for another album.more

Ripper have risen from the dead with their first studio album in 23 years entitled, The Dead Have Rizen, on Black Widow Records. more

The Allman Brothers Band will celebrate their 40th Anniversary as a band with 15 concerts at the Beacon Theatre in New York City beginning March 9, 2009 through March 28. Every single performance by the Allman Brothers will be SOLD as a live streaming webcast on Moogis.com. more

Despite a report in the NME earlier today stating that he's been missing for almost 7 months, the UK's Guardian is reporting that Gerry Rafferty, the singer who wrote the 1978 hit Baker Street, is living in hiding in the south of England, being cared for by a friend, after his disappearance from St Thomas' hospital in London last summer.more

A former employee of the Philadelphia Soul -- the 2008 Arena Bowl champs -- is being sued by team owner Jon Bon Jovi and his Arena League Football team for allegedly making his own version of their championship rings and selling them to the general public. more

Former Zimmers Hole guitar player Chris Stanley has passed away. Current Zimmers Hole guitarist Jed Simon delivered the news via a Myspace blog entry: "He has had a long battle with the many complications, and the day-to-day life battles with Cystic Fibrosis, pneumonia (many times), a double lung transplant and the myriad of issues that arise with that. He has battled back so many times, and it just crushes our hearts that he couldn't pull through this time." more

Despised Icon will enter the studio on March 7th to begin recording their next album for Century Media Records. According to the group, "We're almost done writing and the new sh*t is packed with brutality." more

Too Pure To Die has dropped off the remaining dates of their current tour. The group explains: "The last week of the tour is not possible to make it to. We're so sorry to everyone who was excited to see us. Our transmission in our van went out and it will be a week before it is fixed so we are stuck in Florida right now until it is fixed."more

Saxon and Iced Earth are forced to cancel the final three shows of their current European co-headline tour due to scheduling conflicts. more

The Enemy are set to embark on a secret tour of intimate UK venues starting this Friday (February 20). The band have revealed they are to play five gigs in different areas of Britain more

The Killers will headline the Hove Festival in Norway during the Summer, the band have just confirmed. - more

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Surprise Simon and Garfunkel Reunion
Reuters reports: Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel joined forces for a surprise reunion in New York on Friday, performing three songs during the encore of Simon's show at the newly renovated Beacon Theater.

The occasional adversaries dueted on "The Sound of Silence," "The Boxer" and "Old Friends," in what is believed to be just their third appearance together since concluding a 2004 reunion tour.

Garfunkel had flown in from Florida, where he played in Key Largo the night before, and he returned to play in Fort Pierce the next night. - more on this story

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Acoustic Weezer Green Album Tribute
PR reports: Many have enjoyed the brilliance of Weezer, with their quirky mannerisms and catchy pop melodies. Now eclectic indie-pop artist, Dylan Connor, looks to pay the ultimate fan tribute as he releases his Almost Green Album, a cover of Weezer's Green Album in its entirety.

Connor's interpretations are mostly acoustic based but have a hint of lead guitar to add a little punch, while his characteristic vocals are layered nicely to capture Weezer's original melodies. And despite the evident work that has gone into this recording Connor is offering Almost Green Album for download at no cost, as his motivation for creating it was purely as a fan and lover of Weezer's music.

For Connor this is just the next step in a journey that has taken him through The Burning Man Festival in Nevada, and after releasing Breakaway And Burn, Connor's second full-length album, on January 20th, he has now embarked on a tour throughout the Northeast United States.
- more on this story

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Motley Palimony Judgment
SleazeRoxx reports: Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars won a $212,000 default judgment against his ex-girlfriend, who he alleged violated the terms of their palimony settlement.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Edward A. Ferns signed off on the action against Robbie Mantooth on Monday. Included in the order is a requirement that Mantooth pay Mars nearly $80,000 in attorneys' fees and nearly $60 a day in additional interest until the judgment is paid in full.

In court papers filed in October, Mars' lawyers alleged that Mantooth failed to turn over information that she planned to use in her defense of his lawsuit, despite two court orders to do so.
- more on this story

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Coldplay, AC/DC and Mamma Mia Biggest World Hits in 08
BBC reports: Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends was the best selling album of 2008 worldwide, figures show.

The band sold 6.8m copies according to the IFPI, the body that represents the recording industry worldwide. Veteran rockers AC/DC secured the number two spot with their 15th studio album Black Ice.

The cast of Mamma Mia! The Movie, including Meryl Streep, were at number three with their soundtrack album, which was released in July 2008. - more on this story

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Mastodon Go Interactive
PR reports: Prog behemoths Mastodon, release their highly anticipated 4th album, "Crack The Skye" on March 23rd on Reprise Records.

Recorded in their hometown of Atlanta, GA with producer Brendan O'Brien ( AC/DC, Pearl Jam), "Crack The Skye" takes you on an epic journey from start to finish. One that involves astral travel, wormholes, and even Rasputin…

Mastodon will also unveil a new online destination designed to bring fans into direct focus on the upcoming new album, Crack The Skye. - more on this story

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Don't Forget About Simple Minds
PR reports: Simple Minds are about to enter the most prolific period within their extensive career with the highly anticipated brand new album 'Graffiti Soul' due for international release on May 25th by The Universal Music Records label.

Their 15th studio album, 'Graffiti Soul' was initially written on location in Rome, Sicily, Antwerp and Glasgow. Simple Minds then returned for the first time in almost three decades to the famous Rockfield Studios where the Scottish group originally recorded their earlier seminal albums 'Real To Real Cacophony', 'Empires And Dance' and sowed the seeds of 'New Gold Dream'. Produced by Jez Coad and Simple Minds, the new album was mixed in Los Angeles by the legendary Bob Clearmountain. - more on this story

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Dream Theater, Zappa Plays Zappa, Pain Of Salvation, Beardfish Team Up For Progressive Nation
PR reports: New York progressive metal veterans Dream Theater will take their Progressive Nation tour back on the road for its second incarnation with a run through America and Canada in July/August 2009.

In addition to a headlining set by Dream Theater, this year's package will feature the outstanding musicianship of Zappa Plays Zappa as well as two incredibly talented imports from Sweden: Pain Of Salvation and Beardfish.

Progressive Nation was created by Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and its successful inaugural run in 2008 also featured Opeth, Between The Buried And Me and Three. - more on this story

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REPO! Road Tour Diary: Denver
antiMusic reports: We've been telling you all about REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and the recent REPO! Road Tours. The third tour just wrapped up and REPO star and co-writer Terrance Zdunich (plays Grave Robber) gives us the lowdown! Here is today's entry from Denver.

It's 11:30am. We board a flight out of St. Louis en route to Denver, Colorado, the 8th stop on REPO Road Tour 3. January 21, 2009.: We land in Denver a little after 1:30pm, exit the plane, & pick up our luggage. The amount of luggage that we're having to check is growing exponentially as each day of the tour passes; we end up carrying the leftover merchandise from the previous night with us, so our overflow is starting to get cumbersome. We have so much crap, that we need to rent 2 of those $3 airport dollies just to haul everything across the airport.

We pick up a rental car and make our way towards downtown Denver's Ramada Inn, our hotel for the night. But first, we have a very important pit stop to make: REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA's DVD & Blu-Ray went on sale yesterday in major retail stores throughout the country…so, director Darren Lynn Bousman, actor Bill Moseley, tour manager Spooky Dan, & I, are on a mission to find a Best Buy or Walmart in Denver where we can purchase our own copies of the movie. We come upon a shopping plaza that has both stores, plus a Chipoltle (DLB's favorite Mexican food joint), where we settle down to eat lunch following our shopping adventure.
- Read the rest of this entry

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